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YMMV examples for Atop the Fourth Wall. For History of Power Rangers examples, see here.

  • Accidental Innuendo: "This comic sucks... Linkaraaaa!"
  • Adorkable:
    • Linkara's a card-carrying geek and intentionally gets almost all of his weapons, strategies and costumes from various speculative fiction universes.
    • 90's Dude is frequently endearing with his obsession with The '90s. Although he of course doesn't think of himself as a dork, he thinks he's AWESOME!
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The Lord Vyce arc, which took around nine months from beginning to end, and went on continuously (the Mechakara and Entity arcs, while eight months long, both had extended "breather" periods, whereas the Vyce arc didn't). Still, it could be divided into three sub-arcs — Linkara's abduction and return, the story of the Magic Gun's origin, and the actual confrontation with Vyce — for easier consumption. This was repeated with the Gunslinger arc, which also has three sub-arc divisions (Linkara losing his magic and Holokara taking over, the team trapped in the apartment by the Gunslinger, and the final confrontation with the Gunslinger and Dr. Insano).
    • The Sleepwalker arc took just under two years to fully play out, which admittedly is similar to the Gunslinger arc, but even Lewis admitted that part of this was due to filming difficulties; he did manage to have it wrapped up in time to get another story arc — the Contest of Champions — in before his 10th anniversary.
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    • Ironically for what was supposed to be a Breather Episode, The Contest of Champions itself has also fallen under this. Due to real life scheduling issues and the fallout from #ChangeTheChannel, the arc has both gone months without any sort of update and was even put on hold for the 10th Anniversary storyline in October 2018. Many fans have become burnt out on the storyline, which Linkara has indicated will not end until at least 2020. Lewis would later state that due to the ongoing quarantines and Social Distancing measures in Minnesota as a result of COVID-19, he is unable to film any live scenes to continue the storyline. Thereby leaving the story in a hiatus until 2021.
  • Author's Saving Throw: There seem to be many of these. If enough people complain about a perceived plot hole or just that something wasn't addressed, it will most likely be addressed in the next storyline-related episode.
    • After various comments pointed out that Linkara never saw the outside of Vyce's ship, yet instantly recognized it, the next episode has Pollo note this, then Linkara asks who else would have a ship with a giant V on it.
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    • In the commentary of "Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu", Lewis admits to having pulled one with why Missingno was afraid of Lord Vyce, aware that didn't track with how he built it up as an unstoppable universe-devouring Lovecraftian demon. He came up with the idea that Vyce's attacks were able to hurt it, but — according to Missingno, at least — couldn't kill it, but it found being able to be hurt at all such a blow to the ego that it hid out in our dimension so Linkara would defeat Vyce. It was NOT afraid of Vyce; just sufficiently annoyed with him.
    • The very end of the Real Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters II review features Jaeris, visiting Linkara via portal, returning the mobile emitter he'd stolen during the Gunslinger arc, thus tying up the loose end left from the Aborted Arc of him planning to use it against his then-enemy.
    • During the Sleepwalker arc, Linkara's friends come across as a little too unsympathetic to Linkara starting to cross lines they're uncomfortable with, treating it as baseless paranoia when there is an actual and obvious threat that's driving him to such extreme measures. This gets addressed when they meet 90's Kid again and call him out on working with Vyce, pointing out that they left Linkara because of how far he was going, but 90's Kid is hardly any better for what he's done. On top of that, 90's Kid himself reveals why he was working with Vyce and the real reason for Linkara's behavior.
  • Archive Panic: 600 episodes and counting over twelve years.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The Atop the Fourth Wall theme song.
    • "The Ballad of Linkara" song that is first played at the end of his 200th episode, and reappears in a 10th Anniversary Thank You video.
    • The melancholy piano music that plays during the climax of Harvey's Christmas 2012 arc. It's given a more triumphant reprise when Harvey returns home and joins the gang for Christmas dinner.
    • The orchestral sci-fi theme that opens the episode instead of the regular Theme Tune whenever Linkara does a Star Trek comic.
    • The score that plays during the restoration of Comicron One in "Comic Book Quickies #7".
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Fat Grandma. Some find her so random it's hilarious, others think she's kinda racist (a white man, playing a white woman, acting like a Sassy Black Woman) and just obnoxious.
    • The King of Worms. Some found him to be a suitably good villain and that the Court of Worms storyline had some great tension and didn't overstay its welcome like some other storylines. Others found him to be stupid looking, and ultimately feel that he's proof that the show couldn't escalate past the Entity, a sentiment reinforced when the Entity returns and is revealed to have been responsible for the King's demise.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The conclusion of Amazons Attack! involves Linkara becoming sucked into a portal, becoming animated, then teaming up with Wonder Woman to fight a giant version of the comic itself. It has a 'To Be Continued' on the end, so it was either intended to go somewhere but was left hanging, or was intended to be a Take That! at how Amazons Attack essentially went nowhere.
  • Broken Base: The show has its own page.
  • Can't Un-Hear It: Linkara's mockingly Wangsty voice for Superboy-Prime works very well. However, due to its nature as a parody, Lovhaug himself stated he wasn't sure how he felt about this status when inofrmed about it during a livestream of him playing Hitman (2016).
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Parodied and defied in his "15 Worst Comics I've Ever Reviewed" video.
    Linkara: Spoilers: Holy Terror is the worst comic I've ever reviewed. Sorry, but I think it's pretty obvious in that regard. And as such, because it is so obvious, I'm taking it off the table. I want to have some surprise in this list.
  • Complete Monster: Mechakara is a robot from an Alternate Universe where Linkara's Robot Buddy Pollo turned evil and killed him when the machines overthrew humanity. His first plan revolves around sending Linkara into a mental breakdown; when that fails, he captures him and plans to kill him slowly, simply because his death went too fast the first time around. While that would normally make him just another killer robot, he stands out when, after getting the magic MacGuffin that he came for, he vows to destroy all organic life in the multiverse. During the Silent Hill Dead/Alive videos, Mechakara slowly mind rapes Linkara into thinking he's the (actually long dead) man who tortured his daughter to create Linkara's Magic Gun and almost convinces him to kill himself. In To Boldly Flee, Mechakara passes himself off as Linkara and infiltrates the USS Exit Strategy, intending to kill the entire crew with the help of the forcibly assimilated Todd and Nostalgia Chick. Later, Mechakara assimilates the crew of the Caelestis space station and drains the life force of one astronaut in an attempt to recharge the ship. Only working with others when his goals coincide with theirs and perfectly willing to kill them otherwise, Mechakara is fueled only by his hatred for Linkara and all organic life forms.
  • Continuity Lockout: Having run for over ten years, newcomers to the show might be at a loss regarding certain elements of the story-line segments. Characters and past events are constantly called-back too, even if they haven't been mentioned in the show for several years. Certain story-arcs even contain plot points from other review shows and the Channel Awesome anniversary movies. This can easily cause confusion for viewers who weren't around while Lewis was still a part of the site.
  • Engaging Chevrons: When Iron Liz reviewed Chain Gang War, she got her own version of the theme tune, only for Linkara's regular theme tune to play immediately after it.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • As of the New Guardians #1 review, the spotlight has been taken from Linkara by the crazy antics of Snowflame. Read the comments to see why.
    • In the DVD episodes, Linkara finds his own Darkhorse, Tomboy, in the pages of Captain Flash. She's a powerless preteen girl whose badassery completely outshines the titular hero.
    • Mechakara is also a pretty popular character. Mostly for being a Knight of Cerebus, how he was nearly able to kill Linkara in their battle, and that he's an evil Pollo from an alternate universe. He's so popular that he was resurrected during the Vyce Arc and makes a cameo in a couple other reviews. He even lampshades his own popularity in the Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #2 review. He's one of the major villains in the Channel Awesome 4th year anniversary crossover To Boldly Flee and is also the Big Bad of The Movie.
    • Jaeris, the Gunslinger, is very popular over at the Treehouse, the fan community/Kink Meme at Livejournal.
    • The Contest of Champions arc introduces Pilo, a literal pile of rocks who somehow made into the semi-finals in a previous contest and, as of the Infinite Crisis review, has already won its first match. Needless to say, Pilo has already become beloved by the fans.
  • Evil Is Cool: Lord Vyce qualifies for doing Darth Vader Clone right, being a Knight Templar with a truly menacing voice, an absolute refusal to give up, and a surprisingly sympathetic backstory that flavors his legacy of conquest. Mechakara counts, too, being the show's first villain to be taken seriously and an absolutely terrifying Killer Robot and Omnicidal Maniac who makes Vyce look like the picture of rationality.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Mechakara has quite a substantial amount of female fans. One of the cards illustrated by the title card artist, Dr. Crafty, lampshades this by showing a bunch of fangirls hugging an unamused Mechakara.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Linkara and Viga are the ones people now ship together the most, likely due to both the real-life relationship between their actors and the fact they are just downright adorkable when in each other's company.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • The Superman vs. Terminator review mocks his Schedule Slip on Revolution of the Mask, with Linkara decades in the future promising fans the third issue will be out soon. Issue two came out a couple months later, but a bit after that, the comic's artist seemingly vanished from the face of the Earth, not responding to any of Linkara's messages after they wished each other a happy Thanksgiving. Thankfully he soon found a new artist, but that was a scary period.
    • In his Planet of the Symbiote Review, Linkara makes a joke about a character who looks like an older '90s Kid. Said character is possessed by a Symbiote. Come the end of the episode, it turns out Linkara's joke wasn't far from the truth.
    • Knowingly mocked in "Mr. T #1," when he says that only an idiot could ever think Mr. T could be guilty of any crime, then immediately prays that T is not involved in some horrible scandal in the near future.
    • In the #200 ending song, there's this line "As allies and enemies both come and go" with Dr. Insano as the image for "enemies". While Spoony had left almost a month before this was released, the video was recorded before that.
    • His early episodes "suicide gun" jokes now feel this way following the tragic death of his close friend Jew Wario.
    • His review of Fame #1 and the questionable comments about Jew Wario using a female avatar in the Pokémon movies reviews are harder to sit through after Iron Liz came out as trans.
    • His joke about taking over Channel Awesome after seemingly killing The Nostalgia Critic isn't as funny now that he's left the site due to mismanagement and other issues. Even worse is that he tried to change it by getting to the higher ups, but had no success and realized it was just a fruitless goal.
      • That and other revelations that came out make all his guest reviews and cameos with Jew Wario a lot more awkward.
    • In the Power Rangers Turbo vs Beetleborgs comic review Lewis jokingly complains about a sponsorship for a convention instantly dating his video. Right after release it became dated for the more serious reason of having his now removed Jew Wario hat prominently displayed in the background.
    • In the 500th episode, Lupa references attending a "beautiful" future wedding of The Cinema Snob’s (with Fat Grandma). By the time the episode aired, Allison Pregler and Brad Jones' real-life friendship had burned to the ground. And as of the 600th episode, Lewis has done the same for Brad.
  • Gateway Series: Although Linkara did not expect non-comic books fans to find the show funny, one of the most frequently asked questions is "how do I get into comics?" from people who became interested in comic books after watching the show. This also influenced his decision to phase out the Continuity Alarm. Originally he had it so that he wouldn't ramble about continuity to seasoned comic readers, but found that more people actually wanted him to get into the history of the things he was talking about.
    • His frequent cameos with other Channel Awesome reviewers are likely to get you to pick up their shows on your regular viewing schedule.
  • Ham and Cheese:
    • His Snowflame impression.
    • Only to be outdone by Will Wolfgram's Snowflame in the "New Guardians #1" review and subsequent appearances.
      Snowflame (Will): Snowflame is stealing your shoooooooes!
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The show has its own page.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight:
    • Harvey calling Linkara kid, signifying that he thinks of him as a surrogate son.
    • His demands to bring back Lian Harper in DC's rebooted universe are this now that Convergence did just that.
    • While the Cassandra Cainstropective was already one long tribute to the unappreciated character, it becomes even more heartwarming following the release of Birds of Prey (2020); while that film altered Cassandra to the point of accusations of her being the character In Name Only, the Cainstropective is now an even better product that Cassandra's fans can use to show others what the character is really like compared to the film version.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!:
    • After his reviews of All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder and The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Linkara suffered a bit of backlash from Frank Miller fans who said that Miller's contributions to the comic industry (namely, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, and revolutionizing Daredevil) gave him a free pass to do wackier stuff. Linkara heartily disagreed. He got the last laugh after Holy Terror came out and Frank Miller supporters stopped really being a thing.
      • Linkara also noted that no one cared when he mocked Stan Lee, despite Lee having a larger impact on the comic book industry than Miller.
    • He seems to have taken steps to avoid this with his Spawn review, noting at the beginning that he didn't want to bash Spawn as a character, and that Spawn was better than most early Image comic characters by far.
    • He managed to avoid this in his Man of Steel v-log, albeit accidentally (seeing the movie over a month after it was released due to being busy).
    • In panels, he's mentioned this is the reason he doesn't do reviews of work by Garth Ennis and Mark Millar, despite not liking their work. He eventually reviewed Millar's For The Animals (noting it's a very good comic that really gets Superman as an inspiring icon) and Trouble (which, although he did pan, no one complained, likely because Millar himself considers said book to be an Old Shame).
    • He drew some criticisms when he admitted during his review of the comic adaptation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story of hating the iconic hallway scene where Darth Vader slaughters the rebel soldiers. Though for some, not so much the criticism then the lead up (Basiclly his mocking Bait-and-Switch), his tone sounding more like he was experiencing Hype Backlash, and his rather confusing reasons why he didn't (Essentially he likes the more methodical Vader from the OG series and felt the scene was too bombastic for his character despite Vader barely being in the movie). Some commenters against him saying he came off as a curmudgeon old man doing the "Back in my day..." rant when trying to illustrate how Vader should be scary.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The show has its own page.
  • Ho Yay: Jaeris proposed to Linkara in at least one alternate universe.
    Jojo: His hair is tearing through my clothes!
    • This line, from his top 15 favorite jokes:
    Linkara: And really, don't we all just love boners?
  • Iconic Character, Forgotten Title: Does this in his opening credits. Atop the Fourth Wall gets name-dropped once (twice in the full version), but the song ends on repetition of his name. The opening also used to end on a separate 'Linkara' logo but more recent episodes end on the Atop the Fourth Wall logo.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: The reason he discontinued his "That's All I'm Saying" videos, where he looked at new comics on a weekly basis and gave short honest opinions on them. He felt they became repetitive and had him saying the same thing over and over.
  • Jerkass Woobie: The Entity, post-resurrection. It is still a highly elitist Eldritch Abomination... having an existential crisis. It departs somberly, musing on whereas the parts of it that committed suicide beforehand found peace.
  • Memetic Badass:
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • I AM A MAN! *punch* and variants.
    • Also helped popularize "Bees. My god."
    • 'Of course! Don't you know anything about science?"
    • Linkara (and by extension Lewis) having an obsession with Cybermats.
    • After his appearance in a Sad Panda countdown in which it was claimed that Linkara reviews lamps, the whole idea of him being a lamp reviewer has been mentioned many times by other reviewers.
      • He later made a similar joke in his review of All-Star Batman and Robin #8 where he joked that maybe some people live in their own little worlds where he's a badger who reviews late-night talk shows. Badgerkara quickly took off.
    • Riling against the evils of ANCIENT EGYPT!!! *cue Imperial March*
    • Basically, any joke or clip he uses repeatedly tends to catch on.
    • Linkara Running
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Mechakara firmly crossed it when he tried to drive Linkara to suicide (and it was not Played for Laughs) by making him think he was the father of the girl who was turned into his magic gun.
    • Holokara pulls an extreme Face–Heel Turn and dives over the horizon in a single move, when he threatens to kill '90s Kid if he ever interrupts the show again. Definitely not Played for Laughs. To top it off, he later threatens to maim Harvey Finevoice when Harvey calls him out for threatening to kill '90s Kid. Specifically, he casually threatens to crush the singer's vocal chords.
    • Lord Vyce crosses it either when he Mind Rapes NIMUE, forcing Linkara to shut her down (at which point we can pretty much drop the "Anti" part of Anti-Villain) or when he tries to destroy the Earth and even the universe with a singularity generator because he can't accept that the Entity is truly gone, despite having just watched Linkara defeat it for good.
    NIMUE: You are evil, Lord Vyce, despite your proclamations to the contrary.
  • MST3K Mantra: In the Marville #4 review, telling the viewers not to take his hologram being the one who reviewed the third issue too seriously amounts to this.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • One time, in his PO Unboxing Videos, Linkara and Viga went three hours of unboxing, before Linkara realized that he forgot to turn on the sound recording. He had to check if the sound was on, several times, in the next PO Unboxing.
    • Linkara himself will never let Superman forget his speech about letting "over there" take care of itself. Or let Darkseid forget how he once sat on a couch. Or let the Monitors forget their stupid bureaucracy, or Batman his hatred of rock and roll, or Spiderman his deal with Mephisto, etc.
    • Less mean-spirited than the above, but Ray Palmer is always "Our Great Disaster-stopping pal, Ray Palmer".
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • Okay, once the Entity was finally out in the open, it had a lot of really creepy lines with a neat voice filter effect, and the way it kept glitching out and teleporting around the room was genuinely creative and freaky. But it's in the form of '90s Kid. Linkara already has such an adorable baby face and '90s Kid has such dumb fashion sense it dulled the edge of the horror a bit. But for others, all that made it even worse...
    • After all the buildup over the face of the King of Worms, it's a platinum mask with eye and mouth holes. He's also played by Suede doing a bad impression of Bane. Moral: never build anything up as "more frightening than anything" or the like.
      • And then he touches Linkara's head and dies. Ironically, for a villain built up as fear incarnate, the King of Worms is probably the least scary thing in the series once he actually shows up.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • The Entity. A creature that can make people disappear from the world with ease and absorbs them into itself, watches Linkara just to laugh at him as his friends disappear and turns out to have been hiding in plain sight by his side the entire time.
    • The Stinger for the The Thing from Another World #1 review has Linkara, Harvey Finevoice, 90's Kid, and Linksano trapped in Linkara's home, with no access to NIMUE or Comicron-1, and - oh yes - there's an unknown intruder in the house.
    • The arc involving the King of Worms shows it using the cybermats to attack and replace almost all of Linkara's friends with robotic doubles.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • Holokara threatening to kill '90s Kid. It starts off with just him telling '90s Kid to stop interrupting the show, but then suddenly turns to Holokara phasing his hand into '90s Kid's chest and threatening to stop his heart.
    • During the Star Trek/Green Lantern: Spectrum war story segment There's a brief moment of relief from Nimue and Pollo trying to assure Linkara that the Entity is dead. Then the engines start going haywire, Comicron-1 crashes on the moon, and Linkara and the gang have to escape in the Vigilant. The episode concludes with Linkara being sure that the Entity is still alive, and the all too familiar musical cue ends things with a final shot of the wrecked Comicron-1.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Some people enjoy the Vyce arc solely because of what a hilarious Sue it makes Linkara, and also to see how epic he can make it. Given some of the reviewed material, this may be deliberate.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: From "Ultimate Power 5-6", insulting creators on the personal level simply because you don't like, regardless of its quality, is wrong. Linkara himself admits that it was wrong for him to do this in the past. He emphasizes this in his review that the comic's writer and artist Greg Land is a bad artist, but that doesn't make him a bad person.
  • Space Whale Aesop: The Holokara/Magic Gun arc has one of these because in the end, he learns that his magic stopped working because Margaret, aka the Magic Gun, let him find out that he was turning evil. At the same time, a hologram of Linkara made before he left fully turns into a Knight Templar and acts out his darkest feelings. The arc ends with Margaret letting Linkara know that the warning about turning evil was her goal, and Linkara feeling confident that he won't turn evil after how fast his friends turned against the Hologram. The lesson learned is that anyone can be evil, regardless of how good they think themselves or the good they've done in the past. The problem is that Margaret is magic, which has inherent Detect Evil properties, something that most human beings don't have access to. Linkara had magical, objective proof that he was turning while no one in the real world would. Also, his assurances about his friends doesn't work as well because they believed it was an expendable hologram. Linkara himself had been using Kill Sats and making other morally-questionable decisions for a long time without anyone calling him out for it.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • The poorly-animated Vohrsoth. Lampshaded in-universe.
    • The above, as well as many other special effects blunders, is lampshaded by Linkara's future self in the show's April 2011 recap, with him often noting that "they should fix that".
    • The Gunslinger notices that his gunshots produce sparks and explosions, yet do no damage to anything in Linkara's apartment. This becomes a plot point in the next episode.
    • The CGI shortcoming involving Pollo and the Cybermat during the Star Trek II comic review was sort of an inevitability.
    • While inside the Court of Worms, one can clearly see Lewis' apartment reflected in the mask of the King of Worms. It also looked like Lewis was wearing the Harvey costume and filming with a tablet computer.
    • The effects in the movie don't look all that hot either.
      • Vyce's ship looks really fake and compared to the show. which is not helped by the poor lighting and textures used during these sequences or the abundance of dramatic flyby shots that intensify these issues.
      • The sets also leave a lot to be desired. For instance, the bar at the beginning has a bookshelf off to the side; the bridge of Vyce's ship looks desolate and made of cardboard; and the space station's control room is clearly someone's basement (which is lampshaded since it's a Call-Back to To Boldly Flee).
      • The chroma-keying fares no better. This is obvious during all the scenes in the engine room, which look like they came out of something from the mid-90s with very obvious artifacts around the characters.
      • The effects used for Mechakara's torn up face and later, his endo-skeleton, look worse than the CGI on display. The latter simply being a classroom skeleton model painted silver, with tin cans for shoulders. It's really disappointing compared to the makeup in To Boldly Flee.
      • None of these are helped by the film being shot in 720p just like the series as opposed to 1080p or higher.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Holokara threatening to kill 90's Kid was a severe overreaction but he did raise the point that 90's Kid is always interrupting reviews and Holokara did ask him to stop before resorting to threats.
    • Linkara's getting angry with 90's Kid over draining the BFG is treated as unwarranted but it is understandable considering 90's Kid ruined one of the few weapons they had that was still capable of functioning for an idiotic reason.
    • During the Sleepwalker arc Linkara's friends choose to walk out on him for starting to cross lines that they don't agree with, such as putting them under surveillance without telling them and trying to hack into government satellites instead of waiting for help from Alan. While they have valid concerns about him Jumping Off the Slippery Slope it's ignored that Linkara has very good reason for acting like this as 90s Kid is working with Vyce and the very real possibility of the Entity returning is looming over their heads. Linkara's friends come off as very unsympathetic towards him trying to be prepared for future threats, especially in light of how often they get caught off guard. Though this is undermined by the fact that he had been watching them without their knowledge or consent due to 90's Kid's apparent betrayal and that the last time something like this happened, Linkara was becoming evil. It's further undermined once it's revealed that the Entity is possessing Linkara.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Entity is just unsettling to look at. Nevermind that it's taking the form of comic relief '90s Kid with a distorted voice and unnatural, interference cascade eyes, but every shot focusing on it just glitches from time to time, like its voice scratching and repeating, or its body blinking in place or from one place to another. Just its presence is outright creepy, let alone all the rest.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Iron Liz, in her debut appearance, was wearing Linkara's jacket and hat and very little makeup, and was holding a comic book in front of her chest. Those fashion and blocking choices - coupled with an unusually deep voice, due to being a trans woman - had a lot of people confused. The name "Iron Liz" helped settle things, as did the introduction of her blog, where there is a much more flattering photo of her on display.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
  • "Weird Al" Effect:
  • What an Idiot!: Harvey shooting at Holokara when he should know that he's Immune to Bullets. It's lampshaded when Linksano chastises him, saying it was doomed to failure, and Harvey admits that he was angry and not thinking straight. He suggests that he should have hit the Holo-Emitter which generates Holokara, but Linksano says that it would be heavily shielded, and would have ended just as badly.
  • The Woobie:
    • The little girl from the Silent Hill Dead/Alive prologues. The parents who she loved and adored never cared about her other than using her as a sacrifice to forge a weapon to use in mass genocide for their God. She was tortured and killed to create the weapon (Linkara's magic gun), but when they touched the weapon they were driven insane and killed.
      • The fact that her name has been forgotten, even by the cultists who killed her makes it just a bit more painful.
    • After Holokara threatened them, '90s Kid and Harvey became Woobies as well.
      • And then Harvey becomes perhaps the biggest one on the show when we learn about his Dark and Troubled Past.
      • The Gunslinger is also a massive example of Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds; despite being the main villain of his arc (initially), when his backstory is revealed, it's hard not to feel bad for him.
      • Somehow, the Entity becomes this at the end of its life, overcome by the painful realization that even its existence is meaningless, and the revelation that the entire Sleepwalker arc was it trying to justify its existence. When the Entity fizzles out, it's depicted as a sad moment.
    • Todd in the Shadows in the 500th episode. All he wants to do is celebrate Linkara's achievement, but his methods are outdated, having been done in previous milestone reviews.


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