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  • He concludes his two-part review of The Rise of Arsenal by remarking that hopefully, DC's forthcoming (at the time) reboot will erase both Cry For Justice and this mini from continuity, resurrecting Lian Harper in the process. Later that week, DC stated that one of the changes is that Arsenal/Roy Harper will be undergoing a reduction in his age and would now be too young to have had a daughter (or at least, the Lian the readers knew) yet. This does mean that Justice League: Cry for Justice and The Rise of Arsenal were erased. Be Careful What You Wish For, Linkara.
    • Although it does go into Heartwarming territory as the DC event Convergence happened and Lian Harper was brought back!, which was even lampshaded by Lewis in his Blue Beetle retrospective!
  • His Blue Beetle tribute in which he praises it on its more lighthearted approach to superheroes and his shame that darker comics get more subscribers than the original runs of the series in light of the new series of Blue Beetle that is going with a Darker and Edgier approach.
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  • As a throwaway joke in the review of The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2, Linkara sees pixelation in the comic and complains that the comic is glitching out, speculating that a Missingno is involved. Fast forward to the end of the Entity saga...
  • During his review of "Titans #1" in 2008, Linkara makes reference to Lian Harper and the sense of nostalgia he feels about her. Come 2009...
  • In Linkara's review of One More Day, he mentions several times how he would do anything to get the effects of said comic reversed (outside of making a Deal with the Devil). Later on, Holokara proves true to that, and was planning to threaten to blow up Marvel Headquarters to force them to reverse One More Day. Even worse, it's stated that the real Linkara would have eventually done the very same thing had he not been made aware of how egotistical and selfish he was becoming.
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  • Him trying to contact Apollo Z. Hack may be a bit unnerving when the last time we saw him in the Reviewaverse Saga, he killed Lupa and presumably went on a killing spree, targeting every critic out there.
  • The reason Harvey calls Linkara kid? He lost his son.
  • In his review of One More Day, he noted that he was cautiously optimistic about the Marvel NOW initiative because he thought it would allow the writers to interpret Peter Parker as a young adult that learns from his mistakes instead of an adult with a teenager's mindset. Marvel NOW then began with The Superior Spider-Man, featuring Otto Octavius — a protagonist that not only ignores the "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" creed that was the cornerstone of his predecessor's code of conduct, but one that absolutely refuses to take responsibility for his actions — which is something that Peter at least tried to do, but screwed up on due to inconsistent writing.
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  • In his review of "The Electric Tale of Pikachu" he questions how Ghost Pokémon work, stating it is implied that regular Pokémon become them when they die, and wonders if humans become Ghost Pokémon when they die as well. He seemed to have forgotten about Yamask, which are spirits of dead humans, having become Ghost Pokemon, and one of the biggest tear-jerkers of all Pokémon.note  Later games introduced Phantump which is a tree stump brought to life because it's possessed by the spirits of dead children.
  • In his review of issue two of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, Lewis has a bit where he dismisses the idea of the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie ever coming out. Not only did it happen, he uploaded the video onto YouTube in the wake of the massive WTH, Casting Agency? reaction to Scarlett Johansson being cast as the Major.
  • His speech about toxic nostalgia in his Infinite Crisis review, while not directed at anyone from Channel Awesome, can feel like this in the wake of numerous complaints of abuse and incompetence regarding CA in general and The Nostalgia Critic himself, Doug Walker, that became public only a month later.
    • For that matter, his reporting on the complaints of writers during the New 52 reflect many of the complaints of former workers of CA.
    • Before that review, in his "Another 15 Screw-Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall", he makes a Call-Back about how he killed the Bat Credit Card joke and after seeing the Critic still being in the corner during that that review months ago, Linkara comments how when the Critic dies, he'll be the owner of the site. Two years later, and Lewis would then leave the site due to horrible management and treatment of his co-content creators.
  • His defense of Justin "JewWario" Carmical and keeping a JewWario hat in light to the fact that during the very mass exodus from Channel Awesome that Lewis himself was a part of, it was revealed that the sexual groomer and assaulter mentioned in the Google document was, in fact, Justin. Lewis has since taken the hat off the shelf, disabled comments on the Gameboy #3 review that was In Memoriam to Carmichal, and edited the video's description to say it no longer reflects his opinion of Carmichal and he wouldn't have done it if he knew about Carmichal's history.
  • In his "The Next 15 Screw Ups of AT4W", Lewis calls out (although calmly) Douchey McNitpick in regards to how the site still has good content makers despite the Critic retiring and for saying how the site "sucks", before making a joke at the expense of Welshy. Seems all well and good until Welshy offhandly remarks how "the site is dying now, if you believe the critics. And those who work for the site. And the fans." This was posted on December 31st, 2012, six years before everyone left Channel Awesome due to turmoil behind the scenes and treatment of the staff at the hands of the Walker brothers and CEO Mike Michaud.
    • It gets worse when there's the segment between Lindsay Ellis and Lewis about the Supergirl trade he loaned her. She responds that she'll 'return' it when they "shoot the next anniversary". While there was an anniversary special following the controversial To Boldly Flee, it didn't feature most, if not all of the original members of the site, which was an unfortunate signal for fans that began to see Channel Awesome's decline in quality.
  • The Caligula Running Gag with The Cinema Snob whenever he was showing up for a milestone episode has become this in light of Brad Jones burning bridges with his old Channel Awesome colleagues, including Lewis. As of the 600th episode, it has been retired.
  • The ending of his Heroes in Crisis review end with him begging people not to attack Tom King over the book's quality. Right around the time the video was posted King's own actions making false accusations against Jae Lee led to Lee getting harassed, resulting in a far worse backlash against King.


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