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"Howdy all, I'm your Game Show Reviewer, reviewing the game show greats, and the occasional dud!"
Game Show Reviewer's Tag Line

The Game Show Reviewer is a reviewer of... well, game shows. Possibly the only review show that focuses on game shows. "The Game Show Reviewer" is a plot-driven review show similar to Atop the Fourth Wall. The story revolves around a computer virus infected-time traveling fighter plane that for some reason usually lands the lead character in close proximity of a game show studio, usually leading to his reviewing of it.

In 2017, three other side shows were added to the lineup. Added in January were "The Many Themes Of...", which focuses on game show theme songs and set designs, and "5 Minute Reviews", which is a short and sweet game show review. And in April of that same year, a new show called "Sarah's Side Show" was introduced. The final review was uploaded that same year, and the final video (a stream of various game show video games) was uploaded in April 2018.

    Game Show Reviewer Episodes 

     "The Many Themes Of..." Episodes 
  1. Jeopardy!
  2. Pyramid
  3. The Many Themes Of... (April Fools' Day episode)
  4. Press Your Luck

     5-Minute Reviews 
  1. GSN's The Pyramid
  2. Double Dare (1976)
  3. Deal or No Deal
  4. Blackout
  5. 5-Minute Reviews (April Fools' Day episode)
  6. ABC's Summer Fun & Games (The $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game)
  7. Shop 'Til You Drop

     Sarah's Side Show 
  1. The Torture Quiz Shows of 2002 (The Chair (2002) and The Chamber)
  2. Press Your Luck Video Games
  3. International Press Your Luck

This series provides examples of:

  • April Fools' Day: On April 1, 2017, two joke videos were uploaded: "The Many Themes Of 'The Many Themes Of...'" and "5-Minute Review: '5-Minute Reviews'". Then his next review was posted: a review of Pop Quiz Hotshot.
  • Berserk Button: Try not to mention the 2002 version of Pyramid around the Reviewer...
  • Catchphrase: The Reviewer has more then a few it seems...
    • "Howdy all, I'm your Game Show Reviewer, reviewing the game show greats and the occasional dud..."
    • "And... welcome back/everyone!"
    • "And I'll see you... next time!"
    • "...'Reviewer's 5 Minute Reviews', or just simply...'5 Minute Reviews'!"
  • Caustic Critic: Averted. The game shows reviewed on the show are usually very popular and big successes. There are exceptions to every rule though…
  • Crossover: In the $hopping $pree episode, the Reviewer calls for help when Sarah states she can't help due to the show's obscurity. So, he calls up a reviewer well known for reviewing obscure material: Ben from the Oddity Archive.
  • Our Time Machine Is Different: Tempest One, a retrofitted fighter plane from the future (circa 2260)
  • Our Time Travel Is Different: Never really explained how it works...and it doesn't really work that well at first anyways...
  • The Reveal: In the Family Feud episode it's revealed that Cmd. Sara Stormer is a game show reviewer and is out to destroy the Game Show Reviewer to be the only Game Show Reviewer. This is complete with her own title sequence were she calls the Game Show Reviewer "a renegade." She not a very good one as she skips over every game show host of Family Feud after Louie Anderson because she call them "filler." The Game Show Reviewer has to fill the audience in on the others, especially host Steve Harvey and the funny answers that almost rival the Dawson era.
  • Self-Deprecation: He has often poked fun at the fact that he isn't as popular as some other reviewers.
    • Two April Fools' Day videos (see above) claimed that "The Many Themes Of..." and "5 Minute Reviews" were started by a huge dork. The latter video also said that "the comedy department has either all been fired, or they're all on vacation".
  • Video Review Show: A game show review show with a time-travel gimmick.
  • World of Weirdness: The show has time travel and apparently the Chronoskimmer exists. Things get weird.