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  • In The Star Wars #1, Linkara jokes when Anakin and his father are headed home "We need a vacation. Set a course for the Atlantic City planet." Later in The Last Jedi, Finn and Rose spent most of the film at a space casino.
  • In his review of the first chapter of Delicious in Dungeon, Linkara jokes that Senshi's name means "poop farmer" in Northern dwarven dialect. Come Chapter 8 and it turns out Senshi really is harvesting poop to make fertilizer for his golem vegetable fields.
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  • At one point in his Doom's IV review, he said 'IN AMERICA'. In episode 45 of the Abridged Series he provided a guest voice for that show.
  • During his Blue Beetle Tribute, he went into an episode of anger induced insanity; claiming he would be the only one to hold the title of Linkara and run the show. Later on after being kidnapped, it was shown he had left in his will that Iron Liz would take his place. Even so much as to have her wear his hat and use his scripts.
  • Not two days after his Ultimatum #5 review and his calling DC and Marvel out over rebooting continuity, DC announced they were relaunching their entire comic line. He was stunned enough by this to declare himself the Comic Prophet over Twitter.
  • Back in 2008 when the show was just getting started, Spoony mentioned it (not in a negative way) as an example of an internet review show that focuses on the reviews and doesn't have any overarching plot. Since then, Atop the Fourth Wall has become the defining example of a plot-focused web review show.
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  • In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "On Leather Wings", Alfred comments, "Are we developing an interest in rock and roll, sir?". The comment gets a lot funnier with AT4W's Running Gag of Batman hating rock and roll. Then there's a certain song in The LEGO Movie, and Scott Snyder having Batman make a positive comment about rock and roll in All-Star Batman...
  • Linkara's magic gun looks exactly like the guns from a very popular Sentai. He's going to be very happy when that gets adapted into Power Rangers... especially since he can dual-wield it with the Dragon Dagger and have it be canonical. Unfortunately, this crosses over into Harsher in Hindsight when you see his thoughts on it over on History of the Power Rangers.
  • In Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four Brain Drain, he jokes about the frequent Product Placement of OfficeMax, and has a character say that if it had been Office Depot, they would've been screwed. OfficeMax and Office Depot merged in late 2013.
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  • In his Superman Meets the Quik Bunny review, Linkara considers the idea of a flying treehouse as utterly ridiculous. In the TGWTG special To Boldly Flee, the Critic's house turns into a spaceship.
  • Linkara made it very clear in the "Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review" video that he would never review "One More Day", even putting it at the #2 spot. And then comes the 200th episode... In fact, Much of the comics he said he wouldn't review he actually did, to the point he explicitly Lampshaded it. On the flipside, there are a few things on there that he still hasn't touched, namely webcomics and Archie Meets the Punisher).
  • May overlap with Harsher in Hindsight, during his JLA: Act of God review, he complains that how in Elseworld miniseries, Superman is often paired up with Wonder Woman with little to no build up. Cue New 52, where they were an official couple with the same amount of chemistry as those Elseworlds stories (which was before DC Rebirth happened and had Supes back with Lois Lane).
  • In his 100th review, he does a joke regarding how Sonic has super speed and can thus save everyone, while screwing around with Robotnik. Sonic Lost World has a very similar joke in the end where Eggman tries to make a getaway, but the exhaust hose for his jetpack was removed by Sonic, who most likely did that in the few seconds he tried to get away.
  • 90's Kid gushing over a Nirvana reunion in "KISS Comics" came true (not counting digging up and puppeteering Kurt) in a way a year later with "Cut Me Some Slack" from Sound City: Real To Reel, only with Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Paul McCartney!
  • Snowflame gonna sue somebody!
  • In the Ultimatum #3-4 review, after hearing Doctor Doom's ridiculous plan to take over the world, he says that it must be a doombot. In the Ultimate FF series, that was revealed to be the case (more specifically an impostor).
  • Back in November 2011 in his Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu review, Linkara wished for a Pokemon Fighting game where you actually control the Pokemon (akin the Super Smash Bros. series). Jump to 2014 where Pokkén Tournament is announced. (He's still a little disappointed that you can't play as every Pokemon, but that's to be expected.)
  • In his review of Captain Electron #1 from 2012, he comments that if he ever changes his outfit, he's going to find a way to include a top hat. In 2014, he did change his outfit... though it doesn't have a top hat; he still wears his trademark trilby. Though, he does briefly wear one, in his review of Power Man and Iron Fist #79.
  • Linkara joked about that he loved the new Star Wars film, when referring to his thoughts on Star Trek (2009). J. J. Abrams, the director of this movie and Star Trek Into Darkness, would later direct two of the three Sequel Trilogy films for Star Wars!
  • Linkara once quipped that "Star Wars: Episode VII makes the bold move of being yet another prequel" long before the movie came out. It turns out that the movie immediately following SWE7 would indeed be a prequel.
  • In his Live Show, for the Fantastic Four Manga, Reed Richards objects to experiments, on the Moon, that would "Write Cheat Codes In To The Universe". Linkara insists that; "If (he) wants to play Pokemon Moon Edition, with Gen One Starters, (he) should be allowed to!". This is now more amusing, since Nintendo announce in 2016 that not only shall Gen Seven be called Sun & Moon, but you can also trade up from Gen One with the Virtual Console ports!
  • In one of his Live Shows, he jokes about being more forgiving of One More Day, if it was to bring back the Spider Signal, When Spider-Man appeared in Captain America: Civil War (whose source material directly led into One More Day), the post-credits scene feature Peter discovering that the costume Tony made for him includes the Spider Signal.
  • In the Doctor Doom's Revenge review, Linkara makes a joke about Spider-Man believing that Captain America is going to invite him to the homecoming dance. Not only did 2017 give us Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it also happened to include multiple cameo appearances from Captain America.
  • In his review of the Doom comic, he read the Doom Guy as a single-minded rage filled curbstomping kill obsessed one-track mind character who cares nothing about anything other than destroying demons. Then came the 2016 Doom game starring... the exact same character who despite being a Heroic Mime expresses violent contempt at any form of narrative railroading or tutorial guidance.
    • Even more hilarious since the memorable "Rip and Tear" line has become an Ascended Meme.
  • In his review of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers comic, he says that he doesn't think about things like who'd win in a fight between characters from different franchises. A few years later in Longbox of the Damned, Lewis revealed that the guys at Death Battle actually contacted him to voice Superman in Goku vs Superman, but he declined due to schedule problems.
  • One of his few complaints about the Deadpool movie was that Deadpool didn't acknowledge Stan Lee during his gratuitous cameo. Come the Deadpool: No Good Deed teaser...
  • In his 100th episode, Linkara had several other members of TGWTG sing individual lines of his theme, and edited them together for the episodes' end. The line that JesuOtaku sang was "He is a man. PUNCH!". 6 years later, JesuOtaku came out as a transgender man.
  • On May 30, 2017, as the finale of Event Comic month, Linkara posted a review of Flashpoint, which came out a day later than scheduled due to editing issues. The very same day, CinemaSins posted a video of its Animated Adaptation, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.
  • At the beginning of his review of James Bond Jr. #1, he mentionned how there doesn't seem to be that many cartoons for children based on movies for adults being made these days and suggested, among other ideas, a The Fast and the Furious cartoon. Three months later, said cartoon was announced to be in development for Netflix.
  • In his Superman: At Earth's End review all the way back in 2008, Linkara joked that the characters talk like gangsters from the 1920s ("I fight for trooth, justice, and da American way, ya mook!"). Ten years later, Young Justice Abridged saw fit to portray Superman's Evil Counterpart Ultraman as a stereotypical New Jersey mafioso.
  • In his "Top 15 Worst Heroes becoming Villains", he jokes that comics teach him to "Love no one ever". 8 years later, he's Happily Married to Viga Gadson.
  • In his review of ASBAR, he treats the comic's incarnation of Batman as an In Name Only character (who he dubs as Crazy Steve). Wonder how he'd feel about the Red Death from Dark Nights: Metal, who's basically Crazy Steve with The Flash's powers.
    • Also related to Linkara's Alternate Character Interpretation of "Crazy Steve", Jason Momoa revealed what landed him the role of Aquaman was that he'd originally auditioned for Batman and played it like a thug who stole Batman's costume—like Crazy Steve.
    • Honestly the Millerverse being located in the Dark Multiverse would make too much sense.
  • In “My Top 15 Favorite Episodes of AT4W”, Linkara jokingly considers uploading episodes to PornHub in the event of other non-YouTube video services going down. In 2019, his colleague Brad Jones did actually begin uploading older, YouTube-inappropriate episodes of The Cinema Snob to PornHub (though in fairness, the episodes in question were about porn films).
  • In his review of Holy Terror, Linkara unleashes a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech against its writer Frank Miller for writing such a cartoonishly blatant revenge fantasy and caps it off saying, "Frank, you must be so proud." Well, come 2018, Frank Miller isn't so proud of having written that book anymore.


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