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  • Chugga once hated his real name Emile and as a child he wanted to be called Steve. When Mimi reveals her true form, he remembers why he hated Emile and his nickname.
  • In episode 3 of his Super Mario Sunshine LP, he said that he had no plans to do Super Mario Galaxy. Three guesses what happened afterwards, and the first two don't count.
  • He also stated that he had no plans to LP Super Mario 64. Technically true; his Super Mario 64 DS playthrough began on April 23, 2013.
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  • Also, in 2009, Chugga comments in a video of his SMS game "...I'm surpised PETA hasn't gotten on this game, yet." Another Mario game would become a target of PETA later, being one of the targets they make a mock game for meant to show the animal cruelty the game is "promoting".
  • In his The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask LP, a Running Gag was that he'd kill the bosses by 'chopping off their toes'. Then Skyward Sword came out, and it was revealed that the first step to beating The Imprisoned boss was to literally chop off its toes.
  • In one of his Super Luigi Galaxy videos, he gets a coin and a star together and jokingly says he got a Coin Star and won Mario Party. Fast forward to 2011, and we have The Runaway Guys.
  • "This is the moment that starts it all." He says this while the camera focuses on a planted red leaf Pikmin.
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  • His first use of the now-famous name is when he says "We'll just call him Steve and we're not going to like him." Let's just say the "not liking him" part would turn out to be an understatement.
  • In his Special Features video for MOTHER 3, Chugga announced that EarthBound would never be re-released outside of Japan. 4 years later, Nintendo announced they would do just that. Chugga's response on his Twitter:
    "How I wish I recorded my little girl scream from the reveal of EarthBound Wii U coming to the US."
  • In Super Mario 64 DS, Chugga talks about how maybe at E3 2013 there would be a multiplayer 3D Mario Game. He was right.
  • In Kirby's Epic Yarn:
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  • Chugga talking about how changing someone's name while their knocked out as a joke becomes really funny after the same thing happens to him in Dokapon Kingdom Episode 3.
  • Chugga (jokingly) suggests that the disparity in Luigi's characterization between Paper Mario 64 and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is because of character development that happened because of Luigi's Mansion, and not 24 hours later, Paper Jam is announced and shows that the two series take place in separate universes.
  • In an Animal Crossing New Leaf video, Chugga shows the new feature of placing furniture on the walls, and jokingly believes that the next Animal Crossing game will introduce hanging furniture from the ceilings. In Happy Home Designer, ceiling furniture is indeed available.
  • In Okamiden, Chugga mentions that he was scared of frogs growing up and tended to run screaming from them. Seems like his interactions with Croque were doomed from the start.
  • From Animal Crossing: New Leaf onward, most of Chugga's chosen games to LP have gotten sequels announced or even released during/shortly after his playthrough:
  • Then the trend gets reversed at times, and occasionally it seems that Nintendo games are predicting Chugga's playthroughs:
  • In one episode of his ''Super Luigi Galaxy" LP, Chugga makes a joke about Star Bunnies, then lampshading that he doesn't know much about rabbits, having never owned one. Come 2016, and Emile now has a pet rabbit named Pippy.
  • During a bonus episode of his Splatoon LP, Chugga joked that, because Team Marie won the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest, Marie is factually the superior Squid Sister. According to Marina, Splatfest results are law, meaning that he's not too far off.
  • When dealing with Tolstar, Chugga criticizes him on not taking the Bros. money before scamming them. His + Bowser's Minions incarnation seems to have taken his advice.
  • In Episode 5 of his Pikmin 2 LP, he said that, while it wouldn't fit a Mario game the whole way through, he wished that they'd put a level in a Mario game in which everything looks realistic, like in Pikmin 2. Cut to Super Mario Odyssey, where the Metro Kingdom is exactly that.
  • In Pokemon FireRed he points out that Misty is wearing a swimsuit and sneakers and deduces that she swims with her shoes on just like everyone in the Mario & Sonic Olympic games. In the 2020 version, the human characters swim realistically, in other words, barefoot (although Peach and Daisy did this in an earlier game). Also counts as fan disservice for characters like Wario and Eggman.
  • At the end of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, he suspects that Luigi's Mansion 3 will happen due to E. Gadd accidentally pushing the Boo release button on his remote. Turns out King Boo's escape in 3 wasn't due to E. Gadd's incompetence.
  • During Pokemon Crystal's Kanto Post-Game, he addresses some comments saying their jealous of him because he makes money off his videos. Chugga points out that he doesn't "get diddly squat for it". This is no longer the case as he does indeed make money with his L Ps.

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