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Recap / Atop The Fourth Wall A Story Of Magic

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Our story begins five weeks after Linkara's return from captivity. After reviewing the Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force comic, a newly promoted Lieutenant Monro beamed in. He explained to Linkara at how he was on a mission to destroy various Vohrsoth Forges in his universe. However, a boss Vohrsoth that Monro encountered found its way to "our" universe, but Linkara and Monro made quick work of it. In the aftermath of the fight, Linkara heard a synthesized, screeching voice, but it faded before he could wonder about it. His face further darkens when Monro reveals that the creator of the Vohrsoth is Lord Vyce.


Vyce himself recently allied with a recently rebuilt Mechakara, and the two came to an agreement: Mechakara helps Vyce destroy Linkara, and Vyce returns him to his own home universe and spare it from conquest. When Mechakara wonders why Vyce doesn't just outright assault Linkara, Vyce replies that he needs to be subtle so he wouldn't alert "The Entity" of his presence. Mechakara found the Vohrsoth to be the wrong approach, and instead suggested to attack psychologically using something that Linkara things he understands: Magic.

Meanwhile, in the future, Linkara's future self briefly pondered if he should have warned his past self about "the gun", but is put at ease when he decides that it's only his sanity. The present Linkara, in his 100th episode, eventually moved to a separate apartment after the various villainous encounters he's had at his parents' house. But his troubles were just beginning. For the next three weeks, Linkara reviewed Silent Hill: Dead/Alive. Throughout the three reviews, Linkara is plagued by visions of his friends and past foes taunting him and giving him cryptic remarks. A vision of Mechakara in particular taunts him about Pollo turning on him, and suggests that he kill him, just like he kill her.


Eventually, Linkara discovers that all of this is the work of Silent Hill's fog finding him again. By the end of the third review, he is transported to the Otherworld. But using his Magic Gun burns and torments him. Linkara then discovers an old book that has the following words:

beneath the seas besides the flame

off the coast where the lost beast came

to bring the world misery and shame

a piece of the world is missing

She didn’t get to heaven. Not even close.

i didn’t get to heaven, it hurts every time i don’t go to heaven

they didn’t love me

When Linkara sees before him a girl wrapped in rope and bloody bandages, he puts two and two together, tying in with a story that Linkara narrated at the introduction of the past three reviews:

In a small town, there was a little girl who loved her parents like all good children did. She didn't fear the troubles of the world because she loved her mother and father, and they in turn loved her; at least, that's what she thought. The parents of the little girl loved a being they worshiped as their god even more. And so, upon turning 13, the little girl was told the reason of her birth: To become a sacrifice to their god so that her essence could forge a weapon that could smite the non-believers. The little girl wept as she was tortured and tormented, but the parents laughed in glee as they told her to feel honored and feel the love of god.


It was then that the little girl stopped loving her parents, realized the futility of it all. And so, she grew angry and vengeful as her life essence was drained into the weapon. When the ritual was complete and the parents picked up the weapon, it burned them and plunged their psyches into monstrous nightmares and visions. When the parents asked the weapon why she was doing this, the weapon replied that she believed they were her god, and this was revenge for all the falsehood and lies. With a final, gleeful laugh, the parents descended into madness and death.

The weapon is none other than a gun; the very same Magic Gun that Linkara wielded all this time.

When Linkara attempts to apologize, the girl, the Dolorem, attacks his psyche with more visions, making him believe that he was one who killed her. Full of guilt, Linkara lifts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. But instead of death, Linkara found himself bathed in white light as a small voice whispered "No! Parter...friend..."

With that, Linkara's mind is cleared, and he regains his strength with the Dolerem's psychic attacks no longer working on him. He proudly declares that he's not Silent Hill protagonist, so he can't be defeated by angst and self-doubt. He also reasons that the Dolorem is not the little girl, and is instead a manifestation of her hatred that came about after her torture. As the little girl already got her revenge by killing her parents, she doesn't need the hatred anymore, and in fact considers Linkara her partner. After using Pyramid Head to kill a demon nurse, Linkara fires on and destroys the Dolorem. With its destruction, Linkara returns to his apartment, but still hears the synthesized, screeching voice from before.

Afterwards, Linkara and Iron Liz conversed about recent events, hoping that the little girl was at peace now, and examining the strange old book that was still there when he returned from the Otherworld. To compound matters, Pollo discovered a Shade dagger that was left behind, confirming the true mastermind behind this scheme: Lord Vyce.

And so our story ends back at Vyce's ship, with Mechakara frustrated with the failure of his psychological attack. Vyce is not surprised at this, berating Mechakara for toying with forces beyond his understanding and making "The Champion" even stronger. As such, he opts against using psychological attacks again and instead will use brute force. With "The Entity" possibly being aware of his presence now, he needs to act quickly and brings in someone who can fully finish Mechakara's upgrades: Doctor Linksano!


  • Artifact of Doom: The "Magic Gun" is actually a subversion: It was created in a pretty evil fashion, but the only hints of intelligence are of a wholly positive personality who talked Linkara out of killing himself and so far the only people it has killed on its own were its creators.


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