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A web series by Allison Pregler of Obscurus Lupa Presents and Movie Nights fame. The series is, as the title would suggest, a recap of every episode of Baywatch. She is also covering Baywatch Nights concurrently with the series starting with its launch in season 6 of the regular series and plans to cover the reunion special. In addition, she reviewed the 2017 feature film reboot, well out of order (but as she noted, if she'd waited until 2037 when she would finally get around to it if she took things in order, no one would care).

The series style has Allison recapping the episode with a healthy amount of snark—her Abridged Series- style Alternative Character Interpretation of the characters and plots, usually over awkward screencaps of the characters, and silly voice acting lends a...unique perspective on the events of each episode. The original series of Baywatch is about the lifeguards of Baywatch Beach, lead by Mitch Buchannon, a single father with a love of food and a bit of hero complex, and a rotating cast of characters, each with their own quirks and personalities. The Baywatching series quickly turns into a show about Mitch Von Malibu, an egotistical, attention-hungry, omnicompetent, dog-hating meat-eater with deep-seated attachment issues, desperately clinging to his youth, and a rotating cast of other lifeguards who are mostly incompetent.

Can be found here., and a full playlist of the series can be found here.

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This series provides examples of:

  • Abridged Series: Serves as one; thought most of the series is her narrating the plot, she has a collection of silly voices for each character she breaks out with every episode, and frequently takes the characters and plots in slightly different directions than the show does.
  • Actor Allusion: If an actor, especially a guest, has appeared in something more famous, Allison will likely mention it, if not make a nickname out of it.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:invoked The source of the comedy, considering how episodic and contradictory the series can be. Too many to include on this page.
    • A minor example occurs in the episode Eclipse, where Allison hypothesizes that the female apparition is actually the ghost of Kirby, having returned from beyond the grave to haunt Eddie for stealing his broom.
  • Ascended Extra: Newmie, whose infrequent appearances in the early seasons are given way more prominence due to Allison's love of the character (and admiration for actor Michael Newman's real-life accomplishments), well before the show itself would elevate him to a major supporting character.
  • Bad "Bad Acting": Jimmy Slade. And yet Allison's version of him somehow takes Kelly Slater's awful acting even further. (At least in the voice department. Given she's a voiceover, she can't attempt to replicate or top the fact that even walking seems to be a challenge to Slater's acting skills.)
  • Big Eater: Mitch. He's usually seen cooking MEAT when at home and most of Allison's snark on his diet is burger related.
  • Big "NO!":
    • Gives one when the show zooms in on Captain Thorpe's crotch.
    • Gives one during Hobie and his girlfriend's first kiss, as well as whenever the show creepily sexualizes Hobie and girls his age in general.
    • Gives another when Stephanie suggests giving Rookie of the Year to Guido.
    • Gives one at the end of "Vacation" after having enough of Guido being sexually harassed by a widow.
    • Gives another one in slow-motion in "Freefall" during the creepy Imagine Spot where the teenage Hobbie is applying sunscreen to an adult woman.
    • Baywatching!Mitch and Baywatching!Stephanie both give one when Caroline gets a save.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: In reaction to the episode "Kicks" :
    Allison: This episode contains two of my favorite things: Baywatch and stupid kung fu flicks, so I can give it nothing less than six thumbs up.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Eddie. Allison seems to take delight in finding new and hilarious ways to hurt or humiliate him. No one in the cast really likes him and his girlfriend Shaunie barely tolerates him. Allison outright calls him the trope title, and in the recap of Baywatch's first Clip Show, makes a photoshopped Clip Show of her own out of fans's suggestions for horrible accidents Eddie could have suffered.
    • Harvey, a sleazy scheming douchebag who constantly hits on women. Allison calls him "The Worst" at least Once an Episode when he appears, calls him and Eddie "Walking Mummies' Curses" and frequently invokes realistic outcomes to his subplots.
    • For an example not created by Allison herself: Summer, who the creators of Baywatch put through a Trauma Conga Line. By the time she gets possessed by a ghost, Allison wonders if the creators hated her.
    • Hobie who, even within the series, is constantly getting into danger and has seen at least three corpses at age 12. And that's not even getting into Mitch who, in the alternate reality of Baywatching, threatens to murder him frequently and has abandoned him at least twice to go romance a woman.
    • Jill, who the rest of the cast ignore at best.
      Jill: (in slo-mo) "Get out of the water!"
      Children in a raft: (in Allison's high-pitched kid's voice, slowed down) "Shut up, Jill; you're not a character!"
  • The Cameo: Eddie shows up a few times (in Baywatching, not Baywatch) after he's Put on a Bus:
    • When introducing the episode "Life Guards Can't Jump", an episode trying to appeal to black audiences, she mockingly says it focuses on Eddie:
      Eddie!Baywatching: I'm back and whiter than ever!
    • He crops up for a second when she points out that the show's out of date 80's stock footage has a shot of Eddie.
    • After it's revealed that he and Eyebrows are pen pals and that Eyebrows bought Eddie's houseboat, he pops up to talk with Eyebrows...and Shaunie dumps him for selling their house without telling him.
      Eddie!Baywatching: Shaunieee— (gets interrupted by a Kangaroo kicking him)
  • Character Catchphrase: Most of the characters have one or more.
    • Mitch: "My Save!" (although, it's later adopted by the rest of the cast), "Poseidon will punish him for his insolence", "I"ll murder/kill you Hobie 2!", "Shut up" "Suck it!" "You just got Mitched!" and "I just wanna say, I did great today."
    • Eddie: "Shaunnnieeeee!", "Ow I [stepped on something or got hurt somehow]!", "Please adopt me", "(X) is my father figure." and "I'm a sex symbol"
    • Jill: "I'm a real character, dammit!"
    • Eyebrows: "Sacre bleu!"
    • Garner: "Hot damn!"
    • Cort: "That's why they call me John [D-word] Cort!"
    • Life Guard Old Man/Ben: "I'm so old..."
    • Stephanie: "Actually..."
    • Summer: "Wuhhhhhh..."
    • Caroline's enraged screams.
    • Donna: "Lalalalala...".
    • Griff: "I'm Griff!"
    • Allison herself: "Harvey, you're the worst!" and "I didn't add that."
  • Character Exaggeration: Hardly any character is safe from this, from Mitch eating a hammerspace burger whenever he gets the chance, to Stephanie becoming a smug Straw Feminist. The only people that somewhat get away with it are Garner and Newmie, who are too cool. Luckily for Allison, Values Dissonance has turned a lot of the Mr. Fanservice leads' advances into horrifying, through a modern lens, so it was easy to turn chick magnets like Harvey and Eddie into whiny, self-centered sexual harassers.
  • Compassionate Critic: Allison will give the show credit where credit is due (even calling it "the dumbest show I have ever had the pleasure to watch") and in the intro to "The Child Inside" outright calls it a good episode of the show and states she might have trouble riffing it as a result.
  • Continuity Nod: Allison keeps better track of the show's continuity than the show itself.
    • She points out Eddie formerly being homeless when he mocks them in one episode, and genuinely does not know if the show just forgot or if Eddie's that much of a dick or if the writers flubbed trying to make him a hypocrite.
    • She remembers Eddie and Shaunie's engagement at the end of season 1—unlike the show—and also brings up Thorpe's previous implied in-series attraction to Eddie early in season 2.
    • Dr. Shark (admittedly, her own character) shows up after Stephanie is rescued in "Vacation".
    • A sub-plot in an episode of Nights has Garner and Destiny playing basketball. Garner comments that he "hates this game", except that there was an episode of Baywatch where Garner is not only a shooting whiz on the court, but hustled his way through college playing the game.
  • The Determinator: Allison had gone on record and said that one of her goals with Baywatching was to at least make it to "Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale".
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Allison constantly averts this (not by the original show, however).
    • Guido being sexually harassed by a widow is mocked for portraying it as comedy. Even though Allison loathes Guido, she doesn't find any Catharsis Factor in his suffering.
    • Although not abuse, Hobie's infatuation with Shaunie to the point of her claiming that she is flattered by his Precocious Crush disappointed Allison because of the writing failing to make the scenario anything but predatory, on Shaunie's part. It's hard to decipher whether Shaunie is humoring Hobie to let him down gently or not.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: In-Universe. Allison has her favorites:
    • invoked Trevor Cole, for being hilariously over the top in his first appearance and genuinely enjoyable. He got a montage set to "Land Down Under" after his final appearance, before the video got flagged by Youtube's copyright system.
    • Newmie, for being charming, competent (unlike the rest of Baywatch) and having a rather impressive life outside of Baywatch.
  • Flanderization: Allison's original voice for Eyebrows was a kind of preppy surfer with no French accent, but a conversation between Eyebrows and his French mother led to Allison playing up his Frenchiness.
    Eyebrows (with an exaggerated French accent): Stupid creative dad with your people-watching. I am suddenly French, sacre-bleu!
    Eyebrows' father: That's just inconsistent, son!
  • Franchise Original Sin:invoked
    • The original opening titles (before being Screwed by the Lawyers) to Baywatching lampshaded the absurdity of Baywatch — before the equally-absurd Baywatch Nights — through a fast-paced Title Montage of the show's wildest moments to the theme tune "I'm Always Here", such as Cort throwing shoes at a World War 2 bomb on the shore, the cast re-enacting the Gilligan's Island opening titles, Little Richard, a gorilla wearing shorts and a hat on the beach, numerous explosions, and someone dressed as Garner using karate on two stunt actors, among other things. So much for a show about sexy lifeguards running in slow-motion... Unfortunately, Baywatch 2017 fell into the trap (see Shallow Parody).
    • In regards to Baywatch Nights' infamous Retool into being a clone of The X-Files, Allison often points out that the main Baywatch show had occasionally featured supernatural elements, including ghosts, aliens, and psychic powers, years before Nights even premiered.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Stephanie pops up to correct Allison when she forgets the name of one incidental lifeguard (whose name may be either John or Ron), and claims a REAL Baywatch fan would know his name.
  • The Friend No One Likes: Eddie. The other lifeguards barely tolerate him when they're not abusing him.
    • Harvey, who gets a Big "NO!" out of Allison just by showing up.
    • Jill, who's constantly ignored by the others in her attempts to be a real character.
  • Fun T-Shirt: Allison likes to point out Eddie's 'pug with angel wings' crop top whenever he wears it.
  • Gasshole: Allison tends to add burp and fart sounds for characters, especially Mitch.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: Newmie, who in Baywatching (and to be fair, very nearly in Baywatch, and for that matter real life) is more or less Jesus in lifeguard form.
  • Implausible Deniability: Mitch in "Mirror, Mirror" claims he doesn't eat much red meat. Allison has a minor freakout over this due to practically every cut back to the Buchannon household having him cooking some meat product. It goes on so long she actually has to "Edit out" her own freakout, cutting herself off to get on with the show.
  • Informed Ability: Allison takes this opinion towards Donna's supposed dancing skills in the Baywatch Nights episode "Rendezvous".
  • In-Universe Factoid Failure:
    • Allison calls Mitch's Girl of the Week a schizophrenic when it turns out that she was also impersonating her dead sister, although her condition would be more associated with a personality or an identity disorder (tying up Mitch in a flooding basement notwithstanding).
    • Having amusement arcades in the same building that sells liquor was common in California, as well as other parts of the US throughout the 1990s. Amusingly, Mitch didn't know this either, until Hobie came home smelling of alcohol.
  • It's All About Me: Both the way Mitch's character is written (especially after David Hasselhoff becomes an executive producer) and Allison's opinion on some of the things Hasselhoff has said about the show.
  • Land Down Under: Expect anyone from Australia to have their Australian-ness humorously exaggerated. "Put another shrimp on the baaaarbie!"
  • Loveable Sex Maniac: Defied. Harvey is portrayed this way by Baywatch proper, but Allison points out just how creepy he comes off instead.
  • Memetic Psychopath:invoked Allison's playing up of The Death Pier, which has caused accidents and wants to kill Hobie the most.
  • Mind Screw: In the Baywatch (2017) film when it's revealed that Dwayne Johnson's character and David Hasselhoff's character are both named "Mitch." Allison wonders if it's some kind of "Groundhog Day" Loop or if there are multiple dimensions and each one has its own Mitch.
  • Mood Whiplash: Discussed for the episode "Bash at the Beach." The A-plot is a goofy story features WCW wrestlers, while the B-plot is a serious story featuring Stephanie being diagnosed with melanoma.
  • Mr. Fanservice: In a show about reasonably fit and TV-attractive people not wearing much beyond bathing suits and glistening in the California sun, in terms of eye candy Allison really only seems interested in John Allen Nelson (and his 8-pack) as John D Cort.
  • Negative Continuity: When she gets to the point where she is reviewing Baywatch and Baywatch Nights concurrently, she loves pointing out how the shows are so deeply detached from each other despite featuring the same main character, having another being transferred from Nights to the main show, and occasionally making vague references to each other in dialog. Especially during the second season of Nights when they dove headfirst into the idea of "rip-off The X-Files, but make it more like a low-budget cheesy B-Movie" and Mitch begins fighting vampires and unfrozen Vikings and has a girlfriend who is a half-human frog creature, none of which ever gets mentioned at his "day job."
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: Frequently, usually in regard to montages.
    • She cracks up when the show sets a montage to Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy", noting she didn't add this. Same with a flashback set to Ordinary World, and an episode starting with the Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun".
    • When Hobie mugs for the camera and says "Gotta love him" after Mitch burns dinner:
      Allison: No really... he actually said that. God bless this poor child actor.
    • Craig calming Mitch down with a creepy stare. He says nothing, just stares at him with his creepy pale eyes. Allison becomes half-convinced he has weird hypnotic powers and plays it up for the rest of his appearances.
    • In Shark Derby, Allison breaks down into a 15 second fit of hysterical laughter before reiterating that Jill was, in fact, eaten by a shark that was lured in by a greedy restaurant owner who was looking to attract more customers.
    • The end of the second episode titled "Reunion" made Allison confused, in which Mitch is asked whether his high school reunion was fun and he dismisses it as boring.
      Shaunie: How was that reunion, huh? Pretty boring, I bet.
      (Mitch hesitates; montage of him hooking up with Gina, meeting old classmates, fighting the old school bully, and helping other people drag the bully out of his Sand Necktie)
      Mitch: [shrugs] ... It had its moments.
      Allison (voiceover): [confused] The hell?!
  • One-Steve Limit: Averted in a few cases of this in Baywatch and Baywatch Nights:
    • Two separate characters are named Allison between the first two seasons: the first Allison appearing in the season 1 episode “Reunion”, and the second appearing in the season 2 episode “If Looks Could Kill”.
    • Mitch goes by the alias of “Trevor” in the episode “Masquerade”, which gives Allison an opportunity to reuse the season 1 clip of Trevor’s running flip.
    • The Season 6 episode “The Incident” had Neely date a biker named Eddie, leading to Allison giving that character the whining voice she used for Eddie Kramer.
    • One of the girls in the episode “Leap of Faith” is Lauren Taylor, aka Hobie’s cancer girlfriend from “Lover’s Cove”. She is even played by the exact same actress from “Lover’s Cove”, Anndi McAfee. This leads to a bit of Negative Continuity, plus speculation from Allison that Lauren either beat her cancer, or is actually undead.
    • Lampshaded in the Baywatch Nights episode “Pressure Cooker”, a woman named Summer helps out Garner when he has car troubles, who subsequently gets the Dull Surprise voice used for Baywatch’s Summer, and her danger magnet curse.
    • A strange case happens in the Baywatch Nights’ episode “Kind of a Drag” where two separate actresses are credited for two different characters named Cindy.
  • Oscar Bait: It's often noted that many of the show's Very Special Episodes were blatant attempts to net an Emmy Award. Allison takes great pleasure in pointing out that it never worked. They were never even nominated.
  • Phrase Catcher:
    • "Shut up Eddie!"
    • "Shut up Jill, you're not a real character!"
    • "Harvey, you're the worst."
    • "Shut up, old man!" Frequently directed at both Captain Thorpe and Ben/Lifeguard Old Man, neither of who ever have anything interesting to say or contribute to plots in any meaningful way and may in fact slow episodes down by their presence, and whose only notable character traits are being much, much older than the rest of the cast.
  • Poorly Disguised Pilot:
    • Alison speculates that "Showdown at Malibu High" is one for an attempted spinoff set at the titular school since it randomly introduces a bunch of new high school characters who never appear again and CJ is revealed to work at the school as their teacher, which is also never mentioned again afterwards.
    • After reading the episode's script, Alison was able to confirm that "Search & Rescue", which introduced a new cast of firefighters and revolved around the lifeguards and the fire department developing an elite Search and Rescue Unit, was intended as a backdoor pilot for a spinoff about said Unit.
  • Product Placement: Points out Baywatch's frequent attempts at it after the show's un-cancellation and eventual budget cuts.
    • She has two main jokes on the theme: calling Waverunners "Waverunner Tee Em!" and calling attention to the show's rotating roster of carbonated beverages:
    • Pepsi, which was featured heavily in a scene about Mitch's father having cancer, and thusly mocked whenever it turned up conspicuously in dramatic scenes in the future—even before it was used in an attempt to cure Mitch's paralysis.
    • A&W Cream Soda, which features heavily into Season 4 and actually got Allison to drink some due to its prominence. At one point, in a single scene, a character is wearing a shirt featuring no less than two cream soda logos, while talking with another character about a contest where the grand prize is a year's supply, with both characters using the full "A&W Cream Soda" product name at least once. This subplot is also referred back to multiple times within that same episode and beyond, as the character wins the year's supply and shots of their fridge always show it filled to the gills with cans of the stuff.
    • Coca-Cola, which had a somewhat less intrusive integration than the others but was so memorably used with one recurring character she called him "Coke Detective".
  • Really Dead Montage: Does montages in this style when characters are Put on a Bus.
    • Trevor got one set to Men at Work's "Land Down Under", before Youtube's copyright algorithm flagged the video and it had to be edited out.
    • Jill starts to get one ... until everyone forgets who they're even mourning.
    • Subverted with Eddie where one starts...and then a flushing sound is heard cutting it off.
    • Guido gets one set to "Celebrate" by Kool & the Gang while Allison talks over it, celebrating how he's finally gone.
    • Jimmy Slade gets one set to "Surfin' USA".
  • Retroactive Recognition: Allison recognized Dorian Gregory, aka Darryl Morris in the background of the season 2 episode “Money, Honey”, before he would become Diamont Tegue in Baywatch Nights Season 2.
    • Another Charmed actor appearance comes in the form of a drunk boater played by Greg Vaughn, who played Dan Gordon, aka Neighbor Dan, in Charmed’s second season.
  • Riddle for the Ages: In "Heat Rays", the Baywatch Nights crew discover that The Beach Boys knock-off of the episode are gang raping monsters, making Allison wonders what happened between the show and the band since the latter appeared in Baywatch less than a year before this episode aired.
  • Running Gag:
    • invokedPointing out when the show did something supernatural long before Baywatch Nights was mocked for it.
    • Eddie's constant stream of abuse.
    • Mitch eating photoshopped hamburgers.
    • Jill's season-spanning quest to develop a character.
    • Whenever Doctor Shark shows up, the patient isn't going to recover.
    • Season 1 Only: Frequent photoshop gags.
    • "My Save!"
    • Mocking the show's frequent product placement.
    • Frequently poking fun at the fact that the show never won an Emmy by pointing out numerous cast members and guest stars who have won Emmies or other awards or gone on to greater fame and fortune (never for their work on Baywatch, obviously) and quipping that they have "[one] more Emmy than Baywatch", or sometimes that she doesn't think their career will amount to much.
    • Coming up with silly nicknames for Hobie (not unlike Baywatch itself did), such as Hoblestiltzkin.
    • Mitch's hatred of Damn Dirty Dogs.
    • Hobie's actor being replaced between season 1 and 2 leads to a running subplot in Allison's recap version of events wherein the original Hobie in fact died and the new one, Hobie 2, is a clone. (And if he acts up, Hobie 3 is waiting in his pod.)
    • "Yo what in the ham sandwiches is going on?"
    • "I'm Griff!"
    • "The male ego is a disease."
    • Mitch casually mentioning his dead frog-hybrid girlfriend from Baywatch Nights.
  • Scare Chord: Allison occasionally adds these in as a joke to scenes where something mundane is happening, such as a character casually walking into frame.
  • The Scrappy: In-Universe. There's quite a few characters Allison can't stand.
    • Eddie, who in the episodes proper is a creepy, possessive dick that the series tries to push as a sex symbol. Allison relishes portraying him as a whiny, sexless Manchild.
    • Harvey, who unlike Eddie, Allison doesn't have to give an exaggerated alternate version despite to her hatred of him. The show seems to think he's wacky comic relief, but she calls him "The Worst" almost any time he shows up because in the show proper he's a creepy, sex-crazed schemer who first appears profiting off someone's death and only gets worse from there.
    • Guido who's WORSE THAN HARVEY, and who Allison claims to be the series' worst character. Like Harvey, he spends most of his time hitting on women and coming up with asshole schemes, with the added bonus of being an obnoxious stereotype who constantly mugs for the camera. Guido was so bad that even the show seemed to realize they'd made a mistake with him; they brought his mother into the show to stay with him at the end of one season and then neither character was seen again. Allison celebrates his last appearance.
    • Character actor Jeff Altman, mostly for playing the same character every time and getting worse each appearance. She does, however, love the fact he's the titular Jeff from "Pink Lady and Jeff".
    • Lifeguard Old Man, who she frequently mocks and whose subplots are frequently skipped, glossed over (often in combination with the A&W Root Bear theme) or are shown annoying her. She admits in his final episode why she gives him so much shit: his plots are boring and grind the show to a halt.
  • Shallow Parody:invoked Allison didn't enjoy Baywatch (2017) as much as she wanted to, and this was one of the reasons why. She accused the movie of sticking to the same cliched jokes that had been made about Baywatch back when it was still on television (such as the "running in slow-motion" shots), and it didn't attempt to make the story more of a parody of the show like intended, playing the drug-dealing story straight, as if it was a regular Baywatch episode. Perhaps this was a failure at irony, on the movie's part, since Mitch and the lifeguards fighting gangsters and terrorists was a regular occurrence on the show.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Spiritual Successor: To Allison Pregler's previous in-depth reviews of Charmed, especially with the silly voices she gives people.
  • Squick: Allison's reaction to any romantic plot involving Hobie (including with girls around his age) is to call it creepy.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Points out the show tried this after Eddie and Shauni left, with "Xeroxed copies that grew more degraded with time" Starting with Eyebrows for Eddie and both CJ and Summer for Shauni.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: Frequently has the characters actually face the consequences of their actions in voiceover... not that it changes what happens in the show.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Allison mocks Craig's penchant for giving these. Of note is a scene from the show itself, entirely unedited, where Craig talks an agitated Mitch down just by fixing him with his eyes.
  • Unusual Euphemism: "Son of a Mitch!"
  • You Sound Familiar: Given Allison’s limited vocal range, and similar coverage of series besides Baywatch, some voices get reused throughout Baywatching. For instance:
    • Any Australian character in Baywatch will get the same stereotypical accent, be they main characters (Trevor, Logan) or side/one episode characters (Logan’s friend Gator and Wiley Brown).
    • Hobie’s pre-puberty voice is used for one of the kids that almost drowned in the episode “Submersion”, and for Joey in Season 6.
    • Lampshaded in the case for a season 1 episode where Shaunie and Jill have a conversation, and their voices are indistinguishable.
    • Eyebrow’s original Surfer Dude voice makes a comeback in the Baywatch (2017) review, since Matt Brody wasn’t French in that film.
    • Stephanie’s voice is essentially the Halliwell Sisters’ voice, but distilled into one character.
    • Donna's voice is near-identical to Summer's except Donna has a slight New York accent.


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