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"I'm glad I got this... because, it's fun. Not fun as in good, fun as in 'fun seeing all the horrible stuff on here'."
Joshua8600 reviewing the Zone 40

Yeah, okay, we know these games aren't very good, but at least you can derive some entertainment from the unintentional comedy they bring.

If you don't want to subject yourself to the actual gameplay, you're in luck, as most of these are perfect Let's Play fodder.

In Japan, these sorts of games are Cult Classics, and are known as kusogenote .

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  • 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. What other game has a plot that can be summed up in the phrase "Bitch took my skull!" On its own, the game is a browntastic, competent Gears of War style shooter. But the fact that it stars a Made of Iron 50 Cent, with a swear button (and you can upgrade your swearing), collecting Bling Shine and making random comments about the scenery while gunning down people by the dozen propels it into this trope.
    • The kicker? The gameplay itself is fun. Some programmers were putting a lot of work into it, despite everything above.
    50 Cent: Help me the fuck up.
  • Action 52, so much so that many people play it on YouTube just to mock its hilarious glitches and horrible gameplay mercilessly. Context Sensitive made a such a video that's TWO HOURS LONG.
  • Alcol Test/Drink and Drive/Alcool Drive, as seen in this Italian review. In theory, you have to complete a small set track while under the effects of alcohol. In practice, you can wreak havoc throughout the city until your wheels fall off. See what happens when you try the brakes while speeding: your front wheels stop spinning instantly, and your car rolls forward thanks to momentum.
    I'm not ending this review until I manage to do at least a barrel roll.
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines; with terrible plot, writing, dialogue, and characters, broken aspects from every side with the A.I. and the anticlimactic final boss that amounts to "push a few buttons and let the game do the action" topped with a Sequel Hook ending, it's hard not to laugh at something so poorly put together. Highly recommended to bring a friend for this one. Most hilarious is that one of the few patches the game received, which actually somewhat fixed the AI, was created because a fan eventually discovered the whole reason for the AI being so terrible was a single typo in a critical line within the game's code dealing with AI behavior.
    • That being said, even before the "teather" typo fix, the game is still fun, having serviceably decent graphics and fun, challenging gameplay with iconic locations and weapons, with the ability to customize your weapons as you see fit for the action, and featuring additional DLC to patch up the plot holes and a couple of pretty good Asymmetric Multiplayer as well as a Co-Op Multiplayer horde mode resembling Call of Duty's Zombies mode.
  • The German RPG Maker game series Alte Macht has all the aspects a game needs to be regarded as So Bad It's Good. Be it the plots that make no sense, the subpar spelling and grammar, or the ridiculous JRPG cliches being emphasized to a ludicrous degree. It all comes off as the Final Fantasy series gone completely wrong, and yet so incredibly right. It's a shame there are no "fan" translations for English speakers, but those still brave enough to check it out can find some Let's Plays of it here.
  • Even the American Girls Collection was not spared from this - The Learning Company's American Girls Premiere for the PC and pre-OS X Macintosh was supposed to be a fun game for little girls looking for some theatre action while learning American history. It turned out to be a laughable little game to kill some time with, allowing players to spawn Felicity Merriman and her friends and subject her to rounds and rounds of crude humour and profanity, thanks to the speech engine. The game was for all intents and purposes a reskin of an earlier game by MECC called Opening Night, which featured the same speech engine (albeit slightly older). And yes, Opening Night falls under this category as well.
  • America's 10 Most Wanted (AKA Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror) paints a rather dismal and menacing military subject in a completely new light, with horribly outdated character models, copious amounts of gangster rap, and (even though the rest of the game is a First Person Shooter) martial arts battles against the bosses for no reason. The result is so hilarious that after playing it, you might crack up every time you see any picture of Osama bin Laden anywhere.
  • Armed & Delirious blatantly checks every single box for Adventure Game sins (Guide Dang It!, Moon Logic Puzzle, Pixel Hunt are rampant throughout the game, to the point where it would probably be impossible to complete it without using a walkthrough), but the sheer strangeness of it all makes it as funny as it is frustrating.
  • Assassin 2015 is a 1996 Full Motion Video-heavy FPS by Blue Sky Software (yes, the developers of Vectorman) that is as interesting as it is hilarious in its failure. The plot is a cheesy Cliché Storm about an assassin being set up after murdering the inventor of a Killer Robot (said robot being named the "Genocide 350", to give an idea of the level of cheese), complete with dated predictions about the future. The characters have odd and unappealing designs, featuring lumpy, potato-like faces and their simplistic mouth flaps make them look like deranged manequins. In its attempt to be "cinematic", the game is maddeningly shallow and linear: you have a single weapon throughout the entire game (a rifle that shoots slow-moving plasma bolts and a grenade launcher attachment that shoots stronger and faster versions of the main projectile) and any deviation from the intended path is punished through a harsh Nonstandard Game Over. Most memorable though, is how the game plays a short FMV clip of you blasting the last enemy you shot every time you clear a room of enemies, which as you'd expect, gets monotonous fast.
  • Battle Construction Vehicles is an unusual fighting game where two people battle each other in construction vehicles. The controls are unresponsive, the vehicles move slowly, and basic attacks are a pain to pull off (in some vehicles, attacks sometimes hurt the attacker more); most of the fights consist of slowly ramming and scraping against the opponent (and randomly pulling off super moves) until someone wins. The ridiculous premise, awesome plot, and hilariously bad voice acting make up for the actual game's shortcomings. The plot is a Cliché Storm Serious Business Shonen anime, except it all involves construction vehicle demolition derbies.
  • Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is so awful it's almost too funny to be in the horrible section. The game pioneered innovative gameplay features such as an opponent who never moved (if you get the patch he moves very slowly but never crosses the finish line), the ability to randomly go through scenery (or fall through the level), a track that crashed the game when loaded, the ability to accelerate backwards infinitely, climb the steepest mountains with almost no loss of speed and go outside the level's boundary. As a result, the game's ending sequence is easily the best part of the game. The GameFAQs board is a joke board devoted solely to BEING WINNER and declaring this game WINNER ! And rejoicing about how the LOSER HWSNBNwho?  got fired. Even The Angry Video Game Nerd himself thinks that having a game that essentially has no rules like Big Rigs is ridiculously fun! That said, all the fun comes from a smorgasbord of flaws that make it not even remotely acceptable as a video game.
  • The obscure Italian-made Driving Game Blomby Car had only had a limited arcade release in the 1990s, but since has become somewhat more known through emulation. The player's car has ridiculous acceleration and handling, and is good at producing engine noise and smoke, caroming off walls and overturning continuously when it crashes. Other vehicles (including first-aid trucks) lie across the road, forcing the player's course off it at some spots.
  • Chaser has numerous graphical and gameplay glitches, absolutely horribly-written dialogue and worse voice acting, but it also happens to be a genuinely fun First-Person Shooter despite these faults, with absolutely awesome music, a unique gritty cyberpunk-ish style, and a certain charm to its quirky unpolishedness.
  • The Cho Aniki series is perhaps the greatest known series of kuso-ge (also a prime example of a subgenre of kuso-ge reserved for particularly stupid games known as "Baka-ge", which literally translates to "idiot game"), especially now that America has learned of it too. The first game in the series was a scrolling shooter that featured bizarre motifs of human body parts spliced with mechanical devices, as well as two gay muscular characters who helped out the protagonists, which all was goofy enough, but since then, the series has become entirely focused upon homosexuality. Specifically, musclemen and phallic imagery are recurring themes in the game art, though there is no actual pornography in the series—YET...
  • Codename: Eagle, the spiritual precursor to Battlefield 1942, is renowned for its amazingly glitchy vehicle physics.
  • DSiWare game and Pokémon ripoff Crystal Monsters has a combination of cliche/odd story and characters along with a horribly balanced type chart and defensive moves that do nothing that make the game unintentionally hilarious. Yet, despite its flaws, it’s still quite fun to play and the music is good.
  • Darkened Skye has terrible gameplay, and two categories of dialog: Hilariously overdone, intentionally bad dialog, and intentionally lampshading and mocking category one.
    • Basically, it's a fantasy-adventure advergame for Skittles, where the developers and writers decided to have lots of fun with what they were given to make.
  • Dawn of War: Soulstorm has spawned dozens of memes because of its hilariously bad writing and voice acting, of which "SPESS MEHREENS!" and "METAL BOXES!" are only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Deadly Premonition features FBI criminal profiler Francis York Morgan (Just call him York. That's what everyone else does.) going to a town to investigate a link between an illegal drug and ongoing murders. The controls are awkward, the characters are all mired in the Uncanny Valley, the American voice acting is often out of sync with the character animations that seems to have been motion-captured by a Japanese amateur theater troupe, the soundtrack is limited (leading to common Soundtrack Dissonance), most of the graphics looks like they were meant for a Dreamcast game (despite being made for 7th generation consoles), and the first 20-30 minutes of the game consists of perhaps the weakest part of its gameplay — a level of Narmy, Resident Evil inspired Survival Horror combat. And yet, behind this hides a pretty entertaining Twin Peaks-esque Wide-Open Sandbox game, which is quite charming in its own quirky way. The Destructoid review also mentions the quirkiness as one of the game's strongest points:
  • Death Crimson, a "horror-themed" Light Gun Game for the Saturn is one of Japan's most beloved kusoge, thank to its epicly horrible graphics and the soundtrack, which is a funny moment by itself.
  • Death Trap is an utterly stupid attempt at making a horror flash game. The background is nothing more than a bunch of stock renders from "Gallery of 3D", the scares are ineffective if the player knows that they are coming, the voice acting is terrible (the protagonist never puts emotion into his words and the antagonist sounds like he just got done watching his first slasher film), and the navigation is plain dumb: The movement buttons were made using autoscript 2 commands that are normally used for making simple buttons on menus, there are less than 4 alternative routes (all of which lead to death), and none of the puzzles are unique. To give credit to the author, the death sounds are hilarious, the visuals aren't too shabby and the story can actually be used to make a far superior horror game. On a side note: the creator is Australian and was faking an American accent.
  • Indie RPG The Demon Rush, despite the title, is painfully slow paced. However, it makes up for it with hilariously shoddy graphics and music, goofy looking and acting characters, a nonsensical, unfollowable Cliché Storm of a story, and several Inherently Funny Character Names. See the full, very long experience in these two videos.
  • Drake of the 99 Dragons is this if you're in the right mood. Between the cheesy plot and terrible script, ridiculously wooden Expospeak, the terrible voice acting, and the ease with which the wall-climbing mechanic can break the game, it's utterly hilarious to watch. Then there's the title character, who spends most of the game making incredibly hammy monologues to himself and gets himself killed right at the start of the game thanks to his own stupidity.
  • DT Racer is a racing game. While it has good graphics, it falls under style-over-substance. The main problem is the physics. It is very hard to control your car, and if you boost, your car goes out of control in most situations. However, go on the track backwards and wreck into cars, and it becomes a hilarious, very entertaining game. See Classic Game Room talk about the game here and Bottom Of The Dumpster Fire tear into it and the original Korean edition of the game here.
  • Earnest Evans would be a So Okay, It's Average game if not for the hilariously Deranged Animation of the player character. The Uncanny Valley effect is only heightened by the wonky controls. Looking at it, it's hard to believe that the developers of the game went to develop the Tales Series.
  • Earth Defense Force:
    • Earth Defense Force 2017 is the video game equivalent of a really bad, but campy sci-fi B-Movie. Note that the game itself and the rest of the series are noted as being very fun, often viciously difficult third-person shooters - it's the writing and by god the voice-over that places this game onto this page.
    • Earth Defense Force 5, the Continuity Reboot, despite having the most refined gameplay and graphics, ups the ante. In general, the English voice actors are clearly working from a script roughly-translated from Japanese that nobody fixed prior to production. Your superiors in the game don't appear to have ever seen any insects ever (most of the enemies are giant bugs, arachnids and so on) and will react with insane abandon at the "HUGE MONSTERS!!" attacking the city without ever seeming to find the words to correctly identify them as giant ants. All enemy types get some kind of overly-complicated codename, like giant spiders being referred to as "Aggressive Alien Species Beta" (yes, in full every time); on some occasions, a character gets rebuked by another for trying to claim that a giant spider-shaped monster looks like something from Earth, for example. Humongous alien soldiers that are clearly gigantic green frogs in space suits are inexplicably and breathlessly referred to as looking "EXACTLY LIKE HUMANS!!", to the point that some EDF soldiers are apparently hesitating to shoot at 10-foot tall frogmen in the middle of a year-long war with aliens for the apparent resemblance - and when later aliens that look like standard Greys in full armor appear, the same voice over your radio just as inexplicably remarks that they "LOOK *NOTHING* LIKE HUMANS!" despite being much closer in appearance (barring the 15-foot tall part). Anti-war civilians try to negotiate with the genocidal aliens that clearly don't care about diplomacy, and everyone is surprised that they get killed to the last.
  • Exodus from the Earth is a PC FPS starring a secret agent sent to investigate a MegaCorp suspected of covering up the discovery of a habitable planet to promote a vaccine that allows humans to survive in any environment to save humanity from an impending asteroid strike. While the gameplay is a typical mediocre Half-Life clone, the game has become a minor camp classic thanks to its attempts at a hard-boiled Film Noir narration undone by a lamentable Russian-to-English translation, dramatic moments similarly ruined by a terrible script and voice acting (Mike's death scene being a standout), bizarre NPC dialogue and frequent bugs. Youtuber AllShamNoWow has done a four-part video series looking at the game's many inept and funny moments.
  • While any game from Bethesda Game Studios, save for the divisive Fallout 76 and Starfield, were critical and commercial darlings, almost all of their games have design quirks and bugs that are either amusing or infuriating, repetitive yet memorable dialogue, and the myriad ways a player could break the game definitely earns their spot on this page. Even Starfield can't escape the aforementioned issues, which didn't helped by it using the same engine and general game design as the previous games by the same developer.
    • Fallout 76 is definitely this. There are frustrating technical issues ranging from badly implemented real time VATS, disconnections due to the heavy use of instancing thanks to engine limitations, there are amusing glitches such as ground reflecting light, to the (at one point in the game's life) inability to proceed quests such as launching a nuke. There are ridiculous failures of Revenue-Enhancing Devices, as apparently Bethesda was really confident about the game's chances of success, to the point that the implementation of cosmetics and later a few essential items to be sold through Microtransactions, were prioritized over fixing the aforementioned bugs and issues. Add the number of marketing blunders, such as customers' expensive preorder canvas bags being delayed multiple times and turning out to be cheap nylon without prior warning on Bethesda's part, and overpriced liquor made inside fragile plastic shells also being delayed multiple times. However there are many redeeming points, such as the in-game Appalachia and West Virginia being pretty well designed, the return of weapon durability, the larger and more varied roster of monsters, also with a few quality of life improvements such as minor noticeable graphical improvements, paper map (instead of the nigh-illegible Pip-Boy LCD map), and after the Wastelanders update, visible dialogue choices like it was before Fallout 4. That being said, depending on who you ask and what is your preference, it's either worth discounted if you like Wide-Open Sandbox and Survival Sandbox gameplay, or be avoided if one prefers lore consistency, an actual storyline, or a functional gameplay experience.
  • Fast & Furious Crossroads is a shining example of The Problem with Licensed Games, with gameplay that is simultaneously laughably easy and teeth-grittingly frustrating, extremely broken physics, a cast of boring and unlikable characters, and a script so bad it's a wonder the voice actors managed to recite it without cracking up. All of these flaws combine to make an experience so awful it loops back around to being strangely endearing.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus has appalling gameplay, a Shadow-the-Hedgehog-esque sulky edgelord protagonist, a plot basically stolen from Metal Gear Solid, and is Sequelitis of one of the most beloved games of all time, just to add to the shoddiness. However, it's just playable enough to be tolerable, and the campy, overwrought plot full of demons, bishounens and weird sexual undertones is chewed on by the actors and an utter riot of Narm Charm. Fandom has endured for the original game, Crisis Core and Advent Children, but Dirge only maintains an ironic one.
    • While Final Fantasy XV was known for its sumptuous production values and thought-out writing, the mobile game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire by "Epic Action LLC" (actually Machine Zone, infamous for Game of War: Fire Age, under a different label) is a colossal source of Bile Fascination. A city-building Allegedly Free Game with generic High Fantasy buildings and units (in the most realistic Urban Fantasy setting Final Fantasy had ever used), wildly out-of-character portrayals of the established cast, generic gameplay that misses the anti-imperialist message of the actual story, and an overall feeling of being a very cheap fan game rather than an officially licensed tie-in. Particularly contemptible is its use of a real-life model dressed as a Stripperific version of Lunafreya as a play-now-my-Prince mascot on its ubiquitous banner ads; the renders of Gladio wearing a shirt under his leather jacket are nearly as loathsome. (Though there's some unintentionally cool artwork too, like Noctis in Nyx's uniform and Ardyn striking weird over-the-top poses.)
  • Final Fight: Streetwise. The graphics were terrible, the "zombie druggie" story-line was unnecessary, you can't play as Cody, Haggar or Guy in single player and except for the increase in bad language the game feels lackluster overall. However, the pit fights were great, the overreaching story harkens back to Final Fights of long ago, and the surprise final boss and (relatively) happy ending make it worth playing.
  • Final Zone II, a top-down shooter for the Turbografx 16, would've been quickly forgotten if it weren't so hilariously cheesy. With its atrocious American box art, ridiculous story and dialog, voice acting that sounds like it was done by a group of high schoolers, and a badly-sung theme song with some with the corniest lyrics ever put in a video game, it really is a sight to behold. Johnny the Happy Console Gamer has a nice rundown of the game's cheesy greatness.
  • Fist of the North Star: Twin Blue Stars of Judgment, to most casual audiences, seems like anything but a bad game: it features detailed pixel art, a treasure trove of Continuity Nods to its home series, well-honed gamefeel, and a solid-if-small roster. However, in competitive circles, it holds a fervent cult fandom, being seen as one of the "kings of kusoge", and all due to a single factor: the game is comically unbalanced. Every single character has at least one infinite combo, there are numerous bugs and exploits, the gaps between the high and low tiers are lightyears wide (with Toki in particular outclassing every other character in the game), and it is almost trivial for an experienced player to trap their opponent in a Cycle of Hurting that can only be escaped if the user makes a mistake. And it's for this reason that the game has a following: the fact that matches in the game look like no other fighting game out there gives it a bizarre appeal, and the game's total brokenness makes tournaments focused on it oddly laid-back, with one match famously featuring a player who took a bite to eat while his character was stuck being dribbled like a basketball.
  • The FreeSpace 2 user-made campaign Second Great War Part II is considered one of the worst among the Freespace community. Supposedly set after the FS2 main campaign, it has tons of plot holes and isn't even consistent with the universe it's set in. But there are so many ships present in every mission (Freespace players call this the Battle of Endor Syndrome) that there's so many things to blow up, it becomes kind of fun. You get to singlehandedly take down half a dozen squadrons and 10 cruisers and stuff, just destroying stuff for the heck of it.
  • Frontlines: Fuel of War would be just another mediocre military FPS if it wasn't for the absolutely hilarious graphical glitches. Hundreds of flying hats, anyone?
  • Fruit Mystery is an indie game where you feed different food items to zoo animals and read about what happens to them. It's purposely bad; you just drag and drop foods to pictures of animals flying across the screen, it's poorly drawn, the dialogue sounds like a kindergartener wrote it... the list goes on. But damn, it's hilarious.
  • Garten of Banban was heavily criticised for being a ripoff of Poppy Playtime and a true failure of Mascot Horror games with its cheap graphics, goofy-looking monsters, short length, and heavily advertising merchandise, with a few reviewers even saying that it would have been the death of the genre in general. However as the series of games progressed it actually managed to be bad but entertaining at the same time because of its flaws, even gaining a fandom that could be considered both ironic and unironic.
  • General consensus is that Ghostbusters (NES) is plain awful, but two parts of the game have become memetic for their unintentional hilarity: the god-awful "GOWSHT BUSHTER!" voice sample when the game begins, and the A Winner Is You ending screen which is full of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, not to mention a nonsensical example of Patriotic Fervor. It reads as follows:
  • The Gigglebone Gang, a series of edutainment games from The '90s that gained infamy when Vinny of Vinesauce played one of them for a stream due to their strange graphics, inane songs, surreal atmosphere, and limited educational content. The most infamous parts of the games are the "poke and prod" scenes, where a character named Bunji the Frog gives the player various items that can be dragged and dropped to produce animations. Once the player has hit the cap for onscreen objects, they must get rid of them by dragging and dropping them onto Bunji, which will make him eat the object. Even if it's something like a vehicle or a person.
  • This is the entire point of games developed for Glorious Trainwrecks.
  • Gundam 0079: The War for Earth, a live-action FMV game loosely adapting the first quarter of Mobile Suit Gundam. Though ambitious in its attempt to bring the franchise into live-action (predating the infamous G-Saviour by some years), the game is rather humourous to Gundam fans due to bad acting (including the worst possible casting for Char Aznable), low production values, questionable romanizations (Zeon is rendered as "Jion", which wouldn't be particularly problematic if the actors didn't pronouce it as "John"...) and goofy moments, such as a sequence where Gundam's torso is mounted on Guntank's treads. The actual gameplay is not much better due to its simplistic and obtuse nature.
  • Hard Time is, on the surface, a prison simulator set 20 Minutes in the Future. In practice, it is a game where the sheer amount of cut-corners by the creator is obvious, with prisoners and even security guards randomly picking fights, "terrorist attacks" that result in rapid-fire random explosions hitting the place, hilariousy broken AI with scenarios such as an inmate offering to protect you from yourself (or asking you to cut ties to himself, then calling you a traitor if you accept), judges that have a 50/50 chance to just pass off your murder spree as nothing, and the game going as far as deleting your save file if you die. Some Let's Players tend to not even bother earning reputation and/or money and instead just focus on playing it as a killing sandbox, grabbing the random weapons (which includes katanas for some reason) and goofing off in general because of the sheer odd-ness of it all.
  • Haze is a playable if unimpressive FPS which fell victim to its overblown hype. However, the true star of the show is its storyline. A bold attempt at deconstructing the standard FPS plot, it stumbles due to its ham-fisted morality, a Plot Hole-ridden setting and some truly stupid lines. Those flaws, combined with the poor acting, weird music and the technical issues of the game itself, combine to form a surreal and damned funny mess, the like of which will probably never be seen again. Here's a sampler.
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (SNES) counts as So Bad It's Good, despite being a video game based on a movie. It has an absurd cast of enemies, decent graphics, and weird sound effects.
  • Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit! on the SNES is a Platform Game where you play as Tim Taylor, collecting power tools and other related things as you battle dinosaurs and such. It feels like Tim Taylor himself designed the game. It didn't even come with an instruction manual, merely saying "Real men don't need instructions" before the title.
  • Wacky anti-Chinese propaganda SNES game Hong Kong '97 is a terrible shooter with photographed graphics all taken from various parts of Chinese culture. The gameplay is horrible. The only audio is a five-second-long song that loops indefinitely and has the annoying tendency to get stuck in your head for hours on end, and the alleged "story" is hilariously stupid. You can watch Wez and Larry's take on it here, as well as AVGN's take here.
  • Hopkins FBI is this among point-and-click adventures. The entire game is one hilariously stupid moment after the next, from the fever dream-esque plot involving a career criminal cheating death and building an underwater base to create a clone army, to the outright nonsensical puzzle solutions (such as drugging a man at a bar while he is still holding the drink), to the inconsistent cartoony art style and bad writing, to the protagonist being a complete buffoon (though that doesn't stop people from praising him for his "success" anyway). Retsupurae riffs the entire game starting here, and they can barely contain themselves in laughter.
  • The Japan-only Famicom RPG Hoshi wo Miru Hito, aka Stargazer, is called by many Japanese gamers the "legendary shit game". Listing all of its faults would take up entirely too much space here (to start with, the towns' tile graphics don't seem to fit together in the slightest and exiting them teleports you somewhere else entirely, you can't cancel any of your selections in battle menus, the HP counts in battle are truncated so that the last digit is completely invisible, you're forced to use passwords instead of battery saves and they don't even save your level), so you can read about it courtesy of Hardcore Gaming 101 at this link.
  • The PC game I. M. Meen was animated by Animation Magic, who also did the CD-i Legend of Zelda games mentioned above. The gameplay itself is pretty lackluster, but the crazy personality of the eponymous Big Bad makes the game endlessly entertaining.
  • Kart Fighter. Yes, it's unlicensed and has crappy graphics, but how many NES Fighting Games (other than Street Fighter) would allow the player to perform hadouken motions? It's also one of the few games barring the Super Smash Bros. series where you could have Super Mario Bros. characters physically beat each other up, and better than most other NES fighting games out there.
  • Kids' Tetris. Mouse controls, a mode that deals out two-block pieces, and "YOU'VE GOT TALENT, KIDDO! YES YOU DO!" "GREAT! YOU'VE WON TETRIS!"
  • Kreed is an obscure Russian first-person shooter. A bad FPS with nearly every genre pitfall you could think of (most notably ton of cheap deaths and an overdose of Cut and Paste Environments), Kreed gets its so bad it's good points from its presentation, featuring a lot of Special Effect Failure (cutscenes have odd scanlines-like artifacts, all water bodies are simply a mirror texture and many characters have their voice blatantly pitch-shifted, including the main character), a repetitive but catchy electronic soundtrack, and most notably, hilarious voice acting (with some "Blind Idiot" Translation) by a tiny group of Russians clearly not fluent in English ("Quit winning!"). Reviewer Civvie 11 losing his mind attempting to make sense out of the game's madness is easily some of his finest work.
  • The Last Resurrection: the gameplay is glitch-ridden and fiddly, the graphics resemble a cross between a 16-bit JRPG and Fuzzy Felts, the dialogue is corny and full of mistakes, and to top it all off the entire thing's a blatant Author Tract about the evils of Christianity - the final boss is none other than Jesus himself. What's not to love?
  • Legion on the PC Engine CD has poor graphics and plain bad gameplay, but the inept, deadpan, out-of-place narration (in English) at the beginning of each level is nothing short of hilarious.
  • Limbo of the Lost was pulled from stores due to rampant plagiarism- nearly every asset in the game was taken from somewhere else. Unfortunately, the one thing they didn't steal was the story, a senseless amalgamation of fetch quests, murder mysteries, and our hero maiming random NPCs to acquire office supplies. If you want to see it in all its trainwreck glory, you'll have to check out one of these: Let's Play from the Something Awful forums by The Dark Id: does an excellent job pointing out each and every insult to your intelligence without forcing you to actually play it. There is also another Let's Play by Wields-Rulebook-Heavily which also does a good job at covering the game. For those who would prefer a video playthrough, Vinny of Vinesauce has livestreamed the game in its entirety; the stream is preserved here.
  • Left Behind: Eternal Forces, the licensed game for the titular novel series, is a truly terrible RTS loaded with bad controls and Ark-loads of invokedUnfortunate Implications in addition to the source material's own problems. However, a game which features mechanics like the main character running through New York frantically praying aloud so his faith isn't eroded by the hordes of guitar-playing buskers on every corner has massive comedy potential. Also, you get the option to play as Satan.
  • Hardcore Gamer's review of "Magus" describes it as "so terrible that it can only be called a masterpiece" and "a perfect storm of terrible ideas and botched execution, endlessly enjoyable in spite of itself". Other reviewers also made similar comments, saying that the game's laughably easy difficulty makes all of the game's many, many other problems come across as hilarious rather than annoying or frustrating.
  • Maka Maka, a highly obscure Japan only SNES RPG, is another prime example of "kusoge". It's infamous for the fact that it was released without being bug tested, and caused its company to go bankrupt due to its poor sales. Besides its overall bugginess, it's plagued with a high encounter rate with low EXP and money payouts, slow movement, has unexplainably enemies and bosses, an odd cast of characters (including but not limited to, a cheerful explorer who wears a box of oranges, an ultraman-lookalike Alien, an army of homosexual ant-men, etc.), and generally unbalanced and broken gameplay.
  • Mario Is Missing!, the MS-DOS version in particular. It's so bad it unleashed Weegee upon the world. What makes it even wor—er, "better" is that it was supposed to be Luigi's grand debut as a main character.
  • Mario Teaches Typing 2. The first game was just bad all around (the CD-ROM version introducing the so-unfunny-it's-funny glory that is Mario's head notwithstanding), but the second game for its credit had some of the most Narm-filled, uintentionally hilarious cut scenes known to man, like this ending and the somewhat silly mafia like scene here. And yes, Mario's head returns for the sequel.
  • Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death unashamedly rips off the combat of the God of War series, has a paper thin plot, and laughable acting. However, the gameplay is so ridiculous, what little plot there is is so gloriously over the top, and the voice acting is actually quite charming in its badness that it instantly became something of a Cult Classic.
  • Mega Man: War of the Past is a fan-made Beat 'em Up for the Dreamcast, combining the Mega Man universe with a Streets of Rage-style engine in a rather clumsy fashion. There's nothing really wrong with the gameplay, but some of the misuse of graphics is laughably terrible. The menu screen shows characters from other Mega Man series (who aren't in the game), Eddie is used as an enemy, and proportion is a mess, courtesy of the creator's combining Mega Man 7 sprites with those from Marvel vs. Capcom with no regard to resizing. Even Duo and Guts Man are shorter than Roll, many of the enemies (such as an army of Cut Man clones) are even smaller, and so is Dr. Light. Also, the bizarre enemy names, like "Jewish."
  • Metal Wolf Chaos. The story centers around the President of the United States of America, Michael Wilson, fending off a coup by the Vice President, Richard Hawk, in his gigantic mecha, Metal Wolf. The gameplay, mostly centering around blowing up American landmarks, is fun and genuinely good (as you'd expect of FromSoftware), which means the ridiculous plot and dialogue, containing mangled Engrish that is spoken by native English speakers, can be enjoyed by all. Oh yeah, there's also a fight sequence where the President yells "SUCK ON MY MISSILE PUNCH!" and "EAT MY FLAME OF JUSTICE!" We'd vote for him.
  • Mortal Kombat had many clones, with various degrees of success. Among those that are bad, there are many that are a great source of it. This doesn't apply to all of them, since there are some (like Kasumi Ninja) that don't have anything fun in particular, or others (like Shadow: War of Succession) that are just plain horrible. If you want to see MK clones, just see the Follow the Leader section in the Mortal Kombat page.
    • Primal Rage would just be another generic fighting game if wasn't so stupid-awesome. In it, the dinosaurs went extinct because a wizard from another dimension imprisoned one of their gods in the moon. An asteroid hits the Earth, releases the ancient dinosaur gods, rearranges the continents into a T. rex skull, and turns the Earth into the post-apocalyptic "Urth." Throw in some Gorn, an ape who uses various bodily functions as weapons, and the ability to eat your worshippers while playing, and you've got the coolest game ever. It was once described as "The scene you imagined every time you made your dinosaur models fight when you were eight," which is not terribly far off the mark.
    • There's also War Gods. Made by the same company that brought us Mortal Kombat as a test run for the Mortal Kombat 4 engine, is another example of being stupid it's awesome. Features eight humans, one cyborg and one freaking stone idol fighting each other thanks to a big Ore from outer space, which turns to be owned by Exor. The character designs are lame and the camera gets irritating sometimes, but the gameplay is cool, and features the 3D Button which lets move your character in many ways... oh, and don't forget the characteristic FinishingMoveatalities! This game got panned by critics, yet is considered an underrated game by its own admission. (Mainly because the game is a Tech-Demo Game.)
    • Both of Strata's fighting games, Time Killers and BloodStorm, just have to count. Both are attempts at creating a Bloodier and Gorier rival to Mortal Kombat, and both fall flat on their face because of horrible graphics, terrible sound, and piss-poor gameplay. And yet, this was the first fighting game to let you chop off people's limbs... and keep hacking it out. Time Killers would even let you cut off someone's head at any point in the match with just a single button press. BloodStorm was more of the same, but now you could cut off someone's lower body. If they still had some health left, they could still move around by sliding on their exposed entrails. It's just so incredibly stupid and immature it suddenly becomes hilariously awesome. Also in Blood Storm, there's only one character in the entire game who isn't at best a '90s Anti-Hero, and everyone looks like they walked out of a Rob Liefeld comic (the only thing missing is pouches) with names like Razor and Fallout. There's even a secret character named "Blood" who's a red Palette Swap of another character, only his head is replaced by a blood geyser.
    • Blood Warrior by Kaneko, a Japanese themed fighting game with digitized graphics and characters ranging from a Kappa with stretchy limbs to a living Buddha statue. Both the gore and voice acting are over the top, bringing great quotes such as "Have you seen my killer tattoo?" and "OH, KABUKI!" This video demonstrates how hilarious this game can get.
  • Yet another Animation Magic game: Mutant Rampage: Bodyslam features the same kind of horrible animation along with terrible racial stereotypes, a stupid premise, and repetitive dialogues.
  • NeXgame: A Japanese Advertisement Game for a special edition of Pepsi, it features a live-action guy breaking walls of ice by punching them, and smashing the last one with his head. It's super full of hilarity, like when the guy starts running off when he's done, and 'yes!' 'yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!' The game apparently has two sequels.
  • Ninja Clowns is a Beat 'em Up involving two clowns trying to stop a villain named Twisto from causing a Zombie Apocalypse, but you don't really fight any zombies whatsoever (save for one in the first level). The enemy roster is quite the collection, consisting of (but not limited to) lawyers, hippies, girl scouts who throw cookies and Elvis Impersonators. The bosses are even more bizarre, such as a bowler, a chicken who squats and fires eggs, and a spider who explodes into green popcorn when defeated. To get health, you have to punch hobos or mimes so they drop hot dogs and pizza, and besides your punches and kicks, you can attack with pies, tomatoes and spray bottles. But it is playable if you can get past the absurdity and stereotypes.
  • The monstrosity that is Ninjabread Man which somehow managed to get a large fanbase on the cover art alone.
  • The makers of the Philips CD-i licensed characters from Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda for a number of games: Hotel Mario and The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games, namely Link: The Faces Of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and Zelda's Adventure. They were produced without input from the original creators, and are unanimously considered non-canonical. The gameplay is generally considered to be slow, monotonous and unfairly difficult, but the infamy comes from the laughably bad cutscenes. They are, depending on opinion, Narmishly hilarious with every line a meme ("Mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!", "I wonder what's for dinner..." and "Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, Gay Luigi!"note ), or horrifying (the animation was nightmarishly poor).
  • Any video game made by Phoenix Games, whose stunningly incompetent attempts at video games have to be seen to be believed.
    • Animal Soccer World, one of Phoenix's titles, deserves a special mention. It's not actually a game, really, just a cartoon with a few minigames thrown in. The animation's bad, but the dubbing is even worse; it seems to be improvised by a couple Dutch guys who aren't entirely fluent in English, with no attention paid to Mouth Flaps whatsoever. It has to be seen to be believed.
      "A big round of applause for the unbelievable porn!"
    • Animal Soccer World isn't the only "game" guilty of this. There are several other "Cartoon Movies" packaged with minigames that Phoenix created, such as Mouse Police and Son of the Lion King, complete with the same unintentionally hilarious dubbing, the same footage from Dingo Pictures, and, occasionally, Obligatory Swearing.
    • Their rendition of Peter Pan, dubbed from something other than Dingo Pictures for a change, has one (very bored-sounding) man doing everyone's voices regardless of gender. It's as hilariously awful as it sounds.
    • Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys, done by the same animators as the above, is also worth mentioning. It features a blonde Snow White, a racist caricature that should have probably got Phoenix Games into trouble and an equally So Bad It's Good song that takes up about a third of the film.
      • And the box art which not only depicts all the characters looking like they do in the Disney movie (when they look anything but in the game), but... well, just look at it!
    • Their actual games are little better - London Cab Challenge (a Crazy Taxi clone) has cars that are little more than cuboids on wheels, a draw distance so near that you can't even see the car in front, spectacularly bad physics, glitchtastic collision detection and spectacularly bad AI. And that's on the Playstation 2 version.
    • Come to think of it, their insistence on keeping their development costs absurdly low (i.e. little, if at all, effort at promoting their games) confined them into obscurity, so much that the only known mentions of them, besides forums and user-maintained game databases such as Mobygames, are GameFAQs entries of the games in question. It generally isn't surprising to know that The Other Wiki would delete the Phoenix Games entry, owing to the aforementioned lack of notability.
  • P.N.03, a.k.a. "Striptease: The Game", a massive blob of Fanservice disguised as a Third-Person Shooter. Every move the female protagonist does is designed to show off her lovingly crafted behind, and it seems she can't even shoot without moving her behind like a stripper, or groupie in a rap video. In the cutscenes, on the other hand, she's constantly snapping her fingers, bobbing her head, and tapping her feet like she's got some awesome dance tune blazing through her invisible headphones or something. The voice acting is goofy, and the protagonist has a awful... it's not really clear what her accent is. To top it all off, the plot is a Sci-Fi Cliché Storm that can't decide if it wants to rip off Metal Gear Solid, or Metroid. The ending should tell you everything you need to know. She kills a giant robot by snapping her fingers, finds out she's a clone of her employer, and then dances. Roll credits.
  • The Postal series by Running With Scissors, most especially the second game, which got negative reviews not only for its technical issues, but also its Black Comedy. Quotes from these scathing reviews were included on the box for the Postal Fudge Pack collection. Aside from that, it's the only game where you can urinate on Gary Coleman, and shove cats onto gun barrels.
  • Calling Progress Quest a game is stretching the definition of the term, but it's still a So Bad It's Good parody of MMOs with repetitive Level Grinding and a non-interactive game world.
  • Pyongyang Racer, a freeware browser game made by the North Korean government. The graphics are ugly,note  and the music is grating to listen to. In theory, it's supposed to promote tourism to North Korea. In reality the game basically consists of driving around to different buildings in Pyongyang collecting oil drums while a female traffic cop insults you while taking up a large portion of the screen. Just like the real North Korea, there's only a handful of cars on the road, and none of them move except yours. To quote one YouTube comment:
    "So what did this game teach me about North Korea?
    1) Roughly 10 people in Pyongyang have a car.
    2) Party members are allowed to violate any traffic law except bumping into other party members.
    3) Pedestrians are under curfew at all times.
    4) Even if you do have a car, it's domestic junk with dismal fuel efficiency.
    5) Police watch you everywhere and pop out of thin air to berate you."
  • Rumble Roses. Says Noble Savage Aigle, "Cowgirl has teats more magnificent than my sheep!" Oddly enough, it is a solid game, especially compared to the generally low-quality wrestling games of the time, and it is presented well, but conceptually it's just so mind-bogglingly terrible that it seems much worse than it is.
  • Saint Romance Academy: Tokimeki of Love Masterpiece War Love Me Love Laser School Flirting Game is a Flash game that by all means would've been forgotten if the concept wasn't hilariously ridiculous. You play as a teenage girl who walks around a high school, causing boys to fall in love with you by blasting them with eye lasers. Every time you do so, the boys start following you with hearts for eyes in a single-file line which can get extremely long, with whatever "ending" you get when time is up being equally funny. Other girls around the school will start a Beam-O-War with you with their eye lasers, and for some reason, the player does an overly dramatic fall if they bump into a teacher.
  • Snake's Revenge is a rejected chapter from the Metal Gear canon made for the overseas NES market. Its gameplay isn't bad, although unreasonably difficult, rather short, and strikingly experimental in places (with side-scrolling stealth sections that make Contra look like Tetris DS), and it has some legitimately good moments (like the boss battle against the tank and the container ship infiltration). However, the plot is incoherent even for a Metal Gear game, thanks in part to the game's "Blind Idiot" Translation (one part of the game involves getting in touch with a captured ally who is actually an enemy spy in disguise, a plot twist you can see coming thanks to his suspiciously specific denials); the graphics are so bad that the heaving back of a dying man looks like some kind of vibrating phallic tentacle (and Snake wears a luminous orange shell-suit to a stealth mission); the American manual was famously bizarre ('Higharolla Cockamamie'?); and yet nothing even comes close to the final battle. It involves Big Boss coming back from the dead, transforming into a giant purple cyborg that breathes fire, and chasing Snake through a maze because he WANTS REVENGE. This was stupid at the time, but later games in the Metal Gear series has made it extremely Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • Soda Drinker Pro was an attempt to tap into the as-of-then narrow first-person beverage-drinking simulation market. Your goal in each of the five levels is to raise the can to your mouth with left click, and then drink with right click until the soda meter is depleted. The levels could have just as easily been drawn by a small child with marker pens and a cardboard box, and the audio is mostly the thoughts running through your protagonist's head regarding the subject of sodas.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Shadow the Hedgehog is sometimes classed here - it really depends on your opinion of Shadow with a gun. It certainly plays well enough in single-player mode, in fact the single-player mode is actually pretty fun with solid controls, a branching story, and for just how hard it owns its ham-fisted attempts at being adult and edgy. The opening scenes alone will have you in the aisles laughing with gritty scenes of soldiers fighting demons in a fairly metal-looking crumbling city juxtaposed with scenes of Shadow the Hedgehog loading some kind of assault rifle and then cocking it like a shotgun or putting on a Mook Horror Show by deflecting their bullets with his magic hedgehog aura. It's like every teenage fan-fiction writer's wet dream, it's stupid as hell, and you're gonna be pretty unbored playing this thing. What IS for sure is its rather feeble attempts to look like an adult game while avoiding the T rating simply by using the word 'damn', and the terribly cheesy dialogue that results. There's a good reason why one of the most famous jokes about the game is "OW THE EDGE". You can control Shadow's assist placer in some versions, which is briefly amusing, but the genuine two-player mode feels horribly tacked-on, with Shadow Clones and Androids racing. It's also very similar to Dirge of Cerberus, another lackluster spin-off featuring an immortal, dark and brooding character running around shooting things.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is often seen in this light. Some of the game's physics are jaw-droppingly ludicrous, highlights include Sonic walking up to the top of a loop and standing there, upside down, spin-kicking on metal boxes propelling the player up and up into outer space, Shadow's vehicles completely ignoring collision detection, and Silver trapping Sonic in an endless loop or throwing him into outer space. Of course, many others just find the game pathetic.
    • Sonic R was a Mario Kart Follow the Leader attempt. Sonic barely ran faster than Amy's "car", the controls were stiff, and there's bonus characters that are either slightly better than their defaults or downright broken with only five tracks. This would just make it So Okay, It's Average, but it's the soundtrack that puts it here. The songs on all of the courses are 90s Euro-pop Silly Love Songs with cheesie lyrics sung by an R&B singer putting in all the soul she can muster. They're well-produced and catchy, but the Soundtrack Dissonance of love songs belted out in a Sonic-themed racing game with endearingly low-polygon Saturn graphics is really something. Still, the songs would outweigh the game itself for many; the most popular was Super Sonic Racing, enough to get a techno remix for Sonic Generations.
    • Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric, by virtue of being an Obvious Beta rushed out for Christmas, in the exact same way as 06 and suffering the same issues. It's plagued with frequent and enthusiastic voice acting every ten seconds, hilariously abrupt Unexpected Gameplay Changes, characters being thrown into the air blubbering before exploding into rings if they step into more than a foot of water, a villain that looks like a sperm, and more glitches than you'll know what to do with. Knuckles has the best glitch ever, the ability to jump infinitely in mid-air, allowing for some epic sequence breaks, speed runs, and basically the ability to break the game wide open for fun and profit. Unfortunately a patch has "fixed" (note the quotations) these bugs (particularly the jump glitch), debatably landing this game under another trope. It was (debatably) fun while it lasted, at least.
    • The story in Sonic Forces. General consensus is that it's damn near impossible to take anything that happens in the story seriously, between Sonic's cartoonish beatdown at the beginning, the total glossing over of 99% of Eggman's successful takeover of the entire planet with a few sentences of text on a black screen, a main villain who gives Shadow a run for his money in terms of comical edginess, and the inconsistent story tone that results in things like Sonic being tortured for 6 months offscreen and showing no signs of it at all (even goofier, the torture part wasn't in the original script, meaning it was added without any care or consistency whatsoever and said thing is only told, not shown). The resulting story is so absurdly inconsistent and ridiculous that it's utterly hilarious.
  • The story in the Edutainment Game Spanish for Everyone!. It starts off like an Excuse Plot — the protagonist is trying to get his brother's Nintendo DS back from his friend — but soon becomes an absurd mess of stereotypes and subtextual messages with mature content like drug smuggling. And it features a talking bull, was marketed towards kids and rated E!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Spot the Dot. A single black pixel. That's all.
  • Sprung earns the "so bad it's good" title by making itself a Dating Sim - only to give you a Nonstandard Game Over when Brett scores a threesome, and having to do absurd tasks like speaking to a Cow-headed Hippie (no, seriously), and the fact you win the final round by a coin toss, regardless of all the decisions you made in previous rounds.
  • Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin can be seen as this due to the high amounts of edgyness as well as the fact that the game is overly aggressive.
  • Street Cleaning Simulatornote  is rapidly building a similar ironic fandom, thanks to its sloppy implementation of a rather boring subject matter.
  • Super Evolution (also known as Pocket Master in areas where Nintendo is less likely to sue) is a generic Chinese gacha Mobile Phone Game where the units are anime girls dressed as Pokémon. It's perfectly playable and surprisingly low on revealing outfits, but the blatant copyright infringement, low-quality Japanese voice acting, and just understandable English translation land it in this territory.
  • Super Fighter M - All Star is a bootleg Super Mario Bros. gacha game with stolen assets from various Nintendo Switch titles. On the surface, it seems like a run-of-the-mill copyright-violating knockoff, but it includes a number of bizarre character choices that make it hilarious. On top of being a massive crossover with engrish voice acting, playable characters include the Super Mario Odyssey T. rex (who for some reason uses Fox McCloud's voice lines), "Bowsette" under the name "Melody," and a Satanic-looking Mario that taunts about God being missing. Highlights of the "story" include Daisy spin-throwing Mario on Bowser's airship and Cloud Strife jumping out of a washing mashine that's apparently a time machine to attack the Ruined Dragon.
  • Super Play Action Football, developed by Tose for Nintendo of America, was made by people who aren't familiar with American football, and had to get around licensing issues, hence team names like "Runoverya", "Two Lanes", and "Windy Belt", but the issues those caused made the game all the more charming in a "not bad for a first try" kind of way.
  • Target Terror. The first time you shoot a terrorist in the junk in this arcade shooter, you'd understand how awesome it is. And in Gold Edition you get a score bonus for doing it enough times. The Wii port, on the other hand...
  • Titenic got minor cult status due to the absurdity of its entire premise: a bootleg NES game from the early 2000's that's an adaptation of Titanic (1997), where Jack and Rose beat the crap out of everyone on the ship as a side-scrolling Beat 'em Up. Making the game even stranger is that the combat (while pretty unrefined and easy to exploit) is actually quite responsive and satisfying as a mindless button-masher, and the artwork is surprisingly high-quality for a bootleg, especially its cutscenes (which recount beats from the film in amusingly broken English). Oh, and there's another version called Harry's Legend that is instead based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, if you're in the mood to see Harry kick the crap out of Dudley, Vernon, and Quirrel/Voldemort.
  • Depending on how charitable you are, The Town with No Name, a nearly forgotten game from the just as nearly forgotten Commodore Amiga CDTV, can qualify as such just for the weird moments the game throws at you one after the other. From the fake ending that you could access almost immediately to the moments at the saloon to the flying priest at the church, just to name a few examples of what goes on there. While the game itself is rather short, it definitely provides an unforgettable experience for anyone that looks at it. Brutalmoose said it teetered between this and just plain bad to him in his review of the game, saying that if it weren't for the one-hit deaths and no save points, it would be in that exact territory, while Joel from Vinesauce states in his stream of this game that it went from being one of the worst games he saw to being So Bad, It's Good after playing it for over an hour and a half. Retsupurae also checks out the game here.
  • Turok Evolution. Yes, Electronic Gaming Monthly didn't like it. And yes, it was an Obvious Beta. But you could shoot poisoned arrows at bad guys and watch them vomit and die through your scope. And the final boss was a Confederate-general-cyborg riding a T-rex. And the soundtrack was excellent. What more do you need?
  • Two Worlds has gotten a reputation as being this to some thanks to several factors:
    Mmm... WET.
    • Some of the animations look hilarious. Of particular note are the jumping and the dirty trick animations.
    • The gameplay certainly doesn't hurt, as it's hilariously broken. Notably, the game is popular among speedrunners because it's possible to beat the game in the first few minutes by having the main villain get beaten to death by townsfolk in the starting village.
  • Two bootleg fighting games fit the criteria by taking the Massive Multiplayer Crossover idea up to eleven.
  • YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG is a fascinating failure of a video game, in which the creators the Allanson brothers' agonized, drawn-out attempts to produce something truly unique and thought-provoking... well, produced something truly unique and thought-provoking. It is a love letter to the EarthBound (1994) games and Haruki Murakami which entirely misses the light touch of either, featuring incredibly self-indulgent and long-winded dialogue with a tone and narrative that are constantly undercutting themselves, most infamously in the scene in which, after a painfully long dialogue scene discussing the effects of suicide and trauma, the heroes are suddenly made to fight a golden alpaca that burbles 'lemonade' every five seconds. The actual gameplay is awful and it is by all accounts an unbearable chore to play... and yet its truly bizarre and unique nature, its honest but catastrophic attempt to reach towards something metaphysical and profound, has inspired many Let's Plays and dissections.
  • Zeno Clash and its sequel are solid beat-em-ups designed as First Person Punchers, but their setting, plot, and characters are so incomprehensibly bizarre that it's fascinating to behold, and even the awkward, stilted voice acting adds to the charm.
  • Zoo Race, a completely mediocre racing game with a less-than-subtle Christian message. Yet there's so much about it that makes it unintentionally hilarious, such as the Nightmare Fuel that is Rueban, horses being shot out of cannons and the fact that the race announcer is God, who sounds completely stoned.

  • In a similar vein, Spiritual Warfare. The gameplay is pretty solid (think "if Ned Flanders made The Legend of Zelda"), but the presentation can get you laughing with some of the massive liberties it took with the Bible to make it fit into a video game. Yes, there is some metaphorical stuff in the Bible about the "Armor of God" so that's not much of a stretch, but the whole section about "Fruits of the Holy Spirit" definitely didn't suggest these were any kind of literal fruit. Then too, the enemies in the game clearly include every kind of sinner from the Obviously Evil violent gang members with guns on down to the very mundane guys in suits who might be Corrupt Corporate Executives or just mildly peevish suburbanites. In any case, you'll be engaging in some Easy Evangelism by throwing fruit at people to make them get down on their knees and repent. When all else fails, use some Wrath of God to blow up obstacles and enemies.
  • M&Ms Kart Racing, if only for the incredibly repetitive quips by the racers.
  • An RPG Maker community once held a contest with the objective of creating the worst game ever using RPG Maker. Though the original account has been deleted, it was later revived for viewership.
  • The Trapped Trilogy by Godlimations, a point-and-click adventure Flash game series. Guide Dang It! puzzles, a Unexpected Gameplay Change to shooter, obvious Art Shift between games making characters unrecognizable, horrible interface that changes between games, lackluster voice acting, a plot completely lacking in logic and continuity, and Christian references clumsily shoehorned in... and yet, it's strangely addictive.
    • Retsupurae has riffed on this series and their commentary make the game more hilarious.
    • If none of the above points is enough to make you interested, it's worth hearing Edwyn Tiong's performance as Dan McNeely, who sets a new record on how smug you can make a human being sound.
  • Trio the Punch is regarded as the first kuso-ge. The three characters are the most stereotypical heroes ever (a ninja, a brawler and a Barbarian Hero, who are also Expies of some other Data East characters), each has his own theme which loops endlessly throughout the entire game, Karnov is inexplicably a common enemy, clearing a stage nets a "WIN WIN" and a roulette where you can power-up or down with an old sensei declaring "LUCKY! CHA CHA CHA!", a sheep boss turns your character into a sheep for the whole next stage... since it would take too much to list everything, here's a review of this (clearly intentionally) crappy game.
  • Revenge of the Sunfish. Art Shift on every stage, terrible art, inexplicable gameplay and something that vaguely resembles a plot all combine to make this a Mind Screw as you try to figure how and why anyone would make this.
  • Tournament Of Legends, according to this Official Nintendo Magazine review. They even reference the trope with the positive "So bad it's almost good".
  • Sewer Shark is a dull rail shooter with repetitive backgrounds and several vital facts the game doesn't bother to tell you - In other words, the perfect game to package your untested and expensive add-on with. However, while the actual game is terrible, the cutscenes saves it, featuring an awesomely cheesy script and performances by actors who clearly knew what they were into. Witness the madness here.
  • Pepsiman. You're Pepsi's mascot, running around various American cities trying to bring Pepsi to people via Excuse Plots, Everything (including giant Pepsi cans) Is Trying to Kill You, the graphics aren't very well polished, there's a fat American bloke that is present in all the cutscenes who rattles off Pepsi slogans in broken English, each mission is time-limited and it's very hard. However, it still manages to be weirdly enjoyable, partly because the main theme is pretty awesome (with a catchy theme tune screaming "PEPSI MAAAAAAN!!!"), and some countries loved it for reasons only God knows. And no, there were no Pepsiman ads in America, oddly enough. Another aspect that puts it here is probably how ridiculously goofy Pepsiman takes things on, and some death scenes can get amusing for poor Pepsiman... (helps that Pepsiman himself is an Iron Butt Monkey)
  • The Vietnamese bootleg translation of Pokémon Crystal, with hilarious errors such as "monaters", "missle bomb" instead of Team Rocket or "fuck" instead of "put in". A really entertaining LP can be found here.
    • The best part is that the use of the f-word, used as an analogue to "put in" as in "player put that item in his bag", comes right after we get to see how that translation calls the Potion item: "DRUG."
    • This clip features a really hammy and badass speech by your rival. Cryptologists are still working on it, however.
  • And there is also a translation of Pokémon Green before it came out in North America. There are some... interesting ideas of what would be the names. Played in this video game marathon.
  • To complete the set, there's a bootleg of Emerald version, too. Some of the translations are very much reminiscent of Vietnamese Crystal.
  • Rise of Immortals (a.k.a Battle for Graxia) was a MOBA trying to cash in on the success of League of Legends and Dota 2. However, it managed to be horribly balanced, with confusing stats, weird interfaces and lacked the ability to change characters once you'd logged in. That said, it also had some of the hammiest voice acting in the history of video games, the character designs were so cliche it's hilarious and if you played with friends, it actually managed to be surprisingly fun.
  • Soldner: Secret Wars. As its Eurogamer review says: "It's a terrible game whose redeeming features are its bugs – it's performance art, improvised comedy, terrible coding. It will always hold a place in my heart and a space on my hard drive."
  • Night Trap. While the gameplay itself is lacking, the movie that plays out during it is pretty damn hilarious. (Sadly, you won't see most of it if you're going for a perfect score.) Click here to watch it. (Don't worry, it's completely work safe.)
  • Over Blood is certainly one of these. Tank Controls, Guide Dang It!, Narm to the tenth degree and average graphics for the time. Hilarious deaths, great fighting and... it's beautiful.
  • Sniper: Path of Vengeance is a thoroughly glitchy and ugly game that you could hardly call playable, but the nature of these bugs gives it its charm. You have a school bus that bleeds when you shoot at it, and eventually disappears into thin air, being able to fly by pressing jump+duck, some truly idiotic AI, weirdly deformed characters, and the climactic "shootout" in the final cutscene, where the guns the characters are supposed to be shooting with don't show up (yeah, they fire by pointing with their fingers). Became a Cult Classic comparable to Big Rigs in Hungary when a game reviewer trashed it to bits, and later made several follow-ups as the glitches just kept coming. Reportedly, the developing company was nearing bankruptcy at the time, so the game had to be released before its engine could even be finalized.
  • Paris-Dakar Rally Special, a Driving Game for the Famicom that is utterly deranged. It actually starts out with an adventure game segment where you need to find a sponsor for your racing team. Enemies in the driving stages range from very fast cars that try to rear-end you to tanks, boulders that fall from nowhere and giant ants. There is even an Under the Sea level and platformer segments where you need to exit the car and open a gate so you can proceed.
  • Superman 64 is frequently named as the worst game of all time due to shoddy controls, underwhelming super powers, glitches up the wazoo, and a terrible ending. However, thanks to several people doing a Let's Play of the game, everyone on the internet rushed out to find a copy of the game or to download the ROM of it for their emulator just to experience how bad the game is for themselves. ProtonJon even points this out and says the purpose of him playing the game so that you wouldn't have to suffer playing it yourself.
  • Virus Invasion is a series of platformers with somewhat tedious and glitchy gameplay which flagrantly abuses Game Maker resource sprites. Some of the backgrounds are made of Epileptic Flashing Lights and are painful to look at. Finally, the generally-considered best one, Virus Invasion 5, is only winnable through glitch exploitation due to ridiculously poor playtesting. What made it a cult classic are its absurdly hilarious yet awesome premise, its kickass soundtrack, and gems of mangled English such as "THE LEDGEND OF THE ULTIMADE VIRUS" from the sixth game:
    The Ultimade Virus is the evil virus … it is the father of the father of the Virus King. But the Ultimade Virus was to powerful ant it destroyed it self. But to prevent that he repaired itself……we heve lockd him up !! And the key of the lock is the MainChip !! And if you destroy the MainChip … Then will the Virus … Well… He will stand up from the death !!!
  • Rogue Warrior. Northernlion declared the game as such in an episode of Poison Mushroom, saying the credits music redeems it.
  • QWOP is a walking simulator (Yes, you read that right) that has controls so obtuse (Q and W to activate thighs, O and P for calves, thus the name) that making it forward a single meter is an actual challenge. It's possible to trip backward and flip over so badly that you end up with a negative score. It's so absurd that it becomes unintentionally hilarious.
    • Similarly, Surgeon Simulator 2013 has you controlling a surgeon's hand with the mouse to adjust elevation and rotation while using the A, W, E, R, and space bar keys to control each individual finger in order to clumsily grasp tools or other items and doing surgery in such hilariously wrong ways that you will probably kill the patient more often than you save him.
    • One-upped by ''Hand Simulator" which features both your left hand and right hand with the same awkward controls as Surgeon Simulator 2013 and features even more situations from a firing range, to a gunfight, to milking a cow, and some of the situations can even be played in multiplayer.
  • Takeshi's Challenge is a fairly well known kuso-ge, admitting right on the title screen to being created by a man who hates video games, and is well known for being completely unfair and requiring the player to do a long series of purposefully obtuse actions. It was also intended by Takeshi Kitano to be purposefully bad, and is basically just him trolling the player the entire game.
  • Sneakers for the Apple ][ was one of the many knockoffs of Galaxian and Phoenix published in the early 1980s. It also celebrates the trope of Everything Trying to Kill You, and handles the player's ship exploding in a hyperdramatic manner.
  • Stalked@Home would simply be an awful indie horror game... if it wasn't so hilarious at times. The voice-acting is done through a low-quality filter and the actors all sound bored. The jump-scares are nonsensical at best, and sometimes happen so fast you don't even realize it. The transition between scenes makes no sense in regards to plot or gameplay, and the puzzles could barely be called puzzles. Oh yeah, and most of the sound effects are common stock, including the Wilhelm Scream itself for a jumpscare! Several Let's Players have already covered this game, and most of them can't seem to take it seriously.
  • Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta, footage here, a Middle Eastern studio's hilariously bad attempt at an episodic Uncharted ripoff. Special mention goes out to the Narmy as hell trailer for the next episode at the end of the video.
  • Realms of Fire (Horror) doesn't have cheesy voice acting like Death Trap (it instead uses stock voice clips and simple text), but it makes up for that by having funny backgrounds, some objects that don't match the backgrounds and some pretty funny death sequences among other things.
  • Virtual Hydlide is probably this. One reviewer said that if you think of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as the Citizen Kane of the gaming world, Virtual Hydlide would be the video game equivalent of Plan 9 from Outer Space. The game itself is a full-motion video game that tried to look like plenty of action-adventure games of the time, being able to even randomly generate the overworld. Sadly, the technology was not as detailed and so you end up as a fashion travesty wandering through a world full of horrible textures and bad sound effects that make you take the game much less seriously. To top it all of you can go far into the game by button mashing and it has some decent music to accompany you.
  • Three similar games from the same developer, by the names of Appease the Spider, Really Scary, and One Night, Two Crazies. They have the same style, mainly being photos of a guy's house, with the game being played in stop-motion. They're basically completely reliant on Jump Scares, which in and of themselves are just a pathetic "BRRRRRRRGGGG!" and are incredibly predictable. The villains of the story are mostly halloween props and costumes. In Appease the Spider, your main goal is getting items for an incredibly hammy, Narmy spider. Meanwhile, you're being pursued by a werewolf. If the werewolf catches you, you're greeted with very cartoonish gore. In Really Scary, you're mostly avoiding a spider person. There's also a teddy bear covered in blood, which barely even makes sense in the story, and you start off by getting a message that says "Was it you?" in clipped-out magazine letters, which is never explained or mentioned ever again. At one point, you get a delivery, which is announced by a doorbell that never stops ringing until you get the package, which contains the head of the blood-covered teddy bear, which you put on, and get a really predictable Jump Scare. Finally, there's One Night, Two Crazies, a blatant Follow the Leader attempt at cloning Five Nights at Freddy's which proves even adding an element of randomness to the cheap Halloween props and hilariously half-assed roar/scream/vomit sound effect can't make them frightening.
  • Wild Animal Racing would be just another forgettable shovelware racer if it weren't for the fact that its creator is having way too much fun with making it. From the silly backstory/poem in the store description, to the art he puts on the community page, to the fact that he proudly displays a sarcastic quote from Jim Sterling (who is known for criticizing shovelware games, including this one) on the store page's reviews section, it's hard to be upset at the game's poor quality.
  • Umbrella Corps seems to be a collage of everything contemporary Resident Evil games at the time did wrong, with pretty much no horror elements, a team based versus third person shooter plus hack and slash with zombies as "natural hazards". It has miniaturized versions of familiar places in the Resident Evil series, gratuitously hilarious gore where every character and enemy blows up into the same slurry of gore no matter how they're killed, and for all the talk of "made for competitive playerbase" its Player Vs Player mode is limited to four players per session, either co-operatively or competitively. It also has a single player horde mode called "The Experiment" with the hilariously bad excuse of a plot about poorly written journals and a HUNK Expy Umbrella operative who only capable of muttering the same sentences every time a mission objective is picked up travelling to locations that should be completely out of commission to collect dropped viral samples from killed zombies (such as the previously nuked Racoon City). By the way, the singleplayer is considered canon for the Resident Evil series. And all of this runs on Unity Engine, an engine infamous for being hard to optimize or poorly optimized in general. This game was released after the well received Resident Evil: Revelations and its sequel, and just before Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was announced with its return to full-on survival horror as well as a new in-house engine made specifically for the series from then on, making it a completely pointless entry. Predictably, Umbrella Corps received middling to low reviews, but somehow Japanese reviewers liked this game, what with Famitsu gave it 36/40 (9 on 4 reviewers). The worst part is that CAPCOM's internal development team is responsible for the game despite it feeling like a low-budget knockoff. It's still a pretty fun shooter despite the dead multiplayer, though not something that warrants full price.
  • Ride to Hell: Retribution came out in 2013, and swiftly became a contender for the title of Best-Worst Game Ever, though even for those who find it hilarious, it teeters on the precipice dividing So Bad It's Good and just bad (while for many others it falls right in). Set at the end of the 60's in a town somewhere in Californiarizonevada, this attempt at a gritty Grindhouse-style biker drama is riddled with bugs (of both the Good-Bad and Bad-Bad variety), terrible voice acting, a plot that rides between the handlebars of "nonsense" and "gonzo", terrible graphics and horrible controls. It soon became memorable for things such as its fully-clothed, stiffly-animated sex scenes complete with stereotypical porn music and a mission involving the main character committing what many would consider an act of terrorism in a ridiculously complex scheme to turn off the power to an electric fence. Due in no small part to the amusingly naked ineptitude on display, it quickly got a reputation as the "Plan 9 from Outer Space of video games".

    Voice Acting 
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story:
    • The American voice acting in the original PSX version, particularly Claude's VA, straddles the line between So Bad It's Good and completely unlistenable. Claude's best/worst victory line is "Crawd has advanced forward!". (Yes, he actually says "Crawd", not "Claude". This game had a rather... spotty localization.)
    • One of the characters sounded very "special" whenever she chirped, "I deserve this!" upon leveling up. Also, it was strange how the VA (or perhaps, the game's voice director, presuming that there was one) for a seemingly asexual character (judging from the listing of his default feelings towards other characters) made him sound a little Camp Gay in certain lines.
  • While Devil May Cry has top-notch gameplay, the lines Dante gets caught pulling off are often considered more cheesy than a Pizza Hut joint.
    • Vergil is a worthy successor in this regard. He's got a jacked-up notion of awesome lines.
  • Castle of Shikigami II, whilst having fun gameplay - it's a Bullet Hell game - received terrible yet hilarious translation and voice acting. For example:
  • Symphony of the Night from the Castlevania series is a very good game, but its dialogue is somewhere between this and Narm due to the dramatic line delivery. The PSP version changes the previous great lines to less over-the-top dramatic ones. Not everyone welcomed the change.
    • "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets? But enough talk, have at you!"
    • The XBLA version lacked the awesomely cheesy "I Am The Wind" that played over the credits in the original Playstation version.
    • Even I Wanna Be the Guy brings the scene up just be careful of the wineglass.
      • What is a Man? wineglass kills you GAME OVER - PRESS 'R' TO TRY AGAIN.
  • The voice acting of the Duke Nukem games. With lines like "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum", and "I've got balls of steel!"
  • The first Resident Evil game, despite being pretty scary in its own right, had horrid voice acting included to make the game seem like more of a B-movie, with most of the Narm coming from RPD officer Barry Burton (although the other characters contribute more than their fair share). Thanks to its voiceover work we now have memes like how Jill is the Master of Unlocking.
    • "What is it?" or "What is this?"Explanation 
    • "It's a weapon. It's really powerful, especially against living things."
    • "This house is dangerous...there are terrible demons...ouch."
    • "We have to look for IT FIRST shall we?"
    • "It's Forrest! Ohhh my coooood."Explanation 
    • "Don't come this way! NOOOOOOOOOO!!"
    • "REBECCAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!"
    • The dialogue between Chris and Rebecca—especially during the piano playing scene—is so laden with innuendo they seem like a pair of teenagers trying to flirt with each other, which is made even more hilarious by the fact that Richter Belmont's voice actor is the guy who voices Chris.
  • Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis have greatly improved acting over the first game (though that's really not saying much), but they land themselves under this trope in a different way. The actors aren't bad but have some very cheesy lines and are trying so damned hard to make them work that it's a pure jolt of Narm Charm every step of the way. Particularly hilarious is the obvious teenager trying way too hard to do a little girl voice for Sherry Birkin (Considering she was Wanda from The Magic School Bus, her regular voice would have sufficed just fine), and having (seriously) Tuxedo friggin' Mask faking a Spanish accent for Carlos Oliviera. "All the foxy ladies love his accent" indeed!
  • You should have stayed away from the voice acting in House of the Dead... Suffer like G did?.
  • Unreal Tournament:
    • The game is about a sport, agreed? Yet for Unreal Tournament III, someone had the job of writing storylines into it that turns it into a revenge story in the midst of an interplanetary war, complete with justifying match like elements as "resurrectors" and Field Lattice Generators. These cutscenes and dialogue lines are hilarious.
    • Someone in charge of the German dub had the balls to hire the voice artist who dubbed Chef from South Park to voice Othello. His easily recognizable nasal voice which doesn't fit the Scary Black Man trope AT ALL added truckloads of surrealism onto the cutscences.
  • Though Star Fox 64 is an amazing game, its voice acting is hilariously cheesy.
  • Super Mario Sunshine also has a silly voice cast, being the only major entry in the series to have full voice-acted dialogue, and it's easy to see why. Here's a few gems:
    Isle Delfino ad: Come enjoy a natural wonderland to which we've added the world's finest resort facilities, a spectacular amusement park, and succulent seafood! (Mario gets Heart Symbol Wingding Eyes)
    Toads: What's this icky, paint-like goop? It's moving!
  • The infamous English voice acting in Shenmue and Shenmue II. "Do you know where I can find some sailors?"
  • The 1981 B-17 Bomber for the Intellivision was one of the first games with voice capabilities. What did it sound like? Microsoft Sam's Hammy southern cousin. It must be heard to be believed. Or, as accurately repeated by The Angry Video Game Nerd: "BEEEEEEEE SEVURNTEEN BAAAAAAAWWWWLMER!"
  • The dub voice acting for Robot Alchemic Drive is well-known for evoking a feeling of watching a crappy anime dub. Whether this was intentional or not is up for debate, but there is no denying the Narm Charm of a news reporter speaking in a stereotypically thick Asian accent like she's in a dub for Godzilla (even though the game takes place in Japan and the only other funny-accent-speaking character is German).
  • Dynasty Warriors 3 is a lot of things, not least of which is unintentionally hilarious thanks to the localizers hiring high school drama students to do the voicework.
    You flaming IDIOTS!!! Take THIS!!! Behold the power of my MAAAAAGIIIIC!!
  • Michigan: Report From Hell has incredibly bad voice acting that proceeds to get even worse throughout the game, it's all hilarious. The visuals are actually kinda scary, though.
  • Jax's ending in Mortal Kombat 4. Oh my God!!! Although most people seem to think it sounds more like Imsogaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!
  • Arc Rise Fantasia is otherwise an excellent RPG, but its voice acting is hilariously phoned in. Special mention to Niko, whose voice actor seems to have spent so much effort on performing a bad Brazilian accent that he neglected to have any sort of emotion.
  • Killing Floor is a solid game, but with memetically Narm-tastic dialogue.
  • Baten Kaitos:
    • The dialogue in Eternal Wings ranges from barely passable to Barry Burton, while otherwise being an excellent JRPG with a solidly written plot. Many of the actors sound like they're reading off the script, the Diadem and Anuenue soldiers are clearly trying to deepen their voices, most of the voices don't match (particularly The Guardians who are massive hulking beasts but sound like disinterested retired salesmen talking in Ye Olde Butchered English), Gibardi inexplicably yells "HARDER!" when hit which makes him sound a wee bit too kinky, many words are mispronounced ("It's the End Mag-In-Us!"), and nearly everyone chews the scenery so much it's amazing there's any left for Malpercio to destroy. Special points go to Lyude, who is about as wooden as you can get, Xelha, who sounds like Microsoft Sam doing a falsetto, and Geldoblame, whose voice actor was apparently enjoying himself very much. What truly makes it hilarious is among all this Savyna's voice actress is actually very good; hearing her well-delivered lines alongside a little girl who is obviously voiced by an adult man talking in falsetto or a villain screaming "MY WIIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!" is guaranteed to make you laugh. When it was announced that a Nintendo Switch compilation of both titles would only include the Japanese voice track, the reaction was resounding disappointment.
    • Origins vastly improved the acting and dialogue with only a few choice exceptions. Most notably is Giacomo who is so over the top it's truly a spectacle to behold. As he was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (yep, that's Sasuke Uchiha, kids!) it was very likely done on purpose.
  • Deus Ex is an amazing game by most anyone's standards, but its voice acting is Narm inducing in many scenes.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Voice-acting in the games is all over the place in terms of quality, but Sonic Adventure 2 is the worst/best of the bunch, with characters fluctuating between sounding over-excited and sounding monotone, hilariously exaggerated gestures, non-existent lip-syncing, and characters interrupting and talking over each other, sometimes interrupting themselves.
    • Amy Palant's Tails is this to some fans, mainly because she makes him sound more like a scratchy voiced girl than an eight-year old boy.
    • Most people think Jon St. John's take on Big the Cat is such a stereotypical Simpleton Voice that it's not even funny, others think it's So Unfunny, It's Funny.
  • Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore's English voice acting was pretty bad, and it was only recorded for the PS2 version because Sony required it (the Dreamcast and Xbox versions had no English voice acting). So only the cut scenes were dubbed, and showed such gems as:
    • Kasumi: "How DARE you swindler?!"
    • Ryu: "I WON'T let you die. I WON'T let you go."
    • Bass (in a thick southern accent): "You'll grow up to be a LADY!"
    • Ayane: "Wow! YOU came all the way HERE?!"
    • For the record, Team Ninja didn't use any English voice acting for the Dead or Alive franchise until Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, six years later.
  • Dragon Ball: Final Bout suffered a similar fate. It was the first Dragon Ball video game to be localized in the west. Because Sony required English voice acting for dialogue, it was dubbed, but the actual fighting grunts remained unchanged from the original Japanese release, meaning adult Goku switched back and forth from being voiced by a man to a woman depending on if he was speaking or fighting. Because the English voice cast had nothing in common with the official English dub of the anime, they ended up very miscast and the end result is quite bizarre to listen to. The voices for Frieza and especially Pan are commonly cited as the worst, but the rest of the cast isn't considered much better. However, Brianne Siddall's Kid Goku is commonly cited as at least having potential.
  • Trouble Witches NEO!'s voice acting. You've got Engrish, you've got AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle, you've got Dull Surprise all wrapped up into one English voice track. Here, take a look.
  • While the Russian voice acting is just fine in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, the English voice acting is just So Bad, It's Good.
    • You can listen to the wonderful voice acting from Call of Pripyat here!
  • The bad voice acting in Mega Man X4.
  • Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam's voice acting has some of the cheesiest accents ever. It also overlaps between AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle, Dull Surprise, and Mad Libs Dialogue.
  • Remember when live-action FMV cutscenes were all the rage? The trend resulted in many, many games chock full of hilariously bad acting, from Sewer Shark's overly hardassed and aggressive Ghost to Harvester's award winning pie-eating noises, Special Effects Failures and cries of: "MY MEAT! MY MEEEEEAAAAAAAT!!"
  • X Men, particularly Magneto who is known for his lines "X-Men Welcome to die" and "I am Magneto Master of Magnet"
  • The voice acting in Tomb Raider is hilarious for a game that's supposed to be a serious story about finding hidden artifacts and preventing a hidden power from being misused. You fight a henchman that sounds like he came from the stereotype school for rednecks (who manages to sound MORE like a redneck in a later game while he Took a Level in Dumbass) and a gang of three henchmen that consist of a wise-cracking teenage gangbanger, a tall Scary Black Man in a trenchcoat, and a man dressed up like a cowboy who has the matching accent to go with it. To top it all off, the head honcho of the henchmen is a woman with an exaggerated Texan accent and you stop taking her seriously when she still has the accent once you find out she's one of the three rulers of Atlantis. The remake greatly improves the voice acting for all characters, which also takes away the hilarious cheesiness. Then there's the narmtastic conversations they have.
    Natla: Too late for abortions NOW!
    Lara: Not without the heart of the operation!
  • A good portion of the dialogue in the all-round similarly shoddy BIONICLE: The Game counts, with the incredibly narmy lines, hammy acting and unfitting voices. Most of the dialogue sounds as if they had run the first DVD movie's script through a "generic dramatic-sounding exposition" software, and the characters have a habit of referring to each other with both their names and titles, making for some very clunky sentences. Special mention goes to Nuju, who was given a stereotypical dumb "duh-huh" voice, even though he has the role of a wise elder (extra points for ignoring canon which states that he has an aide do the talking for him). However, some fans prefer a few of the voices over the ones from the movies, mostly Lewa's.
  • Chaos Wars has:
    • A hilariously bad English dub, which is the result of a CEO hiring his family members to do the dubbing job. It has attracted the game lots of attention and is always good for a laugh. The voice acting makes everyone sound like they're stoned. Note that the CEO knew his company couldn't afford a decent localization, but Sony mandated an English translation. The game was obscure enough he knew he could get away with it too (most people who wanted this game would switch to Japanese immediately, anyway).
    • A hilariously bad localization effort. For example, every "Breath" attack was translated as "Bless". So watch out for those dragons and their "Fire Bless". And the card game "Rebirth Moon" was translated as "Reverse Moon" despite there being an English translation on the logo displayed where they wrote this.
  • Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin for the likes of Electro, Venom, J. Jonah Jameson, and Hobgoblin. Spidey himself is bizarrely given a voice when he's in-costume that makes him sound like he's in his late 50's, and at one point even randomly switches to his Spider-Man voice out of nowhere even though he's supposed to be in his regular guise of Peter Parker at the moment. All the cheesy voice acting however does really make it feel like you're experiencing a classic Silver Age comic adventure.
  • Captain America and the Avengers is a basic but competent Beat 'em Up starring the Avengers, known mostly for two things: a diverse cast of cameos (mostly boss fights or the odd bit of assistance) and some of the most hilariously bad writing and subsequent voice acting on the planet. The end result feels an awful lot like Silver Age comics as a result, with the Large Ham delivery of every single line, no matter how stilted or oddly phrased.
  • Dark Years. You simply cannot take the dubbing seriously.
  • Alone in the Dark:
    • The initial trilogy has the most overdramatic and hammy narrations for the various files and books you find throughout the games, with awkward pauses and bizarre emphasis on random words. Special mention goes to the zombie enemies in the second game, whose presence is alerted to the player with voice clips like "HI GUY" or "MORNING SIR". These lines are reused near the end of the third game, which also includes a journal voiceover with the most incomprehensible accent who constantly stutters and salivates while struggling to pronounce every fifth word.
    • The 2008 game, while its voice acting is decent, its lines are...memorable.
    "I don't have your stone! And FUCK you anyway!"
    "I'm the Light Bringer! I'M THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!"
  • The Doom-based Quake mod Your Path of Destruction has an interactive intro where you must answer your phone. Doing so produces some of the "best" voice acting ever. Between cheesy dialogue, characters actually calling the hero "Doomguy", and hammy acting by a guy trying as hard as he can to sound tough, there's something here for everyone to laugh at.
  • The original English Dub for Yakuza tries to go for a gritty mid-2000's feel by having swears in almost every other sentence, but the sheer amount of swearing, combined with the stilted voice acting despite getting some established (at least by B-list actor standards) names, makes it almost a parody of said edgy dubs that would become prevalent in the decade. Tellingly, its infamous reputation combined with the cost of getting said names to dub in it, would make the team take more than a decade for a game from the creators to finally have a proper English dub and by then, dubbing becoming more respected as a medium would see it be well-liked with future games in the franchise getting dubs, yet within the fandom the initial attempt still lives on in infamy.


  • Battletoads pause "theme"
  • From beatmania IIDX: Do it!! Do it!!
  • The Blue Dragon boss battle theme, Eternity. There are just no words for how bad this song is, but somehow it works in a twisted sort of way. The "Artist" tag for the MP3 of this song contained in Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden puts it best: "jesus christ the guy from deep purple sang this"
  • CrazyBus has absolutely horrid "music" on its title screen consisting of random dissonant beeping, which is the most interesting thing about the game, since the gameplay is just moving an image of a bus left and right.
  • The lyrics to "His Name's Frank", the ending theme of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, wherein the band Lifeseeker attempts to find every possible word that rhymes with the names "Frank" and "West". It's either so bad it's awesome, or vice versa.
  • "Para Q" by Forte Escape, featured in DJMAX. It was in DJMax Technika for all of one game before unfortunately being pulled out in Technika 2.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64 is supposed to be as cheesy and stupid as it sounds according to composer Grant Kirkhope.
  • Whoever made the Sega 32X version of Doom had no idea how to program the system's sound chip, resulting in a laughably bad rendition of the game's classic metal-inspired soundtrack. The rhythm of the music is sometimes barely discernible amidst what sounds like a bunch of random electronic noises horribly mushed together. The "good" part for some people comes from the fact that this mess of a soundtrack can sound like, er... bowel movements.
  • Extreme Paintbrawl is often considered one of the worst shooters of all time. The music is pretty bad too, but in a hilarious way, with sections that sound like notes being thrown out at random interrupting the otherwise competent metal soundtrack. The infamous Song 6 is the best example, sounding like a metal band high on meth trying to play bluegrass while farm animals go crazy in the background.
  • The Garfield fangame Garfield: Attack of the Mutant Lasagna has the discordant, bizarrely jaunty MIDI theme that plays in Jon's house.
  • From Kinect Star Wars: "I'm Han Solo." It's about as hilariously bad as you'd expect a cheesy pop song about Star Wars could get. But it isn't the game's silliest moment: your character dances their way to the peak of the Empire, for the final dance-offs against Darth Vader and then Emperor Palpatine on the Death Star. It couldn't get better/worse than that.
  • Every MIDI arrangement of some video game soundtracks made by Mingo Games Ltd. in the mid-1990s can fit on this. Besides the infamous mm2wood,note  there's also the even worse mm3snake,note  the "Chobobo" theme, and some others throughout the internet, all featuring off-beat and off-key notes and some baffling instrument choices (mm2wood replaces the drum beat in the opening with pizzicatto strings, followed by a choir).
  • Mount & Blade's Gekokujo mod has a Suspiciously Similar Song that is similar to certain music from a certain musical group. Eventually, you will burst out laughing.
  • SOUND VOLTEX is chock full of this, at least during the early days of the Sound Voltex Booth era.
  • S4 League has "SuperSonic", which is actually a good song. But then came "SuperSonic (Mr. Funky Remix)", available on the limited edition soundtrack and in DJMAX, which is so repetitive it turns into Narm (Charm).
    Go let's go let's go let's SUPASO
    Go let's go let's go let's SUPASUPA
    Go let's go let's go let's SUPASO
    Go let's go let's go let's SUPERSONIC
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Sonic R's entire soundtrack is filled with so many 90's pop-music clichés that it is almost hilarious, yet it still manages to be horribly catchy. CAN YOU FEEL THE SUNSHIIIINE?
    • While most of Sonic Adventure's soundtrack (as well as the sequel's) is pretty good, Knuckles tends to be associated with rap music. Which is fine, but the lyrics are A. (ostensibly) sung from Knuckles' POV and B. are generally absurd and don't really sound like anything Knuckles would actually say. "Deeper" from Sonic Adventure 2 is perhaps the funniest of the lot, as the track includes a break partway through with a conversation between Knuckles and Sonic (including the memetic "You're damn right, Knuckles") with Hunnid-P voicing both characters, which just makes it sound like Knuckles is talking to himself. Another example is Unknown from M.E. is catchy and has a great sax solo, but the lyrics...
      The new porcupine on the block with the buff chest
      Out the wilderness with the ruggedness
      Knock, knock, it's Knuckles, the bloat thrower
      Independent flowernote , magical emerald holder
      Give you the coldest shoulder
      My spike goes through boulders
      That's why I stay a loner
      I was born by myself
      I don't need a posse, I get it on by myself
      Adversaries get shelved!
  • NeonFM has "Girlz Buttz" by Thomas Howard and DJ Potatoe, a song about spending one's daily routine looking at girls' butts. It would later be ported to Pump It Up Infinity, much to the ire and masochistic joy of rhythm game fans.
    Think I spend 'bout half my time
    Lookin' at girlz buttz
    Wonderin' if it is a crime
    Lookin at girlz buttz
  • Only the Brave Can Rescue the Kidnapped Princess has "I Love My Food" and the scene that accompanies it. Between the silly lyrics ("Crunchy munchy delightful divine, I just love eating all of the time!"), the repetitive animation, the King's exuberant singing contrasted with him spending most of the scene either staring soullessly at the camera or dancing with a bored expression on his face, and the random, anachronistic electric guitar solo, it's hard to sit through this scene with a straight face.
  • Saturday Mornin Mayhem has Fat Albert's stage theme, "Large & Way N Charge", a bizarre R&B song sung from the perspective of a Chubby Chaser with Albert presumably either being the song's POV or its subject. The song's lyrics combined with its cheesy MIDI instrumentation and the vocal filter that's presumably supposed to represent backing vocals but sound more like the singer being possessed by a demon make for one of the strangest songs you'll ever hear in a fighting game. To top it all off, not counting pre-existing songs from the respective characters' source materials, it's the only song in the game with vocals, which only makes its lyrical content even more absurd.
  • Resident Evil: Director's Cut changed the instruments for a number of songs. The Mansion Basement theme in the original version sounds very horrifying. The Director's Cut version sounds more like a child blowing random notes into a trombone.
  • The pause screen "music" in Wario World, featuring Wario "singing" "nah nah-nah nah nah!" over and over.
  • Wild Woody already qualifies thanks to the animation and voice acting in its cutscenes, but if that wasn't enough, once you reach the first boss, you're treated to this masterpiece - a pirate rap that suddenly turns into Rap Metal. It's the only track in the game to have full lyrics, which don't even make sense in context since they describe things specific to the first level of the game.
  • YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG has a battle theme titled Disco Battle that's very horribly mixed and looped and yet catchy at the same time.
  • Yoshi's New Island: The Yoshi Clan is an awful song, with inconsistent pacing and one of the instruments sounding like a squeaky pet toy, but just try to sit through it without laughing. The worst part is that, right when it seems like it's going to start getting good... it ends, and then loops.
  • ZX Spectrum port of Manic Miner has a title theme which is a rendition of The Blue Danube. Except it's hilariously off-key during chords. Not only that but the title screen includes a piano so there was clear emphasis on the theme.
  • The opening rap song from Of Light and Darkness with its combination of the extremely monotone lead singing and the lyrics, which are ostensibly referring to the oncoming apocalypse in the game that the player has to avert, though it's hard to tell with how silly the lyrics are. Examples include "Buck-naked Scrooge in a Christmas Carol" and "The ghosts of the past and future danced the hoochie-coochie."

  • The old Lesser Demon model in Runescape. With those beady eyes and little poorly-rendered goatee, it was borderline cute. While it’s sadly lost in time, their head lives on in a mask you can wear. Same goes for the dragons.
  • The Creeper, one of the most iconic characters from Minecraft, was actually a miserable failure on the coder's part to create the 3D model of a pig. Its distorted shape and downright terrifying face, as well as the fact that it sneaks onto you with a "SSSS" sound followed by your death - and probably a heart attack - make it one of the most original and frightening enemies in modern gaming history.

    Game-related Fan Works 
  • Pokémon Quartz, a hilariously awful Spanish hack of Pokémon Ruby with ugly to terrifying fake Pokémon, gratuitous swearing, bizarre dialogue, a nonsensical plot (inflating the sun? To make Electric Pokémon stronger? Using a broken ghost detector?)—and all the author insertion. It must be seen to be believed—and these Let's Plays don't even cover all of it.
  • Phoenix Drive, an Ace Attorney eroge fangame, not only has Engrish out the ass (having been translated by the developers themselves), but a plot that makes no sense (Courtroom sessions at night? Phoenix declaring himself the murderer?), even more over-the-top dialogue and effects than the official series (such as Phoenix shouting "Whoooooooo!!" in mid-trial and all sorts of special effects going on in the trial scenes), female characters whose breasts jiggle on their own, and ridicuously Off-Model sex scenes. On the other hand, the courtroom music is surprisingly awesome. Here's some worksafe footage of the game.
  • Paper Mario World, a Super Mario Bros. fangame, enjoys this reputation to so great an extreme, the game's original creator has produced a series of videos playing off of its legendary camp value, as well as apologizing for the whole thing. According to him, because the game was made in the earlier days of fangaming, he had no idea what sort of quality or expectations existed. As a result, he released a "game" that was really essentially just a string of clumsily-conducted experiments along the set Mario theme. Though they do display a good amount of the various things TGF can do, the developer spent little to no time honing any one aspect to the optimum capacity, and as soon as the site that hosted it began allowing reviews, the game was nitpicked to death by numerous players. Most of its camp value owes to its particularly horrible graphics, with sprite styles that clash, as well as badly scaled individual sprites (numerous doors the player can enter that are much smaller than himself may be the greatest example), background scenery that ranges from dull to nonexistant, curiously-placed terrain, such as magma floating in mid-air, and bosses that bounce around the arena with no true animation frames. And the Narm Charm of its completely unnecessary narrator.
  • Atomic Sonic, a hack of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Mega Drive. Badly hand-drawn replacement graphics! Glitchy audio! Completely unfitting music swaps! Kaleidoscopic grass! Only one level that actually works! Like the above-mentioned Chaos CompleXX, the badness is almost certainly intentional.
  • Sonic 2: Dimps Edition aims to turn Sonic the Hedgehog 2 into a cheesy, deliberately broken, speed-boost riddled mess as a criticism on the Dimps-developed Sonic games (Sonic the Hedgehog 4 in particular).
  • The Europa Universalis Game Mod known as "Steppe Wolf". It is a mod that extends the timeline from 0 AD to 2009 AD, almost all of the Common Era. However, it's extremely broken. Most of Central Europe starts not knowing where it is, meaning that playing as Switzerland, you cannot click any of your provinces for several years; colonial rebels are modded to be valid anywhere, resulting in situations like Quebec declaring independence from Russia (and the Soviet Union declaring independence from Quebec); most of California is an American colony, with San Francisco having a population of 205 people in 1981; and on and on and on, not to mention that it crashes every 10 years in game time. But because of these bugs (or despite them?), EU fans think it mind-bogglingly funny to behold just how broken it is.
  • The ''Hearts of Iron 4'' mod "Apres Moi Le Deluge", which contains zero effort focus trees with almost little variation for every nation and war breaking out as early as 1 or 2 years into the game with little build up. Yet, it is also remembered as one of the more memetic mods of HOI4 due to it's rather hilarious cameos by historical figures that were children or were born after the time of the mod(ie: Muammar Gaddafi, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex), or even long since dead(ie: John Wilkes Booth), or outright fictional ones as well(ie: Premier Cherdenko from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3).
  • Fire Emblem 7 Crossover is a ROM Hack of Sacred Stones which, as the name implies, is a crossover with the seventh game. It also makes some mechanical changes. Among others, it makes stat items three uses instead of one, gives Sages access to all four magic schools, gives the Assassinate skill to Swordmasters, Snipers, and male Heroes (yes, only male Heroes), and increases Mage Knight movement to eleven spaces. Oh, and that "crossover" bit, presumably the hack's selling point? It's done by changing out some portraits and classes. And nothing else, which leads to such hilarity as Pent the Mage with Gilliam the Knight's stats and name.
  • Many of the Street Fighter II ROM hacks, particularly the ones that popped up in the wake of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. Street Fighter II Rainbow, in particular, has many balance issues, and lets you change character in mid-round.
  • Sanic Hegehog, a knockoff of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sanic Hegehog originally was only an off model drawing of Sonic, but it seems people made games with him. Here's Sanic Hegehog 2 The Gaem ( download link ) and Sanic Evenchur Too. The poor graphics and the distorted music from Green Hill Zone just rocks (though the latter is very loud).
  • Sanic Ball. A racing game starring Sonic characters reduced to literal balls (except Eggman), racing and musical tracks taken from not-Sonic games and things, a Super Sanic that's so fast you'll go off the track or glitch the map 95% of the time, and SPONSORS.
  • SUPER MIARO BORS. Captain Lou Albano's Mario from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! meets a really, really shoddily put together Mario fan game. Just like Chaos Complexx, it's a Troll Fic/parody, with the added 'bonus' of being an April Fool's Day joke game.
  • On the topic of deliberately bad Mario fan games, there is also supra mayro bross and supra mayro kratt. The graphics are god-awful (the former's graphics look like they were made with MS Paint, while the latter's look like an Atari Jaguar game), the music sounds like a drunk or stoned person attempting to play famous Mario songs on a guitar, the programming is terrible, there are typos galore, the voice acting in kratt is horribly done and everyone has the same voice, the finish line in kratt is represented by floating white text reading "finnish line", and bross has what is quite possibly the funniest game over screen ever. ("LOSS: WEDO NOT TUCH GUMBA")
  • Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions: Ostian Princess, a ROM hack of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. It's allegedly a sequel to Binding Blade starring Lilina's daughter Lilian, but you will hurt your brain trying to understand it (Lilian's father is throwaway Binding Blade boss Monke for some reason, and Lilian fights Oswin in the first chapter... and it only gets worse from there). The dialogue that isn't just a sloppy find-and-replace job with the script of Blazing Blade is utterly nonsensical and grammatically broken. The edited sprites and portraits are awful, your party's stats are completely unbalanced and often downright broken (one character has a negative Con stat, just to start), and it's riddled with so many bugs it's a miracle the game is still (vaguely) functional. And yet, it's so catastrophically broken it wraps right back around to being hilarious. This Let's Play should help you understand it.
  • Mines, a custom map for Dark Forces, so notoriously bad it even garnered a minor cult following, including its own appreciation website (now defunct). The "map" is absolutely senseless, can be finished in five seconds, and is generally nothing more than the tutorial map from the editor with a few vertices and walls moved around. Additionally, it uses floors and ceilings of improper sizes causing display issues in the game, has Katarn's Crow craft half-sunk in the floor, includes an irregular-quadrangle-shaped door the size of a small building, and even lacks one wall altogether, allowing the player to freely walk out of bounds, unable to return to the map without cheats.
  • The fanmade Team Fortress 2 map cp_orange was one of the first custom maps created... and lord, does it ever show. The whole map is just orange boxes with no real textures, most of the map is a no-man's-land with no cover or obstacles, meaning snipers can easily dominate, the central control point is holed up inside a cramped tower that's practically made for camping, you'd have a hard time finding a game that didn't turn into a stalemate, and the spawn rooms are so poorly programmed that not only can they be entered by the enemy team, but unlike every other spawn room in the game, switching classes in them kills you. And yet people have kept the map in steady rotation since 2007, because it's so badly-designed and so iconic of that early era that it just comes across as charming.
    • Then there is the fan-made Machine Attacks series of maps. These are supposed to be an attempt to add a story mode of sorts by utilising MVM mechanics. What results a series of barely functional maps, with downright sadistic design forcing players to die constantly or restart maps entirely and in cases outright becomes unwinnable, with super bosses that fire undodgeable insta kill nuke launchers and impossible amounts of health, right next to players spawnpoint; whereas other maps have waves of pathetic robots that don't escalate and go on for 10 minutes and more with no changes; thank god engie brought that lounger with him. The 'story' is an incoherent mess of Engrish and poor translation with little attention given to the source material whatsoever and a bunch of glitches to boot. Players often enjoy these maps because they are just so apocalyptically bad that playing them can be outright fun, the entire concept of a story mode for TF2, and a handful of the maps are somewhat enjoyable; if tedious. The final nail in the coffin though is that most maps have attempts at pay-to-win aspects with premium upgrades, so suddenly the terrible balancing makes sense; though thankfully most servers hosting the maps have since disabled this.
  • The fanmade mod of Half-Life 2, Hunt Down the Freeman swiftly earned this reputation despite being hyped before its release as a Half-Life spin-off with high production value and voice acting. The story, told through laughable cutscenes featuring voice acting from various YouTube stars (including Keemstar of all people as the president of the USA, in a scene which is supposed to be completely serious but ends up being hilarious.), tries to be dark and gritty but instead comes across as juvenile. The cream of the crop is the ending cutscene, which has the main character finally get his vengeance by shooting the Big Bad repeatedly in the chest with a terribly acted Badass Boast; to which the villain in question merely reacts to with gentle, almost sensual moans, complete with the now infamous "You fucked up my face!". The gameplay itself didn't fare much better, with the game taking up 60 gigabytes of hard drive space, tons of bugs that range from hilarious to rage-inducing, and jarring graphics due to the developers purchasing pre-made assets and throwing them together without regard for consistency. All of these factors have combined to make the game famous in the worst way possible.
  • Sonic Adventure Kiss, one of those bootleg Browser Games, where you task Sonic and Blaze to share a kiss the longest, as long as no one's watching. The objective's already weird, and it gets even weirder. Mistakes are everywhere (Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) Tails with Sonic's shoes shown with Modern Sonic), the setting happens to be The Smurfs-like village of Mushroom Houses, Sally Acorn and Bunnie Rabbot with Classic Sonic's body are recolored, naked Barbie Doll Anatomy Amy and Rouge pop up, and what appears to be a Chao only has a disembodied head and two blobs for feet. The results are so dumb and bizarre that you'll be laughing at it.
  • While most of the Fan Translations on the Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher (thcrap) website are good or at least passable, the site also hosts several deliberately so-bad-it's-good Gag Dubs:
    • Google Translate English. You know how Google's automatic translations can end up being incomprehensible and/or completely wrong — especially when the languages are as different as Japanese and English? Imagine entire games translated like that.
    • 4Kids English. What would happen if some dubious American game publisher localized the Touhou Project series and Macekred it beyond recognition? This Gag Dub gives you the answer!
    • The troll translations. It varies from "translation" to "translation", but they're usually full of bad spelling, gratuitous swearing, vulgarity, drug references and characters acting like total jerks for no reason.
  • The concept of the Flash game named Sonic Saves Mario. You play as Sonic, who has to drive his drunken friend Mario home. Sonic apparently put him in the back of his truck and started driving without even making an attempt to secure him, which means that the poor guy will spend most of the game being thrown around like a ragdoll. It can be pretty amusing to watch.
  • Wario x Waluigi is a strange little joke game where you have to make Wario and Waluigi kiss each other while trying not to get caught by the police Toad. The animation is surprisingly competent, and the gameplay does work even if it's simplistic. What puts the game here is the questionable subject matter and the game over screen, where you are treated to a scene of Wario and Waluigi being hanged on screen. In a Mario fangame.
  • This ''Pokemon Y Nuzlocke animation, obviously made by a kid with stiff MS Paint artwork, poor diction, and "humor" consisting of stale memes. But the extreme amateur quality makes it endearing to watch.
  • Doom has WOW.WAD, a map that consists of a single room with a BFG, some ammo, and a Cyberdemon in a pit surrounded by a hall of mirrors, with no exit. It was actually made and uploaded by a 10-year-old who never released any other WADs, and part of its charm is the description he included with it, trying to actually give it a story (for example, it refers to the Hall of Mirrors effect in the pit, which is a graphic error that occurs when no texture is placed on a wall, as an "illusio-pit".) It has gained a certain ironic following, and Speedruns have been made of versions patched to be actually winnable.
  • There is a fanmade campaign for Freespace 2 known as "Second Great War Part 2". It's infamous for being a series of amatuerly-made missions with bad gameplay (for example, often requiring the player to fly for minutes on end just to get to where the action is), having a nonsensical plot (with such elements as multiple Colossi on the enemy side, and Sathanas Juggernauts on the friendly side... and no, you don't play as the Shivans), and bad grammar/spelling. The campaign's title itself is an error, as the conflict in Freespace 2 was never referred to as the "Second Great War" in any canon material. It's become infamous enough that it has acquired an ironic fanclub.

  • "All Your Base Are Belong to Us". A horrible translation from a Japanese game (Zero Wing) into English that was so bad it became a massive internet meme. Especially amazing since that was the only cutscene in the entire game, and those practically set records for bad translation in the late 1980s anyway. The game itself is actually quite good, though.
  • On the same vein as above, the translation of the game Blazing Star that has become the Trope Namer for Epic Fail with this gem:
  • The Playstation 1 version of James Pond II: Codename RoboCod, which itself is one version of the Play-It, ltd. remake. Whether the James Pond series for the Amiga and Sega Genesis in general falls into this or a Guilty Pleasure is debatable, as the gameplay itself is geniunely fun in all three games, even if it does take obvious inspiration from Super Mario Bros., and James Pond himself is a camp James Bond parody, so the games at least are Cult Classics. The Play-It, ltd. remake itself is already controversial for the huge changes made to the game in terms of layout and design, but the Playstation 1 version in particular has this "animated" intro which combines CGI and 2D animation in a horrible way, and the 2D parts themself are barely "animated" (Pond himself slides across the screen, and the elf strapped to dynamite doesn't have any real movement besides being stretched and bounced around—and horribly executed—Dr. Maybe literally takes the elf outside his base and ties him up, and just sends out two easily defeated Mooks. And it tries to make James Pond himself serious, as he's shown going into Dr. Maybe's base (which is Santa's Workshop taken over) from the back, as if it looks cool. Even better, there's a thunderstorm of snow outside the castle, and despite there being appropriate boss music in the game, the Final Boss uses the bonus level music. In addition to the intro, there's the ending, which has a little more animation than the intro, but that's still not a good thing, since it has downright creepy CGI, and it has two kids getting the game itself for Christmas. The kids' heads then start floating on a void for no reason, And it ends with James Pond himself winking at the camera, with the same creepy CGI, and the background jolts behind him. Keep in mind that the original version was already silly to begin with, but these attempts at making a Saving Christmas game scary make it even sillier! Especially since the game succeeds at it when it's not trying to.
  • Capcom USA has Mega Man Battle Network 4's "Blind Idiot" Translation, which was a much, MUCH worse translation job than anything else in the entire series, both before and after it. Examples include "What a polite young man she was!" and "Mega Man, is the jack out now!" Even the manual had its share of silly mistakes.
  • The translation for Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment has been cited by the reviewers as both one of the best and worst aspects of the game due to it being unintentionally hilarious while the game itself is pretty good.
  • This "trailer" for the DS and PSP ports of the Duke Nukem trilogy. The sheer reliance on Mundane Made Awesome is amazing.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 has an engine that doesn't quite replicate that of the original trilogy, and as such, many old fans hate it. Still, that engine does allow for some hilarious violations of physics.
  • The live action cutscenes in Shinobi X/Shinobi Legion. They honestly do look a bit awesome when it comes to fighting though.
  • This scene during Nintendo's press conference at E3 2008, though other gamers consider it to be terrible.
  • The entire Konami E3 conference in 2010. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Sonic Adventure has some really, really odd cutscenes, where the characters are strangely animated (the moonwalking policemen from the first cutscene), or have odd facial expressions ("Watch out! You're gonna crash! Ahhhh!!"). However, the game still manages to have genuinely touching moments in spite of all the strangeness turning the cutscenes into Narm Charm.
  • Mass Effect: Deception has many segments that fall into this. Mostly involving Kai Leng. Whether it's him breaking into Anderson's house and eating his cereal because he's an "adrenaline junky", or killing Gillian Grayson with a toothbrush, or him "urinating in a vase that he had selected for that purpose"note , there's almost no end to the Narm generated in scenes involving him.
  • The Guns 'N Roses names used for the initial English translation of Mega Man X5. While some of them could be seen as somewhat cool, like Axle The Red, some of them fall into this category, particularly Duff McWhalen.
  • The manual of the Yong Yong bootleg Sonic Adventure 7 is a hilariously bad edit of Sonic Blast's, and contains many typos and lazy edits. Notable flubs include renaming Nintendo to "Win Tempo" despite the actual name appearing elsewhere, replacing Knuckles' name with the game's logo and referring to the game as Sonic Blast in one instance.
  • Nintendo's Miiverse is a social community where Nintendo gamers can have discussions about the games they are playing. However since the majority of people with a Nintendo console that use Miiverse are kids, expect a lot of posts that sound very naive and weird, as well as hard to read. People also use Miiverse for things like sharing personal problems, finding boyfriends/girlfriends, and of course, trolling. To top it all off, it's run by administrators that are so strict that even something as tame as calling someone "silly" can be considered offensive material and can be reported and removed. Yet you will probably keep checking Miiverse every so often to see those cringe-worthy posts that will give you a good chuckle, because quite frankly, some of these posts are pretty hilariously bad. These posts are so bad, that a Twitter page was created to highlight some of these posts.
    • Silly and/or inappropriate Miiverse posts also get lampooned in the That's On Miiverse series of web videos, where a guy reads the posts in humorous voices and pokes fun of them in other funny ways.
    • See also Please Sakurai, which is specifically Super Smash Bros. related. Though the ridiculous character requests have mostly calmed down since the game's release, the blog is still going strong.
  • This Xbox Live Arcade promotion. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect is the use of Gosh Dang It to Heck! in a community where playing with a Sir Swears-a-Lot would be the least of your problems.
  • This commercial for the is famous not just for being a perfect example of needlessly antagonistic 90's advertising (with the salesman getting up on stage and hurling insults at the crowd and refusing to answer questions until the crowd angrily rushes him,) but because the salesman looks like a live-action Sweet Bro.
  • Fighting Baseball is a Japanese localized MLBPA Baseball featuring fictional teams due to not having the rights for actual MLB team likenesses and names. It's mostly known for the very weird "American" names the players have, such as "Sleve McDichael" and "Bobson Dugnutt", which almost, but don't quite sound like real names, putting them in an Uncanny Valley of sorts.