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Of Light and Darkness: The Prophecy is a Point-and-Click Adventure Game, developed by Tribal Dreams and published by Interplay in 1998 for PCs. It was noteworthy for it's unique premise and all-star cast and "award-winning" team. The game was designed by Cliff Johnson (who previously worked on The Fool's Errand), written by Ken Melville (who worked on Sewer Shark), and starred big Hollywood actors Lolita Davidovich and James Woods, who provided voice lines and motion capture.

Between the worlds of Light and Darkness, humans have struggled for nearly seven thousand years to put an end to the suffering. Once every thousand years, a gate opens between the waking world and the realm of dream time, offering the opportunity to create a new future for the next millennium. Six times in recorded human history this has occurred and The Prophets have said that life, as we know it, will end on May 5, 2000. You, The Chosen One, must rescue humanity from damnation, redeem the prophetess Angel and stop Gar Hob, The Dark Lord of the Seventh Millennium from plunging the world into a thousand years of darkness.

While the game was unique in it's own way, it quickly faded into obscurity... at least until December 2016, when it was finally re-released on and Steam. A walkthrough of the game can also be found here.


Tropes present in this game:

  • All There in the Manual: A lot of the things needed to understand the story can only be found through reading the manual.
  • Banishing Ritual: Many of the puzzles are about collecting the items that bind the aggressive spirit to the mortal plane (and the level it's chasing you through) and finally performing the ritual once they are all assembled.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Before you get to deal with Dark Lord Gar Hob, you need go through seven levels to exorcise the apparitions associated with each of the deadly sins.
  • Take That!: The last newspaper you see in the intro has an obviously self-referential "Computer Game Hastens Doomsday" headline, with a subtitle of "Gamers the world over intrigued by plot". One of the side stories, however, is "The Prez' New Gal Monica Shivers Talks", in an unsubtle jab at Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal that was all the rage in 1998.
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  • Timed Mission: Your attempts to banish the apparitions are often timed.
  • Worst News Judgement Ever: The intro mainly handles its exposition through showing us a lot of folded copies of various newspapers while the title theme playes. The weirdest example comes up front with the Vancouver Times, where the front page news is "Predictions Tell of Judgement Day." The side news is "Canada Strikes Gold In Hockey". One would think any doomsday prediction judged authoritative enough to warrant the front page would also completely displace mere sports news in favour of anything more substantive, and vice versa.
    • Next newspaper, however, is a 75 cent tabloid WORLDview, but which at least displays a more consistent judgement. "SATAN CLOUD APPEARS - Prophecy fulfilled at H-Bomb Test Site" has "Is This the Beginning of The End? Experts comment" to the side. Next newspaper, Sign O'The Times, is all about the extreme El Nino, heavy storms over North America and stars colliding uncomfortably close to Earth.
    • And then, the trope appears to be Zig-Zagged with Bollywood Repeater, which is entirely devoted to showbiz fluff, from an unnamed animation company expanding its staff, Steven Cameron making the disaster film of the year with Olympic - and, front and center, a story about the exotic dancer Angel, who is mainly notable for being the prophetess of the story. Soon afterwards, however, the next cover mentioning her states her "true believers" already number in the millions - which is convenient as the next headline is about the resurrected Dark Lord showing up at an orgy.