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Narm / Video Games

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When your game's localization is too straight to the point.

Whether it's because of their perceived kiddyness, So Bad, It's Good voice acting, characters wearing funny costumes, flimsy translation, Limited Animation, or just low production values when it came to the script, video games tend to have more badly executed drama than you can shake a joystick at. Being an interactive medium, this can often be invoked.

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  • .hack//G.U. makes a big deal about PKing up to the point where it becomes a crime equivalent to murder. Sure, there's the bit about some players who actually get sucked within the game itself, but considering that you just respawn upon death, it just makes the entire issue Serious Business. Especially when one player uses the If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him argument.
    • The classic: "IT'S HASEO!! THE PKK!!!!!". So much horror, so much terror for... an online game.
      • Some players mentioned gear stealing the target of a PK is possible, so they might have been worried he'd take their epic loots.
      • In the original, there's a poignant scene in which Balmung comes to the false conclusion that the protagonist is responsible for spreading computer viruses through the game. He demands that Kite stand and fight, and Blackrose leaps to his aid and angrily tells Balmung off. This is all hilarious when you consider that the most Balmung could do is PK Kite and make him respawn back in town.
      • Also in the original quadrilogy, Kite's "Counter attack? No!" with a dramatic zoom in on his rather weird looking face.
    • Another example is Gaspard's breakdown midway through Rebirth as a result of Bordeaux's harassment. What was she doing? Stopping people from visiting the Canard guild shop. Yes, Gaspard bursts into tears and nearly quits the game because people won't shop from him anymore. To make it worse it takes Silabus out of the running for your fight with Bordeaux shortly after.
  • Ace Attorney
  • In Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, the death of Chopper, aka Captain Davenport might have been more heartrending if the cries of anguish from the squadmates didn't sound so orgasmic/like they were constipated.
    • In reality, people suffering great emotional pain don't necessarily sound effectively dramatic. Even if that's a sufficient handwave, though, nothing justifies the terrible voice-acting or writing from the AWACS.
    • It's even more Narmy if you're familiar with Hot Shots!, since the constant calling out of parts of the plane breaking down gets too close to Topper's final landing ['I've lost a wing...Oh, there goes the other one']. The dying character's name not helping matters in the slightest.
    • Also as narmy was the fact that the AWACS in 5 ("Thunderhead") and 6 ("Ghost Eye") could be found panicking and basically having a coronary as soon as Lt. Col. Ford (during the B-2 bomber attack on Sand Island Air Base) in 5 and Garuda 2, Marcus "Shamrock" Lampert (when scouting Chandelier) in 6 were shot down. In contrast, Sky Eye and Eagle Eye weren't exactly just renamed, but they were completely professional, stayed on top of things, and had the human touch.
    • Anytime the characters in 5 and Zero start talking about how bad war is. Zero especially, since it's mercenaries doing it.
    • Following Pops over the island in unarmed training jets, during which your wingmates constantly talk up Pops' apparent skill at controlling his aircraft. Taking any of it seriously is almost impossible: their first adulations come after he's done nothing more than a simple 90-degree turn at low altitudenote , and everything later comes after he's started clipping through the sea and cliff faces.
  • Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War has Solo Wing Pixy's first description of a repeatedly-visited area, the "Round Table" (it in itself an example due to just how hard the game shoehorns references to Arthurian myth into everything it could vaguely apply to). Describing it as a "grand stage where we pilots performed" can work given that most of the fighters on the players' side are mercenaries who are indeed "performing" in a sense for the people paying them, but then he claims that aces from all over the world "criss-crossed through those skies in pursuit of air superiority", describing air superiority like it's a Zen-esque state of enlightenment.
  • Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation's "Go dance with the angels"? That's supposed to be an insult (Emmerian POWs interrogated by Viktor Voychek throw this at him). It's worse than merely neutered.
    • Interestingly, it IS an insult to that particular character, since he was grounded from flying by an injury. That doesn't make it any less narmy.
      • Problem is that it's used repeatedly by the Emmerians in other contexts, so instead of being a one-time zinger it seems to be the national slogan of Emmeria, and even the Estovakian ace Ilya Pasternak sinks to that level at one point.
    • "MATILDAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" If memory serves, all the extra As are even in the subtitles.
    • During the opening, Melissa sees the wrecks of both her daughter's school bus and her husband's plane are on the same road and in the same manner.
  • Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict has a narmy moment when Will rescues Isabella from the Great Owl. You've just fought a desperate battle in one of the cargo spaces, the plane is dropping out of the sky, Will has just talked sense into Isabella and admitted his love, and then you're treated to a full screen shot of Isabella crying and her face is priceless.
  • Milder example: the Saloon structure in Age of Empires III. While the Saloon offers the players good units, The Wild West-style harpsichord music can be somewhat distracting.
    • The campaign mode, probably due to the game being more multiplayer oriented, didn't exactly splurge on the voice acting or script, resulting in some rather horrendous dialogue:
    Sahin: Why do you continue to fight, Frenk? Can you not see that your struggle is pointless?
    Morgan Black: Why do ye call me Frank? Ah'm Scoatisch, y' Turkish doag!
    Sahin: Bah! All you Europeans are French to me!
    • Just as half-defense of the exchange, and half-historical tidbit, Muslims, historically, commonly referred to Europeans as 'the Franks', even if they should have known better about their antagonist's nationality.
    • Same with the Chinese—it's where Star Trek got the name for the Ferengi.
    • WOLOLO.
    • The Mamelukes, who ride camels and throw their scimitars like boomerangs.
    • Billy Holme's death in The Warchiefs campaign. First he gets shot, then he falls backwards into a mineshaft, and then the barrels of powder that fell with him explode. You know, just in case there was any doubt that getting shot and falling down a mineshaft would do him in.
  • Not even a game as Darker and Edgier (originally) as Akatsuki Blitzkampf is fully free of this trope:
    • Murakumo's Twinkle Toes Samurai run comes off as damn hilarious.
    • In the earlier versions of the game, Elektrosoldat's Blitzbombe had the words Sieg Heil flashing in dark colors on a white background. Since that was a pretty tasteless detail, it was removed in Ausf. Achse... and replaced by an hilariously tacky Blitzbombe word in bright pink on a light blue background. Uh, wha—?
    • The character portraits for En-Eins Perfektewelt try to be cubist-looking but brighter than the originals, but instead everyone looks as if they were either sleepy or stoned.
  • Allison Road, a horror game largely inspired by the cancelled Silent Hills, and supposedly one of the most pants-shittingly scary games of all time. It also shares its name with a perky (if bittersweet) Gin Blossoms song, and whistling the chorus is a surefire way to kill the tension of the trailer. And God help you if you start matching up the action with the ridiculously on-the-nose lyrics like, "I didn't know I was lost at the time/on Allison Road".
  • Alone in the Dark: Quite a bit.
    • Alone in the Dark (1992):
      • During Edward's narration intro, he noticeably slurs slightly as he talks, sounding as if he's slightly drunk. Taken even further that in his image to the right, there is a bottle of alcohol on his desk.
      • Upon walking down to the second floor, the double doors slam, followed by the evil laughter. Said laughter came off... rather Goofy sounding.
    • In the second and third game, the Mooks will say something upon spotting you. The things they say? "Morning sir!" "Hi guy!" or "Hey you.", all of them sounding hilarious.
    • The 2008 reboot is dripping with it.
  • The very beginning of the classic Beat 'em Up Altered Beast. Zeus, God of Gods, commands the two nameless heroes to rise from their graves, but the voice clip that accompanies this scene is of such low quality that Zeus sounds like Elmer Fudd: "Wise fwum your gwave!"
  • "How can a man shit so much blood and still live?" is a line that you'd expect more from an episode of South Park than something like Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.
  • Armed Police Batrider: The endings for the Wayne brothers would be more thought-provoking if they were written by people who actually knew English.
  • Army of Two. The game is a Stealth Parody of over the top action games and the America Saves the Day mentality. Once your mask-clad mercenaries encounter the terrorist with the gold-plated AK-47, everything goes straight past the Rule of Cool and into pure unintentional hilarity.
  • Art of Fighting 2 is guilty of having an English translation that is pure narm incarnate. While the Japanese script was somewhat serious, the English translation took no prisoners in becoming near Gag Dub hilarious. Thus came hilarious moments such as:
    Ryo: "You must be Duck!"
    Geese: "That's GEESE, fool. Sad pun I know but... the fowl leader of Southtown."
    • Not to mention how Jack transforms the Neo Black Cats into a creative dance group.
  • The scene from Assassins Creed where the Mad Scientist informs you that the Animus experiments are 'serious business' is incredibly narmy and outright hilarious.
    • The beggars in the first game are either this or just plain obnoxious. Also, the crier in the Muslim controlled areas of the game. It's narmy the first time, and only gets more so as you hear it over and over again.
    • Cesare Borgia, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's Big Bad screaming like a little girl after Ezio hurls him off a rampart to his doom.
    • A scene from the ARG Project Legacy has The Courtesan kick The Priest in the groin dramatically before going on to immediately make a long series of business deals.
    • The initiation ceremony for the NPC assassins from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
  • In Asura's Wrath, the way Yasha yells as he charges up his Battle Aura to take down Deus in Episode 15.5: Defiance ruins the moment, regardless of the language. The Japanese one begins and ends well enough, but the middle part was underwhelming. The crack at the end of the English one could rival Dante's "LIIIIGHT!" scene in the original Devil May Cry.

  • Baldur's Gate, the slave caves: "Get me out of this hellhole!" repeated ad nauseam in singsong.
  • Baten Kaitos
    • The scene where Kalas pulls a Face–Heel Turn? (Video)
    • *Would the laughing point be when he said "LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL WINGS!"
    • There's also the ending to the giant Sidequest to gather all the missing family members before Quzman dies. When you gather all 32 family members, the elderly man gently ascends to Heaven with several fairies helping him up. What makes the scene unintentionally funny is the text box that pops up after the scene. "Quzman died peacefully" suddenly pops up while the cheerful level-up jingle plays. Kind of spoils the moment.
      • The last signature. Same textbox, same level-up jingle, only the message reads Quzman's brother passed away, but you finished the Family Tree!
    • The stiff character models don't help at all. They move like puppets with invisible strings.
    • Everything that Xelha says. She has a ridiculously feminine voice that manages to sound exactly like a guy doing a decent impression of a girl. That being said, her death scene still manages to be genuinely sad.
    • Pretty much any word out of Lyude's mouth has a habit of becoming hilarious.
    • One problem the game faces is that the Guardian Spirit's name and gender can be chosen at the beginning of the game, which means that his/her name can't be said during voice acting sequences. However, instead of substituting another word (e.g. "your spirit"), the voices leave a gap in the dialogue, which is incredibly jarring. The second game fixes this somewhat by making the spirit's gender male, but direct addresses to his name are left empty.
    • What about when Lyude's older brother and sister kill his nanny? Not to mention, said lady pulls a huge-ass gun from beneath her dress to try and protect Lyude. It was obviously trying to be Badass and it looks totally ridiculous.
    • Origins has Milly's "No! No, no, no, No! Father you are so wrong!"
    • Giacomo's seemingly-Badass Boast: 'You're my ticket back to the Empire! And every good ticket needs to be punched!'
    • Then there's Sagi's little gem of a line. "Go to hell, you son of a bitch! You hurt my mother!"
  • This one probably also qualifies as gameplay and story segregation gone hideously wrong. In Battle Arena Toshinden 3, each of the "bad guys" has Sho Shinjo as the last opponent. Leon is one such bad guy. His ending, in a nutshell, says that he finally gained his victory over whoever (probably Eiji), but he cannot be truly satisfied until he's defeated...Sho Shinjo.
  • General Kehck's final speech in Beyond Good & Evil. "May the angels of darkness rise to glory!" It's not quite "With LIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!", but it's still absurdly over-the-top.
    • You know what does not help that line? It's the fact that up until that point, the "Black Angels" or whatever you would like to call them were never mentioned or hinted at, and they are never mentioned or discussed afterwards. It just came completely out of nowhere. Perhaps it was supposed to be considered a Sequel Hook, and something to be expanded on in the sequel - there are a number of things about this game that definitely need to be expanded on.
  • As good as Batman: Arkham City is, Clayface's Game Over screens are truly a sight to behold. Though the quotes alone are snicker-worthy, his accompanying stage movements and Jiggle Physics are what really gets the crowd going. While the idea is that Clayface was formerly a hammy old time actor, its overblown either way. William Shatner would be proud.
    "Next, I will BECOME YOU, BATMAN!"
    • Penguin's real name, Oswald Cobblepot, is rather silly-sounding. It's hard to take Batman seriously as he growls at him, "You're not giving orders here anymore, Cobblepot."
    • Speaking of Penguin (who, we should remind you, is a small portly fellow), when Batman finishes him off at the end of the Museum dungeon, he does so by delivering a slow-motion shoryuken while heavenly music plays in the background. It's even funnier on the off-chance that the punch fails to make contact.
  • The song "GOLD RUSH" from beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD: "2 DX GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLD! Make it! Make money!" And let's not get started on the rest of the lyrics, which are no less fucked up than the fan lyrics.
  • The second ending of The Binding of Isaac. Isaac finds a noose in the treasure chest... and then hangs himself with it. Looks more silly than creepy.
  • In BioShock, when your character picks up his first plasmid for example. To wit: he picks up a random syringe that's been lying there God knows how long, with God knows what inside of it, and decides to jam it into his wrist for giggles. It's not even given a "Would you kindly?" excuse — you just do it! The real Narm comes, though, when you've injected yourself and you're flopping around on the floor like a dying fish; all you hear is Atlas on the radio cheerfully telling you, "don't worry, it's just your genetic code being re-written". It gets better when shortly after, you randomly hurl yourself off the balcony and pass out. Although Atlas asks you to inject yourself with the plasmid if you try to open the door below.
    • It had an audio diary where Dr. Suchong tests the Enrage plasmid on some guy, who sounds like a monkey burning his arse on a hotplate or something.
    • Fontaine momentarily freaks out after you ingest the second Lot 192 sample, completely releasing you from his mind control. Then he's back to his usual smarmy self. "YOU BROKE THE SPELL?!?"
    • The sequel's announcer is just as narmy. CARURU CUROBA
    • Also in the sequel, we get some very QUALITY animated cutscenes courtesy of GONZO. Hazama's RAEPFACE is becoming rather meme-tastic. Fan reactions have alternated from laughter and parodies to UNSTOPPABLE RAGE. Cries of "Why, GONZO?!" are rather common amongst the community.
    • Not to mention:
    Carl: *utterly deadpan* Sis, I want to be able to taste your cooking again...
    • The Japanese version of the scene in Chronophantasma involving Noel, Makoto and Tsubaki's reunion after the latter is freed from the Imperator's control once and for all. The crying. It's so loud and over the top that it's impossible to take seriously.
  • Blue Dragon is full of them, but the worst is near the beginning, as the heroes are plummeting to their deaths and are saved by a Deus ex Machina. What does our hero say in response to not dying? "It's because I said we won't give up!". Bleh.
  • Nearly every line in Bomberman Jetters qualifies as this, from the supporting characters encouraging on Bomberman...
    Dr. Ein: At last, there is only one gigantic rocket engine left, but there is no TEIM left! We're relying on you, White Bomber!
    • the bosses in the game trying to intimidate you...
    Thunder Bomber: HAW HAW HAW! HAW HAW HAW! I am the legendary Thundah Bomber!
    • ...even when the characters you're playing as pick up items, but especially MAX's lines.
    MAX: Banuhnuh.
  • The Bouncer had moments all over the place. From the "No Cactaurs!" jacket Volt is wearing (yes, meant to be a Final Fantasy joke of a different stripe, but too easily mocked in other ways) to the classic "Koh Leifoh... super spy!" sequence, it's really hard to take the game seriously at all (this probably explains the final boss fight abandoning all pretense of plot).
  • In Brave Story: A New Traveller, you are searching for a lost reptile-boy named Minos. His father Sogreth, according to his old friend Kee Keema, ran off to find him on his own in spite of a huge monster that was in the cave. When you find them, Sogreth is unconscious and Minos is standing between him and the monster.
    Minos: Waaaaaah! Pop!
    Kee Keema: S-Sogreth!
    Boogaboo Crab: BOOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA-BOO.
  • Breakdown was an excellent although severely flawed game. A scientist suffers an obviously fatal fall, lands right in front of you, and then gets back up, apparently unscathed. And then she notices that the back of her head has been smashed to a pulp, and she then dies with cartoonishly exaggerated death throes.
  • One of Bubble Symphony's bad endings: "Year, but will can't go back to our own world!"
  • The highly obscure Sonic Team title Burning Rangers has a black guy named Big Landman and a guy from Europe called Lead Phoenix. Maybe that's why it's so obscure...

  • At the end of Cadash, after uncovering the true villain and defeating him, you character prepares to leave when the princess addresses you again with a dramatic closeup: "Thank you for the important thing!"
  • Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth: "The sacrifice is getting awaaaaay!"
  • The enthusiastically hyper-aggressive German announcer in the Multiplayer of Call of Duty: World at War is narm-tastic.
  • The Japan-region title of Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 is Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001, and the announcer even says it in a few places. Apparently, it's a fighting tournament where all the combatants are from the upper class!
  • From the Captain America and the Avengers arcade Beat 'em Up: Cap and his crew are prepared to fight the first boss, Whirlwind, saying they've got him cornered and he can't escape. Whirlwind's retort? "You will be the one escaping!" This is supposed to sound threatening, but thanks to the cheesy voice acting (it was the early '90s, you know), it sounds utterly hilarious, especially given that it sounds like both Cap and Whirlwind were voiced by the same guy.
    • Plus, telling your enemy that they're going to escape isn't exactly very threatening, being akin to yelling "I won't deal you serious injury!"
    • "I CAN'T MOVE!"
    • When a character is hit, he cries an over-dramatic "NO!"
    • "What an evil thing you've done!"
    • Mandarin's Yellow Peril voice: "See my POWAAAAH!!!!"
    • When you demand that Ultron tell you where the laser is. His response is "ASK THE POLICE!" Why? Nobody really knows.
    • On a side note, the designers of the game must have been under the impression that The Vision was a flat-chested woman or the world's most flamboyantly homosexual male robot. His default poses and moves have him with his knees turned inwards and his hands being held limply out to the side or covering his "breasts". Very, very strange.
  • Catherine:
  • In Chrono Trigger, there's a completely optional, utterly pointless, blink-and-you'll-miss-it side-quest sort of thing. Marle has had two or three bitter fights with her father, and now wants to make up. If you go to the right town, you have the option of buying some spiced jerky (apparently his favorite) for 9,900 gold. If you then take it to the king, he will look at it, pause a moment, then declare that he has high blood pressure, assume Marle was attempting to harm him, then throw her out of the castle and say he never wants to see her aga... wait, why am I laughing?
    Man: Hey, bring some more soda!
    Bartender: Sir, I think you've had enough sugar today.
    Man: Pipe down! I'll tell you when I've had enough! Can't you see I love soda pop! Nothing like soda pop to quench your thirst!
    Gabriel: (laughing) Oh...that's tonally discordant.
  • In the City of Heroes expansion "Death Incarnate", several missions have scenes where an NPC is abruptly seized by a monstrous mouth erupting out of the ground. That would be nicely dramatic, except that it sticks around afterwards to chew, producing gigglefits and comparisons to Piranha Plants, Graboids, and Audrey II.
  • Clive Barker's Undying: While there is plenty of Nightmare Fuel to be found if looked at closely, the game is so rife with bad voice acting, poor scripting, Good Bad Bugs, non-stop action after the initial segment and so much gratuitous violence and gore it Crosses the Line Twice, it's hard to take seriously. Naturally, some fans like the game exactly because of this.
  • Command & Conquer has a grand moment of this at the end of the Nod campaign for Tiberian Sun. As Commander McNeal watches, having been beaten senseless and tortured before the scene, a nuke that Nod fired in the last mission hits the GDI space station. I'm pretty sure the actor was screaming a Big "NO!", but it ended up sounding like the kind of yell that insensitive people would attribute to a deaf person. Then again, this is Command & Conquer, and the amount of ham in this game alone almost matched the first Red Alert game.
    • And then, Red Alert 3 came...
      • BY MY OWN FORCES!!!
    • C&C 4 has the player's wife Lily as a significant character in the cutscenes. While the actress tries hard to depict this emotional connection, she's hamstrung by the way Lily never refers to her beloved by name and the way that whatever she says or does, your only response is stoic silence.
    • In Red Alert 2, the way General Carville dies is something of a fridge narm. Sure, it hits you out of nowhere, but when you think about it, some guy wearing a beret, sunglasses, and trench coat was standing in front of a door in the freakin' PENTAGON for who knows how long waiting for his target to open it, rather than, y'know, charging through it. Not to mention the bomb seems to be rigged to explode upon the trench coat being thrown open for no apparent reason.
    • The death of Premier Romanov is also quite narmy, though knowing the game, that might be on purpose. The player is shown a video that supposedly shows General Vladimir killing Romanov. What the player sees is a short clip of Romanov propped up in his sickbed saying "No! No! General Vladimir!" in his hammy Russian accent.
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars features one of the heroes offering the brilliant suggestion of "Let's attack aggressively!". Apparently they already tried to attack the aliens "passively" and "moderately", but neither worked out to well. Maybe said hero was trying to say that they should attack the aliens directly, as opposed to attacking subtly but poor choice of words there.

  • Maybe it's unsporting to beat up on Daikatana, but it's difficult to believe that Superfly's voice acting (his in particular, and especially when Hiro dies) wasn't intentionally bad.
  • Dark Seed had a bit of this, but Dark Seed II takes the cake!
    Mike: Oh, no! The Hall Of Death again, the only way out of here is death!
    Ms Dawson: Here Mike, this will explain everything! *BGAH*
  • In both second stages in Darius Twin, you face the Dual Bosses Emperor Fossil and Queen Fossil. Instead of the usual Boss Subtitles, you get this nice big run-on sentence:
  • Dark Cloud 2: While opinion varies as to the Narm-factor of cutscene lines normally, if you go out of your way to finish enough dungeon challenges and use the medals from doing so to buy the specialty clothing from the mayor? Try taking a tearjerker or epic sword fight scene seriously when your swordsman girl is wearing a Stripperiffic Fur Bikini with cat ears, and your wrench-wielding hero is in a clown suit.
    • "Damn damn DAMN that Griffen!"
  • Dead or Alive has offered up a few examples over the years:
    • Ryu's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner against the Tengu in DoA2 is hilarious for its blunt cordiality, as is Tengu's response for its sensibleness:
    Hayabusa: "Let me take your life!"
    Tengu: "That's ridiculous."
    • In Dead Or Alive 4, both Ryu and Kasumi's pre-battle cutscenes with Alpha-152 are made narmful by how unfairly difficult the battle is, taking multiple tries even for an expert. In Ryu's version, he steps forward to protect Kasumi... then proceeds to get totally curbstomped. In Kasumi's version, he stands by noting that This Is Something She Has To Do Herself... then watches her get totally curbstomped.
  • Dead Rising gives us such gems as "I've covered wars, y'know." Well, Frank, so has Geraldo.
    • The game was full to the brim of Narm - reaching its height when the main character, after the man responsible for the zombie outbreak dies in his arms, says "You know, I thought he was terrorist scum. But... In the end, all he really cared about was his sister." Trapping your sister in a mall full of flesh eating zombies is an odd way to show affection for her.
    • The insane manager of the supermarket that you have to fight - "THIS IS MY STOOOOOOORRREEEEE!"
    • "I'm...a...zombieeeee..." Yah, yah...hurry up already, I've got survivors to save.
    • The classic line "We need to retard the zombification process." (It's grammatically correct - "retard" literally means "slow" - but still, that word choice is unfortunate.)
    • On top of all that, the main character will wear the same clothes in cutscenes as he wears during gameplay. This means that many serious, dramatic moments can be spoiled by having Frank West wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Or a Servbot mask. Or a cocktail dress.
    • In the sequel, Chuck comes across a pair of magician psychopaths and witnesses them sawing a woman in half (literally) as part of a botched magic trick. Chuck's reaction is hilarious.
  • Dead Space, despite having excellent writing, becomes incredibly silly at times thanks to Isaac's stomping attack and its magical dismemberment powers. While it looks like he could stomp off fragile or mutilated Necromorph limbs, it's utterly hilarious to stomp on the dead bodies of Hammond or Kyne and see their limbs come off totally clean.
  • While Deadly Premonition is full of Narm Charm, one can't help but laugh at some aspects of the game, such as George turning into a huge, hulking monster with Super Saiyan hair.
  • Destiny has the ridiculous line "That wizard came from the moon." Or at least it did until the developers realised how narmy it was and removed it.
  • While Deus Ex is a great game, the level of narm present throughout it is truly awe-inspiring. The accented voices are usually delivered poorly, and J.C. Denton's lack of emotion in his voice leads to some rather awkward dialog exchanges at times...
    • J.C.'s lack of emotion makes many of his lines arguably cooler. "A bomb's a bad choice for close-range combat." That, and the voice acting wasn't So Bad, It's Good - just bad.
    • "Oh my god, JC, A bomb!" "A bomb!". Grade-A narm!
    • The moment in the abandoned building near the Paris catacombs. You get dropped off by your pilot on top of a dark, foreboding structure. You make your way down through the levels, passing dilapidated and crumbling walls, only to find a woman hanging out in a pseudo-apartment verbally berating herself for letting two of her cats die (and she speaks to you in a hilariously over-the-top French accent). If you go down to the basement and kill the greasels that were bothering her cats and go back to her, she suddenly goes crazy:
      Green greasy greasels!!! Oh...(later on)...HOORAH! MY KITTIES!!!
    • JC's line delivery if Sandra Renton's father dies during the confrontation with Jojo Fine at the 'Ton Hotel:
      Sandra Renton: Oh my God! Daddy...
      JC Denton: What a shame... He was a good man. What a rotten way to die.
    • This video consists of various lines of the game's dialogue mixed up and spliced together.
  • Unfortunately, this didn't really improve a hell of a lot in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
    • "Tell 'em Barrett sent ya...TO HELL!!!"
    • "You mean...The Illuminati?!"
  • The ending cinematic in Diablo, depending on which class you played as. When the player character drives Diablo's Soulstone into his/her forehead, the look of pain on the Warrior and Sorcerer's faces is authentic. The Rogue, by contrast, ends up looking like Barbra Streisand.
  • Baal, in the opening cinematic for Act V of Diablo II. Sure, he's got an army from hell with him, and he blows up the guard in a very evil way, but... he also gestures emphatically with every line, looks like he's wearing makeup, and seems way too happy about being carried on a fashionable throne by his minions. He may be the most intimidating drama queen ever, but he still acts like a drama queen.
    • Some of the in-game lines count, such as The Necromancer's "I sense... a demonic presence here..." An ominous line, except that every last nook and cranny of the game is chock full of demons and other nasties, and that particular dungeon is no different.
    • Another time he utters "This place is as dark as a tomb." when entering... an underground temple. What did he expect?
  • In Digital Devil Saga, Heat will sometimes begin a battle shouting "Your ass is MIIINEE!!". The delivery is funny by itself, but the Fridge Logic behind this is also funny. Half of the demons of the franchise don't even have asses.
  • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness has the heroes confronted by overwhelming odds, when their hotblooded antagonist-turned-friend Kurtis returns from the dead to give a passionate speech about how his friends would never give in. The heroes break into laughter, because Kurtis has been reborn as a Prinny - meaning that the speech is delivered by a goofy-looking stuffed penguin.
  • Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories had one cutscene where the entire party was surrounded by monsters, and death seemed certain. This would be a very dramatic scene if Yukimaru's Verbal Tic didn't make the whole thing sound unintentionally silly. "Oh, how cruel is fate, zam?"
  • Divinity: Original Sin II:
    • Can be invoked by the player, especially with the Jester Tag. Not only do you have the option to dress your characters in extremely mismatched armour (Elves even wear Stripperific gear, regardless of gender), but you can say some inappropriately-funny things. Sometimes you get some amusing responses.
    • The game is not very "Cinematic", which means that some specific actions are handled by text boxes describing it. What becomes funny is when you're having a conversation across the room with them and they give you something (implying the item was tossed).
      • Talking is also not a free action. You can exploit this by having your character chugging potions and the effect will remain through the conversation. But it also counters to debuffs, so your character (or even the person they're speaking to) can be having a long conversation while on fire.
    • Talk with someone who is acting hostile to you, and trade with them. Then kill them! Hilarious.
    • The game later has an optional sex cutscene between yourself and another character. Because of the games very rudimentary animation, the characters are depicted as standing in front of the bed while the narrator describes their actions. Then they get teleported into the bed. With their gear still on. While Original Sin II still was promised to have some humour in it, it's highly unlikely Larian intended for humour like this.
    • Lohse, the resident Spoony Bard, can actually sing - one moment can be done in her personal quest at the very end. What becomes extra funny is the fact that she can do it in the middle of a room filled with dead bodies, making some absolute Mood Whiplash and Soundtrack Dissonance.
    • The climactic ending has a scene that is ruined by its Limited Animation and Special Effect Failure:
      • First off, Dallis and Lucian will give their ending monologues despite being flat on their faces, and even on fire.
      • And then your character doesn't even walk to the throne, they just teleport there, still covered in visual effects from debuffs, and sit on the throne. You only get one moment to see it before a textbox obscures the view.
  • Many of DJMAX's English-language songs are written in English so horrible that it kills the mood of the songs if you know and listen to them. "A Lie" and "Fallen Angel" make it worse by giving you easy access to the lyrics via their background animations.
    • "Say It From Your Heart" is a mellow and awesome song. Then comes the rapping part.
  • DonPachi
  • In Doom the first monsters should sound terrifiyng... but insted of sounding like zombies , they sound like camelids.
    • Any time in Doom 3 when an imp or something teleports in, and goes through the normal scream animation, then gets its head blown off because you weren't impressed.
  • In Dragon Quest V, it's pretty hard to take some scenes seriously thanks to the addition of accents and some regional stereotypes. One example: After Rodrigo Briscoletti tells you to go find and see what color the jar at the shrine is, which then turns out to be red. Hearing the unfortunate news, he tells the Hero that the pot is a Sealed Evil in a Can that was sealed by his ancestors like "meat inside ravioli". Now that the seal is very weak, he says that "The pasta is about to burst open!"
  • Drake of the 99 Dragons is a VERY bad game. Besides the awful gameplay, the cutscenes are pure weapons-grade Narm.
  • Manah in Drakengard. This only happens once - when Furiae is killed and Inuart is wailing over her corpse, Manah is twirling around... and around...and around... Arguably, this could have been intensely disturbing, however, the fact that she just kept on going ruined it.
    • Also, her 'Watcher' voice coupled with her childish mannerisms. Imagine a deep, male voice. Now imagine it going 'Lalalalala' in complete monotone. Or better yet, listen for yourself here.
  • Toward the end of the first Drawn to Life game, the mayor encounters the Big Bad out in the woods. The mayor is murdered. While this is pretty sad and even a little scary, it's shown by the villain simply walking toward him and the mayor falling over, sort of taking away the emotional sting.
  • There's a Narm moment to be had in Dungeon Siege II: Broken World. Up until Part III, whenever you visit Arcanist Laenne to buy or sell reagents (and believe me, if you want to take advantage of those good reagent recipes, you will be visiting her a lot), she almost always starts her conversations with "We have taken in more Humans than we have room for, and they're in bad shape". It's an accurate and descriptive line the first few times you hear it, but after hearing it a few hundred times, you can't help but either groan or say "Yeah, yeah, everything happens to you". Thankfully, though, you can skip past it.
    • Taar has some awkward lines: "You must take care when talking to strangers. You never know when someone is lying." Yes, mother...
    • Most NPC lines are written in Purple Prose fit for the hammiest of hams, yet the voice actors are having none of it. It sounds like they recorded the lines in someone's apartment and didn't want to disturb the neighbors.
  • In Dynasty Warriors 3, a death cutscene that is supposed to be dramatic (Guan Yu at Fan Castle) becomes this instead because the voice actor left out the word "with" leading to: "In death, my soul will be my brethren. Farewell!"
    • A dike? Oh no!
    • Feel the power of my...maaagiiiic!
    • "Another INN-sect crrushed! Another INN-sect crrushed! Another INN-sect crrushed! Another INN-sect crrushed!" (And Sun Ce cheerfully declaring "One down, many more to go!" after wasting the enemy commander was even stupider.)
    • Given that the entire Dynasty Warriors series is set in a World of Ham, it's an ENDLESS source of Narm. How do you choose between Ma Chao's gut-wrenching demands for "JJJJUUSSSTICCCEEE!", Zhang Jiao's urging the Yellow Turbans to "GooooOOOOOOOOooooo!!!" while his voice cracks like he just hit puberty, Cao Ren's grandfatherly monotone regardless of how much carnage is happening around him, Gan Ning's vaguely Jersey accent in some installments.... actually, it's probably just easier to list all the dialogue in this series that isn't Narmy.
    • On the other end of the spectrum is this cutscene from the third game, in which Zhuge Liang reacts to a failed plan in such a mild-mannered tone he makes your average high school guidance counselor sound like Lu Bu.
    • Pretty much any serious line that involves Cao Cao or Cao Pi before the sixth game (Until then, it was always pronounced like "Cow" instead of the correct "Tsao"). Cao Pi especially qualifies. Not only that, but names like Sun Quan and Xiahou Dun didn't have the correct pronunciations until the seventh game, which can lead to funny moments if you're familiar with them.

  • The Earth Defense Force series is like the B-Movies of video games, pitting the player against large aliens. Hokey voice-acting helps to sell the B-movie feel, with such gems as "You like death? Then die!!" and songs that the troops sometimes sing.
    We are prepared for any alien threat
    The Navy launches ships, the Air Force sends in jets
    And nothing can withstand our fixed bayonets
    The EDF deploys!
  • Ecco II: Tides Of Time for the Sega CD gives us a movie recap of the previous game. It also gives us dolphin lasers.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has a few examples.
    • An accidental example of Black Comedy occurs at the end of Hirrus Clutummus's final sidequest, where you can find him standing on a ledge above the ground below, musing about how it would be like to fall off the ledge. Here, you have the dialogue option to catch him off guard and push him off, just as he requested earlier in his previous sidequest, and it all falls apart when once you do, he squeaks out a surprised "WHAT?!" and abruptly ragdolls off the ledge right afterwards like it's a sketch from The Gmod Idiot Box. Not only do you not visibly do anything to push him off, but Hirrus actually dies in midair, triggering his death dialogue which continues even after he hits the ground.
      • Even funnier is the Mood Whiplash between Hirrus's voice lines before and after you push him off, with Hirrus panickedly screaming "WHAT?! HAAARGH!!" one moment, then suddenly thanking you for granting him peace in a calm, grateful voice the next.
    Youtube commenter: Did the air resistance kill him?
    • Knights of the Nine Patch. When you finally get down to the basement of the old, abandoned Priory of the Nine, listen to the main ghost as he has the other ghosts fight you.
      • "Now show him...THE FEERRRROCITY OF THE NORRTH!!"
      • "Steel yourself...and face...MEH!!!!"
    • Those can be okay, but the absolute worst example is from the main game. Despite the limited number of voice actors for non-major characters, they do a serviceable job most of the time. However imagine this in absolute monotone:
      "Oh, no. You think the trolls killed them? And they were drawn in by will-o-the-wisps?"
    • Ten minutes out of the tutorial you're struck with a performance that's hammy even for a guy running from Hell itself. It contrasts with the much more level-headed reactions of the people trapped in a church surrounded by flames.
    • Also, the way NPCs talk to each other, standing rod-straight and making constant eye contact, is either this or Uncanny Valley.
  • Skyrim has a somewhat meta-example. Dragons create their magic by shouting words like "fire" in their language. Thus, one of the loading screens describes a battle between two dragons as a "deadly verbal debate". Now imagine real-world politicians or lawyers holding a debate by yelling things like "fire" and "ice" at each other as loud as they can...
    • Odahviing's face has a weird tendency to default to a big, toothy dragon grin when he finishes speaking. This can be pretty hilarious in the wrong context.
    • The combat system can easily lead to unintentionally funny moments, such as a guy telling you "Don't do that!" with mild annoyance as you run him through with a giant sword. The stealth system only adds to the absurdity; it's not uncommon for a bandit that you shot in the head from stealth to completely ignore the arrow now sticking out of his eye, claiming that it "Must've been my imagination..."
  • When the Elite Beat Agents are turned into stone right before the Jumping Jack Flash stage, the mood is ruined because of how fake everybody's crying sounds. "Ah, unHAAAAAAAAAAAAW. My candy."
  • Eternal Darkness is a very scary game for the most part. However, in Dr. Lindsey's chapter, the player is introduced to Guardians, a new type of Elite Mook. Chattur'gha's Guardians are big, vampiric skeletons with scorpion stingers, which is freaky on its own...but they walk by stooping over and covering their heads with their wings, resulting in a ridiculous bouncing motion. And Ulyaoth's Guardians are even worse, since they boost the above Narm by being crossed with fish.
    • In Max's voiceover for the Ulyaoth Bonethief's entry in his autopsy reports, he claims that Bonethieves... smell like vanilla. It Makes Sense in Context when you think about it, seeing as he was driven over the edge by reason to believe that his servants including the kitchen staff were possessed by the things, but still, it can make for a distinct moment of "wait, what?!"
  • The ending of Eternal Sonata. Proof that Author Filibuster, Mind Screw, Romantic Plot Tumor and Exposition Break should never mix, even if the setting is a Dying Dream. The ending theme's surprisingly good though. Claves's ridiculously long Final Speech is also pretty cheesy.
    • Didn't help that the time she spent hanging around was used to prove how useless she was in combat.
    • In general, the characters have a weird tendency of refusing to shut the fuck up, with long blocks of exposition on villain motives being related to the player by them talking to themselves. These guys spend up to five minutes telling themselves what they want to do.
  • ClockUp's Euphoria:
  • Mike's death scene in Exodus from the Earth has become viral on social media and emblematic of the game's sloppy nature. What makes it just so amazingly narmy?
    • Is it the goofy music?
    • The poor voice acting, such the hero curiously asking "Is it really that easy?" in his Badass Baritone voice, like a character Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket in a TV commercial who was just told of a new blanket-operating product and is amazed to hear about it? The strained way the hero says "Fuck off, bastards!"?
    • The Mooks' delayed reaction at the grenade fired at them, screaming "GRENADE!" after it explodes?
    • Mike imploring the protagonist to "go save the universe" despite the limited scale of the game's plot?
    • Mike's dying words being "Eh, you'll cope with it. Go find the fucking memory block.", and the game trying really hard to make the scene look like this tragic event when Mike simply isn't a sympathetic or developed-enough character for anyone to care about what happens to him?

  • F-Zero X: "Too bad. You lost your machine."
    Interviewer: "Listen to that crowd! Do you have anything to say to them?"
    Falcon: (shouting) "YYYEEAAHH!"
    • GX's Story Mode's final chapter. After winning the notoriously hard F-Zero Grand Prix and defeating the champion of the underworld, one last opponent stands before Captain Falcon: the creators of the universe. Which would be somewhat climatic, except the race is just a glorified time attack against a staff ghost that doesn't interact with the player at all. For a game that is hailed by many players as the best in the series, it sure is one hell of a Disappointing Last Level.
  • The scene in Fable II where Lucien reveals that he killed your family in order to put a stop to your bloodline becomes hilarious if you opted for a gay marriage. Uh, Lucy, I think it's time we had "the Talk."
  • Fallout 3 has Harkness's scream when his memories come rushing back and he remembers he is a synth. It's extremely underwhelming for what is supposed to be such an important and traumatic moment.
  • Fallout: New Vegas, for the most part, has top-of-the-line voice acting and writing. However, Benny, voiced by Matthew Perry, is a single stain of narm. He's supposed to come across as being ridiculously smooth, but everything he says is in this dull monotone that sounds more bored than anything. He does lose his shit if you have him crucified, though.
    • In addition, some of the super mutants are pretty funny sounding, even the ones that weren't especially meant to be funny. (with the exception of Lily and Dog, both of whom are very tragic characters)
      • With the game's many bugs, non-player characters can wind up looking like bloody messes, even without being harmed. On top of that, another glitch can occur where their heads spin on their necks like ferris wheels or something.
  • Far Cry: "DOYLE! MY ARM IS TURNING GREEN!" The voice acting didn't help matters.
  • Franco Bash's entire existence in the Fatal Fury series is pure narm, and ham. Imagine a 7-foot tall raging alcoholic boxer screaming lines like "Now I'm cookin'! Once I get goin, I'm just a DYNAMOOOOOOO!", or stomping a guy in the face while bellowing "NOOOOOOO!" for no explained reason.
  • Getting up to Geese in Fatal Fury Special using Terry in arcade mode leads to this threatening pre-match taunt:
    Geese: Die like your father, you pin-headed son of an ice-cream maker!
    Terry: Don't come round here no more, no more. Doo wah.
  • In Fate/stay night, Tohsaka explains the legend of King Arthur to Shirou by imitating the voice of Merlin. The players hear a Japanese girl growling like an old wizard.
    • There's also her "happy" sprite where she talks about her sister, Sakura, which makes her look stupid in a serious moment.
  • FEAR 2: Concerning the raging psychic ghost Big Bad and the player character, whom she's targeted - "You're like free pizza at an anime convention. She can smell you. And she wants to consume you."
  • Final Fight: Mayor Mike Haggar is a badass retired wrestler who fight the crime in his city by himself. So for the Sega CD, you'd expect him to have the voice to match... but he sounds like this.
  • First Samurai is an okay platform game from the Nineties. The music is great but the sound effects are hilariously narm-y: the overly dramatic chords heard whenever you kill any enemy, the protagonist's grunts and Japlish sentences ("OH NO MAI SWORDO!"), the use of the beginning of Händel's "Hallelujah" every time you find a food or treasure bonus, all detract greatly from the overall experience. Observe.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's:
    • In Ultimate Custom Night, fellow pirate robot fox... Foxy and purple Hair-Raising Hare Bonnie take turns residing behind the former's signature curtains. While Foxy gradually emerges from the curtains when not viewed on security cameras in a creepy, Weeping Angel-esque fashion, Bonnie disables the camera when you make the mistake of viewing it instead. It can be scary to find a creepy rabbit mascot letting out an ear-piercing scream in place of a broken-down fox, but the way Bonnie face peeks out from the curtains makes it look like he's in the middle of taking a shower, and he's pissed at you for peeping on him.
    • Then there's the way Toy Freddy walks as he approaches you from the front hallway in the F Na F 2 recreation in Help Wanted: The way he walks looks less like an unstoppable Killer Robot and more like a jolly Barney the Dinosaur in a good mood, but it might be justified since he's a shiny, kid-friendlier version of the series's titular antagonist, at he goes back to being scary again once he gains Black Eyes of Evil in your office.
  • In the arcade Light Gun Game Friction, enemies will sometimes explode into pieces upon being shot by the player. What makes it even more hilarious is the fact that there is no blood, which makes the enemies look like they're made out of crystals. And after a few seconds, their bodies sink into the ground (as opposed to simply vanishing, like in most gun games), as if they were being pulled into the ground by some evil corpse-manipulating magician.

  • Gears of War
    • Gears of War 2: "A giant worm! They're sinking cities with a giant worm!"
    • Gears is full of deliberate moments of narm. Such as this little slice of dialogue:
    Ben Carmine: I hear there's a shitload of grubs there, sir.
    Marcus Fenix: More like TEN shitloads!
    • This particular bit of exchange:
    Marcus Fenix: "Control, this is Delta here. We've hijacked a Brumak so that we c-"
    Anya (Control): "You what?!" O_o
    Marcus Fenix: "We're riding a Brumak. We're going to use it to clear the area faster."
    Anya: "Uh...okay...roger that, Delta. Keep us posted. Control Out."
    • The entire game is composed of Narm, and yet Carlos Ferro's delivery in this scene borders on the poignant. However: "DAMN STRAIGHT! I'M GONNA KILL EVERY ONE OF THESE BASTARDS!"
    • In the third game, at one point Delta Squad and Locust Queen Myyra encounter each other. After the usual threats are exchanged, for some reason Marcus growls out "Yeah, I got your number, bitch" under his breath. It's out of nowhere and so horribly cheesy that you briefly wonder if you're watching one of those parodies of 80s action flicks that show up on television in cartoons.
  • The voice actor who plays General Keating in the Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter series (especially the second game) suffers from this in spades. Here you are, playing as the captain of an ultra-elite military unit, going above and beyond to stop terrorists from launching nuclear devices on American soil (and in a game that tries to be as realistic as possible), and you've got the 20th century version of John Wayne yelling jingoistic (and stock) catchphrases at you like "NO MAN GETS LEFT BEHIND!!!", "I wanted those bombs disarmed ten minutes ago, Mitchell! Get it done!", "Failure is not an option!" and many others. His whole "make things go faster by yelling more" schtick is completely at odds with the tone of the game, and the character comes off as exceptionally whiny, laugh-out-loud and out-of-place. Especially when he's barking ridiculous demands when you're engaged in the middle of a firefight.
  • Pretty much all the dialogue in Gitaroo Man, but particularly the moment before the final battle. There's so much back-and-forth bickering between U-1 and Zowie, you might as well just watch it.
  • God of War:
  • In The Godfather, there's a part with Fredo leaning out the window of an ambulance, firing a Tommy gun at pursuing mobsters like some kind of badass hero, whereas in the movie he is universally portrayed as incompetent, whiny and cowardly.
    • Another good example is where you kill the guy your character has been wanting to kill from the intro, which is actually a rather nicely done moment where you get to murder them yourself. Except it happens to occur in the middle of a mission where you're likely to have a bunch of heat on you, and instead of the satisfying kill you're (probably) supposed to have, you kill him in a few seconds and run like hell.
  • Gradius
    • The Final Boss of Salamander 2 greets you with the most intimidating threat a mile-wide three-headed alien could possibly give to a spaceship pilot: "I'm going to scare you like you've never been scared before!"
    • Gradius Gaiden, in the fourth level, has a boss consisting of two giant moai heads that taunt you: "You think you can beat me with that?? Loser!" It's the "loser" part that drives it over the top - that's a playground insult!
  • Grand Theft Auto
    • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The serious cut scenes don't work so well if the player has C.J. dressed up in something completely silly (or almost naked).
      • Also, in all of the Grand Theft Auto games you play as at least a Villain Protagonist, whereas CJ comes off as a bit of a Nice Guy, despite being a gangster. It's a little jarring though, once Gameplay and Story Segregation come into play, and has CJ running over crowds of innocent people and beating hookers to death with dildos.
    • An example comes late in the normally serious Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned. After Johnny's best friend Jim gets his face burned with blowtorch by sleazy Italian gangster Ray Boccino, Johnny and Jim escape, killing Ray's teammate in the process. Ray waves his fist and yells, "AaaarrgghI'll see you later!"
    • From vanilla Grand Theft Auto IV, Katt William's standup. He is supposed to talk about Liberty City like it's a real place, but that winds up feeling so awkward it's cringe-inducing.
  • Guild Wars has a few moments. Shiro Tagachi, in particular, has a lot of Narm moments due to speaking with a stereotypical "muhhahaha" type voice.
  • Guilty Gear
    • In Xrd -Revelator-, The Reveal of That Man as Sol's best friend Asuka R. Kreuz is ruined by his rather ridiculous, cat-like Unusual Ears and weird wing eyepatch. WTH, Costuming Department?, indeed.
    • Axl Low's best moment in the whole game, when he uses his Time Master powers to help Sol despite knowing that he'll never be able to return home in -Revelator-'s Story Mode, is completely ruined by the stupidly overblown delivery of his lines by his VA.
  • Guitar Hero
    • 5 has perhaps the ultimate narminess in the "so wrong, it's hilarious" category: Witness Kurt Cobain's digital ghost rapping with Flava Flav's voice, dancing like a Japanese school girl and covering Bon Jovi songs. YEAAAAAAHHHH BOYYYYYYYY! As well as Johnny Cash singing Rammstein.
    • All instances in Spanish. When in English at the end of a track the systems goes "You rock", in Spanish it goes "Que caña" which unless you are from Spain is quite Narm.

  • Half-Life: G-Man's deadpan-from-hell delivery breaks down for anyone who has played Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, where the same actor voices McZee, an insane Barney the Dinosaur-esque host.
    • The G-Man's speech patterns are also eerily similar to Torgo's from Manos: The Hands of Fate. This makes it just a little bit harder to take the G-Man seriously. While the effect is intentional to imply that he's sort of inhuman, the stilted whispering can get just plain overblown at times even during dramatic monologues.
  • Halo:
    • The opening scene for Halo 2 has an Elite Commander being publicly humiliated and tortured by Brutes for his failure to protect the original Combat Evolved Halo from "the demon", Master Chief. This would be an incredibly dramatic scene, if only two things had been cut - 1)the Elite Commander's rather pathetic roar of pain at being branded; and 2)the Grunts in their thousands lining the walls of the corridor the Elite Commander's being marched down, screaming "Heretic!" in their hilarious high-pitched voices.
    • While the Brutes are carrying the soon-to-be Arbiter to the Mausoleum in 2:
    Brute 1: "Why not throw him in with this lot? They could use the meat".
    Brute 2: "What about us? My belly aches, and his flesh is seared just the way I like it".
    Tartarus: "Quiet! You two whimper like grunts fresh of the teat"(another food nipple reference?).
    • In Halo 3, there's this bit in the base early on. It's hilarious because Miranda looks and sounds about 12, and it's an utterly stupid answer to a tactically relevant question:
      Marine: Ma'am, squad leaders are requesting a rally point. Where should they go?
      Miranda Keyes: (Dramatic Gun Cock) To war.
      • Johnson's death in the same game. Didn't help that but he 'died' like, four times before that. Not counting all the times he got 'knocked out' during gameplay.
    • The first level of Halo: Reach has a marine (well, army grunt, whatever) announce over the radio that "The Covenant is on Reach. I repeat: the Covenant is on Reach." He sounds bored out of his mind. It's no big deal, apparently.
      • What's worse is that he's one of the generic voices assigned to NPC soldiers, so we get this flat and bored voice mixed in with frantic yelling and cries of pain during gameplay.
      • Kat's death might count for some. It's horribly sad at first because it's so sudden and she was just warming to Six, but when she drops to the ground, Six grabs a magnum and empties the clip into the dropship overhead. The rest of Noble follow suit, and you can't help but think of Hot Fuzz.
      Danny Butterman: Ever fired your gun in the air and yelled, 'Aaaaaaah?'
  • Porn Game Haro: Tale of the Western Country had three translators working on the English version. One did the story, which is actually quite good, despite Chucky's annoying accent. Another did some filler material, which is also pretty good. The third did the sex scenes, and oh boy. They're a mess of Purple Prose, absurd metaphors, and references to internet memes.
    • And Haro's predecessor, Way simply has a "Blind Idiot" Translation which renders nearly every bit of dialogue either incomprehensible or hilarious. By far the funniest bit is, when you eat to restore stamina during a particular "action" sequence, you get the line: "POWER in your body!"
  • In the PC game version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the cutscene where Malfoy is attacked by Buckbeak. Buckbeak knocks Malfoy to the ground and he shouts "I'm dying! I'm dying, look at me! It's killed me!" Hagrid matter-of-factly says "yer not dyin'" and then Malfoy gets up and walks off, obviously totally uninjured. He is supposed to be faking his injury, but that scene makes it look like he's completing dropping the façade at the drop of a hat and that's what makes it perfectly hilarious. (Obviously, the game's makers just didn't feel like animating Hagrid carrying Malfoy.)
    • The GBA version does something similar, though because of the sprites, it's harder to tell. More egregious is how the game uses Buckbeak's battle sprite for his attack on Malfoy, which makes Buckbeak face away from Malfoy.
    • The PC version of the first game also has a priceless moment at the end. At the choosing potion mini-game (which replaces a perfectly fine riddle with a simple follow the bottle routine) if you choose the wrong phial Hermione exclaims "Are you sure Harry? I think it may be poison." Cue Harry drinking the potion anyway, going "ARRGG", falling on the ground with a motionless Hermione exclaiming in a rather flat tone "Oh no!".
  • The Harvest Moon games often allow you to trigger cutscenes while holding items. It's already awkward when you walk in on a married couple having a huge blowout argument or a lonely girl crying by the sea. If you happen to have a plate of cookies balanced on your head while doing so...well, just try to concentrate on the Character Development.
  • Haze. Especially this infamous cutscene. It starts off alright, but it just keeps going on and on and on and on. IT'S JUST AN ANIMAL!!!
  • Blake from Heavy Rain would like you all to know that Agent Nahman Jayden is a fuckin' ASSHOLE! (Delivery aside, not like he's one to talk.) note 
    • JASUUUUUN...
    • Jason's death might qualify too, seeing as he kind of wanders obliviously out into the road, very slowly, and is hit by a car which also seems to be going very slowly. The fact that it follows the already-narmy "press X to Jason" segment doesn't help much.
    • Several cases of Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping turn what ought to be dramatic or heartbreaking scenes into major doses of narm. And these are some serious offenses.
    • Or how about that scene with Scott Shelby and Gordi Kramer: "I'm the ARIGARMI Killer." LOL WUT
    • Paco, the sleazy nightclub owner, sounds a lot like Strong Bad. The fact that he's a complete lech makes it even funnier.
  • In the Heroes of Might and Magic V expansion, Hammers of Fate, the second campaign ends with a climactic battle against Laszlo, a corrupt knight who is responsible for the slaughter of thousands of rebels and dwarves. While two of your heroes battle him, another hero, Freyda, is trying to rescue her father from the prison that Laszlo and the queen (really a demoness in disguise) put him into. As he dies in her arms, the god Elrath speaks directly to Freyda, giving her the power to reach out and strike down Laszlo in justice-slash-revenge. So in this dramatic moment, you'd expect a girl who just lost her father to give a raw throated scream of fury. But there must have been a voice-acting screw up, because the line is delivered like she's having an orgasm.
    • Vanilla Heroes of Might and Magic V serves up the narm during the in-game cutscenes, as character's dialogue is accompanied by their usual battle and magic animation. Therefore, to emphasise a point, rather than swinging their sword or raising their fist into the sky, characters all throughout the campaign of HOMMV instead cast fireballs and lightning bolts...and carry on with their conversation as if this is perfectly normal. This was later amended in the expansion packs, which granted the characters the ability to actually move their mouthes...
  • A lot of Histacom (especially for the first level, while 12padams is still the antagonist) features 12padams trying to be intimidating, but it comes across as silly because all of his lines (just like everyone else's) are linguistic nightmares and everything takes place in a chat room on the Internet.
    rain49: CRAP 12padams logged on... Quickly SkyHigh and (protagonist) LOGOUT!!!
    SkyHigh: I can't the x button is not working!!!!
    12padams: I Have Caught you!!!
    12padams: Now that I Have you... We are gunna have a bit of fun...
    rain49: Guys Quickly go to start and turn off your computer!!!
    12padams: Yea Guys I Will definatly unban you if you do that...
    12padams: Ha Ha Ha... nobodys turning off their computer???
    SkyHigh: What the Hell!!!! wheres my startbutton.
    rain49: Omg 12padams disabled it...
    12padams: ... scared Yet?
  • In Homeworld 2 fleet intelligence, who has up to this point had a deadpan delivery panics and delivers a completely out of character (and unconvincing), "Scans of the hull indicate it is immune to conventional weaponry! BRING SAJUUK TO BEAR! BRING SAJUUK TO BEAR! BRING SAJUUK TO BEAR!.

     I - J 
  • Harlan Ellison's I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream was unable to escape this trope. Part of the reason is that the voice actors for Gorrister, Ellen, Nimdok, and Ted sound disinterested or bored. It could be argued that they were trying to sound like people who had been hideously tortured for over 100 years. However, the voice actors for Benny and AM definitely put Large Ham into their lines. As a result of this, a number of lines definitely become prime candidates for Narm. Here's a good one...Ted saying "Why, you used me, you bitch!"
  • I. M. Meen: "How I HAET those goody-goodys!" Massive Funny Moment. In fact, that whole musical sequence at the beginning could be considered Narm. Oh, and did we mention the animated cutscenes in this game are made by the same peeps from The Legend Of Zelda CDI Games?
    • And THEN came the remix!!
  • In Iji the ending scene if Dan is dead, General Tor apologizes for his death by his underlings with "I'm sorry about your partner." to a delusional Iji who is in complete denial about it. The focus is supposed to be the tragedy and connection to Iji at her woobiest, but if you accidentally read it as Relative Error, you're going to miss all that while you crack up.
    • It gets even funnier with the Scrambler on.
    "Iji: Socks..."
  • Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. Dark Daxter. The bunny ears take the first DarkDax scene from worrying to hysterically funny. Similarly, one shot of Skyheed when he finds the Eco Core somehow has even more of a resemblance to an angry rabbit than Dark Dax.

  • In Katawa Shoujo, some people thought that Hanako's explanation of how she got orphaned, scarred, and traumatised lost a good part of its seriousness due to crayon drawings being used as "backgrounds".
    • Emi has what looks like a "rape face" when she walks in on Hisao talking to her mother and angrily forces him out of the house.
    • Jigoro's Jerk Assery gets so cranked Up to Eleven that the player simply cannot take him seriously. A little more subtlety, please.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising: The end of Chapter 21 features Pit being badly wounded after going beyond his 5-minute flight limit to save Dark Pit, with a heartbroken Palutena cradling his nearly-lifeless body. The delivery is by all accounts fine, the problem is that the smoke effects causes the framerate to drop dramatically, hurting the impact of the scene.
  • Killing Floor's voice acting needs to be heard to be believed.
  • King's Quest V gives us several:
  • More of a player-induced one really but can be accidentally done nonetheless if you've forgotten what stickers you've used. In Kirby: Planet Robobot, when Kirby's Invader Armour scans the Halberd before the fight against Star Dream, you will get a close-up and see in large what stickers you currently have on before flying off. It turns a serious moment into a laugh-out loud one if you have the character doodle stickers on, especially if it's King Dedede.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic 2: in the penultimate boss fight against everyone's favourite Scottish zombie Sith, Darth Sion, you can attempt to weaken his will in the conversation portions, leading to the following:
    Darth Sion: You seek to erode my will. You will not succeed.
    [You have eroded Sion's will, reducing his Will saves, Constitution and Wisdom.]
    • From that same game, a dramatic flashback revealing some important plot-relevant info is wrecked by the participants' heads nodding back and forth constantly. Take a look.
    • It was in the first game and probably in the second game, but during conversation the player character is always doing the 'yes, I see' head nods and bearing a vaguely intent expression. Usually this is fine, but when the NPCs you're talking to are being insulting or making demands, it looks pretty silly.
    • On the first planet you visit in KOTOR II (Peragus), you meet the HK-50 assassin droid ( who has taken control of the station's mining droids and killed everyone aboard) who plays a recording of the chief engineer's last moments. Some find it terrifying, others find it narmy.
    Engineer: Five droids, burning through the outer door. They're forcing their way into the bay. They're — Oh no, they're through, they're — AAAAGH! MY LEG! THEY BURNED THROUGH MY LEG! AAAAGH!

  • Pick a scene in Last Alert for the Turbo-Duo. Seriously. Any scene at all.
  • Last Battle, a Sega Genesis game originally based on Fist of the North Star, abounds in stilted melodramatic dialogue, e.g.:
    Alyssa: Aarzak! Save the world!
    Aarzak: I am the only one who can save this world!
    • Aarzak (formerly Kenshiro) finding a dying Duke (formerly Falco) leads to what was supposed to be a reassuring line form Kenshiro, instead looks more like a sarcastic fuck-you from Aarzak.
    Duke: I am sorry, I couldn't save Alyssa!
    Aarzak: Duke! What a hero you are!
  • Left 4 Dead is practically full of this, though probably on purpose. The way each survivor reacts to another one's death is just so over the top that it's almost Resident Evil styled.
    • To be more specific, it's the player's vulture-like reactions. "Oh god not zoey * sob* anybody but zo-PILLS HERE; GRABBIN' PEELZ"
    • The Church Guy scene is full of this. DING-DONG!
    • The AI Director usually spawns hordes in places that are out of the direct line of sight of players; however, the director doesn't take into account how large these areas actually are. Because of this, it's possible to see upwards of thirty infected charging out of a very small storage closet. Or a bathroom.
  • The PSX RPG The Legend of Dragoon was plagued with a translation that got progressively more awful as the game went on. What was supposed to be a touching scene of reunion and forgiveness between Haschel and his former student Gehrich as the latter dies was ruined by someone yelling out "SHUT UP! TALKING MAKES YOU DIE!" right in the middle of it.
    • The extremely bad voice acting during cut scenes, and during combat whenever a character invokes an Addition. Dart's VA was particularly bad.
      • "BLACK...MONSTER!"
      • HAR-POOON!
      • VOLCANOO!
      • Crash Daaance!
      • Flurry of Styx! (Note: Provided attack name is "Ferry of Styx.")
    • Then there's Lavitz' "HARK!" when he gets hit while defending.
    • "DIE! MORE AND MORE!" Uh, sure, Rose... whatever you say. Rose's VA was just full of Narm. "OH IT CANNOT BE!"
      • ASS-TRAL Drain...
    • Shana's Dragoon transformation. It's a fricking magical girl sequence!
  • LittleBigPlanet:
    • The player themselves can cause this if they wear a silly costume during cutscenes. For example, putting a ton of springy-eye decorations on Sackboy or wearing the costume of a story character, or just generally looking stupid.
    • The final scene of the third game where Newton and the gang are falling out of the sky would probably be a bit more dramatic if Newton didn't let out the exact same scream twice in a row.
  • It's nothing anyone particularly said or anything, but the sequence following a genuine Tear Jerker moment in Lost Odyssey - the death of Kaim's daughter, moments after their reunion - is one that screamed Narm. Specifically, the priest conducting the funeral...sends you on two fetch quests, one to gather flowers that she liked, one to gather torches for the ceremony, and turned the funeral itself into a rhythm minigame. This was likely to show off how such ceremonies were performed in this fantasy world, but...that could've been accomplished in another Tear Jerker Cut Scene instead of having the player press the controller's shiny colored buttons in time to light the other mourners' torches. What the eff, Japan.
  • The English localization of Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen is littered with glaring spelling and grammar mistakes, which ruin many touching or dramatic moments.
  • Lufia
  • One of the most dramatic moments in Luminous Arc is ruined by Alph's wail of "Luuuuuciaaaaaaaa!"
    • One of Heath's lines is worse. He yells out, "IRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Now recall Mega Man X4 for an over-the-top line to be even more hysterical.
    • And how about when Priel that resurrects Zehaal dies? It's hard to say if you should feel sorry for her or laugh hard, due to lines like "Like, no, Mr. Gooooooddd!!
  • Luminous Arc 2 has one particular moment where one of the characters is having a Heroic BSoD when encountering the same black fire that killed her parents when she was very young and subsequently developed a huge fear of. But both the line and the delivery become this when, "Aaahhh! Nnnooo! Fire! I'm so afraid!" is done with the actress sounding more like she spilled a glass of milk.

  • Major Stryker has some real Narm moments, especially when the boss says something before the boss fight starts. One instance is this..."How dare you attack us!" That comes off as pretty silly, because the Kretons attack Earth For the Evulz, and this boss seriously did not expect retribution for that? Oh, here is a personal favourite..."You killed my boats, now try me!" This line is interesting, because the word "kill" is usually used for people, animals, and living things in general, and not nonliving things like boats. Were the boats alive or something?
  • Mario Party 4 has its intro, which just looks absolutely hilarious due to the shoddy animation work. The Mario characters are bouncing around at random, Luigi seems to constantly stammer and when the party hosts appear, they're all stuck in a t-pose for the entirety of the cutscene. Add Koopa's ridiculous looking 'dancing' (because his legs move while his arms are stuck in a t-pose), and you've got a scene which is absolutely hilarious for all the wrong reasons.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    • Wolverine has a skill in which he roars and buffs himself up. However, when the roar itself sounds a BIT like a baby's cry, it's laughable.
    • Similarly, after you drop Jean Grey, Nightcrawler tries to filter a Big "NO!" through his Captain Germany persona and ends up with a Small Nein.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo is a rich mine of narm, from the bad voice acting to the horrifically glitchy physics.
  • Max Payne often made dramatic moments hilarious through the main character's over-the-top noir voiceovers and his facial expression, reminiscent of one someone would carry doing an unexpectedly long toilet visit. Max Payne 2 introduces "Dick Justice," a TV show that appears throughout the game mocking those same voiceovers. Max Payne 2 still has them for real, however, so the game is parodying this trope and playing it straight at the same time.
  • Being the black sheep of an otherwise venerable WWII-FPS franchise, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun has its lion's share of narm.
  • Mega Man 8 has this because of the voice acting.
    • To make things worse, he actually pronounced Bass' name the fish.
    • The way Bass replies "shut up!" sounds like how one would say it if someone made fun of their haircut.
    • Mega Man's ridiculous girly voice alone makes all cutscenes Narmtastic by default.
    • The Elmer Fudd meets JFK voice they assigned to Doctor Light.: "Win we fine dat meteah, we'ww fine Doctah Wahwee!"
    • "Deeeeeeese? *dramatic close up* seem to be enuhgee wesauciz. Bud I've nevah seen dis dype on uheeth. We dunno were dis enahgee came frum, bud we cannod leddem fall into Doctah Wahwee's hends."
    • "You must wecovow all the enewgy immeedily, Wi... Meg Man!" And Mega Man's appropriately robotic "But-where-is-Doc-tor-Wily?"
    • "We may a- be able to..."
    • "The barrier privates me from going there."
    • The dubbing was so bad that at one point, there was a rumor about Capcom using the Japanese VA's because they were too cheap to use English ones. The fact that voicework tends to be a higher-paying career in Japan than America makes this a somewhat dubious money-saving strategy. (The dubbing was done in Japan, but they didn't use the Japanese voice actors—they more or less picked English speakers with little to no acting experience up off the streets around Capcom HQ.)
  • This is actually constantly subverted in the Mega Man Legends series. You'd expect these games to have narm all over the place in its English voice acting, but the game is so cartoony without going off the deep end that it works. This is especially true when Data saves the day by singlehandedly stopping the annihilation of Kattelox through voice-command. That means a bunch of bureaucratic talk with lots of complicated words coming from a high-pitched cutesy voice without changing expression, and still waving his nub-like arms the entire time.
    • Then there's the opening monologue that starts with the incredibly camp "On a world covered in endless water..."
    • Teisel's voice acting is so incredibly overacted all the time, that any scene with him should result in Narm. Instead, it just makes him more endearing.
    • Teisel is actually sort of a Memetic Badass for his Narm. At times, Tron and her Servbots (especially the Servbots) can be pretty narmy. Mostly it's just Teisel, though.
  • The infamous "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOR?!" scene from Mega Man X4 provides the page quote. Unfortunately, the popularity of the line almost completely eclipses the equally badly delivered and just as hilarious "HUAaaUUUuuuGGGHHH" Skyward Scream moments beforehand.
    • Zero's "NO THIS ISN'T HAPPENING" sounds uncannily like Jerry Lewis. In fact, the voice acting in the entire scene almost sounds like someone made an Abridged dub out of it.
    • Now in delicious parody flavor!
    • Or X yelling "Time to get serious!" with the voice of an 8-year old boy when he runs low on health.
    • Mega Man X8. It's considered decent...up until everything involving Lumine. Serious, that can't be taken seriously.
    • Copy X Mk. II from Mega Man Zero 3 sp-peaks with an od-d st-tutter to indicate that he is a poor-quality copy. With that ef-fect the merciless fascist tyrant sounds like a n-nervous child.
    • One instance of Narm that doesn't translate: Vile's Japanese name (VAVA) can be pronounced exactly the same as the Japanese word for "bullshit" ("baba").
    • While Sigma's final form in Mega Man X7 is a pretty awesome boss fight, it's hard to take it seriously because Sigma has an attack where he shoots a laser at you between his thighs.
    • After Red is defeated in the same game, the palace starts to collapse. Axl's reacts to Red staying behind by yelling "Noooo! Red, you're coming with us!" in a tone that sounds more like a child who's throwing a temper tantrum because he isn't having MacDonald's for dinner.
    • In Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, there's Vile's absolute fear over a slightly stronger than normal attack, being the only enemy in the game to have a weakness to them.
    Vile: Not a CHARGED SHOT!
  • Mega Man ZX Advent suffers from voice acting that goes everywhere from fitting to cheesy depending on the scene. But the champion of the Narmity on it would be Thetis — not only does he have a ridiculously high-pitched voice, but his defeat-speech sounds exactly like a 10 year old crying over a lost bar of chocolate. It's like Avatar: The Abridged Series' Zuko, only even more whiny.
    • And there's the translation company's decision on inserting voice acted actions in the dialogue box with the help of asterisks (that is, *laugh*, *gasp*, etc). That isn't TOO ridiculous, until...
      Prometheus: "Perhaps as you are dying... *evil laugh*'"
    • Speaking of that laugh, here's the Japanese version.
    • Once Atlas is paralyzed by Model Z, the word she yells in agony is, "BIOMETAL!"
  • Metroid Prime has a boss fight with a rock monster. Sounds awesome... Until you notice that, when it roars, it has what appears to be two big, rocky ears. You are fighting a giant rock bunny. These are actually the upper part of its... "mouth," but still...
  • The part in Metroid: Other M where it is explained how Ridley got out of confinement before the events of the game. The idea that one of the franchise's most lethal adversaries went from this to this is one thing. Having it sport razor-sharp teeth and the ability to kill grown men that are several times its size is downright hilarious. It's one step away from a Joke Character like Peter Puppy from the Earthworm Jim games. In fact, it's the Nibbler gag from Futurama, played straight.
    • "The word he so obviously chose, 'outsider...' *twenty-second pause* pierced my heart."
    • Any time—every time—Samus refers to the infant Metroid as "the baby."
    • Continuing with the whole "baby" theme, the game is set on an enormous space station called... the BOTTLE SHIP (emphasis theirs). It's even shaped like a baby bottle. Subtlety is not exactly the game's strong point.
      • The cheesy line early in the game where Samus reveals that the BOTTLE SHIP's distress signal is called the Baby's Cry because it "was to be responded to with the urgency of a baby crying" and that she felt like "it was crying out specifically for her." This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game.
    • The absolute entirety of Samus' pointless narration was pure narm. It felt like watching a dramatic reading of bad Metroid fanfiction, since all the narration was Samus merely reiterating things that were glaringly obvious to anyone watching the screen. It didn't help that the director told Jessica Martins, Samus' voice actor, to read the narration with as little emotion as possible.
    • During Adam's sacrifice, Samus's desperate calls are undermined by the way she stumbles on her high heels, highlighting what a terrible clothing choice they were.
    • During the post-credits sequence, Samus finds what she came to get, Adam's helmet, hugs it close to her while sad orchestral music plays - and the game abruptly cuts to the ALERT! ESCAPE! alarms. It's super-jarring and super-hilarious.
    • When Samus transforms into her Varia Suit, it looks like something straight out of a Magical Girl anime.
    • Anything to do with "The Deleter." It was supposed to sound menacing. It really, really doesn't.
  • In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, when you confront a warchief, there will be a chorus chanting their name. All well and good... until you run into one with a name like Dûsh.
  • Mortal Kombat:
    • Jax's ending in Mortal Kombat 4. Jarek's "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD!" (twice) and "This is not a brutality, this is a FATALITY!" practically made the Narm alone.
      • About Jerek's scream, it almost sounds like he's actually saying "oh my golly" in the most overdrawn, scenery munching, hamtastic way possible.
    • Jarek's oddly muffled 'laugh'.
    • "THE BLACK DRAGON LIVE ON!!" (Dun Dunnnnn)
    • Jax suddenly appearing out of nowhere, even though Sonya needed to communicate him via radio only seconds before.
    • Just Jax's ending? Goodness, they're all like that! Literally all of them. Go look.
      • In the first one, is Quan wearing a bathrobe or something?
      • And for bonus points, watch those same endings in the Nintendo 64 version. The "arrright" added to the end of Sub-Zero and Raiden's endings is just cherry on the narm sundae.
    • These incredibly capitalistic launch kit videos here and here are epic chapters in the series' Book of Narm. Or maybe that's just how they sold arcade games back then?
    • The console ports of Mortal Kombat 4 let you play as Goro with a cheat code, but this can lead to a really bizarre animation glitch. If you lose in arcade mode while playing as him, the game over sequence that shows your character falling down the spike pit plays... except Goro remains in his normal standing animation, completely out of fucks to give as he plunges toward his impending death. And when he hits the bottom, rather than being impaled, he simply smashes headfirst into the floor like a statue, leaving only his lower body sticking out and his upper half clipping through the ground, or buried inside it if you will. The audio clip of Jarek's muffled laugh then plays, which normally never happens here, meaning the devs probably saw the error and opted not to fix it.
    • "Hara-Kiri" moves in Mortal Kombat: Deception. Li Mei's ends with her on the floor after her self-decapitation... and bent over with her ass sticking up. Wha...? Sindel's is even more ridiculous. Come on, making a pirouette to land on your own head and snap your own neck? Pft.
    • For all its strides in the story department, Mortal Kombat 9 still delivers a heavy dose of narm. The videos are already spreading like dandelions.
    • Kintaro's more tiger-like features in Armageddon made him look more unique and still kept him fearsome looking. But his new kitten-esque appearance is so laughably bad it has to be seen to be believed.
    • Scorpion does not like teddy bears.
    • I will drag you before Shao Kahn by your pointed beard, extra points for Shang not giving a ....What? or just laughing at the line.
  • MOTHER 1, in the original Japanese version, has all of its town names be American holidays - Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine. Even Big Name Fan & MOTHER 3 translator Tomato thought it sounded stupid.
    • the ending can be this as well. The Big Bad, Gyiyg, who literally is the embodiment of evil, is repelled by a lullaby.
  • MOTHER 3 has an in-universe example.
    The Frightbot told a story so scary you couldn't help but laugh.
    • Despite being an otherwise emotionally effective game, an example from it would be when Claus fires a bolt of Lightning that rebounds of Lucas and mortally wounds himself in order to break free from Porky's control. After that happens, this is said:
      Claus staggered toward Lucas.
      Claus embraced Lucas.
      Lucas, remembered Claus's smell.
  • The Touhou fangame Mythical Mirror features a (female) boss named "Oral". The creator was seemingly unaware of what it means.

     N - O 
  • Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand has a ton of this in its final cutscene. It's made all the worse for coming after a dramatic, genuinely terrifying puzzle in which you are sealed in an ancient tomb and must escape before suffocating to death. All the characters sound ridiculous ("And so she emerges from the tomb, like a mermaid from the sea!") but none more so than the culprit.
    "Gah! Confound you, Nancy Drew!"
    • The "game over" in Creature of Kapu Cave where you accidentally are caught trespassing by a short-tempered professor.
    • Nancy's scream of pain in one game.
    • Haunting of Castle Malloy does not have a "Culprit", instead the "Culprit" is... a 70 year old feral woman flying around on a jet pack. It Makes Sense in Context but it's pretty obvious that a lot of people would find it hard to take seriously.
    • Invoked by some of the game-over scenarios. Some of them are so over-the-top (but are plausible enough in context, such as an accident that doesn't kill Nancy but gets her arrested or fired) that they come off as outright hilarious, and not just in the sick ways. In fact, players often try to find all the game-over scenarios, sometimes going on multiple times.
NiGHTS into Dreams...:
  • The ending song, Dreams Dreams, is a very narmy love song which is nothing but "La La La!" over and over.
  • The shit-faced grin Elliot has on his face when he sees NiGHTS in the perfect A-rank ending.
  • Elliot's entire story is narmy, more so than any other dreamer in the series. The other three kids have realistic problems (pressure to be a great singer, When You Coming Home, Dad?, etc.), but this kid gets all emo over a basketball game.
  • Night Trap. A lot of the dialogue ended up as this, but the ending definitely goes into this.
    • Word of God states they actually invoked this - they designed some of the "Violence" to be so unrealistic and over the top that kids wouldn't think to try it in real life. In fact, the actors and the film crew were giggling on the set.
  • NightFire plays a dramatic sting of music when you find a secret in the stage. While that's fine in itself one stage has a secret in the janitor's closet. The end result is what do you mean failure isn't awesome?
    • In one level the player is repeatedly told to use the sniper rifle and provide cover for a friend. This sounds normal, but you'll notice that using the basic Walther PPK, with attached silencer, and placing the top half of an enemies head in the bottom half of the crosshair will kill anything (barring the typical creepy henchmen in a Bond story) at any range. Its so ridiculous that using any other weapon is just stupid. This particular level has many of these situations, all made hilarious by being yelled at to use the sniper rifle when you’re picking enemies off at the maximum draw distance with a bloody silenced PPK.
    • In the PC version of Nightfire, when you face Drake in the final stage... "In space, Mr. Bond, no one can hear you scream... except for MEEE!"
  • Nihilumbra: That narrator is hell-bent on pointing out the obvious.
  • In the bloodless version of No More Heroes released in Japan and Europe, Holly Summers's death is made a whoooole lot less emotional. When she holds the activated grenade in her mouth, the resulting explosion still kills her, but instead of a bloody half-corpse you get a full corpse... but with a Looney Tunes-esque sootface. Ruins the moment quite a bit and makes Travis's angst less effective.
    • Arguably even worse is the cutscene where Travis defeats Shinobu. Instead of cutting her hand off, he just disarms her, which makes her clutching her wrist and screaming look rather ridiculous.
    • However, this is inverted with the final boss defeat cutscene. In the American version, Jeane being sliced up into fun sized pieces and rolling around on the ground completely ruined the drama of the scene. In comparison, the European/Japanese version, in which she is disintegrated, is still ridiculous but fits the tone of the scene more.
    • In the second game, the final boss fight is entirely this. The #1 assassin. Bright green suit. Bright pink shirt and Mimi glasses. Bald head with a pizza tattoo. 11-year-old's voice. He attacks in a flying car and frequently injures himself. Then you get to his second form, which looks like a mix of the Incredible Hulk, Batman, and the Hamburglar. And then during the third part, he turns into this. Although some say this is intentional, to drive home the point Travis was learning late in the game, that the fights are pointless and that the assassins are real people with real lives.
    • Maybe the most ridiculous moment in the second game was when you kill Skelter Helter, his head gets cut off, flies up in the air, and lands perfectly on his body, leaving his corpse just kinda standing there for a cutscene. Then he starts talking. For nearly a minute. Then he finally pulls his head back off and dies that way.
    • And there's Travis giving the worst impression of Batman ever.
      Harvey: It's a fine name. You have your parents to thank for that.
      Travis:(With a goofy grin on his face) My parents are dead.
      Harvey: Ooops!
  • In Octopath Traveller, although the voice actor for Primrose is clearly trying very hard, the word "shade" is just impossible to say threateningly...and it's one of the character's main battle cries.
  • Ōkami has horrible Narm in almost all its cutscenes. Whenever people talk, their heads look like bouncy balls being squished.
    • And, since the main character can't talk, all of her lines are delivered by a tiny glowing fairy, who apparently can't talk without bouncing up and down.
      • This is a game that involves a little painter crawling around the dress of a God, getting a dragon drunk in order to kill it, a transsexual kitsune overlord disguised as a priestess with huge, bouncing breasts, and generally an incompetent populace.
  • Omega Five: "STAGE 1: DA GWEISHAW FOHTRESS," and "DANGER! DANGER!" when the boss alert text on the screen is instead reading "WARNING!".
  • The Orion Conspiracy contains some instances of this. Then again, that is to be expected, due to the So Bad, It's Good voice acting in the game. Patrick Mower, the voice actor who voices the main character Devlin is supposed to be Irish. The voice actor at some points does not seem to put enough emotion in some of his lines, and he seems to put too much emotion in some other lines. The Irish accent (assuming that it is one) could be causing some of the lines to sound a little silly. Oh course, the other voice actors come off as a little silly at times.
  • Overwatch fans using the English voice track are not very fond of Tracer's exaggerated and terribly fake-sounding Cockney accent.

     P - Q 
  • The voice acting in Patriots: A Nation Under Fire is very hard to take seriously. Especially the player's dramatic death sounds, which has him crying Manly Tears.
    Am I gonna die... *sobs* Am I gonna die.... *sobs even more*
    ...Fucking die... *sniff* Fucking DIE, FUCKING DAHAHAHAHAGH... *sobs*
  • Perfect Dark Zero seemed to be aiming for being as narmy as possible. The cheesy dialogue wouldn't have been so bad if they had at least hired competent voice actors.
  • The scene following Junpei's death and subsequent revival at the cost of Chidori's life in Persona 3 was meant to be moving, to be sure, but was so over-the-top and full of awkward romantic dialogue, a character that keeps her poor speaking skills throughout the event, the stiff falling over sequence and an inconsistency of the gameplay prevent anything but laughter. Not that that particular relationship was developed realistically to begin with...
    • Also the scenes that are part of the Fortune social link, wherein a teenager's eventual decision to become a doctor is apparently catalyzed by the fact that people are having massive medical crises around him all the time. He misses a train because he's trying to help not just one, but two senior citizens who spontaneously go into cardiac arrest while he's standing nearby.
      • You want Narm, try all of the Devil social link. The guy is, for lack of a better word, a prick. Then you find out that he came from poverty so you feel bad, but he ruins it by being a prick even when he's giving money to a charity.
    • Strega, for the most part, is hilarious in battle, what with Jin's battle pose being to do a dance while swinging around a suitcase/laptop around.
    • You think Persona 3 had Narm? Check out the Macekred dialogue in the first game. Basically every scene, besides Nate/Nanjo's Moment of Awesome, that was meant to be dramatic, tense or tear-jerking was ruined by some very poor translation that made everyone sound like 8-year-olds ("No your stupid (sic)", "I'll kill you slow!", and "Now I'm Super Guido!", to name a few).
    • "Your relationship is stronger now!" The wording's a bit awkward; thankfully it was changed to something along the lines of "Your relationship has grown deeper..." in Persona 4.
    • This scene in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.
      • The scene where Tatusya says "'s NOT too LATE!" (emphasis his) after he fails to prevent Sumaru from floating into the sky again.
    • Persona 4 is a massive case of narm, wrapped loosely around a plot, with its exaggerated idealism, and over the top belief that bonds equal power. More specific examples include:
    • Chie's "crying" gesture as seen after the Shadow Yukiko fight looks like an attempt to rub something off her face (It actually DOES get used for that at one point when she is attempting to get a bug off herself.). Many of the bosses get silly as well, Shadow Naoto has a mechanical left body, wings that look oddly familiar and two oversized Death Ray blasters, the result is about as scary as the mental image. Shadow Kanji is a Two-Faced giant Dual Wielding ♂. In story these make sense given the nature of the shadow (representing her feelings at being treated like a child and confusion over sexual identity respectively, but they are STILL funny as hell.
    • Another in P4 was Kanji punching the wall and "roaring" in the hospital after hearing of Nanako's death ruins the poignant scene on account of sounding like a bad imitator of Tarzan who's been inhaling helium.
    • Sometimes when Teddie summons his Persona he says "Bearsona." However due to a sound effect after that it sounds like he says "Bearsona! Bitch!"
    • The Shadow Selves in Persona 5 are definitely not immune to this. Not only are most of the major antagonists far more evil in temperament and morality compared to most of the previous games, but they have over-the-top appearances to match.
      • First, you have Shadow Kamoshida, who's wears nothing but a crown, a cape, and a pink speedo.
      • Shadow Kaneshiro's demon transformation is simply him gaining purple skin along with insect wings and a red pair of compound eyes, and doing the most hilarious impression of a housefly that his goons somehow find absolutely terrifying. Then there's his personal battle robot: Just a giant, round, metallic piggy bank.
      • Shadow Okumura's outfit looks like a goofy, Raygun Gothic Darth Vader cosplay.
      • Shadow Sae sports a trashy, gothic makeup combined with a very Stripperific dress showing Absolute Cleavage.
    • More cynical reviewers of the game find the Phantom Thieves' melodramatic Persona awakenings and costumes to be more cheesy and overkill than meaningful, with the worst offenders often cited as Makoto's Persona Johanna (which, unlike the other Personas, takes the form of a motorcycle), Ann Takamaki's fanservice-y candy apple red latex suit (not helping is that, despite her character arc involving restoring her self-confidence and control in the wake of having a teacher sexually harass her, she's often thrown into situations that involve her showing off her body, often to her resignation), and Goro Akechi's elaborately decorated red and white marching band getup, especially after he betrays you.
    • Also, from Persona 5, Akechi's Rank 8 scene is full of this. Not only did it increase right after he revealed himself to be The Mole while seemingly pointing a gun at your face, but you find out later, you weren't even in the room with him and thus shouldn't have been able to hear what he said to you.
    • And don't forget the otherwise stylish victory animation at the end of a normal fight, where Joker gestures as if to say "Alright, let's go!" before taking off running. Unfortunately though, sometimes it takes too long enough for you to realize he's just casually running in circles on the battlefield, and it's the same with the variation featuring Morgana in van form. Kind of hard not to play Running in the 90s in your head in the case of the latter..
  • Phantasmagoria 2 is packed with Narm, but one of the most ridiculously random moments in the entire game takes place outside the S&M nightclub, where a random trio of "gangsters" walks by line dancing.
    • The policewoman's response to seemingly everything Curtis says being "MY ASS!"
    • "I gave myself top clearance! I saw!"
  • The enemies Phantasy Star III have ridiculous enemy attack animations that make you question how they're even hurting you. The Giants simply point their fingers in the air, the Grinders attack by wiggling their ears in your general direction, and the Clops blink while flexing their pecs.
  • The entirety of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. Some of the more Narmy moments include:
    • Clapping dogs.
    • An upside-down shot of the narrator in a chicken mask.
  • In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen you can encounter a trainer swimming in the water who screams at you to leave her alone. After you defeat her, she admits that a water Pokémon ripped her bathing suit off and she's embarrassed. However, when she appears on the battle screen, she is of course, fully dressed.
    • If they used more than one sprite, it'd probably be different.
    • "I like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear."
    • "I'm a cool guy! I've got a girlfriend!"
    • "I think my Rattata is in the top (fucking) percentage of Rattata!"
    • Also in Fire Red and Leaf Green, the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town is full of trainers and ghosts saying lines that make death sound like a joke.
      • "My Growlithe...WHY DID YOU DIE?!"
      • ""
    • Pokémon Emerald's Kyogre battle starts with red lines popping up across the screen as intimidation. It can come across as a poorly-crafted angry face.
      Chuggaaconroy: Rawr, he made an angry face all over the screen!
    • Even worse is Palkia's appearance in Pearl version. You wouldn't believe how unimpressive a cosmic dragon can be that a) is pink and b) gargles at you. c) It looks a giant penis.
    • Then again, the alternate choice of Dialga, while not suffering from the same aesthetic problems, sounds like a freakin' whoopee cushion was just sat on.
    • Reshiram's sprite. It looks weirded out while waving its giant arms. And it sounds like a warped out bell.
      • To say nothing of the unfortunately placed tuft of feathers on its belly...
    • "I'm absolutely perfect. I AM PERFECTION!"
    • "Burn, baby, burn!" (or "It's shocking!")
    • Some of the cries the Legends make in the overworld (not necessarily in battle) are pretty silly. Heatran, for example, says, "Gwogobo gwobobobo" when the trainer finds it in Black 2 and White 2. Guess Heatran likes Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo.
      • One of the worst offenders is Mewtwo, whose fights always begin with it shouting... "Mew!"
    • "I'm about to unleash my rage!"
    • It can be awfully narmy when a Ridiculously Cute Critter Pokemon uses an unnaturally destructive or powerful attack. Goodra can learn Outrage, complete with Jello-like jiggling, for example, and Litleo still does its adorable little "mweeoo" cry when using Roar or Hyper Voice.
    • Pokémon X and Y: After Lysandre reveals that his plan to destroy the world will cause Pokémon to die too, he sheds a few tears. This moment isn't exactly narmful, but your rival's blank, dumbfounded reaction to this is.
      • In the storyline finale cutscene, the ultimate weapon gets activated in the middle of Geosenge Town, which causes the houses surrounding it to not be destroyed, but gently knocked over like a cardboard box caught in a light breeze.
    • This can also be invoked by the player. Some games allows the player to customise their trainer with clothing and haircuts. Naturally, one can proceed to put together an outfit with absolutely clashing colours and bizarre combinations during story cutscenes, especially if you were crowned as champion.
      • Similarly, try getting through a dramatic cutscene while you're wearing the dowsing machine headband with its cute little antennae. Bonus points if they're indicating a nearby item.
    • The ROM hack Pokémon False Red is all about the protagonist being continuously insulted because he isn't Red. Thing is, it only works if you play as Fire (the boy) - playing as Leaf (the girl) turns the game into a parade of crossdressing references and Captain Obvious moments.
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon:
      • The characters' models are expressive... the main character, however, has a locked facial expression in a grin, which makes them look like a total psychopath or an Idiot Hero who does not comprehend the seriousness of any situation that s/he is in.
      • The original Sun & Moon games make a big deal out of Lusamine pulling a Ragyo and fusing with a Eldritch Abomination at the beginning of the final battle against her, marking the first time a major villain has turned One-Winged Angel. Will this also be the first time said major villain decides to duke it out with you personally? Nope! Because everyone, even the madwoman wearing a parasitic, extradimensional jellyfish whose powers are at her full disposal, absolutely respects the traditional way of settling things no matter what, she simply chucks her mon bodyguards at you for the duration of the entire fight, and does nothing but throw a fit when you inevitably beat the crap out of them with your own mons.
  • The first Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Anything involving Team Meanies. The name should tell you exactly what to expect.
    • "Don't give up! Don't give up! Don't give up! Don't give up! Don't give up!" The worst thing about this scene? They put it in two games.
    • Apparently someone on the developing team is of the opinion that a character isn't a character without a catch phrase/verbal tic, because nearly every fucking character in the second game had one, and more than a few in the third. It gets really hard to take anyone seriously when the only distinguishing part of their character is their goddamn catch phrase.
    • In all the games (except Gates to Infinity), you can pick your character's gender, but don't expect to see it come up. Instead of just using the right pronouns depending on what you pick, the other characters will go to absurd lengths to avoid using a pronoun, usually involving saying your name instead. The result is completely ridiculous, more often than not.
    • There are numerous moments in Super Mystery Dungeon where the player and partner come across some important sight or person. However, the thing in question is always directly in front of them, but the player and partner exaggeratedly look around in every direction except directly in front of them first, because apparently just looking forward is a bizarre idea.
  • Pokemon GO attempts to replicate the beginning of the games wherein you meet the professor. Which, given his somewhat goofy clothing choices, can come off as weird.
  • Pokémon Puzzle League, despite the genre, makes a genuine effort to make the Giovanni battle menacing, with dramatic music and lines such as "The world will be mine!" Unfortunately, one of his three possible Pokémon for the battle is Sandslash, who simply has one of the least threatening battle cries ever. It sounds like Tweety Bird trying to do a Donald Duck impression.
    • Not that Giovanni really needs much help supplying the Narm. Like the other characters, he has two voice clips that pseudo-rhyme with each other and says them incessantly. For extra Narm points, imagine him fighting Adventure-era Eggman.
      The world will be mine! ... The world will be mine! ... You're wasting my time. ... The world will be mine!
  • Pokemon fan games have a tendency to try and be Darker and Edgier than the base material that they're inspired from. More often than not, said attempts end up flying into this category instead.
    • Pokémon Insurgence probably takes the edgelord cake in that regard. The game starts with the player captured by a sacrificial cult and watching three people get sacrificed to Darkrai and keeps going from there. It's to the point where the dev eventually had to release a Lighter and Softer mode option to quell the complaints.
    • Pokémon Uranium's plot revolves around the use of nuclear power plants and the effects it has on surrounding Pokemon. While it doesn't seem too bad at first, eventually the player is forced to traverse highly radioactive areas while in a protective suit. However, the player still has to contend with radioactive Pokemon along the way... While using their own Pokemon who are completely unprotected. This results in the player often facing enemies in highly radioactive areas while their own Pokemon are no worse for ware.
  • The Portal series:
    • Intentionally invoked in the first game for black humor: finding a previous test subject's scrawlings of the phrase "The cake is a lie" repeated over and over is both disturbing and hilarious.
    • GlaDOS' scream when being core-transferred in Portal 2. Yes, it's a creepy moment, but the amount of auto-tuning makes her sound like T-Pain.
  • Po Po Lo Crois for the PSP. At the end of Book III: Ice Demon, Pietro finally reunites with his mother, which had everything to be a heartwarming scene - cute music, cute design, animation... but... the voice actresses of both Pietro and his mother decided to moan and laugh at the scene. At the same time. While Pietro slowly runs towards his mother to hug her. Instead of heartwarming, the scene became highly awkward.
  • This Prince of Persia (2008) story trailer. It's not as much that the voice fails, but rather the words that are spoken. Darkness? Light? Haven't we heard this crap somewhere else already?.
  • Play through Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Enjoy the Prince's wonderful snarkiness and general sense of humor while appreciating the very well-told story. Now go straight from that to Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, five minutes into which the Prince shouts, "You BITCH!" I cracked the hell up and could not continue playing for several minutes (while simultaneously lamenting the Character Derailment, but heck, at least it was funny!).
    • And then the good ending, in which the Prince sails away from the island with Kaileena, then proceeds to, from what can be inferred, force himself on her until she gives in and they have sex. She tried to kill him not even an hour ago. Quite the swerve.
    • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones's elevator scene, where the Prince rides up with Farah and Farah tries to make conversation. The Prince ends up talking about how he hates pomegranates. Comparisons to "I hate sand" are inevitable.
  • In [PROTOTYPE], Alex Mercer is usually pretty calm. Then, in the penultimate mission, he flips out and his VA, Barry Pepper, consumes the scenery.
  • The prisoners in Quake II repeatedly say stuff like "Please stop", "Make it stop", "It hurts", "Kill me now", and make zombie-like groans.
    • It should also be noted that said zombie-like groans actually sound more like sheep than anything. Baa.
  • This Let's Play of the Quest for Glory series shows a screencapture of a scene from the end of the third game, in which the hero has defeated the bad guys, but then has a summoning spell placed on him by unknown enemies which causes him to seemingly lose control of his body and flail about wildly. It is hilarious. Arguably, many things in these games could be taken as Narm, but old fans of the series will probably think them charming anyway.

  • In Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 there's a scene where a CIA Agent who's worked undercover with some weapon smugglers is caught, and since your character is in constant radio link with him, you hear his frantic pleas while he's trying to convince them he's legit, and then afterwards his immediate screams as he's being tortured, followed by the main character Bishop instructing command to "Turn that shit off". Just the way the entire scene was presented was unintentionally hilarious, especially with how Bishop tone and response seemed to be more "I just don't care" instead of concern.
  • In RayCrisis, one of the bosses is called Sem-Slut. Aside from the second part of its name being a derogatory for someone who gets around, it's prefixed by "Sem-", which makes it an even less innocent name. Sadly, it was renamed to "Sem-Strut" in the US release.
  • Uncle's death in the ending of Red Dead Redemption counts. Especially when Jack screams "OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED HIM!" (The Narm IMMEDIATELY goes away, though.)
  • Obscure PC FPS Red Ocean has narmy voice acting, but the narmies part is the hero's name: JACK HARD. Yes, Jack Hard. Makes you wonder if it was intentional...
  • The cutscene before you fight Lilith in Requiem: Avenging Angel. It's supposed to be giving you important plot information right before a boss fight, but the randomly-placed word-emphasis and the fact that you have to watch the cutscene every time you retry this hard boss fight means it jumps into Narm territory really quick.
  • If you're going to play Resonance of Fate, please don't play it for story cutscenes like this one.
  • Return to Zork: "Want some rye? Course ya do!"
    • Try killing civilians with the weapons. The death animations are so funny, and they retain them. Some fun examples include the hotel receptionist going "AAAAGH!" and faceplants on the desk (while smiling), the blacksmith grabs his neck and crotch and stands there even when he's dead. Ben, however, bends backwards 90 degrees. To say the game has not aged well is drastically underplaying the unintentional comedy.
  • The drift physics in modern Ridge Racer can get so outlandish that you can spin a full 360 degrees without any crippling loss in speed and keep going.
  • RuneScape's Quick Chat feature is a good way to get various points across in a clear and concise manner. It also clashes drastically with the chatspeak and abbreviations normally used by MMO players. You get used to it, but until then things like "My Strength level is 83." and "Go to location: Al Kharid." may make you wonder if the speaker is a robot.
    • In the "Desert Treasure" quest you must fight the keeper of the Ice Diamond, Kamil, who has cruelly encased a young troll's parents in blocks of ice. After hiking through the treacherous mountains and biting winds you suddenly feel a dark presence and then the battle begins. Oh, and if you've done the "Troll Romance" quest there's a fair chance that this song will start playing. note 
    • Due to the fact that the game did not have cutscenes or dialogue boxes originally, conversations happened out in the open like other MMORPGs at the time. Cue players in the background absolutely ruining the dramatic battle with Delrith by spamming or speaking with poor grammar. Or playing with the text features to say "oooooooooooo" or "eeeeeeeeee".
  • All of Robot Alchemic Drive counts, though it's very likely this was entirely intentional on the part of its creators, as its ongoing homage to old school mecha anime.
  • Jane's death in Rogue Galaxy. A giant bird swoops down from the sky, threatening to attack an old man. Jane pushes the man out of harm's way, and the bird lands on top of her, smacking her head into the pavement, then suddenly flies away;. This should have been a shocking moment. However, how utterly random and abrupt it was makes it laughable.
    • Also from Rogue Galaxy: "Simon's wife and daughter looking for him" cutscenes. Some of them are "sort" of emotional - when they're looking for the papa of the family on a city, for example. However, when they start looking for him on forests, jungles, ancient ruins and so, it becomes downright hilarious (nobody questions how exactly did they get there). Worst, their scenes are sappy and overdramatic, including sad background music and the little girl crying. Every single one of them. By the time the third one is on, you're already seeing them as parodies of sad scenes.
  • The Typhon boss in Rygar: The Legendary Adventure. While the game does a good job of reviving the classic kind of hero story ("save the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy, save the world"), this boss just ruins the mood. It looks like a multi-headed dragon, but the tops of the necks...are a bunch of crying, fire-breathing babies.
    • Just about every cutscene in Rygar: The Legendary Adventure runs on high quality Narm. "Is this the hound that guards the underworld? No! It is the fang of justice! Fang of justice, fight for me!" * facepalm*
    • At one point, we rescue the love interest. Who starts singing. In an FMV. Words cannot describe...
    • How everyone pronounces "Disk Armor". You'd think it'd be "Disk-arm-or", right? Try "Dis-carmer".

  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant
    • Although he does do a good job in some places, at times Yuri's voice actor turns the game into a total comedy, like when Yuri loses his powers, his delivery of "What the hell is this?" kind of wrecks the mood. The first scene in the graveyard is also a big offender, particularly since "That's me growing there!" is reminiscent of Dick Solomon.
    • She takes about twenty minutes to narrate the monster walking towards the front door, obviously under the impression that it's creepy rather than gut bustingly hilarious. When she finally reaches the end and it turns out to be a terrific anticlimax you want to strangle the old bat.
    • And then there's THE MISTLETOOOOOOOOE!.
    • And Karen declaring her feelings for Yuri... it's probably the over-the-topness of the delivery ("YES! I LOVE HIM! MORE THAN ANYTHING!"), but also the fact that she knows him long exactly?
  • Shadow of Destiny has a few. For example, Eike shouting, "You bastard!" at Hugo during Ending E. Doesn't sound bad out of context, but becomes Narmy when you consider that a) up until this point, the only swear used had been 'damn' and that only two or three times, b) the delivery of the line was ridiculously casual given the situation, and c) the script writer had apparently been channeling South Park. Honestly, though, any moment where Eike is required to exhibit any emotion besides Dull Surprise qualifies as a Narm.
    • Ending C. GODDAMN ENDING C. So, Eike erased Hugo from existence, and, even though did little to help Elizabete and Dana, he's alive and well. He realizes the wonders of life, lays down on the street to see the sky... and then two random drunk teenagers run over him with a car. The end. It's insanely random, badly executed and downright stupid. No wonder it's considered the worst ending.
  • In Shadow of Rome, Agrippa the gladiator protagonist has to kill his old enemy, the Germanic chieftain Barca at the behest of the baying crowd, and yells at the crowd. The scene is meant to be serious, but it comes across as hilarious because a) it's too similar to the famous "Are you not entertained!?" scene from Gladiator and b) he finishes with a loud skyward "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMNNNNNNNNNN!"
  • Shin Megami Tensei:
    • In Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, some scary and powerful demons later on have their appearances and abilities somewhat offset by the sound effects that make them sound like livestock when they attack. And then there's Thor, who loves screaming "DIE!" in an overly hammy voice before attacking.
    • Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse:
      • Metatron, Voice of God and usually the most powerful angel of any game he's in, gains Robo Speak and mechanical whirring noises, killing a large part of whatever badass factor he had. That the game tries to hammer in that the angels are "manufactured" doesn't really help either.
      • In the Japanese version, any time someone says YHVH's name, their voice is muted and garbled so as to conceal the pronounciation, the idea being that he's such an alien entity to humanity that even his name can't be comprehended. In the English dub, however, players instead get the infamous "record needle scratch" noise that simply doesn't carry the same impact.
      • So you've gone into Twisted Tokyo to give each of the Fiends a piece of your mind. You engage David, the first Fiend, expecting him to have an intimidating-sounding Evil Laugh or something similar. Instead, you get a bored sigh. The same applies for all of the subsequent non-DLC Fiends.
      • The friendship speeches and outright hostility to anything loner related can get to downright eye-rolling levels in a game that tries to present itself as serious.
      • Asahi's death. What was supposed to be an emotional scene quickly get's kinda ruined by the excessive narration and the massive exposition dump that followed and everyone seemingly forgetting what just transpired.
  • The PS2 version of Shinobi features a sequence where the villain taunts you that you can't kill a former acquaintance, 'even with that tainted blade.' The main problem is that the player character, Hotsuma, has already killed the acquaintance in question with the blade in question, and he even has an enormous scar marking where his head was cut off.
  • Quite a lot of Konami's Silent Scope series. Prime example here, starting halfway through...
    • If you don't feel like or can't watch the video (and I can't, so I don't know if this line is there) then here's an example: Silent Scope 2 pairs you up with a 'buddy' sniper. A little way into that game, the two of you have to make an assault on a facility. Your buddy turns to you and, in the most hilariously serious voice, says "Time to play 'Metal Gear' for real!"
    • "Watch out! The enemy is going to shoot!"
    • In EX: "I'm the president! Please stop!" And the president bears an uncanny resemblance to George W. Bush.
  • Sin and Punishment was a Japanese exclusive that had default English voice acting with Japanese subtitles, so we get flat actors saying complex, yet poorly translated lines wrapped in a confusing plot. The bad guys are called the Ruffians, the cheesy music plays over cutscenes and gameplay alike, and Saki and Ashi's actors both mumble their lines. At least Airen's actress was actually trying to put some emotion in.
  • Snatcher, excellent as the rest of the acting was, has these in the second half:
    Gillian: (after Harry Benson dies) Cunningham! No, Snatcher! I'll get you for this!
  • The Soul Series is riddled with this.
    • Another Nightmare example is one of his winning quotes in II: "Raarrrgghh! GO AWAY!"
    • II also gives us Sophitia's Narmtastic win line: "You're in pain. It's painful, isn't it?"
    • Voldo's Endings in the original Soul Blade for PSX. Both of them.
    Vercci's Spirit: "Hey, Voldo! You fulfilled my wish! Good for you!"
    • This rather bizarre statement made by Tira in V. Yes, it could be argued she was trying to head-fuck Pyrrha to make her easier to manipulate, but...
    Tira: "Normal humans don't go around killing people and burning towns!"
    • Occasionally, character quotes don't match up, with truly cringeworthy results. Take this gem from II.
    Mitsurugi: "You again? I've had enough of you!"
    Taki: "Hahahaha! Haven't you had enough?"
    • And:
    Lizardman: *growls*
    Algol: "Your words will earn you no mercy."
    • Soulcalibur III has a huge problem with characters' lines getting cut off. It's not easy to take a character's Badass Boast seriously if they don't get to finish it.
    Abyss: You who would stand against me... prepare-
    (Versus Abyss! Fight!)
  • Space Channel 5 itself is a Widget Series with many of its really silly elements (The dancing aliens, the space police, Ulala outperforming Pudding on her own show) invoked and Played for Laughs, but the second game makes a few situations rather narmy. Mostly in stage four wherein Fuse is zapped with a laser. Despite that Fuse is only inside a ship, the electricity somehow hits him and he makes a scream.
    • Later on, Noise says "There's no power! All that's left is dance and jiggy power!". Ulala is then dancing under duress, and develops a vaguely southern sounding accent. (Given that stage throws twenty two step commands at you, some players didn't pay attention to this.)
    • Fuse's English line "Man, that ain't just good, that is PERFECT!" makes him sound like someone is attempting a stereotypical Camp Gay voice... or like he is doing something else inside his ship as he watches it.
    • In stage 6, the invisible wall. Everyone pounds on it in sync except for Ulala who didn't walk into it.
    • Can be invoked by the player themselves via costumes. Put Ulala in a really silly costume and watch as the silliness turns Up to Eleven. In fact, the player has to do this in Ulala's dance mode to unlock some things, and it can be quite hilarious seeing the human dancers mimic Ulala in the Morolian pose.
    • From the first game, one optional stage featured Ulala trying to rescue a hostage... who is literally described as a "Boy toy".
    "They've got a boy toy!"
  • During the prologue of Spider-Man 3, our friendly neighborhood superhero must survive a series of quick-time events while traversing through the burning building, before coming across a hostage strapped to a bomb. Normally, Peter Parker jumps and flips with acrobatic finesse to avoid the falling debris during the sequence, but if you fail the button prompt to have him swing to the floor below where the woman is, it all descends into two seconds of unintentional, cartoony Rapid-Fire Slapstick that wouldn't look out of place in a typical Garry's Mod machinima.
    "I'm going to die!"
    *building explodes immediately after*
  • In Splatterhouse 3, you have to save your wife and child, and if you fail to save 1 or more of them, you get a different BAD END depending on who you failed to save (going completely psycho if you failed to save both of them). The ending where Dave dies begins with some depressing music and narrative, but the mood is quickly foiled when you get some of the greatest words in video game history. DAVID IS ONLY MEMORY
  • Mediocre but entertaining Stealth-Based Game Spy Fiction would have been a better piece of, well, Spy Fiction had the voice actors bothered trying. A particularly egregious example is when the lunatic terrorist Dietrich captures the positive, quirky agent Nicklaus, chains him to a crucifix-type device, and shoots him in the heart in front of his best friend. If you weren't laughing at Dietrich's painfully badly-written mocking of the survivors — "Boo hoo! Poor baby!", in a nonspecific and ridiculous Eastern European accent — you probably threw back your head and laughed as the survivor attempted to give a scream of bitter rage to the heavens and ended up making a sound vaguely like he'd finally passed a very stubborn stool.
    • This one also had the catchphrase 'Back in the hole', which was said repeatedly by the main character as a code to his best friend, Nicklaus, usually while pointing to him at the time. In one horrible Narm moment, the phrase is said by both after Nicklaus had previously said, "I'll go on ahead. You go in behind." The voice actors deserve some credit for being able to say the line without laughing.
  • The English voice acting in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. can get rather...enthusiastic. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to change all the non-essential spoken dialogue back to the (far better) Russian originals.
  • Star Fox Adventures is one long Narm, thanks in part to the corny voice acting and the fact that it takes the Rule of Cool way, way too far.
    • Perhaps the narmiest moment is the fading breaths of a Earth Walker soldier, delivered in "Dinosaur Language." It has to be seen to be believed.
      • Speaking of dinosaur language, (it's just letter-swapping and the mini-guide that comes with the game has a translator in the back), the dinosaur language word for "eye" is "ooo."
    • Presenting to you, a grandiose Large Ham line after Andross' Hijacked by Ganon move.
    • The cutscene that always plays when Fox gets an item in Adventures is extremely narmy. It's probably due to the fact that Fox's face literally runs through the expression spectrum, starting out with a bizarre combination of mild annoyance/mild anger, and ending up with a look of total joy, akin to someone who's just found the holy grail, cure for cancer, and eternal youth, all at the same time.
      • And we mean always. At one point, Fox is tasked with collecting three bridge cogs to get a minor bridge working again. He does the animation for every cog.
      • Krystal's (it only plays twice when you play as her) isn't quite as funny, but seeing her go from an incredibly bored looking expression to one that looks like she just won a carnival game is still fairly narmy.
      • POOT THOT DOWWN, yew dond hov enoff SCARABS!!
      • Some of the Lightfoot villagers have accents that make everything they say sound like they're supposed to be caricatures of something.
    Mah baybehs are soooooo naughteh~! They leik to hahd in the foh-rest!
    • At one point in the game, you cross a lava pit with moving platforms and flame jets. Once you get to a certain point beyond it, Tricky, who has heretofore been able to teleport, and who can be set on fire without noticing, all of a sudden has a cutscene where he cowers, and will not cross until you stop the platforms from moving (inexplicably shutting off the jets, too). This cutscene is extra bad if you do it before reaching that point, since that causes him to cower at pretty much nothing (compared to what he's been through to that point) and cross right afterward anyway.
    • Plus the inconsistent English voices, where Leon for example will go from a British accent in 64 to a slimy psycho voice in Assault. Slippy and Peppy's voices vary from game to game a lot too, but General Pepper takes the cake for his ridiculously over-the-top voice in Adventures. Then there's lines like "I'm on my WAY." and Andross' "Only I have the brains to rule Lylat" (Star Fox 64) and Andrew's "Think you're tough eh? In that case, it's SECRET WEAPON TIME." (Star Fox: Assault)
    • Krystal somehow sucks all the drama out of the attack on the enemy home world in Assault with a single piece of dialogue about the mission is going as... 'plaahhrned'?
  • Star Ocean
    • Star Ocean: The Last Hope gives us what should've been a deeply depressing scene when an alternate dimension's Earth is destroyed with billions dying, triggered accidentally by Edge. However, the voice acting, and Edge's Large Ham actions, make it more hilarious than anything. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING!
    • In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Fayt finally reunites with his father, shortly before he is killed. The ensuing boss fight has Bitter Dance as the background music.
  • Starcraft: Mengsk's line, "Don't be snide, Kerrigan. This was part of the deal, remember? I've earned this" at the end of a Brood War mission always cracks me up, due to the extra grunting emphasis on the word "earned."
    • Then there's Fenix, who gets into the act in the previous mission by spouting flowery nonsense like "Ah, to go into battle with my Protoss brethren again! Ah, but time will tell all things" and "I can still, how do you Terrans say it, "throw down with the best of them."
    • This is made worse by Fenix actually being fairly young by Protoss standards.
    • Hows this for Starcraft Narm? In the Terran campaign on the mission where you first meet the Protoss but must avoid killing the Zerg base right next to you, almost the entire tech tree has been unlocked at this point (late in the game), which includes the starport and (wait for it) the (flying) transport! And yet when we get to the mission end and the Zerg come swarming in, suddenly there is no way to evacuate Kerrigan and your forces??? WTF??
  • Starcraft II's cutscenes has everyone and their dog talking in generic action/war movie one-liners. Plus, Kerrigan was apparently given permanent high heels when remade into a Zerg.
    • The "Betrayal" cinematic. First you have Kerrigan decloaking for no apparent reason (I suppose she could have run out of energy, but surely she could have at least tried to find somewhere to lay low until she could cloak again? There were no Overlords at all in that cutscene!) and, due to the fact that Blizzard's otherwise superb CGI team is incapable of rendering a female face without mannequinifying it, looking completely bored out of her skull whilst demanding evac—pristine fashion model hair and makeup completely unmussed from that whole "being in the middle of a warzone" thing. Then, when she realizes that she won't be getting any evac, the goddamn slow-mo, complete with ridiculously over-the-top One-Woman Wail (the overuse of choral sections in the rest of the cutscenes is also incredibly Narmful, but here especially). Then, during her final moments, she... pouts at the sky. Goddamn it so much, Blizzard.
    • For a particularly Narmtastic scene, check out this cutscene when you save Warfield on Char. Ye Gods. From marines attempting to retreat despite being "cut off", to Warfield saying you "saved my boys today" despite being the only survivor in his squad (although one YouTube commenter theorises that by "boys", he's referring to his balls), the repeated barrage of cheesy one-liners completely ruins the badassery.
    • The following cinematic is just as bad if not worse. There's Raynor grieving over some random grunt and a close shot of the guy's dog tag, like we're supposed to know who the hell he wasnote , and then more cliche army talk, and then a rousing speach about how they can count on each other, accompanied by a choir. And it's raining. On freaking Char. And when Raynor finishes the speech, clouds part and sun shines through on the soldiers. Seriously, it looks like a parody by that point.
    • Heart of the Swarm gives us Mengsk's last words - "Ah made you inta a monstar, Kerrigan.". As last words go, not exactly the most impressive, but it's Mengsk's delivery that pushes it clear into Narm territory.
  • Old-school dungeon crawl CRPG Stonekeep doesn't have the greatest voice acting - some would say the latter-game performances by the fairy trope are decent, though - but there's no excuse for how silly this ambush sounds.
  • Super Mario Bros.
    • The plot of Super Mario Bros. 3 revolves around seven kings who have been transformed into monsters. Someone who has played more modern Mario games may find it hard to take the World 7 Fortress cutscene seriously in the remakes, as the World 7 King was turned into a Yoshi of all things.
  • Luigi's ending in Super Mario Galaxy. As if Mario shouting "WELCOME! WELCOME NEEEEEEEW GALAXY!" wasn't already narmy enough, Luigi's timid voice makes it sound as if someone with a gun was threatening to shoot him from behind if he doesn't say it.
    • "I'm going to stomp you to space bits!"
  • Luigi's "Yay for me, LUIGI!" from New Super Mario Bros.. The brothers are voiced by the same person who in this case might have tried a little too hard to differentiate the two.
  • Super Mario Sunshine had some very narmy voice acting for Bowser. Listen to it in all its glory...
    • Making Bowser comedic is fine sometimes, but he should never sound like Cookie Monster.
    • Bowser's dialogue doesn't help his image as a menacing Evil Overlord.
      Bowser: Mario! How dare you disturb my family vacation?!
    • FLUDD's Disney Death can also be considered pretty narmy.
    • In general, most of the cutscenes are this to some degree. The subpar voice acting combined with the fact that the story itself involves bizarre scenes like Mario standing trial for vandalism and Bowser's son claiming that Peach is his mother ultimately just become somewhat surreal. It doesn't help that unlike nearly every other Mario game, the whole thing is played completely seriously.
  • Super Mario Odyssey has many cutscenes and bosses which are presumably meant to be taken seriously. However, it also has a full character customisation setup with tons of costumes Mario can wear, meaning he can end up dressed in the most ridiculous outfits possible in seemingly serious scenes. Like say, fighting Bowser in a swimsuit or boxer shorts. Or fighting the Ruined Dragon dressed like a clown or a chef. Or even ending in cutscenes and battles wearing a copy of Princess Peach's wedding dress.
  • You'd think ghosts are supposed to be scary, but even by the low standards of Super Mario RPG for how seriously you can take the monsters, "The Big Boo" takes the cake. This Let's Play shows how the poor guy who was doing it could not get over that grammar issue for the fact that the Boo is barely even the same size as Mallow.
  • The use of the term "Ending your/my game" in Super Paper Mario is a bit silly during one of the more dramatic parts of game (when Count Bleck had lost the will to live and asks you to finish him off). Of course, Never Say "Die" isn't always in effect in the game (particularly Wracktail's line, "I shall punish you...with death!").
    • That's the strange part, the game will alternate between playing straight and averting Never Say "Die". In the first game's 7th chapter, an author is accused of being a serial killer who bases his novels on his own murders. And in the third game, Bleck outright says that you'll die with the world you're currently in. Since Chapter 7 in this game is basically the afterlife, it's probably a joke most of the time.
      • Of course, Bleck appears before you in Sammer's Kingdom and goes into a bit of Evil Gloating about how you can't possibly save the world, afterward the Sammer Guy you defeated just before this.... Speaks entirely in all-caps Hulk Speak. If you leave the room and come back, he'll say he told the king about it, but since he was fast enough to get there and back that quickly, you have to ask why he didn't just bring the Pure Heart back with him.
    • At one point, Tippi uses the word "discombobulated" in a serious sentence.
    • The end of chapter 7 in the third game is probably one of the saddest, most heartrending scenes in the series. When you're told that you can take the final Pure Heart, if you're playing as Luigi at the moment, he responds simply with, "Okey-dokey." Worst part being that the boss leading to that cutscene isn't the hardest boss, but is a total push over with Luigi, so if you know this, you probably were playing as Luigi.
    • At the end of the game, Count Bleck proclaims his love for a rainbow-coloured butterfly.
  • Played for laughs in Super Robot Taisen Z with Black Charisma, the incredibly menacing looking masked villain who spends a lot of the game having ominous conversations with other villains. And then the expansion pack came out, and he was finally given a voice... and the voice changer mentioned in the original game is revealed to be a hilarious pitch-shifter, shifting his pitch from chipmunk to little girl and back constantly. The villain squad you control to fight him aren't sure what to make of it.
  • In Super Robot Wars W, Zoa's cape flutters in his regular standing pose (Best seen on his stats). The fluttering has very few frames and loops in a choppy, awkward manner, making him not look threatening at all, which for a series Big Bad is rather sad. It's even funnier when you consider Boss Borot also has a cape that flutters like this, but... he's Boss freakin' Borot!
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl didn't include an option to switch between English and Japanese languages, so when the English version was leaked and someone posted videos running through the sound test of the characters' voice samples, the general outcry was that of anger and dissatisfaction with the seemingly-inferior English voices (although most of these people had been religiously watching videos of the Japanese version and thus had simply gotten used to the Japanese voices). The worst in many people's eyes - even beyond Meta Knight apparently being the offspring of Vader and Zorro, Falco being from Brooklyn and Wolf from Texas, and Sonic's 4Kids voice actor - was probably Ike and his wonderfully-monotone "I fight for my friends." Sadly, although context helped many of the other voice samples sound decent, Ike was not so lucky.
    • In the fourth game, Greninja's silly-sounding voice can come across as this, if you don't think of it as (and especially if it wasn't intended to be) an Ugly Cute Badass Adorable. Not only can it only utter Pokémon Speak, but the voice is overly nasally and high-pitched for a typical ninja character, and sounds like Stitch or Guilmon. For more information, check out the Pokémon's Pokémon Speak entry on the Anime page for this trope.
    • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, all 7 DLC characters have the same generic conversation about them during Palutena's Guidance. This left several fans wishing that the dev team took the time to create unique conversations for each of them. And concerning Bayonetta, Palutena was very knowledgable about her abilities during her reveal trailer. Cue the Guidance about Bayonetta in-game and suddenly Palutena has no data about her. It seems to be contagious as Pit doesn't recognize Lucas, even though they both made their Smash Bros. debut in Brawl, voiced by the same actress, no less!
  • Syphon Filter
    • In the original Syphon Filter, the protagonist Gabriel Logan lets out one of the most awkward sounding screams ever to be heard in a game in the outro of Mission 17 when the elevator he uses to descend into the tunnels collapses under him. It doesn't help the fact that his voice actor speaks in a laughably terse tone whenever he delivers his dialogues. But then again, the general voice acting in this game wasn't that spectacular to begin with anyways.
      • Also, the intro of Mission 12: "MUH GAWD, SYPHON FILTER."
    • Syphon Filter 3. "You ready, George? AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!
  • In the ending cutscene of System Shock 2 after SHODAN offers a chance to join her so that We Can Rule Together, many fans consider the hero's reply of, "Naah," to be one of the cheesiest lines in the game. Of course, it doesn't help that the endgame was rushed in development.

  • The Japanese version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom features possibly the most hilarious training stage song ever. With lines like RISE LIKE A DRAGON PUNCH A WOMAN and I KEEP IT REAL SON NOT THE TYPE TO RICK ROLL YA, I'm SHORYUCAN'T touch the Narm Charm this song possesses.
  • Tear Ring Saga has a number of emotional moments that ends up narmfull thanks to the Engrishy translation, but the hero mourning a Noble Demon antagonist with "Ahab fell, but he called for it, yet he was a man to be pitied too. Whoa... no time to get all emotional!" takes the cake.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time has is a lot of Narm (Minus the Shredder, who actually manages to make "Turtle soup, my favorite!" sound Badass), first level's got Baxter Stockman who says "Terminate the turtles!" in a strange tone, and Metalhead saying "I'm going to mangle you green slimeballs!" with a small monotonous tone, Krang takes the cake, though, he says "Prepare to die!" with a strange voice, in Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, they actually manage to make the Narm funnier, by making the characters voices their 2003 counterparts or someone else, and attempt to make it dramatic, the result is funnier than the original game, or more badass than the original.
  • Tekken: Edd-DEE! (About 0:54.)
    • The series' numerous endings for beating their arcade modes. From Paul going to space to fight aliens, to the antics of Roger the Kangaroo and and Kuma the Bear. Especially with the first game, which plays a happy little tune to things like Kazuya tossing Heihachi off a cliff, or Nina slapping her sister Anna for being accused of stealing one of her high heels - only for her to reveal she did anyway. Odds are if it's outside something pertaining to the main plot, Tekken's got narm for days with how ridiculous it gets.
  • Thousand Arms has plenty, as the budget for the localization was pretty small. One that stands out though is your main characters cry for a fallen friend, "JYYYYAAAABBBBIILLLLLL!!!!!" This would have been a bit more dramatic if the voice actor didn't sound 13 years old, the main character hadn't been trying to get in Jyabil's sister's pants 5 minutes ago, and his name didn't sound so damn close to "gerbil."
  • The Thunder Force V Final Boss warning screen:
    • Thunder Force II (Sharp X68000 version), intro speech: "This is Exceliza, I want to flow now." "Roger, good luck."
  • Time Crisis. Full Stop.
    • The first game has Rachel trying to warn Richard about the first boss fight:
    Don't come! It's a trap! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    • Made even more hilarious by the fact that she says this while strapped to a wall. Which then proceeds to behave exactly like a door in Scooby-Doo.
  • Time Hollow has Ethan's ridiculous yelling whenever he confirms a flashback. This is a bit of Narm Charm, though, as the over-the-top nature just seems to fit somehow.
    • It's also worth noting the relatively positive tone of the things he yells, even when he confirms a flashback of a friend's dead body.
    • Irving's line, "Now it's time for Revenge Part Deux --- Revenge: The Return!" while assuming the identity of Jack Twombly.
  • In-universe example in Timesplitters. Cortez's underwhelming Catchphrase "It's time to split!" provokes appropriate reactions from nearly everybody. Most female characters are creeped out more than anything else.
  • Tomb Raider
    • Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness gave us the oft-quoted threat of "You unsavory little runt!"
    • Tomb Raider III gets "Your perception of good timing is...bad!"
    • The death screams of the guards in the Tibet section of Tomb Raider II Narm; after getting mowed down, it sounds like they shout something like "AH! A COUGAR!"
    • The voice acting in Tomb Raider isn't exactly high quality, but Natla and Larson's ridiculous Texan accents makes it very hard to take them seriously. Made even funnier when you find out that Natla is supposed to be an ancient ruler of Atlantis thousands of years ago and in the flashback cut scenes involving her, she still has the exaggerated accent!
  • Touhou: Resident troublemaker Hinanawi Tenshi gives us the following line, which earns her the reputation of masochism:
    "Yes, get angry! Because if you don't punish me, Gensokyo shall be no more!"
  • The only way to maintain willing suspension of disbelief during Trauma Center is to assume it's an over-the-top pastiche through design. A terrifically hilarious moment was when Dr. Stiles was wandering around in the city in misery after being negligent towards a patient. When it begins to rain, he doesn't mind — 'maybe it will calm me down!'
    • And you get a Narm whenever you lose — a hopelessly melodramatic rendering of how Dr. Stiles mysteriously disappeared, unable to handle his guilt over losing a patient.
    • The scene where you have to defuse a bomb is hilariously silly.
    • "I DISAGREE."
    • "I'M A DOCTOR!"
    • The most narmy psycho-face ever coupled with "The healing touch is also good for...KILLING!" made Adel lose any menace he previously had.
  • In Trauma Team, the first forensics mission shows that the electrician is the murderer, but his face when he is stabbing just kills the mood.

     U - V 
  • In Ultima IX: Ascension, the Avatar asks a lot of really really stupid questions. But the worst of all has got to be when he's in Trinsic and asks, "What's a Paladin?" You'd think that after Paladins having existed since Ultima IV, he'd know better. He'll ask this even if you chose the Paladin class at the beginning of the game! An audio clip of the Paladin quote, as well as additional narmy quotes from the game, can be found on this site.
    Spoony: What's... a paladin? FUCK. YOUUUU!
    • There's another one towards the beginning of the game. After finding out the Britain has been moving all the poor people to the poisonous swamp of Pew, the Avatar, living embodiment of the eight virtues and perfectly aware of all of their tenets, can only come up with the following argument: "But...Britain is the city of compassion!" Even worse, when the mayor replies that the plan is compassionate with some severely twisted logic, the Avatar is completely stumped. Durr...
  • Undertale:
    • During the Genocide Route, Sans' warning that "you're gonna have a bad time" makes for a well-implemented Meaningful Echo later on in the route... except if you're familiar with a certain outdated meme.
    • The face Photoshop Flowey makes at the beginning of his boss battle makes him look like he has buckteeth.
  • Valkyrie Profile: Whenever Lenneth Valkyrie shouts out (especially in a distraught mood), the portrait of her facial expression looks more like she's singing the opera. Since the game is at least partly influenced by Richard Wagner's magnum opus, that might have even been intentional.
  • In A Vampyre Story, if you talk to Froderick, it kicks off a flashback to an exposition-rich conversation that Mona and Froderick had sometime before the game begins. If you ask about Draxylvania (the setting for the story), Froderick will describe the place in unflattering terms, then point out that in Draxylvania's favor, they DO have Draxylvanian blood cheese, the best blood cheese in the world. Mona will respond, "I think it's the only blood cheese in the world. Sounds, uh....yummy." The line as written is clearly sarcastic, but the actress delivers it as though she's making a note to try it at her earliest possible convenience.
  • Vietcong
    • In Vietcong 2, we have this:
    Minh's diary: "We will throw the Americans and Saigonese, their vehicles and hamburgers to the sea!"
    • In Fist Alpha, some of Douglas' cries when he's on fire.
    Douglas: SHIT! I'M BURNING!! AAaaaaaaAAAAhhHHHH!!!!
  • Virtua Fighter has always tried to take itself seriously, but the new customizable costumes in VF 4 and 5 kind of prevent that. It's hard to take a cold-blooded assassin seriously when he's wearing a speedo in a damn blizzard.
    • Not to mention the new pre-fight warm up scenes in VF 5 R. Because nothing says "getting hyped for a fight" like running against a pink background with throbbing hearts, dancing around and clicking your heels, or posing like the cover of a damn playgirl magazine.
  • Due to the creator not being a native English speaker, the Virus Invasion series has a few of these. Like in the following scene in Virus Invasion 6/Ledgend:
    LITTLE BEAR: euh , sir ... I don't know the ledgend ...
    PINK BEAR: The Ultimade Virus is the evil virus ... it is the father of the father of the Virus King.
    PINK BEAR: But the Ultimade Virus was to powerful ant it destroyed it self ...
    PINK BEAR: But to prevent that he repaired itself...
    PINK BEAR: ...we heve lockd him up !!
    PINK BEAR: And the key of the lock is the Main Chip !!
    PINK BEAR: And if you destroy the Main Chip ...
    PINK BEAR: Then will the Virus...
    PINK BEAR: Well...
    PINK BEAR: He will stand up from the death !!!
    PINK BEAR: And the Main Chip is in the old computer...
    LITTLE BEAR: Then we must stop the Virus Queen befor it's to late !!!
    PINK BEAR: Okey , we are moving to the old computer !!
  • Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer has Brider, a Kamen Rider knock off, give us "I AM THE JUSTICE. NOT YOU."

  • While The Walking Dead is usually excellent at averting this and creating atmosphere and tension, the ending of Season 2 Episode 4 will probably come as this to Russian players. While the scene is otherwise well-done and tense, and is a massive Wham Episode for English players, the effectiveness is somewhat dampened by the fact that the (English) VAs for the Russian group have no idea how to pronounce their lines resulting in a hilariously botched attempt at Russian.
  • The original Warbears. "NO! AGENT [Insert Player Name Here] IS DEAD!"
  • Warcraft's general storyline is pretty much overflowing with this. It's basically a really cheesy comic book trying to be taken as seriously as Lord of the Rings. And failing epically in the attempt.
  • The ending of Warcraft III. The archdemon lord heads towards the world tree and gets killed by wisps. Yes, the ones that you have been using to gather wood for the period of the last campaign.
  • The "fight" between Arthas and Illidan at the end of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It's said they wanted to include a cinematic, but the deadline they had to release the game stopped them including it.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • Really, the whole of WoW is full of them. On the surface, everything has a serious tone, but a good majority of the quests and NPCs are pop culture references or some other kind of subtle joke.
    • Nearly every holiday event in WoW is Narm. (Christmas trees in the Exodar...jack-o-lanterns all over Thunder Bluff...)
    • Every October, the bizarre music and drunken chatter of the Brewfest holiday clashes with the eerie setting of the Undercity.
    • The Valentine's Day event. Pink hearts and roses in the city of the undead. It's just wrong! Not to mention the swan boats that appear in the moat in Undercity's outer ring.
    • In Zul'Drak, a zone where there's an ongoing war against the undead Scourge, you get a quest to go help at an Argent Crusade forward camp. When you report to the guy there, he says: "Everything was fine until the Scourge attacked!"
    • A classic one, while battling against C'Thun, players would hear creepy whispers from the Old God at different points. These were mostly unsettling, such as "Your friends will abandon you" or "You are already dead". Then one says "Your heart will explode", and the entire raid tends to crack up.
      • Originally, he would sometimes say "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." They probably removed it because it delved into this way too much.
      • The names they gave stuff in Hallow's End. Tricky Treats? Tummy ache?
      • Winter Veil, when some bosses wear Santa hats. Granted, said bosses drop those hats, which are used to earn achievements, but it is somewhat jarring to see them wearing them.
    • Illidan's famous line in the cinematic of the second expansion set, "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED", would be badass if he did it once, but he repeats it three times, ruining the moment. Blizzard joked about this themselves in a Christmas audio clip they did shortly after the unveiling of the cinematic, where Illidan makes a cameo but simply keeps on repeating his line ad infinitum.
    • The Wrathgate cinematic that bridges the first and second acts of Wrath of the Lich King is an action-filled scene that is very tense and emotional for fans of the lore, bridging together several different storylines and changing the game world significantly. But most fans still cringe at this overused action movie cliche:
    Bolvar Fordragon: I was wondering if you'd show up!
    Saurfang the Younger: I couldn't let the Alliance have all the fun today!
    • In a Narm moment related to the above, when High Overlord Saurfang comes to reclaim the body of his son, now Deathbringer Saurfang (the Younger), in the Alliance version of Icecrown Citadel, it is played out as a very touching moment of Alliance-Horde cooperation. The Narm comes in when High Overlord Saurfang picks up his son's body to carry him home in his arms. Saurfang uses a normal-sized male orc model. Deathbringer Saurfang uses a double-sized boss model with huge shoulders, which clip hilariously through the ground as his teeny-tiny father waddles over to King Varian Wrynn to thank him for his kindness.
    • Which, for the alliance at least, is immediately followed by Jaina letting our a hilarious over the top crying session, and then stating how proud she was of her king, if you managed to pull it off right, JR's body might actually be near normal size, if that did ruin it, this certainly would.
    • Thorim: "What? You...? I remember you. In the mountains..." For a time it was a pretty big meme.
    • Sindragosa casting Unchained Magic: "Suffer mortals, as your pathetic magic BETRARARARAGRAHRAGHS YOU!" Her lines don't strike much fear into players' hearts.
    • If you roll a death knight, you get a different version of this quest for each race. The draenei version contains such lines as "Remember Argus. Don't let that happen to this world." However, it would be a lot more poignant if it didn't also contain the phrase "face tentacles."
    • The undead version's just as bad, undead death knights themselves are walking bags of extreme redundancy in and of itself, but the NPC doesn't hesitate to point it out to you.
    • While the goblin version is not really narmy per say, the male goblin /cry emote (a sarcastic "Oh, waah, waah, waah!") which Gally Lumpstain, target of goblin players doing the quest, does from time to time just sounds hilariously inappropriate, like it's no big deal that he and his comrades have been imprisoned by undead warriors and are awaiting execution.
    • Kael'Thas Sunstrider in Magister's Terrace:
    Kael: Don't look so smug! I know what you're thinking, but Tempest Keep was merely a setback. Did you honestly believe I would trust the future to some blind, half-night elf mongrel? Hahahaha... Oh no, no, no, he was merely an instrument, a stepping stone to a much larger plan! It has all led to this...and this time, you will not interfere!
    • Thanks to Memetic Mutation, not only is everything now "merely a setback" to Kael, but the same phrase is applied to any lore character who turns out not to be quite dead. One of the WotLK raid bosses even says it himself, in-game.
    • One excellent example would be The Devourer of Souls. The voice acting is so amazingly narmy that words cannot describe it.
    • Svala Sorrowgrave sounds like she smoked for way too many years, and when you kill her in Utgarde pinnacle, her death quote sounds like she threw up at the end.
    "I did not come this far to.... BLEEEEEEEGH!"
    • ARTHAAASSSS!!!!!
      • Any scene with Large Ham Tirion Fordring. They're meant to be either rousing or heartwarming, but end up being narmtastic.
    • The boss battle with Anub'arak in Azjol-Nerub. It would seem he's not as good at burrowing as the rest of his people. He actually uses a ladder to pull himself back out of the ground. Cheater!
    • The titles often seem quite out of place with the players' names, as you'll often see someone like "L33tk1ll3r the Twilight Vanquisher" or "H4xx0r of the Ashen Verdict". There's also quite a bit of unintended humor when someone with "the Patient" title drops out of a raid group at the first wipe, or leaves when they're still recruiting.,
    • Ladies and gentlemen. Theralion.
    • Cataclysm features some... questionable voice acting.
      • General Husham in the Lost City of the Tol'vir sounds like The Heavy and when he dies, shouts "TURN BACK. BEFORE. IT IS TOO. LATE."
    • One wonders how the voice actors for the Stonecore kept a straight face, saying such gems as "Break yourselves upon my body! Feel the strength of the earth!" and another smoker-voiced woman shouting, "Witness the power bestowed upon me by deathwing... FEEEL the FURY of EARTH!"
      • BEHOLD! The power of PURE WATER!
    • This part of the Genn Greymane-focused short story, Lord of His Pack, where, having saved his wife and daughter, Genn gets trapped inside the sinking ship.
    Relieved and proud of what he had just done, Genn began to pull himself through the porthole, but before he could find his way through...
    • The Warlords of Draenor cinematic has this in spades.
      • Gul'dan is convincing Grommash to drink demon blood for ultimate power. Grom asks what he has to give in return, and Gul'dan's response? Remove his hood, show off his red Glowing Eyes of Doom, and ominously say "Everything..." What? Blizzard themselves made fun of how ridiculous the exchange is in Legion, with a pair of Drogbar repeating it word for word but the Grom stand-in being fully convinced by that answer.
      • Mannoroth shooting lasers out of his spear. As if the big pug-face demon couldn't look any sillier. Not to mention his Stormtrooper aim.
      • Remember Grom's emotional death scene in Warcraft III? Apparently he would've been fine if someone had just pushed him out of the way. That's exactly what happens.
  • In Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm, Lord Firaveous Carron's reaction to the Blood Ravens' Rhino transports is, well, rather ridiculous. By the way, the "SINDRI!" is actually from the original campaign.
    • Particularly ridiculous when you remember that they're Chaos Marines, and have much of the same kit as the Space Marines. In particular, they have Rhinos too. So Carron's reacting with incredulous derision at "metal boxes" that he uses as well.
    • He also cries like a little girl when you beat him.
      • "The horrid blossom of Chaos will wither, will die!" The fearsome Chaos Lord is no stranger to poetry, it seems.
    • Not to mention Brother-Captain Boreale's hilariously bad accent. "SPESS MAHREENS! WE HAVE FAILED........THE EMPRA!"
    • Also worthy of attention are the Eldar's Howling Banshees. Their lines would be badass if they weren't so hilarious from their squeaky voices.
    • Everything the narrator says is over-the-top. Example.
    • The Imperial Guard Commander somehow "lost" 100 Baneblades in a case of bad timing. For those not in the know, a Baneblade is an incredibly rare and valuable supertank. An Imperial Guard commander is lucky to see one in a century. So having 100 Baneblades is freaking epic. Losing 100 Baneblades is Epic Fail.
    • And there's the voice for the Cultists, who all have a high-pitched Peter Lorre accent going on while giggling maniacally.
      Cultist-chan: Nho hwan eez loyal. Everywahn eez hereteec.
    • The Dark Eldar Warriors' battle cries, especially if you order them to capture an objective:
    • From Soulstorm (yet again) there comes the Tau commander's very... emotional reaction to his ethereal's death.
    • Imperial Guardsman yelling "STOHM THEM!"
    • The cutscene for defeating the Sisters of Battle is good, but when they sacrificed themselves not a single enemy unit was killed by that sacrifice.
    • The way the Guardsman stuttered their lines when destroying the Necrons.
    • There's one example of Narm in Dark Crusade during an exchange between Chaos and the Necrons.
      Eliphas: Soulless Automotons! You cannot prevail against Chaos.
      Necron Lord: (Remains Silent)
      Eliphas: It... Your soul is gone! I will destroy you.
  • The ending of Welcome to the Game is this to some players. We're treated to the Red Room livestream and it is... a video that buffers a lot, with the torturer giving a Mark Hamill impersonation, namely of The Joker, which can take the scary aspects out quick.
  • Wii Fit has a Narm moment. Yes, a Narm in a fitness game. The step-aerobics portions, actually. Don't get me wrong, they're fun and all, but someone thought it would be a good idea to put it on a stage. In front of a packed audience.
    • Who'll even clap along to the beat when you do well.
  • Wild AR Ms
  • In WinBack, when you killed enemies they would flash on and off before disappearing. In one cutscene the hero encounters a dying civilian who has been shot by the terrorists. After the man, dying in the hero's arms, makes an emotional speech about wishing he could see his family again...he flashes on and off and vanishes.
    • It also doesn't help that the heroes are members of a special forces team called SCAT, and one of the villains goes by the name of Gunt.
  • For the most part, nothing really stood out in Wing Commander IV, but in the conversation scene after The Dragon blows up the station and escapes by riding the shockwave of an intentionally detonated mine, Mark Hamill's delivery of the line "That was the move of a true master" fell somewhat short of the intended emotion invocation.
  • In The World Ends with You, the drama of the flashback of Rhyme and Beat dying is spoiled when you realize how stupid Beat was being. He basically tried to protect Rhyme... by jumping in front of a car and trying to stop it like he thought he was the Incredible Fucking Hulk.
    • The utterly absurd Bonus Boss, Hanekoma's noise form. It's a palette swap of Pi-Face's noise form on the bottom screen and Iron-Maiden's noise form on the top screen and he bellows out lines like "ENJOY THE MOMEEEENT!" and "OPEN UP YOUR WOOORLD!" as he kicks you in the face. "What the Christ?" doesn't come close to describing it.
      • The really disturbing/hilarious part? Iron Maiden/Konishi's Noise form is a sexy cat girl. With boobs. Hanekoma is male, yet his Noise is identical aside from the color. Yeah.
      • Also, Hanekoma taught Sho Minamimoto how to summon Taboo noise. As his Taboo form Leo Cantus is identical to Panthera Cantus' red lion-y half, Sho could've just copied it from him.

  • X-Men:
    • When you get to the final-ish stage of the arcade game, Magneto rewards you with "X-MEN! WELCOME...TO DIE!" This has now been parodied by Deadpool in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
    • Also "The White Queen welcomes you to die!" midway through Stage 5.
    • Not to mention the Blob boss fight in that game. "NOTHING moves the Blob!" Overly amusing as you can respond to this with a special attack and knock him on his butt. This doesn't stop the voice at all. YTMND made an in-site fad out of the Blob's line in their early days, just to say.
  • Many enemy pilots in the X-Universe games let off very narmy death screams:
    Split: "Split curse you! AAAAAAAAARRRRGGHHH!"
    Teladi: "Lost profitsssssss! Aaaargh!"
  • Xenoblade is an amazing game with amazing voice acting, there is a lot of chatter during the fights, but sometimes it's just too much. The sheer amount of conversation during the fights makes some long battles awkward, and some quotes are so out of place it's pure narm. For example, near the beginning of the game you fight a giant robot that just killed Shulk's girlfriend— it's one of the most intense and emotional boss battles, and his best friend Reyn will hilariously keep saying "It's Reyn time baby!" And at other moments you will fight weak random enemies and say quotes that sound stupid overly dramatic, like you just kill a level 2 rabbit and Shulk screams "The future is ours to decide!"
    • Every piece of armour is visible on characters outside of battle or even in cutscenes, so you can ruin dramatic moments by putting characters in bikinis, swimming trunks or hilariously mismatched armour sets (Heavy top + swim trunks, heavy bottom + Walking Shirtless Scene...). What makes this even better is that flashback cutscenes remember what armour you had on characters at the time, making it very easy to see Fiora in a bikini during her Heroic Sacrifice repeated throughout the entire game. Shulk's swim trunks alternate costume in Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS is probably an intentional Shout-Out to this hilarity.
    • The way the characters make new gems for the weapons. You have to choose two characters and use them to use the forge, one of them throws the matarials while the other one operate the switch. If you have more friendship, you get a better bonus and the rest of your team may help you by shouting motivational lines. That sounds simple enough right? The problem is that the process is all voiced and they never stop talking! It's so over the top it makes you wonder if it was intentional, most lines are cheesy like "To you!", "To me!", "Yeah!", "Alright!", "Wohoo!", "That's it!", "We did it!", and then another friend shouts "You can't just give up now!" or "You are the only one who can do this!"
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has some... mixed reactions to its voice acting. Especially with Rex and how blase he sounds for the first half of the game.
    • The giant robot maid fight at the end of Chapter 4 and in the beginning of chapter 6. Fortunately the characters react to this just as much as the players do.
    • The characters are VERY loquacious in battle. Since you have six on field at once (Three party members and three blades) there is a lot of overlap. Sometimes they overlap at just the right moment.
    Mòrag: THIS! Is the culmination of-
    Brighid: -my DEAD BODY
  • Xenogears: Remember — Chu-Chu died for your sins!
    • There is also one scene wherein the characters are drinking tea on the Yggdrasil. Except that they didn't animate their sprites moving the cups to their mouths - the teacups just FLOAT up to their mouths.
    • In the animated ending cutscene, Fei and Elly are trying to escape from Deus, and at one point, Elly falls. Fei somehow goes practically parallel to the ground to try and grab Elly while yelling EEEELLLLLYYYY. The fact that the characters are completely nude during this makes it even more unintentionally funny.
  • Albedo from Xenosaga creates many instances of Narm. One notable instance being his over-the-top "AHHHH, YEEEESSS.. FEED ME YOUR HOSTILITY, PIERCE ME WITH YOUR HATRED!"
    • His death scene. After the horrible, horrible things he did, Realian-angels come out of nowhere and take him to Heaven in crucifix position, all while he's more-or-less dressed like freakin' Jesus Christ. Bonus points for The fact that four are holding onto his arms and shoulders... while one is holding onto his leg.
    • The video games have something called Kirschwassers. This becomes somewhat hilarious if one has become familiar with just what Kirschwasser is in real life. They were literally named after a type of booze, and that makes the above scene even more unintentionally funny when Junior is all "Kirschwassers?!" during a dramatic death scene.
    • "Wheat, eh?"

     Y - Z 
  • In a series already known for numerous over the top moments, Yakuza 3 features a stand out incident wherein an injured old man with no special abilities whatsoever manages to catch a charging bull by the horns, stop it in place, and throw it off to the side.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! game The Duelist of the Roses is instant narm, for anyone who knows anything about Tudor history. As Yami is Henry Tudor, this means that he's married to Tea (Elizabeth of York), and his parents are Mai Valentine (Lady Margaret Beaufort) and Yugi's grandpa (Jasper Tudor). If that's not narm, then it's probably Squick... Also, the idea of Ryou Bakura playing Jack Cade, a rebel leader who's rebellion ultimately failed, is pretty funny too... especially since they've put him on the Lancastiran side of the battle, since Henry VI, the king the original Jack Cade died trying to defeat, was A LANCASTRIAN KING. Also, Jack Cade died a good forty years before Henry Tudor became king. It just reeks of Critical Research Failure, and the whole idea is hilarious as a result.
    A card! A card! My kingdom for a card!
    • ... the entire concept from the very beginning is so full of Narm that it almost seems facile to point to any one part of it.
  • The Japanese-made video game Zero Wing opens with a dramatic scene showing a military spaceship rocked with explosions. The crew reports that bombs had been planted on the ship, and moments later the ship is hailed by the enemy commander. He informs them that all of their bases have been taken over, and laughs at their imminent demise. Left with no choice, the Captain dispatches the ship's ZIG fighters (one of which will be controlled by the player) for a last-ditch counterattack. ...Then the game was translated into Engrish.


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