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Even on the Internet (especially on the Internet), quality is subjective.

  • The webpage "Accept Jesus, Forever Forgiven!". There's saccharine music on autoplay, a random cat that occasionally screams, and a seizure-inducing rainbow background.
  • The Adventures of Alex the Fox. A weird Sonic fan-cartoon starring a Self-Insert fox named Alex, taking place in the Sonic X-verse. If the animation wasn't laughable enough, the Narmtastic voice acting is. First episode, second episode, third.
  • "The Afterlife" is a hilariously bad attempt at showing an ascent to Heaven. There's an ungodly amount of animated GIFs that clash horribly with both the background and each other, and whoever created it for some reason wanted you to listen to DJ Sammy's "Heaven" while watching it.
  • Many videos by YouTube user "Aloyalgamer", particularly his Let's Play of Suikoden II. Among other things, he sometimes attempts to voice act for the characters' written dialogue (his voice for Luca Blight sounds like a tea kettle on helium), he is infamous for dropping incredibly blatant "hints" towards later plot events, often forgets to keep track of time and routinely ends videos mid-scene, mid-battle or even mid-sentence, and in later videos frequently belched during the recordings. He once recorded a series of videos after having recently undergone dental surgery. Perhaps most egregiously, however, was when he nonchalantly and very loudly chowed down on popcorn while recording the final sequence of the game. And yet he is just so enthusiastic about everything he does and possesses such a degree of earnestness his videos are made better for it, not worse.
  • Song parody website Amiright features a lot of these, and the names of the parodists who write them are even wackier than the songs themselves, for instance some of the editors are quite fond of Theme Naming. One of which is Agrimorfee - whose name sounds like the name of a Greek god or Harry Potter character and get this... his name *means* 'parody.'
  • This advertisement video for the Appalachian State University. Everyone in the comments agrees the quality is so bad as to be hilarious. A hilarious comment (quoted in this article) sums it up, "whoever came up with this video as a recruitment tool and whoever approved it's[sic] release should be shot, shot, shot." Here's an intentionally bad parody of it.
  • When not outright insulting, the sexism displayed in the movie review website Arrow in the Head comes off like this. Apparently, watching Cowboys & Aliens is "the cinematic equivalent of nailing a blonde and a brunette at the same time in a pristine bathroom stall".
  • Banana Clan, an animated series where all the episodes that are more than 5 seconds long are HILARIOUS.
  • Blingee. It's been described as 'Photoshop for retards', and is way too annoying for even MySpace teenyboppers to actually use, but wonderful when used ironically (see liberal blog Wonkette for shining examples).
  • CBoyardee's (yes, the same guy who made Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden) Dilbert trilogy. Originally made as an art appreciation project, these short videos feaure mindbending plots and grotesque visuals. Every character (voiced by CBoyardee himself) speaks in a dull, monotone voice, and they all look incredibly deformed and wrinkly. All this set to mellow music. The trilogy ends with Dilbert and Wally murdering everyone in the office building and then committing suicide. You can view all three Dilbert videos here.
  • Charlie Sheen's Twitter account.
  • The Childcare Action Project (a.k.a. "CAP Alert") can get unintentionally hilarious at times, such as the review of The Dark Knight, which opted to provide a long sermon on teaching children right from wrong...which featured the words "rod", "beat", "thrust", "discipline", and "sheep", apparently without noticing.
  • Colin's Bear Animation, an eleven-second video where a terribly animated bear dances to a song from Mother 3. It was apparently made by a disgruntled student for an "Animation Arts" course which was taught by a rather incompetent teacher.
  • Conservapedia. The only source of online information free from the 'bias of the liberal media'.
    • So popular among online trolls that it's now impossible to tell what was added by serious conservatives and what is deliberate parody, which just makes it funnier.
    • The George W. Bush article once said that he was "one of the greatest presidents in American history," that he was "successfully able to salvage the Hurricane Katrina rescue effort after it was sabotaged by a Democratic/Islamo-Fascist conspiracy" and that his unpopularity was due mainly to him being forced by the Democratic Congress to push through bailout packages.
    • At least part of the reason for its popularity with trolls lies with its creator having a massive case of Small Name, Big Ego, and handing out free passes to anyone who supports him in unrelated discussions.
    • They accuse Barack Obama of everything under the sun, claiming that he's a Nazi Communist (somehow) who was only elected due to his mind controlling policy.
    • The guy who founded the place also wants to make his own version of the Bible that is supposedly more compatible with conservative ideology. That includes removing all references to mercy. Think about that for a second.
    • That all said, Conservapedia has been primarily edited by trolls ever since its rise to infamy, so exactly how much, if any, of this is sincere is impossible to determine.
    • The quotes section from the Donald Trump article:
      "This country is going to hell."
      "We have no leader in this country."
      "Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people," and "It's just very, very sad..."
      "I'm Obama's Worst Nightmare"
      "You're Fired"
    • Their article about The European Union once said that its capital city was "The city of Brussels in France".
    • Their article on jaundice has, since 2008, contained an incorrect claim that too much antigen can cause it.
    • Their articles on bands are cryworthy in terms of ridiculousness. Apparently The Decemberists "endorse Barack Obama for the presidency and/or kingship."
    • They claim that the BBC is linked to Al-Qaeda.
  • Cracked's rejected Photoshop contest entries.
  • Cringevenom and Bargain Bin of Oblivion are made of this. The videos are bad and the poster and viewers know this, but they're just so funny.
  • Drawn Sex. Crudely drawn Rule 34 comics, where Everyone Is Bi. Made in a third world country, with a "Blind Idiot" Translation giving us such wonderful lines as "I'm just here", "I'm go!", "Get out, bart, I'm piss!" and "Don't tell boys about us" Look it up if you want, but it's NSFW.
  • Dusk's Dawn is a My Little Pony equivalent of The Room (2003). The hilariously sloppy writing, voice acting, pacing, animation, and Narm provide a high entertainment value and a good laugh.
  • All of the Flash animations by dusthillguy, the most famous perhaps of which is Monsquaz (NSFW, though certain organs are censored.)
  • This "rebuttal" to a negative review of F.A.T.A.L.. It's apparently intended seriously, but FATAL's "creators", Byron Hall and "Burnout" take it too far. Hall kindly shoots himself in the foot with a grenade launcher when his criticism of the review demonstrates no apparent familiarity with basic language techniques. For example, he fails to recognize a simile, describes obvious repetition for comic effect as "redundancy", and doesn't remember that "motherfucker" is almost never intended literally. It's a hilarious read when you're not raging.
    • What makes his apparent failure to grasp figurative language even funnier is that he frequently claims Sartin and MacLennan have a worse grasp of English than he does. Yet they're the ones using metaphor and simile, and he's the one failing to recognise it.
    • It's worth reading just to see him rebut "it's a date-rape simulator" with "where is dating included?".
      • Or to see them deciding Unknown Armies is a terrible, poorly conceived game because it simplifies drunkenness to a rule of thumb rather than cramming in unnecessary complexity.
    • If nothing else, you've gotta love the way Hall genuinely tries to take on the tone of an intellectual (going on an on about how superior his grammar is, the complexities of the research he did, how he's just too smart for religion, etc.) while simultaneously insisting upon the undeniable necessity of canyon-wide sphincters and 'fist-fucking' in any proper RPG experience.
      • And it's not even that he's trying to justify "fist-fucking." He's trying to use the most scholarly language he can imagine, while also stopping to comment "Cookie Monster is cool! They call that death metal." That last one actually suggests he thinks by typing this rebuttal he is involved in a real-time conversation with the reviewers, because it was in response to a rhetorical question made for the sake of a joke.
    • There's also the part where he talks about how hot his wife is, and how he "knows from personal experience" that an overly large dong makes sex painful.
  • Faux Paw the Techno Cat. Four cartoons (1, 2, 3 and 4) about a spin off character of McGruff the Crime Dog, a little cat called Faux Paw who teaches kids how to use the internet safely. The animation is like something from an mid-90s PC game, the music sounds like it was stolen from an episode of Looney Tunes and the messages are really off the mark. But despite all of that, they have some strange, inexplicable appeal.
    • Faux Paw herself (yes, she is female) is peculiar as well. First of all, she has the worst French accent ever. She sounds more like a Russian pretending to be Irish. Also, she has six toes on her paws, which just looks creepy. Finally, she's an idiot; she causes all the problems in the shorts, yet no one blames her for it. But let's face it, she's adorable, so it's hard not to like, just a little.
  • The YouTube video "future gen. consels wii2 ps4 xbox720?" is enjoyed for being a relic of 2008 that was most likely made by a child using Windows Movie Maker. It shows off pictures of potential future consoles, including bizarre ones like a "wii phone", with their names written in all lowercase letters in an unfitting font on top of the images. Also, the background music is "Bodies" by Drowning Pool, which was ubiquitous in YouTube videos back then.
  • Gaia Online is responsible for a series of three short films produced as part of the build-up to their 2007 Halloween event, because they wanted to do something different. Titled MMVII, production was outsourced to Idealogue with a next-to-zero dollar budget, and, frankly, the films were bad. The animation stunk, the voice-acting was phoned in, and the characters were more than a little flat, at least compared to their portrayal in the storyline comics. The userbase immediately fell in love with the movies because the hilariously bad quality turned them into A-grade riffing material - some users even made parody fan-subs of the movies. They're still remembered fondly by most of the users who were around for that event, mostly due to the Nostalgia Filter.
  • Gaming in the Clinton Years is an archive of hilariously bad video game reviews. Mentioned quite a lot of times on Retsupurae's channel on YouTube (which mocks bad Let's Play videos), there is nothing that can be said about the person/organization's videos that isn't "What the?" The videos themselves are from a TV show called Flights of Fantasy that supposedly aired in the 1990s. The organization NAViGaTR (which stands for National Association of Video Game Testers and Reviewers), of whose board George Wood, the man giving the reviews, was chairman, simply uploaded these videos to a wider public. Some of the noticeable and slightly disturbing things Wood has said in the videos include:
    "Why not have a game where you have to drive an ambulance to the hospital while obeying the road signs?"
    "I have a challenge to Eidos: create a sequel in which Lara Croft gets breast cancer."
    "Donkey Kong Country is truly perfect. If you do not get this new generation of Donkey Kong madness, you are stupid!"
    • MSTed by the Retsupurae troupe in these videos.
    • The NAViGaTR page they're hosted on has some other George Wood-related gems as well, such as the video game awards show with him and another host trading banter so forced and unfunny it loops back around to hilarious, and the game show "Who Wants To See My Derriere?" where people (often kids) compete to win the chance to see George Wood's ass (no, really.)
  • The Garfielf videos. Originally created by PilotRedSun as a parody of Garfield, the original video inspired many fan-made follow-ups. The videos are known for their terrible artwork that looks like it was done in Paint, text-to-speech voice acting, hilariously bad dialogue, and sometimes downright surreal plots.
  • Half-Life: Full Life Consequences started life as a bad piece of Half-Life fanfiction and was completely, gloriously transfigured in this fan video using Garry's Mod.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd:
    • One of the reasons he likes Mega Man 9 is because of the Retraux cover, amongst other things; he even uses the phrase "So Bad It's Good" when talking about the game.
    • He also used the phrase in his review of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.
    • The games featured in the 'Is it really that bad?' series of videos.
  • Heartless Bitches International has a whole collection of hate mail from trolls and crazy people.
  • Henry Makow. He believes Rockefeller invented cancer, that the Nazis were Jewish and that Jack the Ripper was Winston Churchill's father. No, seriously.
  • The Irate Gamer, a known plagiarist, blatant liar, and cannot get his facts correct, and yet, he's fun to watch, mainly because you want to see just how bad he'll get.
  • The entire oeuvre of Jack Chick, comic tract author extraordinaire. It borders on "laugh just so you don't have to cry" when you consider some people take its contents seriously.
  • Jesus is Savior is a website made by a Christian fundamentalist that hates everything including rock music, Catholics, atheists, public schools, Alister Crowley, women wearing pants, the New International Version Bible and generally anyone who doesn't follow his ultra-strict interpretation of Christianity. It looks like it was designed by a schizophrenic, but that's the beauty of it.
  • Jon Lajoie has an uncanny ability to generate media that is So Bad It's Good.
  • Let's Paint TV, a call-in TV show where the host runs on a treadmill while painting and mixing drinks. Sadly, most of the people who call the host are disgruntled gang members, jerks who make fun of the host, and perverts who hit on his female co-host. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • The website for Ling's Cars. The very kitschy, late-Nineties-like design, complete with animated GIFs sprinkled about and clashing bright colors, has earned the title for "UK's favourite car leasing website".
  • Mark Gormley's music videos, particularly "Without You"
  • MasterWabit's Earthbound LP could count. He's playing it blind, loses to almost every boss, talks to himself like a mad man, and it is hilarious.
  • There are many Garfield parody sites out there. However, The Mind of Odie is not one of the better ones. Basically, it takes old Garfield strips and re-edits them to give Odie his own thought bubbles. It seems fine and all, but the execution is very poorly handled:
    • First of all, the thought bubbles look as if they were drawn in using MS Paint.
    • The added thought bubbles usually add nothing to the original strip. Much of Odie's lines are just generic things you would expect a dog to say if it could speak, with no substance. In fact, many of the new lines seem vaguely like from Dug from Up.
    • Occasionally, in the descriptions, the author asks the readers to send in their own submissions to his or her e-mail address, in a way that sounds almost desperate.
    • The font doesn't even match.
  • MTG Cardsmith, a site for making and sharing custom Magic: The Gathering cards, can fall under this at times. While some of the cards are well-designed, you'll also find extremely overpowered cards, lazily made self-insert cards, Cardsmiths awkwardly turning their friends/pets/favourite fictional characters into Magic cards, pointless recreations of existing cards, cards that don't work, cards that show that their creator doesn't know how Magic works, cards clearly made by scrubs to counter (or just complain about) a card/strategy/archetype they can't handle, and cards that are just plain absurd or silly. The blog Why, MTG Cardsmith? documents some of these cards.
  • Strangely, the weird "anime puppet" style that every Newgrounder and his brother uses is used in a completely un-ironic fashion. It can take a while to realize this. In the past, Newgrounds actually gave an award called "Turd of the Week" to Flash animations that essentially were this trope. The award went to the animation that got the lowest rating without being auto-deleted. Sure enough, once the animation got the award, high scoring reviews came pouring in. Just read the reviews on some of them.
  • If you thought GoAnimate videos were laughable, check out what happens when someone tries to recreate them with Google Slides and a video camera. The Mutant Po Show has even lower production values than most GoAnimate videos, more Insane Troll Logic than you can shake a stick at (The titular character of King Star King apparently being a ripoff of Waluigi, anyone?), and a bizarre fixation on characters' body weights, and because of this, it is GLORIOUS.
  • The Trapped Trilogy. The puzzles are laughable, the story is stupid, and the whole thing takes itself way too seriously.
  • Neko Sugar Girls. Hideously bad artwork and animation, an incoherent melodramatic plot, and loads of mangled, nonsensical Gratuitous Japanese delivered in equally ridiculous voices, all topped with a dash of tongue-in-cheek self awareness.
  • Everything by oldandsureal, but special emphasis must be given to the Goriest Horror Movie Ever Made! series.
  • PilotRedSun specializes in these kinds of videos. His videos contain hideously demented and poor artwork, irritating background music, and voices done by text-to-speech machines. However, the resulting creations are so Dadaist, you can't help but appreciate them. This was very intentional, as proven by this exchange in the comments of Rocko's Gaming Tragedy:
    gofruity: clearly the budget went to the animation department
    PilotRedSun: all of the budget went into the snacks I ate while making this
  • Pube Muppet (Warning, NSFW.)
  • Knock Knock! It's me, the RATBOY GENIUS! I Just came over to say hi.
  • This could probably also fit in music, but raysipeladygaga is an old man that likes singing about many different topics with very simplistic lyrics and music. However, between the ridiculous outfits that he wears, the Word Salad Titles and descriptions (one title is literally called "/v/-Video Games;Ray Sipe;swagg daddy;Instagram;Facebook;Twitter;Google;Yandex;Baidu." and that's not even his oddest title!), and overall attitude that he has throughout many of his videos, you can't help but actually like the guy.
  • Robert E. Mcelwaine. Because only one man could post this kind of insanity with a straight face.
  • Joe Jonah Euclid, who invented the word "entrepreturiting" and would loudly proclaim that he would create two zones of metaphysics so that he could have missionaries (why?) porgress miraciously (what?) as part of a plan to reveal how all Protestant churches are run by criminally insane psychic child molesters.
  • "Salt Lake City Mascot Show", a series created by YouTuber Ruberto Channel can end up being this, which despite the series' title, It rather focuses on the other characters (mostly Ruberto, based off the Flip A Clip animatic character of the same name) than Powder, Copper and Coal (which only appear in the trailers and opening sequences), its lack of a plot and MS Paint-like animation style. RBV Studios, The creator of Salt Lake Toons '02 (Which, unlike SLCMS, actually has a plot and actually focuses on Powder, Copper and Coal) has since described Ruberto as "the Robert Stainton of the Mascotverse community".
  • Examples related to Family Guy:
  • Saving Private Edwards. It's just so bad! For that matter, all of Talking With Jon is this; the main thing is mainly stuff getting burned, that and some of the other clips are stupididly good.
  • The Slenderblog Abducted Flowers. It's about somebody who was kidnapped by Slenderman because apparently he loved her. The best part of it is: "His semen is periwinkle blue."
  • The inventively titled "Slender Man Short Film" is quite possibly the most hilariously stupid portrayal of that greatest of internet horrors that you will ever see. Bad effects, worse acting, and a "story" that makes for some very funny Nightmare Retardant.
  • A couple of scenes in Survival of the Fittest fit this. One of the most notable examples was anything to do with Carson Baye of v3. A Bandou Expy (right down to copying his infamous Kick the Dog moment almost word for word), he was also an Occidental Otaku, who introduced himself on the island by killing rabbits and ending up walking towards a group while covered in blood. He then analysed the group, and put them into Moe stereotypes. Other antics include shouting out a Death Note reference and playing on his DS in a middle of a gunfight. His death scene? Involves him taking a crap in the middle of a dangerzone. While quoting Pokémon. Many other examples on the site exist, that it's impossible to name them all. The author has attempted to redeem himself. He succeeded, and constantly mocks his older "work". One of his v4 characters, Milo Taylor, is half apology for, half parody of Carson.
  • T Barb Drills and his friend made Golduck Production, a video described as "This is intended to be laughably bad. considering; all the actors are action figures, the cast are mostly morons, it was made after 11:00 PM, Me and my best friend were feeling kooky, I got new Pokémon figures, and the dialogue is nuts. This was made for a good laugh and I was not serious at the time of the recording." It's on Youtube and you can find it here.
  • The Official Flash "Animation" Series Transformers: Action Blast. Aside from standard bad Flash Animation and a plot ripped wholesale from the pilot episode of The Transformers, the numerous non-sequitur (The insane rambling narrator, Megatron being dully outraged by cars, the Autobots scanning theirs alt-modes with Eye Beams...) makes it strangely hilarious.
  • Time Cube was a website created by Otis Eugene "Gene" Ray, the self-proclaimed "greatest thinker and the wisest man on earth". It was dedicated to his schizophrenic Word Salad Philosophy that postulates that time is cubic, by means of some rather imaginative reasoning. The site consisted of a single page made up entirely of a staggeringly long vertical column of incomprehensible, almost dream-like non-sequiturs presented in a completely inconsistent typesetting, consisting mainly of insults towards religious people and educational institutions, with the occasional outright racist nonsense, such as an argument that races shouldn't intermarry because cubes or something. The sheer volume of crazy present in Time Cube elevated the site to almost mythic levels, making it an endlessly quotable joy once your head stopped spinning from the cognitive dissonance. An archived copy of the page can be viewed here. Down the Rabbit Hole's Fredrick Knudsen did an episode detailing the site and its history.
  • The Norwegian version of Uncyclopedia has an entire category for articles that were kept specifically because they're spectacularly awful. They're often full of childish attempts at comedy, typos, and/or plain absurdity, and they can be fun to read because of how stupid they are.
  • In each Worth1000 contest, the amazingly well done higher-ranked entries often contrast with the So Bad, It's Good entries that make up the rest.
  • YouTube's captioning device (which was originally designed for deaf people) qualifies when it has such word salad gems as "I have a six-year-old and that may be headed for trouble", "Fuck my sex life", "I designed this virtual stadium myself in prison", "Let me show you who's going to lose a lot of pot", "It's like you've given up on election day", and "My brain, you know it going to die" being around. These captions are considered Funny Moments, even if the video shown is supposed to be serious. It's even more hilarious when you find shows and video games that are mainly meant for a younger audience and they find naughty words like "Sexy", "Vaginally", "Shit", "Genitals", "Fuck", "Cock", "Asshole", and "Faggot". We actually want you to go click on the CC button for almost any video around if it's shown there. If you want to find some more of these pictures, click either here or here. Another example is "Steven Magnet", a Fan Nickname given to a purple dragon that appeared in one episode because of the line given out during one of his scenes. And of course, this is when the video was transcribed in the right language; sometimes, it wasn'tnote , and the result of translating the mixed-language nonsense this creates is some of the most glorious word salad ever created.
  • While most of the videos churned out by the kid-unfriendly YouTube Kids Channels are just boring and/or unpleasant, some of them manage to be hilariously bizarre. How about this badly animated clip of Minnie Mouse dressed like a princess and a beach babe with Hitler's head dancing?
  • YouTube Poop uses this trope endlessly (and intentionally). A few notable ones:
    • Out of the dozens of thousands of YTPs, if just one could be crowned as the grandest example of So Bad It's Good, it would have to be CALI BEAR'S BIG SPECTACULAR OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    • The Spooge Monster is this for YouTube Poop standards. Almost all the new dialogue is recorded by the author himself (something highly unprofessional and frowned upon in YTP, since it defeats the point of editing) it's unnecessarily vulgar and disgusting even by YTP standards, and about 60% of it is pointless Padding (especially maddening because YTPs do not have a minimum run time). And yet, it's so pathetic it loops back around to being awesome.
  • About 45% of this site's ads.
  • I don't want my pizza burning. Spawned the infamous "pizza dance" GIF.
  • Santa's coming down the chimoney.
  • "So ur with ur honey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my daughter?" U tell ur girl n she say 'my dad is ded'. THEN WHO WAS PHONE?"note  Other, similar So Bad, It's Good "creepypastas" can be seen here. Also, the webmaster of Bogleech has written his own page of intentionally So Bad Its Good creepypasta, most notably The Dead Skull and The Day of All The Blood.
  • This kid with some kind of metabolic disorder posts videos of himself lip syncing to songs. Just... watch one.
  • This sad, sad attempt at a parody.
  • You don't have to understand French to laugh out loud at this clip It's a promotional clip for Nicolas Sarkozy's political party made by the movement's young adherents that became a national Funny Moment. It has everything : voices that don't match the characters, ministers (even a former Prime Minister!!) doing a stupid dance, a cheesy, over-the-top song, a Five-Token Band in the beginning, a 5-seconds video of Obama and a pure WTF moment : see the guy driving the car with the sunglasses on ? He's blind.
  • The Pooh's Adventures series can come off as this. With horrible editing, asinine crossover ideas, and multiple characters adding nothing to the plot. However, it does make a good target to make fun of.
  • "LE FUNK DOS MEMES" is a Brazillian rap about memes (as in notoriously overused memes like Rage Comics and Nyan Cat) sung by a vertically challenged rapper. Besides the poor quality of the song itself, the video features bizarre and questionable usage of memes (such as twerking Derpinas), over-the-top backup dancers, and the singer's face distoring into the "Me Gusta" face in a way that's both hilarious and disturbing.
  • WikiHow is a pretty useful website with guides on almost any subject. However, site policy is that guides must have an illustration for every step. Not a problem if it's something you can take photos of, but in most cases the guides have drawings, the quality of which runs the gamut from professional to So Bad It's Good. Reddit has a community dedicated to making fun of the more bizarre ones (named "disneyvacation" after a guide on planning a vacation at Disney Theme Parks that featured this infamously creepy illustration).
  • Mr.Geoguy (his videos may be Not Safe for Work). His Battle for Dream Island, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mixels, and original Web Animation, created only with the Scratch programnote , are loaded with crude vector art, terrible voice acting from a faulty microphone, bizarre plots, and spontaneous and random photographs and video clips that interrupt the animations all too sudden and try to show themselves as absolutely edgy Animated Shock Comedies with so much Black Comedy, Vulgar Humor, offensive humor in general, Gorn, and Obligatory Swearing. It helps that Geoguy was only 13 years old.
  • All of the Pissed Off Angry Gamer's videos qualify as this due to the hilariously poor production values, lack of comedic timing, and his criticisms mostly boiling down to a Single-Issue Wonk - for example, the GameCube review revolves around the lack of online play for most games, the Xbox 360 review mostly talked about having to pay to play online, and the Contra 4 review complained about the lack of the Konami Code.
  • The web page for the Universe People, a Czech UFO religion, is a hilariously terrible mishmash of garish colors, oddly-proportioned images, and schizophrenic word salad that feels like a GeoCities page gone wrong, yet so horribly right.