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The Advertisement Server is overall one of the most dedicated contributors to TV Tropes. He may not be too good at launching tropes or adding examples, but you see his presence in every page (unless you have an adblocker... in which case, why do you hate TV Tropes?)

Allegedly, he puts ads on our pages determined by an impartial algorithm that makes them related to the content therein. However, tropers have detected a note of offensiveness in several ad placements, suggesting he has gained some form of minor sentience, if not outright malice. OF COURSE, THOSE TROPERS ARE AWARE THAT MAKING NOTE OF THOSE MOMENTS WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXTERMINATION AND/OR SWIRLY-ING.

This page is dedicated to those moments.

Small screen captures are encouraged for the worst offenders.

Compare Made of Lose.

Contrast Ad of Win, Made of Win. Pre-2018 examples are at Ad of Lose Pre-2018.

ljcool2006Backup: I have recently gotten a Peru Subway ad... in the United States.
AoeAbility: An ad for a Christian-organized charity... on the Quotes page for God Is Evil. Thus, adbot confirms they frequent r/atheism.
Mighty Mewtron: An ad for prenatal vitamins on Abortion Fallout Drama. A bit late there, Adbot...
Mighty Mewtron: An ad for a gamer chair... on Horrible.Video Games Other.
Mighty Mewtron: An ad (featuring a graphic of a bloody pad) about dealing with heavy periods on But I Can't Be Pregnant!. If I'm having heavy periods, I'm probably not pregnant. Then again, as the trope page demonstrates, stranger pregnancies have happened...
Storygirl 000: Just got an ad for engagement rings on the Wedding Smashers page. Either Adbot is being Genre Savvy or just doesn't want me to get married.
ccorb: Just what the hell is this ad on the main page, adbot?
Storygirl 000: Got an ad for a SpongeBob SquarePants console game while browsing The Problem with Licensed Games. Quite the glowing review, Adbot.
ccorb: I was browsing this site when I found an anti-bullying Public Service Announcement with promotional images from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) on it. Seriously, this is 2020, why is this ad still circulating?
PrincessPandaTrope: Why give me a "free Robux" ad on a page about Roblox? Don't you know those are phonies?
Bubby3: An ad for the ad-free subscription for TV tropes on Ad of Win. The AdBot is being quite suicidal.
Quantum Melody 29: Three ads for... TV Tropes. Yeah, I'm already here, adbot.
rjd1922: A life insurance ad on Suicide, Not Murder is just asking for Insurance Fraud.
Veanne: I understand the need to protect Poland's lynx population, AdBot, but why are you illustrating it with a picture of an African elephant? On the page for Asterix? I'm baffled.
naturalironist: An ad for lingerie on All Gays are Promiscuous. Simultaneously reinforcing stereotypes, and completely off base.
Storygirl 000: An ad for college hockey...on the page for Sudden Death, aka Die Hard in a hockey rink. Yeah, I think I'll stay home.
Berrenta: An NRA recruitment ad on Point That Somewhere Else.
rjd1922: An ad for a cruise on the Mississippi River...on Hawaiʻi. AdBot, thanks but no thanks for offering me cheaper vacation options.
rjd1922: An ad for the World Wildlife Fund showing a woman in a Savannah on the newly-created Animal Is the New Man.
rjd1922: An ad for personal insurance showing a female bodybuilder with the caption "Can you deadlift your body weight?" on Muscle Angst.
Veanne: AdBot... an ad for cannabis seeds on The Anti-Nihilist page? Are you trying to tell me something? Just say no, AdBot. Just say no.
Quantum Melody 29: Before I got my account, I once saw an ad for safety gear on the Safety Gear Is Cowardly page. I don't think you're gonna get many sales with that one, adbot...
rjd1922: "Old Navy: Got Spring Styles on the Mind? Check Out These Fresh Looks" on Unnecessary Makeover.
Veanne: For the last time, Adbot, I don't want a mortgage. I'd rather die (unless you can get me a TARDIS and a Time Lord instead, wouldn't mind that, but NO mortgages!).
jacksonk987: An ad for Genshin Impact on the Damsel Scrappy page. You can do better than this, adbot.
MathematicalVoid: I keep getting this ad on the side of the page for the state of Texas. I have two problems with this. The first is that we're still in a pandemic, so it's not a great idea to focus on tourism. The second, though, is the big one. Whenever my cursor touches the ad at all, (which happens a lot, since it's between the scroll bar and the articles) it "unfolds" and obscures part of the page, along with rendering parts that will be covered by the ad unclickable as it unfolds. And to get it back to normal, I have to take my cursor off of it, put it back on it, and take it off again. Thanks to this, the ad is actively harmful to my browsing experience. What makes things worse is that this is by far the ad I get the most, with two of them on the page more often than not.
jacksonk987: I keep getting ads for this Semrush thing on multiple pages. This wouldn't be so bad if the ads didn't cause severe lag.
TheDragonFan: An ad for a bridal store... on the Domestic Abuse page. Nice, Adbot. Real nice.
Electricbean: A ad for the TCU Neely School of Business that A) takes up half of my screen & B) I can't get rid of it despite saying "scroll down to continue reading" (at least on mobile).
Lavafall: An ad for a politician... on Complete Monster. Not saying any names for obvious reasons, but the ad server was clearly taking sides that day.

Alternative Title(s): Ad Of Win