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Video Game / Kasumi Ninja

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Pakawa vs. Angus, in the showdown of the bad ethnic stereotypes.

Kasumi Ninja is one of the many fighting games that tried to copy Mortal Kombat.

Released for the short-lived Atari Jaguar in 1994, and claiming to be the "Mortal Kombat Killer", Kasumi Ninja could not live to those standards. As a matter of fact, it was blasted by critics.

The plot of this game is, in a word, nonexistent. The only information the game gives is that the game takes place on Kasumi Island. In fact, part of the blame for this game's failure lies in the rushed production schedule the developers imposed upon themselves. This need to get the game done as fast as possible led to nigh everything not related to the gameplay or unlocking characters getting excised.

Today, the game is notorious on the Internet for one character in particular: Angus, the Scotsman who shoots fireballs out from under his kilt.


Not to be confused with the ninja named Kasumi from Dead or Alive.

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