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These So Bad, It's Good advertisements can be viewed directly in the comfort of your own home for the low, low price of zero dollars and zero cents!

  • For the ridiculously overacted informercials that many feel invoke this trope in general see Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket.
  • Abalon, Abalon, Abalon, 775-8691! This amateurish yet charming commercial for the Abalon Construction Company gained enough notoriety among Winnipeg residents that it became the subject of a local news segment.
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  • For a collection of everything wrong with advertising, sometimes the ones that are so gloriously wrong they become legendary, the British site Ad Turds is the place to go. Warning: some NSFW language. AdTurds may be found here
  • This old A Link To The Past advert. Sure, it's as cheesy, but secretly it's rather awesome to see Link and bunch of monsters have a dance-off, with a bizarre, Japanese rap playing in the background.
  • A chain of commercials familiar to anyone from Central Florida is for Appliance Direct, which features some of the most enthusiastic and downright bizarre advertising for cleaning and kitchen appliances to be put on the air all from a man who doesn't seem to have a very firm grasp on the English language.
    • And don't even get me started on the girl doing those ads with him! "If you've got a pickup truck, YOU ARE THE MAN! TAKE IT HOME! APPLIANCE DIRECT!"
    • It became even more odd when the guy suddenly started sporting an eyepatch. (For "scratch and dent" commercials, at least one of the people onscreen will be wearing an eye patch, knee brace, or the like.)
  • Most commercials for the "Auto Connection" dealerships in Southeastern Virginia run on this trope; with many of the ads including low-budget graphics, several appearances by the dealer's mascot, a pit-bull named "Mack-Mack"note  and the owner dancing to a generic hip-hop soundtrack in some ads.
    • In the same vein, BARRY SCOTT.
    • At least when Mays advertised a product, you know it has to have a good degree of quality. He was like a very loud seal of approval.
      • Also, he explained that every product he endorsed he used himself at home (though it was probably a maid using them, but all the same).
  • Bob's Discount Furniture is a major furniture chain with locations throughout the Northeast US, as far south as northern Virginia. Every single one of their commercials, however, is done in the style of a Kitschy Local Commercial. Every single one. And they're far from the only big retail company to do this; Jewelry Exchange has retreaded the same commercial for years, rerecording only the location of the local branch for each market, complete with robotic waving from the staff of one of their stores (which one? no one knows).
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  • Bob Rohrman, a central Indiana and Chicago area car salesman, quickly became famous for his hilariously cheesy ads, to the point that this Trope is often referred to there as "Rohrman Appeal".
  • Cal Worthington was a west coast car dealer with infamously cheesy TV ads. If Hollywood movie or TV show that features a wacky car dealership ad, it's almost a given that the writers had Cal Worthington specifically in mind, and it's not that uncommon to see a clip from one of his actual commercials (probably with the jingle "go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal") in the background.
  • Comcho Mitsubishi's ads feature the standard salesman enthusiastically selling his wares, but feature really weird things happen in the background, like a genie hugging himself and then blowing a kiss at the camera.
  • This ad for CGU insurance. The concept is so bizarre (an oldish British white woman rapping about insuring her store) and the execution so cheesy, between the woman's insufferable smugness all through the ad (apparently oblivious to the fact that she's RAPPING ABOUT HER INSURANCE!), her moronic "dancing" and the "rappified" version of the CGU slogan at the end, that it somehow manages to be awesome...
  • This channel specializes in compiling lots and lots of these commercials.
  • Crazy Bruce's Liquors! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!
    • To be more specific, he's known for singing old-timey songs like Oh Suzanna and makes it go towards advertising his liquor store.
  • Credit MacDaddy is appealingly smart.
    • So is his girlfriend (or so it seems), Baby Back.
  • The Domino's Hatsune Miku app ad, the most awkward commercial you'll ever watch.
  • Dramatel, the "almost illegal" phone card. It's absolutely ridiculous. And when the girl triumphantly declares, "You been Dramateled, playa!", the look on the guy's face is golden - he actually pulls off his sunglasses and gawks at his phone.
  • "I've got something for YOU!" If you lived in the Chicago area in the 90's, you saw this ad for Eagle Insurance. You thought it was the cheapest thing ever. And yet, admit it, you just couldn't hate it.
  • Enzyte. That theme, that smile, those '50s-'60s party animal cliches. And the double entendres and symbolism.
  • It just has to be Stylistic Suck. Right?
    • "City Folks just don't get it". Neither do we.
  • This ad, which Lindsay Lohan did for a clothing company called Fornarina. Lindsay is absolutely robotic, the effects are cheesy, and the whole thing looks like where the Eighties went to die.
  • The infamous Freak Phone ad starring Freddie Freaker, a T-posing yellow goblin puppet that awkwardly "dances" (read: jiggles about a bit) in front of a starry background while a cheesy song makes him out to be the next big craze and urges you to call "1900-490-FREAK", all while never explaining what the Freak Phone hotline is and why you should call it. It's so bizarre that it almost feels like some kind of parody ad that you'd see in a movie or TV show.
  • The somewhat infamous Frosties Kid advert, where the writers desperately tried to find words rhyming with "great". This leads to lines like "Even ladies who wait, or a pi-rate!" Also worth noting is the ridiculous dance moves at the end, all while the kid starts flying for no reason.
  • The General car insurance commercials. With their bad CGI effects, poor blue screen, Ear Worm tunes, narmy actors, and the out of place penguin you can't help but have an odd affinity for the company.
  • GO COMPAAAAARE! An old man singing opera on an insurance comparison website. Many, many, many variants have been made, including ones that involve the man being injured in various ways.
  • North Carolina pawn shop Gold King has a series of local tv spots that progress in ridiculousness, featuring an 1840s hillbilly gold miner and the lady from the first commercial getting abducted by aliens.
  • Shouty ads are considered to be this. Just ask the panel for The Gruen Transfer.
  • Despite being one of the worst commercials ever made, to this day, hearing the phrase "head on" makes you think "apply directly to the forehead" That, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of brainwashing. Brainwashing that has already outlived those commercials.
  • Presidential hopeful Herman Cain released an ad where he's endorsed by a random smoker. Virtually overnight, Memetic Mutation kicked in. In light of sexual harassment charges, Herman Cain didn't stay in the race, but he attained the Butt-Monkey status usually reserved for people who reach the presidency.
  • Meet Gerrit DeBoer, from the Idomo commercials. He gets exponentially funnier every time he says "99", or anything else.
  • Personal Injury attorney Jamie Casino had already run fairly typical, kitschy local commercials in the past, but achieved a new level of notability when he bought out two minutes of local air-time during the 2014 Super Bowl for a ridiculously over-the-top ad. Looking more like a promo for a second-rate film or low-budget cable show it quickly went viral and achieved national attention.
  • J G Wentworth, also known as 877-Cash Now. Opera guys singing their jingle... hilarious.
  • This commercial for Lanacane anti-itch gel. The rapidly-speeding-up-to-chipmunk voice is ridiculous enough, but then the musical cue hits— and it's one that should be familiar to any Mac user who's toyed with the built-in loops in iMovie.
  • Advertisements for the mobile game Mafia City became memetic in early 2019 due to their low-quality animation, absurd scenarios (mostly involving "Level 1 Crooks" picking up money and instantly turning into "Level 35 Bosses"), and not being anything like the game being advertised.
  • The Magic Bullet:
    • They are so amazingly cheesy, with Hazel adding pearls like "Stinking, nasty garlic" in the mix. Is that Nigel Lithgow?
    • The Magic Bullet To Go is also quite the treat if you were a fan of the original. Berman and Hazel hook up. Seriously. That infomercial needs to have a series, I tell you.
    • It counts as a series with the third installment, the Bullet Express, which adds a crotchety grandma to the mix!
    • Two words. Baby. Bullet. Combine with horrible acting out of Sharknado, and you get the worst baby food commercial ever.
  • McDonald's Pakistani advertising department blows. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  • The four-minute promo for Michael Jackson's HIStory is one of the best examples of sheer egotism — ever. Also counts as a Dada Ad, as it tells you nothing about the album it's advertising.
  • Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center commercials have become a complete joke and Memetic Mutation to the residents of St. Louis and Kansas City, thanks to the narmful Lyrical Dissonance of the jingle: "Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center... don't suffer in silence!" You've got to pity the poor saps who had to compose and sing this.
  • This ad for The Money Shop is full of mistimed and/or muggy reactions of people strapped for cash in accidents. AAAUGHH!
  • This M&Ms commercial made in Madagascar. The cheap CGI, the chipmunk-like voices, the Off-Model-ness (for starters, Red is sphere-shaped in this commercial, when normally, he's supposed to be a flat circle like a milk chocolate M&M), and if you pause during the scene where Red and Yellow's eyes pop out of their heads, you can see that Red's eye sockets are blank white holes.
  • This National Accident Helpline advert which stars a woman who looks like Matt Lucas in drag, has obviously exaggerated sound effects and implies that people would be more worried about claiming compensation for an accident than having a broken leg.
  • LeBron James' commercial for Nike's shoes have him pondering what he should do. It's seen as not only narcissistic, but also makes you hate him even more if you don't like him and/or you live in Cleveland. When South Park makes a parody of it, you should know when it's So Bad, It's Good.
    • The city of Cleveland's response is... way better. Here, the comedy's intentional and you're supposed to think LeBron is a dickhead!
  • This Nutella ad that airs in the United States and Canada. With the labored narrative of "with a hint of cocoa" (Nutella is very chocolaty) and using blatantly obvious transference (don't think about the product, think about putting it on "whole grain toast, or even on whole wheat waffles"), and the three rent-a-kids lined up each eating a single piece of toast with Nutella for breakfast... the saving grace is that Nutella is genuinely delicious and a treat to see, though it leaves you wondering why they didn't go this route, and instead tried very hard to make you not think about the product but instead about the "the whole grain toast, or even the whole wheat waffles". But this schizophrenic advertising approach may have actually been justified, as Nutella has historically been very difficult to successfully market and sell in the United States. It's more readily accepted in Europe, where it sells well.
    • It was anyway, until someone sued them for false advertising regarding the nutritional content. Now the advertisement plays in a heavily edited form which more or less admits it only tastes good.
  • The Old Spice commercials involving Terry Crews shouting about OLD SPICE AND OTHER RANDOM STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and this was created by the comedy duo Tim & Eric.
  • One Nude by Nature makeup ad earned its place here with one sentence.
    Guy with Really Thick German Accent: I think my girlfriend looks very hot.
  • Spanish add for Pepsi Twist. ¿Y dónde está el limón? (and where's the lemon)?
  • This book trailer for Perfect Chemistry.
  • The infamous I'M PLAYING NUT PlayStation Portable commercial. It has bland, jerky, and scary animation, makes fun of racial stereotypes, and contains possibly the dumbest joke and tag line in the history of all mankind. It would probably be forgotten today if it wasn't for the Awesome Series episode where a pissed-off Sony manager curses out and kills the man who came up with the commercial, and a parody in The Stinger of the Ultra Fast Pony episode "For Glorous Mother Equestria!".
  • "Oops, my system crashed." This Indian ad for the antivirus Protegent is amazingly terrible, complete with bad CGI, an overuse of hand movements and flourishes, top-notch monotone pseudo-British voice acting, and the fact that the two characters are literally recolors of Whyatt.
    • This ad for the same product features the same mascot and features some of the most hilariously awful rapping, rhyming, and animation you could ever see or hear, to the point that it (along with the above ad) experienced Memetic Mutation. Two examples of the memes from it include the "saving you from security tension", which features a businessman staring at nothing smiling, and the angry boss scene with the Evil Laugh, which just happens once and never again.
    • There's also their advert for teachers, which demonstrates the ability to monitor other computer's activities on premises. While the advertisement isn't as cheesy as the upper one (albeit with blatant GIS Syndrome abuse), it sinks into this territory when it shows a student who is allegedly watching pornography... which is really just about three pictures of two people kissing each other. The student actually thanks Protegent for "not leading him in the wrong direction", but one could be hard-pressed to find what was so wrong about said images.
  • Quiznos' 5 4 3 commercials definately qualify for this page.
  • The Red House Furniture store is a place where both black people and white people can shop for furniture! While the whole thing has an unsettling Jim Crow-era feel to it, the enthusiastic staff (who have probably never acted before), corny lines, and surprisingly catchy jingle elevates it to narm status.
    Singers: At the reeeeeeeeeeeed house! Where black people and white people buy furnituurrrreee!
  • Ring of Honor's merchandise plugs usually lean towards minimalism, this one for Cheeseburger a little less so. KUSHIDA was so good they had to use him four times, or rather twice with two rewinds.
  • This Shoedini advert, with ridiculously hammy voiceover by Gilbert Gottfried.
  • The Southern Comfort "ShottaSoCo" commercials. Supposed to be terrible with the Conspicuous CGI, but it can't be denied that the music is Ear Worm and Actually Pretty Funny in context.
  • Mister T. advertising Snickers by driving a tank through a wall. Indeed, this trope probably qualifies for nearly everything Mister T. has ever done.
  • This Pakistani ad for Sonic Heroes Happy Meal toys. The CGI looks like something a 13-year-old would make on his first time using Blender; Cream is barely recognizable, but Rouge (or "Rogue") takes the cake by being animated as the wrong species. Mice are not bats, people...
  • This Nintendo Power ad for Star Fox 64. Whether it's the overdone acting, the fact that they gave the Sony and Sega actors an evil laugh, or the parts where they torture a Mario doll there is no doubt this is a bad commercial. But in this case the cheesiness is what makes the ad so awesome.
  • This "kids' featurette" for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D is full of cheesy narration more suited for a lighthearted comedy. The trailer was so cheesy that a comment on a Den of Geek post about it parodied the voiceover by talking about what happens in the following films in the style of the trailer:
    "Man, you gotta love the childhood adventures of a future world-murdering psychopath! It's a magical romp following a young pod racer who learns he has the power to kill his friends and loved ones, choking the shit out of people with his force thoughts! Gather around little kiddies and see this young bastard's initial relations with a royal cougar! DON'T YOU GET IT?! Star Wars is fun for the whole family! ITS A FAMILY MOVIE ABOUT A CHILD-KILLING MANIAC! WEEEEE!!!"
  • The Tiddy Bear commercial, which bleeds innuendo that can't possibly be accidental.
  • The 1994 Transformers: Generation 2 toy commercials with their rap songs. Especially the Aerialbots and Combaticons one. A-hem: The Aerialbots are taking their shots!/ Silverbolt's blasting COMBATICONS!/ They can all ch-ch-change/ To be re-arranged/ To form a super robot, SUPERION!/ The Combaticons are WARRING!/ Onslaught is ROARING!/ He is one metamorphing DUDICUS!/ They all combine/ And kick Superion's behind/ As the big, bad, battling BRUTICUS!
    • Dreadwing's ad is also pretty notorious.
  • Even though it was clearly cashing in on the 80s rap craze, this particular jingle is still used today, and people in Dallas still get their cars from Trophy Trophy Trophy Nissan!
  • Tucson Appliance Company. Yep, they even have their own YouYube channel.
  • The Twilight commercials involved with Burger King (especially the toy commercial for Eclipse) can qualify.
    • Notably, there is an ad where a father (who is a middle aged man) is engaging in Ship-to-Ship Combat with his children over whether "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" is better, while demonstrating with the toy prizes from the meal. Then an old lady sprints by, steals the toys, and screams "Team Jacooooooob!" at the top of her lungs.
  • Vince Offer, who stars in the ShamWow towel, the SlapChop food processor, and, Eminem's Recovery commercials. Sets the bar for the most awful (yet endearing) sales pitches on record.
    Vince: You're gonna love my nuts.
  • "Windowfix", starts with utter narm and poor acting. Then it leads into the most enthusiastic sales pitch about window cleaning, installation and repair ever. Utterly brilliant.
  • Steve Ballmer in the Windows 1.0 commercial. He just hams up the whole commercial with his unnecessary yelling and you got to love what he says in the end when he says the address to purchase one.
    Ballmer: ... except in Nebraska!
  • The Wunder Boner would be a great example of Have a Gay Old Time—except that people were already using the term "boner" to mean erection by that time, and if its commercial is any indication, the actors are aware of that fact as they film. Note the chortles of the man's friends after he first reveals his product, and then the comment that "my wife would like that."
  • 1-800 CONTACTS might have made one of the most overly hammy advertisements ever. With acting that doesn't chew the scenery as much as it feasts on it, lines like "I have special eyes", and presented like a an ad for a more serious product, it's glorious.
  • Alright! Makin' da pizza! Makin' da pizza! Sprinkle da cheez! Sprinkle da cheez! Aww yeeeah!
  • BOGOFF safestyle uk windows
  • Don't Copy That Floppy. The rap in it is really cheesy, but awesome.
  • Goooooo Yaffa!
  • It's a Steal, Not a Deal!
    • And Rochester, and Syracuse, and Albany, and...
  • Many fast-food restaurant chains used incredibly bizarre employee training videos during the late 80's and early 90's. These include the "Wendy's Grill Skill" training video, where a new cook learns how to grill hamburgers from a rapper, and the McDonald's Custodian training video, where a new employee learns to channel a spirit named "McC".
  • Oh no you ain't! You're gonna play POOOOLE POSITIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!
  • Souvlaki Hut's (in)famous "Gorilla" ad. The Special Effects Failure here is truly something to behold.
  • This African ad for a mosquito killer, in French.
  • This Pokémon toy commercial. It arguably had one of the best narrators ever but all the scenes seem to be taken by an 8-year old. It admittedly ended just as you would expect.
  • This atrocity of local Southeastern Virginia advertising.
  • This funny commercial for plastic shoes tells you how to solve the extremely anoying problem of constantly being mugged on a slippery sidewalk. Ever so important to remember during the winter.
  • This Italian advertisement for an amateurish book gained a So Bad, It's Good fame due to its amateurish direction, poor acting, messy background, creepy Soundtrack Dissonance and the use of a word ("strategismo") that doesn't even exists. It was followed by similar and equally SBIG advertisements.
  • This pitch for lessons in "Speed Seduction" (complete with MST). It's obviously a scam, but the ill-defined claims, bizarre reasoning and methods, and total shamelessness about how Sick and Wrong the product concept is make it a delightful read. It's as if Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force wrote it.
  • This political advertisement for the 2009 Los Angeles City Council election is some strange mixture of gangsta rap, pole dancing and communist propaganda, all without telling you just who the hell it's trying to get you to vote for.
    • This is an Attack Ad, so its objective is telling voters who not to vote for.
    • It didn't work. Janice Hahn won re-election with 76% of the vote.
  • This probably belongs here. I'M PRINCIPAL WILSON! I'M PRINCIPAL WILSON!!!
  • This toe-curling ad is for a game design course at Westwood College. It already has a reputation amongst gamers for its absolute silly way of portraying how designing and creating a game would work, and "Tighten Up the Graphics on Level 3" became a meme on YTMND.
  • You probably thought this deer was alive... NOPE! Just Chuck Testa...
  • Your Chia Obama is a symbol of liberty, opportunity, prosperity, and hope.
  • This commercial for Sakura-Con 2009 (directed by Vic Mignogna of all people) consisting of stereotypical anime fans at a sushi restaurant:
    "I love anime." "I love Japan period." "J-Rock!" "GIRUGAMESH!"
    "Hey! Sakura-Con ikimaaaaaaaaasu!"
  • From the same city that brought you "GIRUGAMESH!", now comes SHAG (Senior Housing Assistance Group), complete with old people badly miming to the jingle.
  • This incredibly lame rap ad for Flea Market Montgomery, which rapidly underwent Memetic Mutation.
    "It's just like a mini mall!"
  • This ad for Taiyou Con in Mesa, Arizona attempts to parody the Flea Market Montgomery ad by combining the even worse rapping with laughably bad green screen effects, managing to outdo Sakura-Con in laughably bad promotion for an anime convention.
    "Taiyou Con! In Mesa! It's just like a mini-Japan!"
  • Parodied(?) by Valley Volkswagen of Staunton, Virginia. Their many ads all have the same theme: an employee who wants to make commercials filled with wacky gimmicks, only to have his boss tell them, "That's not Valley VW."
  • For the fans of the upcoming game Mighty No. 9, somebody pulled off this horrible trailer known to disgust the entire face of the Kickstarters. This trailer includes badly-rendered "pizza explosions", horrible voice acting, and cheap budget models. It also made Inafune angry about the trailer's crude representation, and the community came into chaos. Even Sonic the Hedgehog's official Twitter account joined the fun.
    • It also unleashed this insulting line, which went on to become turned around on the game itself when it came out:
    "Make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night!"
  • Behold, Family Auto Mart! These commercials were a regular sight on late night local TV in Central Florida in the 90s.
  • Vern Fonk insurance, operating out of Washington and Oregon. They specialize in high-risk drivers, like those who had a drunk driving arrest, and their ads were glorious Stylistic Suck meets Kitschy Local Commercial, usually mixed with parody of other local ads, public service announcements, or even classic movies (their Back to the Future ad ends with "Marty" getting run over by the Delorean). Sadly, the star of these ads (Robert Thielke, who started as an agent and worked his way up to president of the company) passed away of cancer in 2015.
  • For tropers residing in the Metroplex, the Milestone Electric commercials are hilariously bad.
  • The Irish branch of convenience store chain Mace released this advertisement in 2016. It starts off with a woman ordering a sandwich roll from a deli counter before the excitement of everyone causes them to spontaneously spout orange smiley masks, and it just gets weirder (and cheesier) from there, with dolphins with blonde hair, musclebound lungs, and armadillos playing instruments appearing. This one will definitely leave you wondering "What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?" afterwards.
  • This local used car commercial can't decide whether it's selling cars or beans.


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