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"Dear John Freeman, How are you? I Miss you at home come home safe and soon with Gordon Freeman for thanksgiving diner. Love mom."
Half-Life: Full Life Consequences 2: What has tobe done

A lot of fanfiction falls under this regard. It's bad. In mild cases it's because of the quality of presentation, with terrible spelling, punctuation and spacing making an otherwise quality story almost unreadable. Some have what is basically an Excuse Plot that showcases a certain character or is a reason to go from one sex scene to the next.

But good or bad, there's still something about it that compels you to read on. Something horrible. Something funny. Something nauseating. Or somebody just dared you.

If you turned this story into a movie, it would be embraced by Grindhouse theaters everywhere. It would be the B-Movie in a Double Feature. And it would still attract crowds.

Sturgeon's Law has its part to play, as do Stealth Parody and Troll Fic.

Note that many links to example fics here have been deleted.

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    Fan Film 
  • Dragon Ball Super - Alternate Ending (*he* arrives)
    • Fandom: Dragon Ball Super
    • Synopsis: A joke "alternate ending" that has Hit come out from his pocket dimension (in reference to a popular, widely mocked fan theory) to deliver the finishing blow to Jiren, then, when asked what his wish was, say "Time to make the donuts" while standing at a Dunkin' Donuts and ends with a title card saying "Then they all got erased, the end"
    • Comments: An odd example, in that it's already an intentionally funny, albeit stupid, joke that gets even funnier with how terribly it's edited. There are a bunch of abrupt, jarring cuts, no continuity between shots and the music is all over the place, leading to the whole thing being only barely comprehensible. This botched editing may or may not have been intentional.
  • Minecraft with Gadget
    • Fandom: Inspector Gadget
    • Synopsis: Mike Matei shows off the mobile version of Minecraft to Inspector Gadget. Gadget confesses his love for building "brown bricks in Minecrap" before declaring the game to be a waste of time for virgin losers. He then kills Matei for talking too much.
    • Comments: Between the "animation" of the Inspector Gadget cut-out, the lousy imitation of Don Adam's voice, and the juvenile bottom-of-the-barrel humour (most notoriously the constant repetition of "I love to build brown bricks with Minecrap" as if it was the funniest thing ever), the video was immediately met with a mockery reception when it was released and quickly deleted. Minecraft with Gadget's awfulness has been the stuff of Memetic Mutation, largely thanks to Mike Matei's desperate attempts to keep it off the internet for a couple of years.

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    Films — Live-Action 


Harry Potter

  • The infamous My Immortal, a plotless fic that stars Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, a "goff" [end sarcasm quotes] author stand-in with "icy blue eyes like limpid tears" who's So Beautiful, It's a Curse. The author managed to turn everyone into either a "goff" or a prep (like Dumbledore, who has a robe with Avril Lavigne on it) and the spelling gets worse and worse throughout the fanfic. Whether she's a troll or if the author was serious when she wrote it is under debate, but if it's a joke, that means she's one of the most meticulous trolls in history. It's the only fanfic that's been turned into a movie and a published novel. It's also been translated into a dozen languages.
  • A sterling example of how crappy fanfiction can get is the Harry Potter tale called A Sad Story. It's a one-shot wherein Harry is regularly beaten by Uncle Vernon, falls in love with a girl who has her own abusive guardian, and is killed. The author doesn't give a damn about continuity, characterization, or common sense. ("... he grabbed Harry by the neck and dragged him to the garden Shed. He padlocked the door with at least 20 locks.")
  • After the Abuse, Part One commits the cardinal sin of making My Immortal look coherent by comparison. It turns Snape into an Ax-Crazy psychopath who brutalizes and murders the Dursleys for unspecified "abuse" of Harry, then decides to randomly commit a terrorist attack by blowing up a city with a nuclear bomb. Oh, and in case you're wondering, there's no Part Two.
  • The fanfic Becoming Female. It starts off as the usual Harry-is-turned-into-a-girl-by-a-potion-accident-and-gets-paired-with-Draco story, but then it gets better. All the male characters disliked by the author, particularly Ron, are "sexist" in a ridiculously over-the-top manner and even refer to themselves as "sexist". Female characters disliked by the author tolerate this and are thus considered "sluts". Might be a Troll Fic, but it's hard to tell as the author claims it's partially a comedy, which would explain the occasional random humor ("At that moment, Dumbledore rode into the hospital wing on a unicycle wearing an old-fashioned bathing suit."). You can see a Dramatic Reading of the first half of chapter one here.
  • Another fanfic with the delightful name of The Chronicles of Merlin: The Return, which features Harry as the reincarnation of Merlin. Pretty much everyone (save maybe Ron and Hermione) are Out of Character, and includes such gems as Draco inviting Harry to stay over the summer, but adding "My father still has a problem with mixed bloods and the poor, so Ron and Hermione can't come".
  • The fanfic Dark Secrets, which can be read in its NSFW entirety here, reads like a checklist of bad Harry Pottter fanfic cliches; An "original chracter" protagonist who's clearly just a stand-in for the author (they have the same name), a literal and figurative case of Ron the Death Eater, and Draco Malfoy being the nice, helpful new boyfriend to the protagonist who helps her get away from her evil ex, Ron. And it has poor prose to boot.
  • Deserving, which is what you get if you combine the plot coherence of My Immortal, the prose composition of The Eye of Argon and the tastefulness of F.A.T.A.L.. Featured on weepingcock twice, and described by one sporker as "not quite as bad as Hogwarts Exposed".
  • The Girl Who Lived series, a half-rewrite (the other half is just ported directly from the actual books themselves with minor tweaks) of the books with a Gender Flip and a whole lot of other changes. Pretty much the biggest and most direct Canon Defilement possible, it starts out by arrogantly decrying J.K. Rowling for screwing up the series and goes about "fixing" it by removing every single one of Harry's flaws while also (intentionally or unintentionally) completely changing his personality to a Sociopathic "Hero". Instead of a ruthlessly oppressed kid living under the stairs that eventually becomes a mediocre wizard with heart, "Rose" is now the poster child of New Powers as the Plot Demands (with plenty of "hey, look at me, I'm cool!" stuff to go with it) while getting away with pretty much everything. Watch as the series completely paves over everything "bad" about the canon and introduces Plot Holes by the truckload! Marvel as Rose torments her "friends" in ways that make Voldemort seem tolerable! Endure as the series goes to extreme lengths for Author Appeal while denying it every step of the way! One would suspect a troll like My Immortal, but if so, it's certainly a dedicated one.
  • Goffik Blood, another My Immortal clone that would probably be unremarkable if not for how completely and utterly bizarre it is. As one would imagine, the spelling and grammar are atrocious, but it's also littered with author's notes in which the writer halts the plot to make strange proclamations like "LUV TRAUMAS R ZO HOT" or "vampyrs arnt homo sapeins", and to call the story itself a Random Events Plot would be a severe understatement. It has something to do with a character named Goffika Sorrows randomly falling in love with Voldemort (also known in-story as "Volxemort", "VOLDEMRTRT", and on one notable occasion, "VOLDNEBGREOUUBU"), and then killing him, Enoby herself making a cameo only to die as well, Voldemort inexplicably coming back to life to get "TREVENGE", only to fall in love with Goffika and rape her "sexily", a skirt that can destroy things, Hagrid getting sacrificed to "Stan", a talking horse that was actually Goffika's friend Blood, who also raped her but then didn't... really, absolutely nothing in this fic follows logically from anything else. The entire thing is a huge, poorly-spelled Mind Screw.
  • Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash is what you get when you let a predictive text AI write a chapter of Harry Potter after feeding it all seven books. It's very hard to hate this fic when it has lines like "Ron was going to be spiders. He just was" and "I'm Harry Potter, the dark arts better be worried, oh boy!", along with Death Eaters confessing their love for each other. Of course, it also helps that it's perfectly readable, with no spelling or grammar mistakes due to being written on a predictive keyboard, if unintelligible, due to being written on a predictive keyboard.
  • Harry Potter, Gay Demon, a fanfic about how Harry wakes up one day looking incredibly sexy. He then proceeds to have sex with anything from Sirius in dog form to all five Weasley brothers at once. He somehow winds up being Hogwarts' (and, namely, Draco's) Sex Slave. Notable for the massive cock sizes, absurd amounts of semen, emphasis on Harry's "man-pussy" and its usage of Not If They Enjoyed It Rationalizations.
  • Harry's Darkness—it was like My Immortal, the Slash and Mpreg Edition, before it was deleted.
  • Hermione's New Change is about Hermione finding out she's adopted and is actually Draco's cousin, and of course, they enter an incestuous relationship. Only the first two chapters are here because it was deleted from the original site, but it still contains some gems.
    • Here is a copy of the full story.
  • Hermione's Talent is basically what you get if you throw My Immortal into a blender with Jerry Springer and Glee. It's every bit as hilariously terrible as you'd expect. The fraction of the fic that isn't copy-pasted anachronistic song lyrics sports horrible spelling and grammar, and "fuck" is every other word. There are no descriptions, everyone is wildly OOC and Hermione's actual talent is nowhere to be seen. And as if all that wasn't enough, there's a random pointless rape scene.
  • HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, a.k.a. Thirty Hs. Think My Immortal if it were written by Tenacious D on paper made of the brain matter of David Cronenberg, using a pen made of a severed dragon cock turned into a Super Soaker, and Liquid Schwartz was the ink. Particularly impressive in that it's so indescribably twisted that it has no flames in over a hundred reviews. Warning: starts out somewhat squicky, but gets much worse after about chapter three.
  • Hogwarts Exposed: In general, it's just plain bad, but some of the dialogue edges into So Bad, It's Good. For example: "Most certainly it's wrong to expose your private area!"
  • Hogwarts of Heaven by Silver Suffering. Every single chapter of this... thing makes no sense. Here is an example with the first sentence. "Chestere Le Valiente played a rocking electric guitar solo on his shiny wooden saxaphone and wondered what life would be like if he was a female 16-year-old Indonesian gymnast who was secretly working to bring down the government and force the world to wear pink tuxedos." Random cameos include Squall Leonhart, Penelope Pitstop, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chuck Norris, Shinji Ikari and Dorothy Zbornak. Also, the author seems to plan to write 100 chapters of this... or did, before it was deleted.
  • The Harry Potter fanfic Imma Wiserd deserves some mention; the story is beyond absurd. Everyone is a gangster or a white "rassist" in Hogwarts, including Harry Potter, who, as it turns out, is black, but a white actor was chosen instead for the audience. Perhaps its defining sequence is a game of Quidditch where not only are all the houses in play, but the members of Ravenclaw team are all killed by Voldemort before the match begins, leaving the lead characters Soulja and Harry to win the game... and then the "Ku Kux Klan" appear and start shooting at the protagonists.
    • The writer of this is hilariously convinced that Snape is a Jew because he knows big words (i.e. non-slang words) and thus has him use a giant dollar bill like a flying carpet. Later on, Hermione decides not to travel back in time, to when Biblical figures attended Hogwarts (!) with Pontius Pilate (Or "Pumpass Pilot") as headmaster (!!), based on the absence of pretty dresses and sewing machines (!!!) in the past.
    • Did we mention that Hermione's Patronus is a vacuum cleaner?
  • The Last War would be terrible for the way it turns Ron into an abusive monster, Hermione into a Damsel in Distress, and later a murderer and bigamist who never faces any consequences and Ginny into the third Fat Slag. However, the overwrought angst drives it here instead. Even before they start dancing to "Always" by Erasure, whose connotations seem to have escaped the author.
  • My first Christmas with Harry potter. Yes, it's awful wish fulfilment. But it's worth it to see dialogue like this:
    "Harry potter stop your going to make me drop this." missy said giggling
    "Hey you did promise me that we could have some adult fun time when I got home from work." Harry said
    "Ok we will have some adult fun time now." missy said
  • Passion Night, a mercifully short Lupin/Sirius Slash Fic complete with IKEA Erotica, 10-inch wangs and lovingly described fluids. Not to mention Shapeshifting Squick. Features the following hilarious exchange (yes, all those vowels were in the original):
    "IF I GO ANY FASTER WE WILL BE AT HYPER SPEEEEEED!" Lupin shouted trying not to moan while he shouted.
  • Phoenix's Life is a fanfic which has achieved legendary status on Pottersues for one Narmtastic line:
    But Harry's body skimmed the surface of the lake and then, in a true blaze of glory, he transformed into a magnificent phoenix. And some say, as he soared into the sun set, that he yelled "IT'S MY LIFE" before he retreated into the clouds to never return.
  • Shits Bricks, a seven-line "poem" about how Severus Snape... doesn't actually shit bricks but farts them.
  • Behold NickTheSwing's terrible, but hilarious, fanfiction: Stand My Ground, the My Immortal parody designed to exceed My Immortal!
  • Thomas Joshman is a series of stories set in a world just like Harry Potter. Almost every character or concept has a clear equivalent (Tom = Harry, Tim = Ron, Quelfree = Snape, Bendrist = Dumbledore, Milkenshland = Hogwarts, Teams 1-10 = the Houses, etc.), and it isn't unusual for actual phrases to be lifted (albeit misspelled and out of context) from the Harry Potter books themselves. It also includes bizarre dialogue, including quite a lot of ridiculously specific times ("He saw Quelfree scold Frederick for being on the pitch 2 ¼ seconds late"). Strange equivalents are chosen for Harry Potter's plot points - for example, whereas Harry was suspicious about the wound on Snape's leg, Tom was suspicious about Quelfree's "scrunchy face" (your guess is as good as ours about what that means). The author sometimes seems to forget which things are different from Harry Potter - for example, Milkenshland looks like a "normal human-looking school" in the first book, but it's a castle in the others, and the plane they take to school is referred to as a "train" at least twice. Some characters are also incredibly stupid, managing to forget key plot points just so that the reader can find them out in advance. Tom is even amazed that Tim knows the names of their closest friends, apparently never managing to learn them himself. A few more quotes:
    "[A] Team 10 boy with blonde hair walked up the corridor and said 'Haha its Joshy. His stupid famous 30 year old mother was a pile of sweaty socks. Births in 1981. She would've died if that idiot Joshy wasn't born'.note "
    "Quelfree looked like he just been battered by a bowling ball so Tom said to Tim 'Has he been battered by a bowling ball' until Tim was confused and asked 'What's a bowling ball' Tom said nevermind and Quelfree gave them both detentions for no reason."
    "'What's a Crinker' asked Tom. 'Evil dolphins that can survive on land, they feed on Human and Wizard prey for jokes and cannibalize their own species when they die for fun' explained Tim. Suddenly a green eyed dolphin grabbed Tom's leg and it got bitten off. Tim helped Tom to the hospital quickly until Oswald met Tim again and tripped them over into the Crinkers. Tim lost an ear and a nose while Tom lost a hand and 3 eyelashes. Tom woke up in the hospital a week later with 50 bandages on him."
  • The Ariana Black Series, which was deleted by the author because people were saying mean things about Ariana, but still exists in MST form. The story follows Ariana Black, an original character who bends the entire Harry Potter universe to revolve around her, whether that's Harry and co following her around everywhere she goes, even after they've all graduated Hogwarts, getting adopted by Sirius and allowed to do whatever she wants, being kidnapped repeatedly by Voldemort for her out-of-nowhere "Empath" powers or brainwashing Snape into undergoing a Heel–Face Turn by being his friend. She is also in a Squick romance with Neville, professing her love for him at eleven years old and they date for the entirety of the series, even when Neville becomes the new Herbology teacher and Ariana is still a student. Hilariously, there is also a jerk OC by the name of Maria who repeatedly calls Ariana out on many things, like her relying on her powers or friends to stand up for her, kissing another guy while in a relationship with his friend, dating her teacher, etc, that the author remains completely oblivious to how on-the-nose these criticisms are and insists Maria is just being mean because she's jealous of Ariana.

The Lord of the Rings

  • The hardcore "erotica" fic Celebrian has a whole meta-game around it based on trying to get people with weak stomachs to read it. Even then, the story has its fans simply for being full of Narm and for being so laughably over-the-top in its Squickiness that it Crosses the Line Twice. Someone even started a dramatic reading.
    Reviewer: It's not that it's so disgusting, but it goes ON AND ON. And it's so BORING. How can torture, S&M and all that other crap be so irrevocably BORING? Half the time I don't even go 'ew'. I just look at the scroll bar and think, "What? Not even halfway through? GOD!"
  • Legolas: Back to the Future, which is basically a Canadian teenage girl's diary with Legolas stuck in somehow. Notable for its aggressive wholesomeness and lack of nearly any standard "Fictional Character is 'Bamfed' Into The Real World" tropes. The fic's gone from now, but you can find an MSTing here.
    • Particular note must be made of the absurd perfection of main character Crystal, who reveals her self as (in no particular order): an excellent cook, singer, musician, dancer, horseback rider, mechanic, a practitioner of La Savatenote  capable of throwing standing kicks above Legolas' head, a church youth group leader, possessing of a Death Glare that could cow anyone (including Legolas) and she teaches a music classnote  at the local community center. And oh yeah, she's also telepathic and telekinetic.
  • legolas by laura is a masterpiece of terrible spelling, worse grammar, Beige Prose, and incredible amounts of Narm ("... and then one of the Orcs striped her and then he raped her and then Laura said 'go away you bastard'."). Best experienced in hammy Dramatic Reading form, courtesy of ManWithoutABody: [2]

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  • Horny demigods and gods is a fanfic by Connorkenway00 is either this or a masterfully done trollfic. The author's first fanfic, the story or lack thereof, writing style, title and description, and less than strong grammar fit the definition of smut to a T. The spontaneous sex scenes and bizarre dialogue, such as Annabeth's "sexist bra" is side splitting.
  • Moon Daughter: According to one reviewer, "So this is what Percy Jackson would look like if it was written by a 13-year-old with a low IQ while high." It follows an emo original character, Flavia Knight, the only daughter of Artemis, as she hates on preps and blondes, bashes the Out of Character Canon cast, and tries to decide whether to be a virgin "like her mom" or seduce Nico di Angelo. Or Alabaster Torrington. Or Hades. Or Chiron... (the list goes on.) Also features Mr. D. watching porn, Annabeth being turned into a "grape with no soul," and lines such as:
    "Hate drove me like preemium fule."
    "Kronos laughed like Hitler after killing a Jew."
    "Artmeis eyes flashed. 'FUCK THOU!' She yelled.
  • The Prayer Warriors:
    • The Evil Gods Part One: A Christian propaganda fan fic based on a book series starring Greek demigods was probably not a good idea to begin with, but this fic manages to make the idea laughably bad. Our heroes are a bunch of Christians who fight the canonical characters, all of whom are now Satanists and evil, unless if they convert, at which point they join the Prayer Warriors. The main protagonists seem like negative stereotypes of Christians, having backwards views and operating under a "convert or die" mentality, while the villain's evil acts are confined to fighting our heroes, an out of nowhere rape scene, and Offscreen Villainy. There are also several moments that make no sense. Most villains are Easily Forgiven, but Thalia is killed by the heroes just to see if she's being honest. Characters come back to life, either through revealing that they weren't really dead, or just flat out refusing to explain why, while others stay dead, seemingly at random. It all sounds really bad, but what saves it are the author's incredibly ridiculous Author's Notes, random Latin and Bible quotes, the narrator telling us that Annabelle has sex for "Satanic Money" (whatever that means), that he's not dating the female lead, only to then say they are, they just aren't having sex, and Percy Jackson declaring that Zeus wasn't his father as if it were canon he was.
    • Threat of Satanic Commonism: Essentially the first fic IN THE EARLY SOVIET UNION, but with one hilarious error: Vladimir Lenin is confused with John Lennon. Not Lenin misspelled as Lennon, he's always referred to by the full name of John Lennon.


The Twilight Saga

Warrior Cats

  • Hidden Prophices is likely a trollfic, but it's still hilarious as it can be. You've really just got to read it to believe it.
    • Part of what makes it so hilarious is that, with its actually okay-ish grammar and spelling, it genuinely seems like a ten-year-old girl doing her damnedest (a demographic that makes up the bulk of Warriors fanfiction authors).
  • StarKitsProphcy. There are thousands of horrific fanfics out there, due to its tendency to attract young readers who don't really understand the plot, but this one takes the cake. The "plot" begins when StarClan recieves a prophecy, obviously regarding a cat named StarKit, proclaiming that "out of the darkness, stars will come and get rid of the evil tiger and holly." It goes downhill from there. StarGleam, as StarKit is quickly renamed, winds up with at least four toms in love with her, (all of whom are much older than she is, and one of whom is her great grandfather), becomes a warrior after 3.14 days of apprenticeship, delivers the (brutally massacred) Ten Commandments (of which there are eleven) in an obvious attempt to evangelize the writer's own beliefs, takes over as leader when Firestar steps down for her, and has many more Rouge Angles of Satin-filled adventures. It's truly magnificent, be it a Troll Fic or not.
    • Highlights include:
      • "And held out... SOME JEW!"
      • "GayStrip locked at hr meanly."
      • "Wit a rar like an volcano erection she jumped at StarGlaem!"
      • "'!' said StarPaw ass she ruan in to the forest. It wus to muck# she culdnt choss!"
      • "'theyre names were DawnSpark;e and... Stick/ saud JayFeather."
      • "Everyone jumped at the HoBare!"
      • "AND THEN STARGLEAM WAS DIED!11!111!11111!1!11!"
      • "'MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!11!1!1!11!' yelled StarGleamStar walking up. She juts culdnt be in loe with HawkForest she just could!11!1!11!"
  • The Warrior Cats of WolfClan series by Flamestripe of Wolfclan. A massive Marty Stu, ridiculous plot devices (like everything randomly going backwards, a cat with a cowboy hat, and talking wolves who bring cats back to life), a skewed sense of morality, how every single time a cat dies their tail twitches and they're okay, and the overblown nature of the story combine to create a masterpiece of bad writing.
  • Warrior Mouse Code is a fanfic about the clans' prey. Bad grammar, a Marty Stu who, even though being a mouse, befriends Firepaw, is teased for being a half-breed, has a habit of spouting curse words constantly, and is made 'second deputy' because that's just how the mouse clans work. Seriously.


    Live-Action TV 
  • The Ben Chatham Adventures, a series famous among the Doctor Who fandom for the titular invokedMarty Stu, blatant rip-offs of '70s Who, utterly detestable characters, excessive Flanderisation of canon characters, blatant misogyny and classism, and frankly bizarre recurring features (Fox's Glacier Mints are apparently equivalent to class B drugs). Whether you believe it is really a Stealth Parody or not, there is something innately attractive about its Narm Charm, bizarre plot twists, and hilarious lines of dialogue, such as "I am eternally grateful that you saved me from a good rogering by Henry VII!"
  • Drug Lord Rapist — originally posted as durg lord rape - a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fic in which we learn that durg, er, drug lords have nothing better to do than skulk around in alleyways looking for unsuspecting young women and, well, guess.
  • FESH PINCE BACK HAVEING FUN is a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air script fanfic done by a self-insert who can't really spell for shit, a story that doesn't really make sense, and a bunch of other oddities. Dug Seachang calls Carlton "Carton", Uncle Phil "Uncle Pill", and worst/best of all, Geoffrey "Giraffe"! It's almost like a satire of '90s sitcoms.
  • Eiga Sentai Scanranger is the attempt by an author who hated Power Rangers to do better. Not only is it playing an utterly ludicrous premise (movie nerds using the powers from their favourite movies to fight a race of Card Carrying Villains) utterly straight, characters with little in the way of heroism or likeable traits, excessive explanations of pop culture references (Meanwhile at the Dark Side of the Moon - sorry, Pink Floyd fans), bizarrely worded sentences and the facts several elements are cribbed from Power Rangers. Yet the show plays all the Super Sentai tropes so straight and actually does have a Myth Arc, making it hard not to get an unintentional laugh out of even the most stone-faced critics.
  • The M*A*S*H fan-fic "THE GRAND RAPIDS O'REILLYS", in which every proper noun is in all capital letters. The first chapter is about RADAR marrying NURSE BIGALO, while FATHER MULCAHY becomes a PENTECOSTAL minister after stealing barrels and barrels of holy water from THE VATICAN, all because he has a dream in which GOD orders him to do so. This is only the first chapter, there are over 25 chapters with titles such as "RADAR GOES FORMULA 1", "RADAR AND THE BLACK PANTHERS", "RADAR MEETS THE BEATLES", "RADAR MEETS THE GREEN HORNET", and "RADAR VS ROSEMARY'S BABY".
  • Me My Life And Glee is a Glee fanfic involving Canon Defilement, Major Out of Character-ness, Horrible Spelling / Leet Lingo and a character named Clarity Rosalina Ama'ranth Hillary Arwen Faith joining the glee club because of Santana, oh wait Mary Magdalene -as she is now called- telling her she needed to join. Afterwards pretty much every guy falls in love with her. Yes. Every single one. Though admittedly it is hilarious that her hair "shons in da Monlight" even though it's during the day. The whole thing slightly resembles My Immortal except that the author's personalities seem completely different. Possible Stealth Parody. It's not completed yet so hold on tight.
  • Picard's Illumination. One of the few fanfics ever to combine Narm, a poorly-written OC protagonist, and even Die for Our Ship into truly entertainingly crappy Star Trek fanfic. The protagonist ends up committing suicide so the Picard/Crusher ship isn't affected.
  • The Star Trek fanfic "purr hormones", in which Spock and McCoy have badly-written sex with each other while being wildly Out of Character. Oh, and this is after McCoy has sprouted cat ears and a tail. He purrs when aroused. See the Dramatic Reading here. Immortal lines include, "The green blush grown on Spock's face. How could logic win against a hot purring Doctor?"
  • Sinefield, a nonsensical Seinfeld fan fic with a plot that makes no sense and a load of typoes. It's likely a Troll Fic, but it's also hilarious, especially in this dramatic reading.
  • Star Trek: The Next Fornication. Pretty much Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Contains the immortal line "'Surprise!' said Riker as he boned young Wesley up the ass."
  • An in-universe example in the Supernatural fanfic Down to Agincourt: the poem Castiel is translating for Dean's amusement includes a self-insert narrator-slash-hero, a lot of contemplation of the supple curves of hippopotamuses, and the author's extremely shaky grasp of the language he's writing in.
  • Basically anything on the Supernanny Fanon Wiki. It's all Supernanny Script Fics written by young fans of the show, and between the GoAnimate-tier writing, gratuitous Author Appeal, and outlandish elements like the dad of the day's parents having been killed by a ninja when he was younger in one episode, one recurring character being a Youkai, and one of the punishments favored by more abusive parents and nannies being to take their kids to a "Creepy Zoo" full of robotic animals with stupidly edgy names like "Bloodthirsty the Orca," "Nightmare the Hyena," "Hades the Snake," "Outrage (formerly OUCHCAUSER) the Otter," and "Sinner the Crocodile," it's impossible to take anything on there seriously.
  • The Whose Line Is It Anyway? fanfic I Prooped My Pants counts. It follows four incredibly unlikeable fraternal quadruplets as they pursue romantic relationships with characters from Whose Line. Notable moments include a character coming out of a coma because his girlfriend threatens to break up with him if he doesn't, and the Mafia kidnapping one of the protagonists, but they allow her to use her cellphone as long as she doesn't call the cops.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • "A Raptor's Lust", an "erotic" fanfic starring a 13-year-old Lara Croft and a velociraptor. MST-ed by Topless Robot here, this story gave the world a No Yay human-and-raptor "romance", some of the most extreme examples of Anatomically Impossible Sex, Rob's commentary degenerating into multiple lines of "HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE" and death threats against the author, and copious misuse of the verb "whickered".
  • The aftermath of Ashe's life, a Final Fantasy XII fanfic by Ashe10 that centers around Ashe having sex. A lot. As Ashe says, "All queens are not all innocent. I am just a nasty queen. What do you expected?" She also has a tendency to call her lovers sexy mutha fuckas. Although Ashe's husband, Rasler (Or Rassler, as the author calls him) is the real standout in the story, providing gems such as, "Who the fuck is you talking to in that tone!" and "WHAT!? YOU DONE AN AFFAIR!"
  • The Modern Warfare 2 fanfic "The Beta Threat". The entire plot can be summarized as "invokedMarty Stu protagonist kills a bunch of Card-Carrying Villain terrorists, goes to jail because he failed to save a single hostage, and is called back into action to kill more terrorists." The spelling is... unspeakable.
  • Blood Whistle. Bradley, a college student, plays a gory game that he knows is just a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM Hack. As he plays through the game, he overreacts to the events in the game, and doesn't stop playing even though he could quit at any time. He starts believing that Mario is a living human being trapped inside the game. He compares his (Bradley's) suffering to that of the soldiers who fought on D-Day. Oh, and the majority of the story is written in Purple Prose. Enjoy!
  • The (extremely NSFW, now-removed) Pokémon Black and White fanfic "Bloody Love". The story features Burgh as a Yandere Serial Killer who's obsessed with forcing Grimsley to have sadomasochistic sex with him! Burgh has his camp traits taken to the point that he sings just about every line he says, and makes a (possibly unintentional) reference to Damn Yankees. Meanwhile, Grimsley has become Too Dumb to Live and doesn't seem to have the faintest clue about how creepy Burgh is acting until it's too late. However, regulars in the Pokémon Black and White fandom may be impressed by how it's Burgh chasing Grimsley this way rather than the other way around!
  • Bowser's Mexico Adventure, because while most Mario fan fiction falls under this category, this one stands a bit above them. After all, where else will you find in addition to Bowser (of the Wet variety, whatever that means), Boba Fett and C-3PO, Nedry, Aladdin, Mozenrath, Joel and the Bots and Bear Grylls? Possibly a Troll Fic, but still so bad it's good.
  • Breakdown, a Persona 3 fanfic. It starts with almost all of SEES dying in improbable ways, including Fuuka going crazy for no reason and killing Aigis and then herself. Mitsuru, the only survivor, copes by becoming a gay prostitute. Then, after meeting another character who is evidently somebody Mitsuru already knows and exchanging a few harsh words, Mitsuru becomes so distraught that she immediately runs out of the building and into the street, where she is hit by a truck and killed. While the grammar and spelling were passable, the attempts at drama were so overwrought and absurd that there wasn't any other way to respond but to laugh.
    • If you weren't laughing throughout, the final line is a guaranteed LOL. Roxius in general is great for incomprehensible fics, and the confused/angry/scared reviewers.
  • Superhadou's Crystal Man's Journey is a fanfic about the robot masters from Mega Man 5 going into the future to help X and Zero battle Mavericks and Sigma with Crystal Man as their leader. Though the grammar isn't awful, it contains awful puns, random songs and generally over the top fight scenes.
  • Doom: The Unseen Version (NSFW). A badly written smutfic in which the people stationed in Mars get it on with the demons after all Hell breaks loose. You will never look at Doom the same way again... it makes Impse look tame.
  • The Final Sword is a bad Touken Ranbu fic that features Canon Defilement, Mighty Whitey and Invincible Hero out the wazoo, but its horrible spelling and grammar and playing one of the weirdest examples of Demon King Nobunaga in recent memory keeps it from being just straight-up offensive.
  • Ecco the Dolphin And the Swim Meet. It's only a hundred-something words long, so the plot doesn't make sense and is over before you know it. There's also numerous typos and jokes that make absolutely no sense. But all of these combine to be bizarrely entertaining. And then there's the ending.
  • The Evil Alliance, written by cloudacsephac, is a Final Fantasy Massive Multiplayer Crossover that features impenetrable, pseudo-Faulknerian stream of consciousness prose. Cloud and Squall inexplicably team up (along with a Cloud-chasing woman named Blaze) to take down the eponymous alliance of Sephiroth and Ultimecia. The author's tangled, incoherent prose, bizarre plotting and interminable fight scenes make this a must read. Good luck trying to figure out who's speaking at any given time.
  • Amelia_nekomimi's (now named GARGOULES) "Fire Emblem: Ike's Journey" takes elements from both Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones and the Tellius games, adds some Self-Insert and mixes it all with a delicious dose of Peter Chimaera-level writing to create an epic tale of love, sacrifice, pink weapons from the future and magic rocket horses. It's filled with memorable quotes such as "I kill him with cuts and a catle fall on his head" and "ONLY MUCH WORST". While it seems to be a Troll Fic, from the fact that the author edited the title due to advice from a reader, it's very hard to tell. Even if you're not a Fire Emblem fan, you'll laugh at how ridiculous it all is.
  • Hell Hath Fury, a Doom fanfiction featuring every Doom fanfiction cliche. It's also overly long and badly written.
  • Imp Encounter, an infamous Doom fanfic that satirizes sex fanfiction by having the Doom Guy, under the influence of a berserk pack, brutally rape and kill a female imp (The Goomba of the first Doom, arguably even easier than the zombies for an experienced player to kill). The story and the sex scene have become Memetic Mutation in the Doom community, with a tribute site named, an infamous animated GIF, and even a cutscene level.
  • ITS MY LIFE! for Portal. Marrissa Roberts, Chell's sister, is at first just living in the "portal labs" but then the fan fiction slowly turns into fighting villains of a greater and greater scale.
  • "Laughter" is a Pokémon Diamond and Pearl fanfic that attempts to explain some things about Cyrus's past. The writing is competent and some of the ideas it raises are interesting, but the random, senseless gruesome torments inflicted on Cyrus come out of nowhere and the first and second chapters gel together so badly they might as well be two completely separate stories. The fic is laughable for its sheer Refuge in Audacity.
  • Left 2 Die 4ever. The plot is pretty faithful and original at the same time considering it's Left 4 Dead.
  • The Legund of Lik. (The original story is deleted, the link goes to a dramatic reading.) Link fights monsters from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and makes horrible puns. The writing is so atrocious that it's probably intentional. Do not read this in a library, because you will laugh. Hard.
    • The story has now been reposted go here if you want to read it
  • Lust Penis (obviously NSFW), an infamous MS Paint Star Fox fan comic. Fox McCloud gets transformed into a dinosaur sex slave by General Scales, who violates him anally and transforms him again into a gigantic, living penis, fusing him with an enormous statue, which then proceeds to anally violate another enormous statue. After creating a river of semen, Fox regains consciousness, reverts back to his former self, and agrees that even though the whole thing was just a plot by Scales to have sex with him, he'd still like to do it again sometime. For those who aren't easily offended, it is utterly hilarious in its total ineptitude and bizarre plot.
  • "Mario Sex-ed." (Video might be NSFW depending on how your work place looks at it.) A video where Mario, who spouts food puns at every opportunity, and Luigi, who has fallen victim to Not Even Bothering with the Accent, teach the viewer about safe sex. With images from the Mario series and sounds effects from Sonic games to assist, as well as Stock Footage from Captain N: The Game Master. It's about as weird as it sounds, and it's hopefully satire and not someone's attempt at making an actual sex-ed video with Mario. Hopefully.
  • Mega Man At McDonalds. Mega Man owes Dr. Light (presumably, because the author neglected to state whom he was talking to) $44,632.82 from buying diapers, so he gets a job at McDonald's. Mega Man is completely incompetent (he even says he is retarded), and later on, he gets slashed by a "tyrant from Resident Evil", and is beaten up by a generic bully. Everyone is out of character (especially Mega Man). The plot is weak, there are typos, and there are also several failed attempts at humor. There is also a blatant inconsistency; In Chapter 2, Mega Man shoots Johnny Sasaki, which means he is not bound by the Three Laws of Robotics, but in Chapter 3, he self-cites the First Law as the reason why he can't harm "Some The Bully".
  • My Inner Life. Another one kicked off of the old So Bad It's Horrible page for being hilariously bad instead of just plain bad. Nominally a fanfic of The Legend of Zelda, it's horribly written with the most blatant self-insertion ever. In a situation similar to Sonichu, the writer is part of what makes it the phenomenon it is, and you must understand her to understand it. She goes out of her way to screech at anyone who might openly dislike the fic in her disclaimers for three pages if you cut-and-paste it into your word processor, and feels that Viewers Are Morons to the point of putting an incredible number of footnotes - almost as long as the "people who don't like my fic are evil" rants. Apparently, readers aren't bright enough to figure out what a "spring festival" is. Most of all, she's clearly dead serious about all the things that many suspect of being parody in My Immortal and the like. This is someone who has less ability to take criticism than Uwe Boll.
    • Also, she's got a strange relationship with the 'return' key. Often, it's hard to tell who's talking because dialogue that really should have been another paragraph will be placed right next to the actions of someone else. But by this point, that's the 'jaywalking' in Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.
  • Night Blood Ties is an awkward World of Warcraft fanfic starring the characters of a single player and a couple of guildmates. The plot is literally dropped almost entirely in the subtitle of the fic and that's really the least of the story's problems. Characters routinely blend game terms and in-universe terms to the point where characters refer to large-scale military assaults on capitol cities as "routine". The author's main character constant dives into the spotlight, obscuring the characters relevant to the plot. The story is punctuated with the author pitching his WoW guild and it's arguable the whole thing was an attempt at promotion via tie-in.
    • It also has a character named Manthony. Yes, Manthony.
  • Mass Effect fanfiction has Parallel Realities, which is probably the single silliest Alternate Universe Fic the continuum has given. Admittedly, the premise is interesting, but where the author takes the premise is so silly and incredibly stupid it gets really bad. And yet, there's something unabashed about its silliness and how obvious the Author Tract is that it's hard to hate it.
  • From the realm of YouTube comes a fan video titled "Peach VS Daisy VS Zelda VS Rosalina." A little over a minute of blatant Author Appeal that comes across as Fetish Retardant, made funny by the sheer amount of bizarre fighting styles, Animesque art style and animation that looks like it was created in MS Paint, and unnecessary cameltoes everywhere. And the winner is a seemingly genderbent Link... who blows up Zelda for some reason. Throw in some semi-unfitting dramatic music and you have yourself one hell of a video that managed to get over four million views.note 
  • Phoenix White: Justifications of Justice! is an Ace Attorney fanfic involving Phoenix Wright taking over Mr. White's position as the president of Blue Corp, and ending up on trial after trying to resurrect Mia Fey. The concepts are absolutely laughable and ridiculous, but the icing on the cake is the ending where it's revealed that Phoenix Wright is actually a mouse, and the entire Phoenix Wright universe was something he imagined when he was eaten by a cat and went to heaven.
  • The prince and the peasant written by Ranay (mentioned in the "Specific Authors" folder of this page) is a Mega Man In Name Only fanfic which pairs her Self-Insert character, Ranay, with Top Man. The story takes place in medieval times and supposedly all characters (yes, including the robot masters) are humans. Not to mention Top Man transforms into a CAT BEAST. The fanfic alone contains large amounts of Canon Defilement, Plot Holes, Department of Redundancy Department, and research failure. It's only made more hilarious by Ranay's disregard for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall use of the English language.
    • "In a kingdom where the laws were absolute, everything was going against these laws was to punish the destruction or death. In the same realm sometimes not even that was wrong was dismissed. But there was something different about this kingdom"
    • "king is a farce"
    • "Top stun all soldiers but forget to Rock"
  • Quake Urgency, which almost kind of read like a rough draft of an aborted Quake comic-book in the style of the Doom comic.
    "Oh no zombie dogs!" said Quake Marine and he shoot the exploding barrels and they were explode taking the zombie spiders (which exploded)
  • red dead john merston: the return and dislike, a Red Dead Redemption fanfic that manages to portray every character completely wrong, have some of the most terrible dialogue ever seen and a Title Drop that could make John Freeman himself wince. Notably, Man Without A Body did a Dramatic Reading of it, which can be found here.
  • Here's a Roblox Bullying Story that uses a Bacon Noob as a Cliché bullying victim, has him beaten up by some rich bullies exaggeratedly, gaining unrealistically many famous Roblox users to support him, and introduces a moral that while it's horrible to bully someone, it's totally fine to beat up and nearly kill the bully if they're not trying to kill you currentlynote . In other words, Glurge as a Roblox animation.
  • sonic and amy, an M-rated Lemon that the author warns that only those who are 18 can read. The only line is this:
    once upon a time sonic and amy were together sonic said hi amy said hi they had sex they had a baby they named it samy the end
  • From the Touhou Project fandom comes Reimu fights the bad guys of adrkness by Talos Angel. It includes (among other things) rampant Rouge Angles of Satin ("Hell Reimu," Reimu fried Marisa sad, "Is god mourning!"), Marisa playing Half-Life 2, Pactouli and Marisa getting "nekked" and having "hot sox" on Reimu's couch, Marisa getting pregnant and having a baby, and a nonsensical plot where Reimu becomes a bad guy. The author admits that she wrote it while drunk, but it's still hilarious either way.
    • There's a dramatic read of it here.
  • Sephirothslave's Shinra High Soldier duology is probably the best known examples in Final Fantasy VII fandom. Proudly called "novels" by their authoress, they have a total of 170 chapters together, filled with nothing but inaccurate interpretations and Wish-Fulfillment. Among many things, these fanfictions feature a goth protagonist and self insert of epic proportions, canon defilement, butchered character personalities, cliche love triangle, wangst, Beige Prose and clear research failure.
  • "Super Mario Dance Bros." is a laughably horrendous 3D animation of the very amateurish, claylike models of Mario and Luigi missing their hair and dancing to "Dirty Little Secret" by The All-American Rejects. God help you when you see Mario and Luigi shaking their hips and talking, and Mario throwing Luigi at the screen which is where he stays.
  • ''Super Smash Sisters: Damsel to Hero'' is a laughably-convoluted mess of a fanfic. Essentially a combination of a lesbian Rule 34 fic and an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, it takes on a strange pretentious aura by beginning its chapters with World War II-related quotes lifted from Call of Duty games. Furthermore, its narrative takes a huge cast to the extreme, with numerous spots in the text, some even intended as dialogue, where a truly huge inventory of characters is read off—and these exhaustive spots JUST KEEP REPEATING. They're all fighting against Nazis and other generic enemies from Call of Duty games.
  • Super Smash Bros.: Guardians Arise! is one of the bleakest Super Smash Bros. fanfics out there, but what makes it have a place here is the massive Mood Whiplash it entails. Surely, canon is already out of the window and many of the Smashers' personalities are butchered to a degree, but the story feels like it has no tone; think of the tonal shifts of shows like Akame ga Kill! and Magical Girl Site, and you have this fic. There's homophobic humor, outdated internet meme references, and toilet humor...juxtaposed with a brutally dark Crapsack World, and the supposed heroes are either one-note, annoying for comic relief, wangst-ridden people who'd mope about their situation or varyingly unsympathetic jerkasses who feel like they're no better than the villain they fight. If you're looking for a lighthearted story, good luck and have fun with this, or if you're a masochist willing to endure the level of grimdark, be prepared to get easily annoyed by the level of comedy that won't fit the story at all. However, the charm here lies in the fact that it's written by a young circle of authors who're probably thinking that True Art Is Angsty, and it shows.
  • The Supper Smash Bros series is a pretty blatant Super Smash Bros. Troll Fic written by "PrincessAmerica". It is filled with Strawman Politicals, its protagonist is a 13-year-old Heteronormative Crusader sent to the Video Game World by God himself, pre-existing characterizations are outright ignored in favor of making certain characters "gays" and "lesbans" who want to "rap" people. Also, as you may have guessed, the spelling frequently veers into and beyond Rouge Angles of Satin (in fact, both the "Angle for Angel" and "Satin for Satan" examples are used more than once). It's a strong contender for the title of "My Immortal of the Super Smash Bros. fandom". A Wild Badfic Appeared! Commentaries riffed it as its first MST, and it didn't take long for the cast to break down into a mess of laughter, confusion, and/or pure snarkiness.
    • Also of note is the "political satire" story that PrincessAmerica wrote as herself, The Ethical Adventures of GamerGate. If one takes aside the initial brilliance of her scheme, this fic, while much, much more competently written, is like Mishonh from God content-wise but for the political far-left instead of the far-right. It's extremely Anvilicious, filled with angry, blatant, bitter raging against Strawman Politicals, oversimplification of sensitive political issues, and even more Black-and-White Morality and Bias Steamroller regarding the far-left. And what probably makes it even more hilarious or cringeworthy, depending on one's tastes, is that this time, she's being completely serious. And keep in mind this woman is engaged and 30 years old.
  • Tales of the Spageti Womna. Nominally a Metroid Crack Fic, it features such gems as a Ridley/Samus pairing, a crossover with YouTube Poop, and Captain Falcon's name being "misspelled" as things like "Caption Fallatio" [sic] and "Capetown Falcone". Almost like YouTube Poop in fanfic form.
  • Ties That Bind: A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Story is a terrible, poorly written fanfiction about a invokedMarty Stu insert who gets turned into a Pokemon. This series has only one chapter, full of switching tenses, OOC characters, and it reeks of unoriginality.
  • Umineko: Memories of Umineko is a bizarre Umineko: When They Cry fanfiction that contains a girl with the very uncreative name of Umineko. Battler's in love with her, Beatrice kills him and he's alive because he's an apparition for some reason. This fic is filled with bad spelling and grammar, Ikea Erotica, a plot that doesn't make sense, and over the top characters on either side of the conflict. It very well may be a troll fic.
  • Wolfenstien comeback, a senseless Troll Fic in which the main character of Wolfenstein (referred to as Dr. Wolfenstein, even though Wolfenstein is the name of the castle) is trying to fight the "Natzees", then ends up in Rapture and is renamed "Bioshock", then he resurfaces and ends up in the world of Fallout for no reason. It has absolutely no story and makes no sense whatsoever, but it's freakin' hilarious.
  • This video, made by seinfeldspitstain, is an obviously fake leak of the fourth Super Smash Bros. game made seemingly in an attempt at this trope. Between the crack newcomer choices, characters stuck in one pose, numerous animation distortion, random music cut at the end before Reggie's introduction, and general lack of making any sense, it does its job well and becomes completely hilarious.
  • This Warcraft fanfiction. The only plausible explanation for the whole thing is that there's someone kidnapping major lore characters and giving them frontal lobotomies.
  • There's Something About Halo is a very well-known and liked video on Newgrounds... the same can't be said for this utter mess that was obviously created to infuriate as much people as possible. It is quite possibly one of the worst videos on Newgrounds, not that it makes it any less hilarious.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Light of Courage was originally written to be The Movie for The Legend of Zelda cartoon. Its script contains a good deal of spelling and other syntactical errors and, most notably, features an Original Character who makes referential humor (e.g. "Man, this guy has more mouth then Julia Roberts.") and sticks out of the cast like a sore thumb. Portions of the script would later be adapted into three short animations that try at this intentionally and do pretty well at it. These animations are also where the Dancing Triangle meme came from. Read a mirror of the original script here.
  • WABLOO SWABLOO consists of nothing but extremely short chapters of various Pokémon doing nothing remotely resembling a plot. The author is either a Troll or much too young to have a FanFiction.Net account.

    Web Animation 
  • Linked in Life and Love:In-Universe, the first chapter had Team RWBY watching a movie about a team of Hunters...that seems to be a pastiche of your standard action movies, and nothing like an actual Hunter's life at all. Yang outright name drops this trope when talking about it.
  • Beauty and the Faunus is a RWBY-themed fanmade remake of Disney's Beauty and the Beast which has Blake as the Beast, Weiss as Belle, Cinder as Gaston, Emerald as LeFou, and Mercury, Roman and Neo, who speaks for some reason, as the three blondes always lusting over Gaston. Oh yeah, and Ruby Rose, the fifteen-year-old girl known for being a fun-loving girl who likes making friends, takes on the role of Cogsworth. It manages to fail very hard at being an actual remake, instead coming off as uncreative and dull, but hilariously so. The author writes it in script form, plagiarizes the Disney film to such an extent all the characters pretty much have been given the personalities of other characters.

  • A Homestuck fanfic, the creatively titled Homestuck high (sic), has been posted on It's almost reminiscent of My Immortal in some ways. It starts out as a High School AU of Homestuck before quickly going into some bizarre plot about Sollux (who is a demon for some reason) trying to impregnate Rose and Jade and use them to give birth to demon spawn. The fan fic is very much In Name Only, in both Homestuck and in its title, as it's more of a supernatural story than a high school one. It makes no sense and names of canon characters are used for other people. (Aradia is some sort of genie that helps out John, Eridan is John's transformation in order to duel with the demon Sollux, etc.) It also involves John having a vision after beinf possesed by dark magic from a McDonalds burger as an important plot point. And John had liked Rose ever since she... bit his arm and broke his glasses in the second grade. Probably a Troll Fic, but still hilariously terrible. Now has its own page.
  • Another Homestuck example would be Were just different, the story of a blatant self-insert named Titaia who is sent to a "special school" due to a suicide attempt, where she meets unbelievably OOC versions of the trolls—most notably, Sollux and Karkat, as opposed to being Jerks With Hearts Of Gold as they are in canon, are portrayed as merciless bullies. Titaia is tricked (by Tavros, of all people!) into IMing Sollux and falls for him. The whole thing is so ridiculously OOC and Narmtastic that it becomes utterly hilarious, and unlike Homestuck high, it seems completely sincere.
  • Learning and Sburbing is infamous on the Homestuck Reddit for its so-bad-it's-good appeal. Some refer to it as the My Immortal of Homestuck.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of KorraEd, Edd n Eddy
  • ED of the World by Steve. The Eds and the kids go to the carnival, which turns out to suck eggs. When they watch trained chihuahuas perform, one of them bites Jimmy, while another destroys Plank. And when the fireworks set off, the kids start bleeding from airborne glass shards. The carnival turns out to be a trap by Jimmy von Diablo, and the kids run away before von Diablo blows up the place. The End.
  • SnatchEd a Jewel by TV John. This Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfic (featuring the Red Guy) has references to The Emperor's New Groove and The Fairly OddParents!, and even has Jackie Chan as a guest star (they even call him a guest star in the fic). The only thing bad about it is the writing, but there is this hilarious exchange:
    Eddy: hey my parents aren't here I kick @$$
    Edd: hey you stole the jewel
    Eddy: hey the officers asleep I kick @$$
    Ed: hey where did you get the jewel
    Edd: he stole it
    Eddy: yep when the officers asleep I kick @$$
    Edd: you said that already
    Eddy: oh yeah
    • Here is a summary of the fic: Eddy finds a huge jewel and steals it, somehow leading to Ed and Edd to take the blame. While the two are arrested, Eddy tries to play dodgeball with Jimmy but accidentally kills him... somehow. Then Eddy goes back to his house to find it being destroyed by the jewel, getting it replaced by "house held nunchucks". After going to bed and Jackie Chan asking to read him a story, Eddy wakes up to find Sarah. She gets mad at Eddy for killing Jimmy and beats Eddy up until he confesses that he stole the jewel and then bails Ed and Edd out, but not before the Red Guy puts a spell on Eddy giving him a boil twice the size of the jewel. (The jewel destroyed his house). Yeah.
  • Urban Eds by Yunaman. The plot involves the Eds as teenagers going to a night club, where Nazz works as a prostitute. It has Costume Porn, Johnny as a bouncer on steroids raping Eddy, Eddy drinking a drug cocktail called "The Blue Cauchemar" with predictable results and ends with Nazz castrating Double Dee for no reason. Still, the combination of weird subject matter, uncomfortably straightforward plot, the choice of words and occasional spelling and grammar mistakes definitely makes this fic qualify as So Bad It's Good. You can read it here.
  • Hopeles Harts is a short, yet bizarre Ed, Edd n Eddy Crack Fic starring Misty, a Perky Goth, who moves next to the Eds' house with her preppy and abusive mother. To sum the plot up shortly - Immediately after moving in, the also gothic Edd (or as he's called here, Dobel Pee) falls in love with her, followed by a gratuitous singing of JUN's "True Love", Misty being kidnapped by "the skanks", finding her way out by SINGING, the skanks running away, and a loud party. Mix it in with poorly-written grammar and a good bit of Freudian Slip, and you've got yourself a wonder on your hands. Here's a dramatic reading of it.
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