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Fanfic / Bella Swan Pregnant And Furious

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Bella: "I want to be saved Satan...they gonna kill my baby!"

Bella Swan: Pregnant and Furious is a bizarre Twilight fanfiction by Comics Nix.

Unlike the usual Comics Nix story, Bella Swan: Pregnant and Furious lacks the horrific graphic and disgusting sex descriptions, and instead is a completely random nonsensical action story. As the title suggests, the story is about a pregnant Bella Swan. Shopping for baby clothing, she goes to a baby clothes store run by cannibal ninjas, who have their sights set on her unborn child. Desperate and out of options, Bella makes a deal with the devil to gain incredible powers. All hell literally breaks loose.


From the aforementioned ninjas to pirates to Nazis, Bella finds herself in a life or death struggle with just about everything. Now there's a dramatic reading.



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