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Harry was once again lying in a pool of blood, his own blood. Who would have thought that Harry would die this way?

Authored by "not-prgnant-thnk-GOD", A Sad Story is a Harry Potter Fan Fic in which Harry is severely abused by Uncle Vernon and meets a girl in a similar situation. It is not clear exactly at what point of time it takes place. (Probably post-Order of the Phoenix given the time it was written, but it's hard to tell.)


There's a dramatic reading which was later adapted into a Sims movie.

This story provides examples of:

  • Abusive Parents - The entire premise depends on this.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: Vernon shoots Hedwig dead mere hours after Harry comes home for the summer.
  • Big Bad - Uncle Vernon. Voldemort only gets one casual mention and doesn't appear at all.
  • Bloodier and Gorier - Harry and Maria both wind up in a pool of their own blood on multiple occasions.
  • Crazy-Prepared - Uncle Vernon, with a huge number of spare padlocks. Not to mention a silenced one-handed shotgun.
  • Downer Ending - Harry is beaten to death by Uncle Vernon and falls "lifeless in his lovers arms".
  • Dropped a Bridge on Her - Poor Hedwig.
  • Evil Gloating: Vernon's immortal line, "It's too late, my dear".
  • Flashback - To when Hedwig was killed and Uncle Vernon started beating Harry, only hours after he arrived back from school.
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  • G-Rated Sex - There is no clear indication that Maria and Harry were having sex until the ending, when Maria reveals that she is pregnant.
  • Gray Rain of Depression - Maria knew there was something wrong with Harry, and it immediately starts raining very hard as soon as she leaves her house to go to him. And then he quickly dies, of course.
  • Hammerspace - Where Uncle Vernon seems to keep his shotgun, and padlocks.
  • Hollywood Silencer - Said shotgun has one.
  • I Suck at Summaries: "i suk at summaries mainly about Harry being abused by Uncle Vernon."
  • Improbable Use of a Weapon - By the text itself, Uncle Vernon must have been holding Hedwig's cage with one of his hands after Harry gave it to him, and then pulled out the shotgun with the other and shot her inside the cage. The same cage he's still holding with his hand, while he is wielding a (presumably) heavy shotgun with the other. Somehow, he didn't blow his cage-holding hand off or miss and hit Harry. Oh, and he does all this in less than a second.
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  • Just in Time - Subverted. May not have been if the (five!) Weasleys didn't just stand there crying in shock.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down - Uncle Vernon beats Harry for not responding to his calls, and orders him to respond when he speaks to him. When Harry does, he cuts him off in mid-sentence and kicks him again, and tells him that he didn't say that he could speak...even though he just told him to do so.
  • Love at First Sight - Harry and Maria, naturally.
    He took her to the garden shed where he first laid eyes on her. Her face was bruised and bleeding, like the rest of her body. She was the most beautiful thing that Harry had ever seen.
  • Meaningless Meaningful Words - The last line: "The chaos erupted and the world crashed around the two." What does this mean? We never find out.
  • Morton's Fork: Harry gets beaten by Uncle Vernon for not answering Vernon fast enough. Then, when he tries to answer, he gets beaten for speaking without permission.
  • Someone to Remember Him By - Harry dies just after Maria reveals that she is pregnant. This is unintentionally hilarious in light of the author's username.
  • Spoiler Title - A fic called "a sad story" is hardly going to end with Harry and Mary Sue running off into the sunset, is it?
  • Stealth Parody - Most likely.
  • Too Dumb to Live - Harry doesn't even try to do anything about his (or his girlfriend's) abuse, even though (at least earlier on) he was free to go as he pleased and could have easily said something to someone. He ultimately dies.


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