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once told me
The world was gonna meme me
I ain't the sharpest trope in the shed


  • As of The New '10s, Shrek, for some reason, became more known for its influence on Internet culture rather than pop culture at large, even garnering its own article on The Other Wiki. There is very little from the first film that hasn't achieved Memetic Mutation at some point, and very few of those memes have died. The most well-known Shrek memes take the form of "Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life" copypastas and videos, which helped spawn the series' "Brogre" fanbase. These memes and fans treat Shrek as a Memetic Badass, a Memetic Molester, a Memetic Psychopath and a Crystal Dragon Jesus all at the same time.
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  • Along the same lines, Shrek has been a commonly-requested newcomer for the fourth Super Smash Bros. game before its release, especially since the game Shrek SuperSlam was a mascot-platform fighter in the same kind of vein. The same happened with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because of his longevity in meme culture.
  • One of the taglines of Shrek the Third was "The wait is ogre", while Shrek Forever After had "It ain't ogre til it's ogre!". As a result, mentioning Shrek on /co/ will often result in a Hurricane of Ogre Puns. The most notable example is this fanart getting captioned with "I'm sorry Shadow... but my time here is ogre."
  • From DreamWorksTV's Shrek videos on YouTube, there's Shrek saying "OH HELLO THERE!"
  • Shrek is love... Shrek is life. Explanation 
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  • Riding off the coattails of Bee Movie, its also a popular fad to random elements to clips of the film every time a certain word or thing is said or done (i.e. the film speeds up every time Shrek takes a step, says "Donkey!", frowns, etc.)
  • Pinches furros. Explanation .
  • Shrek Retold. Explanation 
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  • The cover art of a 2007 compilation produced by NOW Music, Now That's What I Call Shrek!, has become a meme.
  • Shrek Wazowski. Explanation 
  • Listing or picturing Donkey alongside other characters associated with dragons, eg:
    Dirk: I killed a dragon.
    Daenerys: I raised a dragon.
    Hiccup: I trained a dragon.
    Donkey: [saying nothing while grinning suggestively]


  • "I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder."
  • "Some-BODY once told me..." Explanation 
  • "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP?!" Explanation 
  • "And in the morning, I'm making waffles!" Explanation 
  • "Ogres are like onions! / Ogres have layers." Explanation 
  • DONKEY!! Explanation 
  • "UGHHHH, IT'S DISGUSTING!"Explanation 
  • "Good question." Explanation 
  • "The (X) has fallen in love with the (Y!)" Explanation 
  • E Explanation 
  • "Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make." Explanation 
  • "Like that's ever gonna happen." Explanation 
  • "Quest? I'm already on a quest!" Explanation 

Shrek 2

  • For five minutes, could you not [X]? FOR FIVE MINUTES?! Explanation 
  • "Enough, Reggie."Explanation 
  • The Rocky Roll Call in the dinner scene.
  • I NEED A HERO!Explanation 
  • "They don't even have dental."Explanation 

Shrek the Third

  • DA DA!!!Explanation 
  • For whatever unknown reason, "Fiona's Father Dies in Shrek the Third" has become the go-to joke of choice by many internet commenters when discussing spoilers in highly anticipated franchise installments.
  • This picture of Shrek screaming is frequently used in Brogre memes, especially an edited GIF version that infinitely loops entering Shrek's mouth.
  • A picture of King Harold dying is often captioned with *dies from cringe*, and is used to respond to disagreeable statements or memes.

Shrek Forever After

  • DO THE ROAR! Explanation 
  • I LOVE YOU DADDY! Explanation 
  • Mint Ogre-load Explanation 
  • As happened with many other movies and franchises, fans of Avengers: Infinity War descended like a horde of animals on the comments sections of the scene where Shrek disintegrates from existence.

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