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Artmeis eyes flashed. “FUCK THOU!” She yelled.

Moon Daughter is a So Bad, It's Good Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfic by xxMoonlitexx, otherwise known simply as Hanna. The first chapter was posted on August 1st, 2013, and the 72nd and final chapter was posted on November 20, 2014.

The author's summary: "Flavia a beautiful demigod was in love with Luke but now she discovers she is the only daughter of Artemis in Camp Half Blood! And she must go on a quest to find Artemis so she can be and hunteress, because she can't stay at Camp Half Blood any longer because she is bullied by Annbeth and the other deimgods and Chiron says the prophecy says she must leave before more people die!"


Most of the plot concerns Flavia's attempts to kill "Kornos" and complete the twelve labors of Hercules so she can become a goddess.

It has been described by several reviewers as the My Immortal of the Percy Jackson fandom, and shares some similarities, including a hatred of "preps" and a tendency to over-describe clothing. It is currently being sporked here[1] and here[2], and there is a completed spork here[3]. There is also a Dramatic Reading here [4].

On February 7, 2015 Hanna posted a sequel called "Moon Daughter 2: Rise of a Godess."[5]


Moon Daughter contains examples of:

    Moon Daughter 

    Moon Daughter 2: Rise of a Godess