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"Voldemort is gone, now the question is: What to do with the Marked Ones that haven’t really committed any crimes? The Wizarding World’s solution: Place them under the care and ‘protection’ of a Guide from the Light. The problem is most of Abuse, Anal, BDSM, Humil, M/M, MPreg, N/C, Oral, Slave, Spank, WIP"
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Deserving by moonofthesea picks up the Harry Potter in the year 1998. The Second Wizarding War is over, and Harry Potter and friends must decide what to do with the surviving Death Eaters. This being fanfic-world, a marriage law is instituted whereby each "Marked One" must come under the supervision of a "Guide of the Light". Harry sacrifices everything he has to be Guide of the Light to Severus Snape (who in the fic survived Deathly Hallows), and Deserving tells their story.


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