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Space Strikers (In French: 20,000 Lieues Dans L'Espace) is a 1995 French animated series made by Métropole Production and distributed by Saban Entertainment. In a distant future, the courageous Captain Nemo, commander of the technologically advanced starship Nautilus, and its bold crew against the nefarious Phantom Warriors and their dreadful leader, the Master Phantom. Together, the Nautilus crew must save Planet Earth from the total domination of this ruthless villain who is bent on spreading chaos throughout the universe. It's kind of a loose adaptation to Jules Verne's 20000 Leagues IN SPACE!!


Notable for being one of the first series to extensively use computer-generated 3D scenes (and also 3D glasses were shipped around the United States to promote this point, called "Strikervision") for the scenes IN SPACE!, while keeping it 2D for the characters. Unfortunately, due to the fact this show wasn't very popular at all and that it was never released on VHS, it was nigh impossible to find footage related to this show for almost 20 years and at one point was considered lost.

However, in 2014 some episodes (from an apparent home-made VHS recording) were uploaded to YouTube.


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