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Western Animation / Bitsy Bears

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Bitsy Bears originated as a series of flocked posable bears produced by Tyco in the early 1990s. Each bear had her own wind-up action. In 1992, a Direct-to-Video animated special was packaged with one of the bears. The plot followed Pawlina and Baby Tickles, two forgotten Teddy bears brought to life by magic honey droplets and transported to the Honey Bear Fair. They are welcomed by the Bitsy Bears and help foil the plot of former Bitsy Bear Bramble, who wants to shut down the fair for good!


This cartoon has examples of:

  • Insect Gender-Bender: The Bitsy Bears attempt to trick Bramble with a 'Bee King' balloon rather than a 'Bee Queen'.
  • One-Gender Race: While it's never stated that male Bitsy Bears don't exist, every Bitsy Bear shown on screen is female.


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