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Western Animation / Jingle Bell Rock

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Jingle Bell Rock is an animated 30-minute Christmas Special produced DIC Entertainment that originally aired on ABC December 22, 1995. It was occasionally in reruns during holiday marathons on Toon Disney in the early 2000's too.

The story begins when Santa Claus is faced with bankruptcy and is forced to lay off some of his elves and possibly cancel Christmas altogether. That's when three elves, Buddy, Art, and Richie, set off for Hollywood in an attempt to win Santa some money via winning a musical talent show.


This movie was released on VHS by Buena Vista Home Video in 1996, and later by Lions Gate Home Entertainment in 2001, while its only US DVD was on a DIC Holiday compilation DVD released by Shout! Factory in 2008. You can watch the whole thing online here.

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