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Western Animation / Dino Babies

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Dino Babies is an extraoridnarily cute and adorable cartoon for children by DiC Entertainment, which was broadcast in 1990.

Ah, dinosaurs! How they frighten us with their big teeth and giant claws! Well, not these! The Dinobaby clan consists of a group of Yoshi-esque little dinosaurs and their own adventures around the Land That Time Forgot. Truman is the leader of the pack. He's Blind Without 'Em, but pretty clever with his stories. He fancies the only girl in the Dinobaby clan, La Brea, but according to That Other Wiki, she often challenged Truman's authority. Stanley has orange freckles all over and is very brave and happygolucky! Franklin is a Cowardly Sidekick to the clan. He has a little brother called Marshall, the youngest of them all, who wears diapers, a la Pinga. Dak seeks all the attention he wants.

The show was first broadcast on CBS Kids in 1990, but quickly became quite popular on The BBC.


  • Anachronism Stew: Despite living millions of years in the past, they tell stories set in more modern times.
  • The Bully: Dak. He's almost always cast as a villain in Truman's stories as a result.