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Nick and Sesame Workshop put their heads together.
Noggin was an edutainment brand that started out as a collaboration between Viacom's MTV Networks (the owners of Nickelodeon) and Sesame Workshop. It originally launched in 1999 as both a cable TV channel and a website before transitioning to a mobile streaming service in 2015 before its shutdown. The name "Noggin" comes from a slang word for the head, reflecting the brand's goal: to help kids learn and inspire their curiosity.

In its first few years, Noggin was mostly aimed at pre-teens and teens. It aired a block of preschool shows in the mornings, with the tween/teen shows making up the rest of the schedule. In 2002, Noggin extended the preschool block to last 12 hours each day. The teen block was given a new name, The N (standing for Noggin), to distinguish itself from the preschool shows.

Until 2019, Noggin used an iconic logo: the bottom half of a smiling cartoon face. To show what Noggin was "thinking" of, the upper half of the head was replaced with symbols reflecting a certain theme. For example, a beaker was used to reflect science and a snowflake was used to reflect the winter.

Noggin's preschool block was initially hosted by a blue creature named Feetface, who would soon be replaced by the better-known Moose and Zee: a talkative, wise moose and a silent, curious bird who became synonymous with Noggin as a whole.

The Noggin brand was put on hiatus from September 28, 2009 until March 5, 2015. Its original channel space was replaced by a 24-hour Nick Jr. channel. In 2015, Noggin was relaunched as a mobile streaming service. Since 2020, new shows have been made exclusively for the Noggin streaming service, such as Kinderwood and Noggin Knows. In 2024, as part of cost-cutting moves at Paramount, Noggin would wound down its operations with its content migrating to Paramount+ at a later date.

The Noggin streaming service is available in a few international countries. Prior to this, Noggin's only international airing was a UK block on European music channel TMF. It was hosted, unsurprisingly, by Moose and Zee (dubbed into British English) and had two separate runs: one in mid-2006, and another from early 2009 until March 2010.

Television series produced by Noggin: note 

Daytime block:The N block:Streaming service:
  • Robot and Monsternote 
  • Yoga Friends
  • School of Yum
  • Show-Me-Bot (shorts)
  • Kinderwood
  • Noggin Knows
  • The Noggins (shorts)
  • Alpha Beats
  • Balloon Builders
  • Dance Squad with Ailey
  • Troop Dragonfly

It's gonna be a fantastic trope!:

  • Ambiguous Gender: It's unclear what gender Feetface is, but the voice was done by a female actor.
  • Bowdlerise: When Noggin aired episodes of Daria during its teen block "The N", many episodes were censored or edited.
    • This happened to Degrassi: The Next Generation as well. In fact, two episodes (which constituted two parts of a special) were pulled over their subject matter of abortion and were quietly shown in an all-episode marathon three years after.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness:
    • When it launched in 1999, Noggin was a channel meant for pre-teens, as the creators wanted to fill a gap in educational shows for older kids. While the original lineup lived on with the creation of The N block, the preschool block ended up becoming the best-known part of Noggin.
    • Prior to Moose and Zee, who are considered Noggin's most well-known mascots, Feetface was the host of the daytime block. And before that, Phred was the channel's mascot (and occasional host) during its early years.
  • Edutainment Show: Most shows on Noggin can apply. Some weren't entirely educational, though, like Sponk! (Noggin's original game show).
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Many of the bumpers from throughout Noggin's history have become hard to find, and those that have been found remain in poor quality. In particular, Feetface's sign-off bumper and the bumper introducing Moose and Zee have not yet been found in good quality.
  • Network Red-Headed Stepchild: Robot and Monster, a Nicktoon series, was included on the Noggin streaming service when it launched in 2015. While the show (especially the happy-go-lucky Monster) includes some positive messages about friendship and perseverance, it also has lots of cartoonish violence. It's possible that this show was chosen to provide some content for older kids (Noggin started out as a tween-targeted brand, after all).
  • Passing the Torch: This bumper, first aired sometime in February of 2003, had Feetface introduce the viewers to Moose and Zee and have them take over hosting roles. It was alleged that a variant of the bumper was aired on the day the revamp was to take place, but no one has found it yet.
  • "Sesame Street" Cred: Cedric the Entertainer made an appearance on the channel during 2008 to read The Tortoise and the Hare to Zee.
  • Un-Canceled: The Noggin brand (along with Moose and Zee) was brought back in 2015 when it relaunched as a streaming service.
  • Watershed: Noggin's nighttime block, The N, aired older-skewing shows for a teenage audience.