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Nick and Sesame Workshop put their heads together.
Noggin is an entertainment brand that started out as a collaboration between Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop. Currently a mobile streaming service, it originally launched in 1999 as both a cable TV channel and an interactive website. The name "Noggin" comes from a slang word for the head, reflecting the brand's goal: to help kids learn.

In its first few years, Noggin's original productions were aimed at pre-teens and encouraged online Audience Participation. Viewers could submit content through and see it aired live on the channel. Noggin's first flagship series, Phred on Your Head Show, featured an animated host who responded to users on

In 2002, Noggin split its lineup into two age groups: a daytime block and a watershed nighttime block. The daytime block was aimed at younger children. The nighttime block, called The N (standing for "The Noggin"), aired tween and teen shows. A few older-skewing shows that had previously aired on the daytime block shifted their timeslots to air during The N. The daytime block was initially run by a blue creature named Feetface, but he would soon be replaced by the much more loved duo of Moose and Zee.


The most iconic element of Noggin is its character logo: the bottom half of a smiling face. To show what Noggin is "thinking" of, the upper half of the head is replaced with symbols reflecting a certain theme. For example, during the spring, flowers pop out of it.

The original Noggin channel closed on September 28, 2009, when it was replaced by a 24-hour Nick Jr. channel. In 2015, was revived and the brand was relaunched as a mobile streaming service for preschoolers.


Television series produced by Noggin: note 

Daytime block:The N block:
  • Out There
  • LOL with The N
  • Real Access
  • Girls v. Boys
  • O'Grady
  • Best Friend's Date
  • Miracle's Boys
  • South of Nowhere
  • What Goes On

Alternative Title(s): The N


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