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Gonna save the world!

Starbeam is a preschool action show that premiered on Netflix on April 3, 2020. The show is as follows:

"The show is based on Zoey, a girl in second grade. StarBeam, a superhero with unusual powers, including super-speed, super-strength, high-velocity wind breathing, and the power to build force fields with bubbles, is Zoey's alter-ego. With her catchphrase, "It's time to shine!" Zoey turns into StarBeam. Zoey inherited her superpowers from her superhero mother, WonderBeam, and follows the theme of family superheroes.

Only a few people are aware of her hidden existence in Zoey's world. These individuals include her "Gramps" non-superpower grandfather; her closest friend, Henry, a "Boost" superhero who invents devices that strengthen his superhero abilities; and a friend who gives moral encouragement, their seagull sidekick, "Kipper." Gramps, Lift, and Kipper, together, always assist Zoey to save the day."


Season 2 premiered on September 8, 2020 while a Halloween special premiered on October 6. A third season premiered on March 9, 2021.

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