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Western Animation / Transformers: Go-Bots

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''"Since the dawn of time, the city of Botropolis has been home to a race of highly adaptable robots. Each year, the Council selects a team of Go-Bots to protect and serve the planet which needs the most. This time, that planet is Earth. They chose...
  • the very best in Aero-Bot...
  • the fastest in Speed-bot...
  • the strongest in Strong-Bot...
  • the wildest in Beast-Bot...
  • ...and the cleverest in Buzzer-Bot!"''
    Opening Narration Pre-opening-sequence narration

Transformers: Go-Bots was a series active between 2002 and 2005 as part of Hasbro's overall franchise. Aimed at preschool-aged children, it focused upon a team of robots from the city of Botropolis. These transforming robots whose home territory is a city that rests on a comet were sent to Earth as small teams to protect it from danger.

Unlike most parts of the franchise, this series didn't have a full-length cartoon. Instead, a four-episode (each being 10 minutes) mini-series was produced by Hasbro and Taiwanese animation studio Wang Film Productionsnote  akin to the third My Little Pony series. Two of them aired in New York and Chicago only, which makes the cartoon extremely hard to find unless you go on YouTube.


The toyline itself was distributed through Hasbro's Playskool subsidiary, consisting of chunky-looking robots that had (at first) rather quick transformation schemes. As such, they were marketed like so.

Despite some similarities, this should not be confused with Tonka's adaptation of Machine Robo.

This direct-to-video mini-series exhibits the following: