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Mitchell's one of them now.

Who knew an educational cartoon about aliens living on earth could be so heartwarming?

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  • Even though Jet doesn't want Mitchell to spy on him, he is still nice to him. Ditto for Mindy. Despite Mitchell getting visibly pissed at her constantly sneaking up on him, Mindy takes this in stride.
  • Boxwood Terrace is a little too idealistic for its own good, but the community is close-knit, kind, and immediately accepting towards newcomers. Hence why Jet happens to be the most popular kid in the cul-de-sac.

Season 1:

  • In the episode, "Tiny Blue Dot", the song, "Tiny Blue Dot" is very gentle and calm and talks about how precious our Earth really is.
    • Heck, the entire episode itself could be considered to be a heartwarming moment.
  • In "Satellite Selfie", the kids notice that Jet's house is not on the satellite map, and then they try their hardest to get Jet into the picture the next time the satellite orbits over their area. It gets even better when Jet's house does end up on the map. This episode proves that despite the mistakes he makes, Jet's friends truly do care about him.
    • Though it's a fairly minor moment, Mindy notices at one point that Mitchell's house was on the map. It just goes to show that even though Mitchell can be rude to her at times, Mindy does care about him, even when he's not around. Even though Mitchell didn't appear in the episode, Mindy/Mitchell fans rejoiced at this moment.
  • The entirety of "Beep Has the Blues". Full stop. It could also be a considered a Tear Jerker to some.
  • The entirety of "Mindy in Space". While Mindy doesn't actually get to go to space in the episode, the kids, Carrot, and Celery cobble together a makeshift "Day in Space" just for Mindy. The episode even ends with the kids watching a meteor shower. It just goes to show that even though Mindy is too young to actually go in space, the rest of the cast still legitimately cares about her.
  • In "Solar System Bake Off", Mindy is awarded for having the best Saturn cake. Then Mitchell gets upset that he didn't win any prizes. Then his dad awards him for having the best rocketship cake, and then they share a very heartwarming hug that even gets a few "awws" from the crowd.
    • In it's sister episode, "Kid Kart Derby", Mitchell wins the derby for the 3rd year in a row, but then sees everyone cheering on Jet, who is parachuting. Mitchell then gets sad, but then Jet notices his sadness and then starts chanting "Mitchell! Mitchell!" and everyone else joins in.
  • The song in "Night of a Bazillion Stars" starts out slow, then gets really quirky and upbeat, and then at the end, it gets really slow again, and its the most heartwarming part of the entire song.
  • In "Mission to Mars", Sean becomes depressed after realizing that humans have a lot more training to do to get to Mars. Luckily, his friends make him a pretend Mars in the backyard and they pretend to be astronauts exploring different parts of Mars such as Gale Crater.
  • After acting haughty towards the other kids in "Mindy's Mystery", Mitchell attends Mindy's flugelhorn concert in the end.
  • In "Mindy's Meteorite Stand", Dr. Rafferty reveals to Mindy that her meteorite is really an Earth rock. This then turns into a heartwarming moment when Mindy realizes that the rock bench she has been sitting on really is a meteorite.
    Mindy: I really thought I had a meteorite.
    Dr. Rafferty: I know, but Mindy, all of us scientists are often so sure of something, and then find out we're wrong. You should never give up, because everything we learn helps us to get to the right answer.
  • In "Sean's Neptune Tune", Sean feels scared to go to Neptune because he read a Commander Cressida comic about it and it really scared him. Sydney and Jet then reassure him that they're his friends forever and he should never be afraid to tell them anything.
    • It gets even better when Jet proposes a song to soothe Sean's anxiety over Neptune. And it works!
  • The ending of "Jet Can't Sleep" is this trope in every sense of the word. Celery sings Jet a sweet lullaby (which also doubles as a tearjerker). The song even briefly shows the moms of the other kids in the show tucking their children in bed. Awwww.
  • "Holidays in Boxwood Terrace" is this from beginning to end. It's a cute Christmas special about friendship and the true meaning of Christmas. Of course, this absolutely beautiful song performed in the kids' Christmas pageant reflects that. It gets even better when at the end, Mitchell confesses he was too shy to ask to be a part of the clique, but Sydney and Mindynote  reassure him that he can always be part of whatever they're doing.
  • In "How Come the Moon Changes Shape?", Carrot admits that he married Celery because of how amazingly smart and fun she is. Awwww.
  • "From Pluto with Love" is this from the ground up. It's not your typical cartoon Valentine's Day Episode. Mindy's love of Pluto from "Project Pluto" continues to show greatly here, as she feels that Pluto still deserves our love and decides to make a Valentine for it. It gets even better when the whole cast sings "Dear Little Frozen Pluto" to it. Even though Pluto is no longer planet nine, it still orbits around their hearts.
  • "Detective Mindy" has Mitchell actually treat Mindy with kindness for once, resulting in them developing a bond, and their interactions are absolutely adorable.
    • After the gang learns that Mr. Peterson was just using an expression, Mitchell gets discouraged. Mindy lifts his spirits up.
    Mitchell: I guess being a detective is harder than it seems.
    Mindy: But, Mitchell! We still have a case!
    • And then there's the end of the episode:
    "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, junior detective Mindy."
  • "Constellation Prize": Dr. Rafferty assures Sean that it's okay to call her Mom (he earlier referred to her as Dr. Rafferty). He says he calls her by her title because he's proud of her, and comes up with the nickname "Dr. Mom". Dr. Rafferty is clearly touched by this, and they hug. Genius he may be, but Sean will always be his mother's baby.

Season 2:

  • "Back to Bortron 7":
    Jet: We still get to be together, you guys!
    Sean & Sydney: Yes!
    • "How'd it go with Jet 2, Mindy? He was perfect."
    • The reprise of "There's No Planet Like My Planet" is very touching.
    • After the "Is Your Planet Like My Planet?" number, there's Sean proclaiming that he wants to go to Bortron 7, and the others cheering for him. Sean looks away shyly. Awwwww.
  • "Sydney 2" has Sydney actually feel sorry for Jet's robot, Jet 2, because he is lonely. Sydney even goes out of her way to make a robot friend for Jet 2, Sydney 2.
    • After some minor tweaking, Sydney 2 and Jet 2 do become friends at the end of the episode.
  • "Endless Summer" has Mindy offer to stay home and take care of Carrot, which really goes to show how strong their bond is.
  • In "Jet Shrinks the Kids", Jet, Sean, and Sydney, out of sympathy for Mindy's Height Angst, decide to try and shrink themselves, so they can be small like her, which really shows how much Jet, Sean, and Sydney really care about Mindy despite their age/height difference.
    • When Jet, Sean, and Sydney get back to normal size, Sean says he realized that sometimes it helps to be big, and apologizes for not having realized that before.
    • Mindy and Mitchell have a moment at the end, which is really satisfying to see.
  • At the end of "You Can Call Me Albedo", Mitchell reveals that he is indeed worried about Cody's disappearance. When they reunite, Mitchell hugs Cody, apologizes for forcing him to wear a black sweater, Cody licks Mitchell, and the kids have a weird dance party.
  • In "Who Messed Up The Treehouse?", the kids learn to value the treehouse and take care of it, similar to how they value and take care of the Earth.
  • In "Fact or Fiction?", even though Lillian was wrong that clouds are made out of cotton candy, no one shames her for being wrong. In the Scientific Method song, we even get to see Mindy teaching Lillian about what clouds are really made of.
  • "Sunspot's Sunspot": Jet hugging Sunspot at the end of the episode and being glad that he's back to normal.
  • "Sean's Robotic Arm":
    • The kids combining their efforts to help Sean retrieve his Neil Armstrong action figure.
    • When Mitchell arrives on the scene, Mindy runs towards him and gives him a huge hug. Can you say, "awww"?
    • Of course, the scene where the Neil Armstrong figure lands into Sean's hands.
  • In "Astronaut Ellen Ochoa", Sean tells Ellen that she changed his life because he now he knows that he doesn't have to worry about training to be an astronaut for years. Beforehand, there's Ellen admitting to the kids that hanging out with them is the most fun she's had in years.
  • In "Moon Circus", there's the very fact that the kids cared enough about Carrot to throw a surprise party for him.
    • Even though Carrot is 250 years old in Bortronian years, Celery says that he's still a spring chicken. Aww.
  • In "Every Day is Earth Day", Mitchell, showing Hidden Depths, performs a sweet little poem about Planet Earth.
    Mitchell: My name is Planet Earth, third planet from the Sun. There's other planets out there, but I'm the number one. I'm the place you call your home, so treat me really well. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Conservation sure is swell!
  • In "Treasure Map", after Mitchell becomes convinced that there is buried treasure in his yard, Jet decides to make a treasure chest and map for Mitchell to find. This shows that Jet does care about Mitchell, fitting his All-Loving Hero status. When Mitchell does find the treasure, he is confused by the chest's contents, but loves it nonetheless.
  • "Mars Rock For Mom" is an 11-minute heartwarming moment. The plot kicks off with Jet wanting to give Celery a gift for Mother's Day, which is heartwarming in and of itself, especially when you consider that Jet didn't get her a physical gift - Celery explains that she got the gift of getting some peace and quiet to finish her book.
    • Sean and Dr. Rafferty's interactions are also very heartwarming. Sean gives her a rock he got from Mars. Just when Sean suspects that Dr. Rafferty knows it came from Mars, she then says that she knows that it came from Sean. Can we get an awww....?
    • Jet 2 and Boop's Ship Tease is very sweet and reminiscent of WALL-E and Eve. Boop is sad when Jet 2 has to go back to Earth, but Sydney assures her that Jet 2 will be back. As he leaves, Boop gets memories of when they formed a heart in the Mars soil with their wheels in her eyes.
  • "One Small Step":
    • Celery sings a reprise of "Tiny Blue Dot" as a lullaby for the kids. Not only does it work, it's also very sweet and soothing.
    • Sean and Mindy hugging Jet when they find him.
    • At the end of the special, Mitchell saves the kids with his rowboat. Out of gratitude, Mindy invites him to the sleepover. He is very excited when she does. Aww.
  • Heck, the purpose behind the show itself..
    Craig Bartlett: I wanted to make a space show for years. More than a decade ago, I worked on a project for NASA called the Shuttle Launch Experience. It was at the Visitors Centers out at Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, where they used to launch shuttles. I was the Media Editor of that project. We knew our audience would be waiting in line in the Florida heat, on this long kind of gantry that goes up and into the experience. So we made this pre-show that was 26 astronauts being interviewed. Every one of the astronauts told me the same thing about looking back at the Earth from space. They said, ‘You can’t forget it. It’s a life changing experience. You’ll never look at the Earth the same again. It’s incredibly beautiful, you realize instantly that there are no borders, it’s just one blue spaceship, you know, and that we should take care of it.
  • This art drew by one of the former storyboard artists for the show on her last day.
  • This video which has Craig Bartlett and Dete Meserve talking about how kindness is modeled in the show. It is very touching.

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