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    An analysis on Mindy and Mitchell's relationship: Season 1 
Hi tropers, Excelsior123 here. I am a huge fan of the PBS series, Ready Jet Go!. I am going to be analyzing the complex relationship between two of the series stars: Mindy Melendez and Mitchell Peterson. Starting with Mitchell's debut episode, "Mindy's Moon Bounce House".
In that episode, it is Mindy's ageless birthday, and Jet gave her an anti-gravity bracelet, which allowed her to defy gravity. However, the kids need to get her down in time for her party. 9 minutes and 34 seconds into the episode, and we first see Mitchell. Mitchell is looking for a mystery to solve. If you pay attention, his eyes look rather dull. And then, he grabs his binoculars and sees Mindy flying. And then his eyes get shinier, and he becomes excited, his most excited moment in the show. However, Mitchell did not get invited to Mindy's birthday party. This is one of the earlier episodes of the show, so maybe Mindy did not know Mitchell. But Mitchell, being the spy that he is, knows exactly who Mindy and her friends are, but can't get the courage to talk to them (or Mindy) yet because he is socially awkward (more on that later).
"Sunspot's Night Out" saw Mitchell trying to look for Cody and Jet and his clique trying to look for Sunspot. Mitchell hides in a bush, and then he comes out and he is startled by the group, and vice versa. It is important to note that when this happened, Mindy was standing at the front of the group. The entire group screams "MITCHELL!", which means that they know who Mitchell is, including Mindy. Mindy also immediately asks him if he was looking for Sunspot as well. So, Mindy probably met Mitchell sometime between Mindy's Moon Bounce House and Sunspot's Night Out. When it is discovered that Sunspot and Cody were performing in an animal choir, Mindy and Mitchell stand next to each other, though they're a bit spaced out, and seem to enjoy the choir together. So at this point, Mindy and Mitchell just tolerate each other.
Now, onto "The Grandest Canyon". Towards the end of the episode, Mitchell and his dad get invited to eat chocolate cake and watch a slideshow of the Propulsions' pictures at Valles Marineris. While that was happening, Mindy and Lillian were running around the kitchen, playing with their dolls, and Mindy didn't bother to make contact with Mitchell. Mindy obviously knows who Mitchell is at this point, because Mindy screamed his name along with the rest of her friends in Sunspot's Night Out. Was Mindy just as shy to talk to Mitchell or was she just too busy playing with Lillian to notice? It's up to the viewers to decide how to interpret this.
Now, onto "Mindy's Weather Report". After the kids and Celery blast off to Saturn, Mr. Peterson and Mitchell come to check out Mindy's weather report. When she was doing her previous reports, she looked perfectly fine, but now she is nervous around Mitchell. She stammers and eventually bails on the report. However, she seems to have regained her confidence by the end of the episode, where she gives her weather report, and Mitchell actually claps, and Mindy is satisfied because of it. So obviously in this episode, Mindy began to develop a crush on Mitchell.
"What Goes Up..." is where they begin to have more interaction. Mitchell spies on Jet because Jet is building a flying saucer. A few times throughout the episode, Mindy sneaks up on him, and he gets extremely startled every time. The first time, she gets pretty close to his face. Mindy asks if he is spying on Jet. He initially says no, and then he reveals the truth to her. The second time Mindy sneaks up on him, Mitchell actually faints. The third time, Mitchell inexplicably starts acting very rude to her. Mindy appears to be unfazed by this. From what we can gather, Mitchell appears to be a Loving Bully of some sort.
"Solar System Bake-Off!" has Mindy enter a baking contest, hosted by Mitchell's father. Mitchell wants to win the baking contest, so he sneaks into Jet's house and tries to get information about the gang's recipe. It is important to note that before Mitchell enters the house, he tries to think of what he should say to them, which, when taken out of context, can be interpreted as Mitchell trying to think of what he should say to this crush. When Mitchell enters the house, he acts very socially awkward, speaking almost robot-like. And then he "notices" that Mindy is entering the baking contest and says that he will probably enter as well. It is also important to note that Mindy gets very excited when she finds out that Mitchell is entering the baking contest, and puts her hand on Mitchell's shoulder. She also wants Mitchell to join her team, but Mitchell refuses, claiming that he does not want to get in the way. Considering the fact that Mitchell seems to not have any friends, perhaps he secretly wanted to join Mindy's team, but refused because of his nervousness. Later, at the baking contest, Mindy and Mitchell immediately run towards each other's desserts and taste them. Mindy says that she likes Mitchell's rocket cake, and then Mitchell nervously says that he likes Mindy's Saturn cake. Towards the end of the episode, Mitchell once again compliments Mindy on her Saturn cake, and Mindy thanks him. At the very end of the episode, Mitchell secretly tastes Mindy's cake again. This episode seems to imply that underneath Mitchell's jerkass act, he truly does like Mindy.
"Kid-Kart Derby" has Mitchell enter the annual soapbox derby. He is hiding in the bushes, spying on Jet, while talking to Cody. Mindy appears through his binoculars. Mitchell gets startled, and begs her to stop sneaking up on him. Mindy says that she thought she'd say hi to him while going to Jet's garage. Mindy offers to take him to see what Jet's building, but Mitchell declines, saying that's not how a detective works. Mindy isn't offended by this and runs off. A little while later, Mitchell secretly listens in on Jet's electric engine plans. Mindy once again sneaks up on Mitchell, to which Mitchell gets very startled. Since Mindy is going to Jet's garage again, Mindy asks Mitchell if he can come see the electric engine with her. However, Mitchell harshly declines, claiming that he is a detective, and that he needs to solve the case himself. Mindy seems to be unfazed by this, as she cheerfully says "Bye!" to him as she enters Jet's garage Then, when the other kids go to get wheels off of their bikes for Jet's kid kart, Mindy quickly greets Mitchell as she runs by. This proves that no matter how mean Mitchell acts to her, Mindy is going to be nice to him regardless. Later, when Mitchell wins the derby, Mitchell is shown standing alone sadly while everyone is cheering for Jet. Mindy is one of the first ones to notice that Mitchell is sad, and she, along with the other kids, cheers him on. Then, at the end of the episode, after Jet jokes about making a cold pasta engine, Mindy and Mitchell stand together and laugh,
In "Mindy's Meteorite Stand", Mindy tells the entire neighborhood to bring their rocks to see if they are meteorites or not. Mitchell briefly tries to scam Mindy with an old bread roll, but fails. It is unknown why he did this, but it is likely that he just wanted to grab her attention. Mitchell also clapped when it was revealed that the rock that Mindy was sitting on the entire time turned out to be a meteorite, but then, for unknown reasons, looked very bitter when he was standing in line to see Mindy's real meteorite. Perhaps he was salty that he could not get a rise out of Mindy with the bread roll from earlier, or maybe he was jealous of her newfound popularity in Boxwood Terrace.
In "Mindy's Mystery" a strong, sweet smell keeps Mindy up at night. She needs her rest so she can do her flugelhorn recital, so she and her friends need to find the source of the smell. At the same time, Mitchell is trying to find the source of a bright light that kept him up at night. Inevitably, the clique runs into Mitchell. Mitchell brushes them off, insisting that he is a real detective and they are not. It is important to note that Mindy is the first one to notice that Mitchell is tired as well. A little while later, Mindy and Mitchell yawn at almost the exact same time. Mindy immediately asks him if he is yawning because of the smell, but then Mitchell gets flustered, stammers, and denies it. Later, Mitchell smells a really strong smell, and then immediately walks up to Mindy to ask her if she smells it too. Later, when they all solve their cases. Sydney declares "Good work, all you detectives!" and pulls Mitchell and Mindy close, indicating that she is a Shipper on Deck for Mindy/Mitchell. At the end of the episode, Mitchell attends Mindy's flugelhorn recital, indicating that beneath all that snark, he truly does like Mindy.
Moving on to the most important episode for their relationship, "Detective Mindy". The episode starts off with Mindy going into Mitchell's yard, following him, and then asking him what he is doing. Mitchell then tells Mindy that he is working on the case of the missing sunglasses. Mindy then immediately offers to help, and then Mitchell accepts, albeit begrudgingly. Mindy then borderline squees. Mitchell then proceeds to give Mindy a badge and tells her the entire story.

Mitchell then remarks that his father said the kitchen counter was like a black hole. Mindy finds out that Mitchell doesn't know what a black hole is. Mitchell then gets a bit embarrassed, but then claims that he can figure out the whole 'black hole thing'. Sunspot then arrives, and Mitchell then walks up to him and says that he doesn't remember Sunspot wearing sunglasses before, and immediately after, Mindy agrees. However, Sunspot's sunglasses turn out to not be the pair that Mitchell's mother lost.

A little while later, Mindy, Mitchell, and the rest of the clique go up to Mr. Peterson. Mr. Peterson then reveals that he was using an expression when he said the kitchen counter was a black hole. Mitchell then laments the fact that being a detective is harder than it seems. In order to get his spirits up, Mindy tells him that they still have a case to solve. Mitchell then immediately puts his hand on Mindy's shoulder, and says "That's right! We still have missing sunglasses." A little while later, Mitchell asks his dad to close his eyes and try to think back to when the sunglasses went missing. By piecing the clues together, Mitchell and Mindy successfully come to the realization that Mr. Peterson knocked the sunglasses off the kitchen counter and then got sucked by the vacuum.

Mr. Peterson then remarks that they are great detectives. Mindy's response? "We are, aren't we?" Mitchell finds the sunglasses, only for them to be all crunched up. Sunspot then gives Mr. Peterson another pair of sunglasses, which are actually Celery's sunglasses. Then, Mindy walks over to Mitchell and remarks "Well, I guess we have another mystery to solve, right Detective Mitchell?". Mitchell then proceeds to get down on one knee. His response? "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Junior Detective Mindy" Guess what happens next? Sydney, Sean, Jet, and Sunspot all proceed to cheer very wildly, as if Mitchell asked Mindy to marry him and she said yes, which confirms that they are in fact, Shippers On Deck, and Mindy and Mitchell are now on more than good terms with each other.

"Jet's First Halloween" has Mindy state that there is going to be a full moon, and she wants to see a witch fly across the moon on her broom. A little bit later, Mitchell comes over and claims that witches are made up. Mindy then claims that witches do fly across the moon on Halloween. Mindy then proceeds to push him away, and then treats him like a Henpecked Husband. The way they play off each other in this scene feels Like an Old Married Couple. Later, when the group goes trick or treating, they run into Mitchell. Jet tells Mitchell that he is from Bortron 7 while in his alien costume. Mitchell takes it seriously, but Mindy tells him that it was just a Halloween joke. Later, Jet invites specifically Mindy and Mitchell to the treehouse to check out the red moon. At the treehouse, Mindy and Mitchell stand close to each other and smile. Keep in mind that full moons are commonly associated with romance. Jet then dresses up as a witch and flies across the moon on a broom, and Mindy playfully rubs it in Mitchell's face. Mindy then remarks that this was "the best Halloween ever."
"Holidays in Boxwood Terrace" didn't have that many moments between them as other episodes do, but there are some that stand out. This episode confirms that Mitchell hides behind a jerkass front. So all the times he was mean to Mindy was just him pretending to be. In the episode, Mitchell sings Sean's big finale song because of Sean getting Performance Anxiety. When Mitchell sings Throw open your arms to a friend and see, you can see Mindy staring at him and smiling. After the show, Sydney says that Mitchell can always be part of whatever they're doing. Mindy then comes up and says "Yeah, always". This is an important part when you consider Mitchell's insecurities about making friends, and how Mindy, the person who has shown him the most respect on the show to date, reassures him of his place in the clique.
     An analysis on Mindy and Mitchell's relationship: season 2 
Season 1 is over, and season 2 is finally here. Despite Craig Bartlett saying in the Reddit AMA that Mindy would be friends with Mitchell, he also said that maybe she could draw him out. In other words, Mindy is the one to help Mitchell be less shy and be more open and confident about himself.
"Back to Bortron 7", which is technically the season 2 premiere, had Mindy look after Jet 2, who projects a hologram of the Propulsion house so Mitchell doesn't get suspicious about the Propulsions, Sean, and Sydney taking their house to Bortron 7. After the mothership leaves, Mindy leaves to go to her flugelhorn lesson, but doesn't see where she's going and crashes into Mitchell. Mindy and Mitchell both look worried/embarrassed after they crash and stare at each other for a good few seconds. Mindy awkwardly greets Mitchell and nervously tells him that there's nothing to see here. Mitchell stares at her while she's talking to him, even after she walks away. Also, after Mindy brushes past Mitchell she has a blissful expression on her face. But throughout the special Mindy tries very hard to keep the hologram stable as she doesn't want anyone to find out, Mitchell especially because of his desire to find out Jet's secret. Mindy obviously cares about Mitchell, but she cares about the Propulsions more, and is in control of how she feels about people.
"Pet Sounds" had zero dialogue between them, but there were still some hints. Jet offers to pet-sit Mitchell's dog Cody for the weekend, and Mindy helps to train Cody, and is excited with the idea. This shows that Mindy cares about Mitchell's pet just as much as she does Mitchell. At the end of the episode, Cody fails do the tricks that he was taught. Mindy looks the most concerned out of all the kids. Mitchell walks off in disgrace, and Mindy immediately sticks her hand out for Mitchell to come back, which shows that Mindy doesn't want to disappoint Mitchell.
"Jet Shrinks the Kids" is a typical Mitchell-Spies-On-Jet-And-Tries-To-Find-Something-Out-But-Fails episode, but with some moments that make it stand out. After the older kids shrink themselves, Mindy exits the garage to go get a stepping stool. Mitchell is shown looking at the garage with his binoculars, and nervously hides when he sees Mindy. He then writes this in his notebook: 4:29. Mindy leaves the garage in a big hurry. And she left the door open. At the end of the episode, Mindy secretly uses the Shrink Ray to make herself into a giant, and runs across Jet's yard. Mitchell is hiding behind a bush, and gets very startled when he hears the footsteps. He spots part of Mindy's hat, and even removes his glasses. He wonders if he's not getting enough sleep. On Mindy's end, she stares at Mitchell and laughs. She then turns back to normal, and sneaks up behind Mitchell and says hi, with a very large grin. And with that, he faints just like he did in What Goes Up.., and wonders if he's getting too much sleep.
"Mindy Turns Five" has Mindy, well, turn five, and go to the moon with the older kids. In Part 1, just before they're about to leave, Mindy exclaims "To the moon!". Then, the very sight of Mitchell distracts her, which causes her to bump into Sydney, which causes a chain-reaction/domino effect. Mitchell is suspicious, and you know what Mindy does? She doesn't try to hide the fact that she's going to moon, and straight up tells him. Sydney makes an effort to hide it, and Mitchell, while staring at her, sarcastically tells Mindy to "have fun". Part 2 has Mitchell spying once again, this time while the Propulsion saucer is heading back to Earth. When Mindy gets out of the minivan, she still does not make an effort to hide the fact that she went to the moon. She presents him with a rock she got from the moon. Mitchell, however, is skeptical of it, and calls it a regular Earth rock. Mindy affectionately calls him a "poor Earthie", lamenting that he doesn't believe. Once Mindy and the other kids leave, Mitchell secretly collects Mindy's moon rock just in case it's actually from the moon.
"That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion!": In Part 1, Mitchell chases Cody through Mindy's yard, just as Mindy is discussing Halloween plans with Lillian. Mindy also steals a glance at Mitchell as he's running. After Mindy says that Halloween is magical, Mitchell comes over and doubts her claim. This is a strong Continuity Nod from "Jet's First Halloween", where Mitchell didn't believe that witches were real, and Mindy did. Mitchell is still a skeptic; Mindy is still a believer. Instead of pushing him away like in JFH, Mindy allows Mitchell to believe what he likes. This shows that even though Mindy and Mitchell are different, Mindy still respects his opinions. When Cody's timer rings again, Mitchell runs away, and nervously says that he has to go do something completely different from what they're talking about.

In Part 2, Mitchell stares at Mindy from his house as she and Lillian are in costume. He also watches her from the side of the Propulsion van, with a huge grin on his face. Mindy and Lillian greet him. Mitchell gasps out of shock, and gives a nervous sigh. As the three meet up on the sidewalk, Mindy recalls a promise that Mitchell made to take her (and Lillian) trick-or-treating. Mitchell nervously agrees to go. It's unknown why Mindy wanted to go trick-or-treating with him, but Mitchell did promise, which shows that he's willing to do anything as long as it pleases his crush. Also, the very fact that Mindy wanted to go trick-or-treating him (albeit, along with Lillian), provides stronger evidence that Mindy does have a crush on him. It's definitely developed more since JFH. After he agrees to go, Mindy yells "Hurray!" It's very important to note that Mitchell holds hands with Mindy for the very first time (he also holds Lillian's at the same time as well), and Mindy is the very first one to hold hands with him.

After they leave the first house on their route, Mindy squeals and shows Mitchell a giant spider, and later a ghost. Mitchell is harsh with her, telling her that the spider and ghost are fake, but Mindy isn’t bothered by this. When a black cat crosses the trio by, Mitchell faints. Mindy insists that it’s “magical”. Mitchell tries to act tough for her by saying he wasn’t really scared, but when Sunspot creeps up on his shoulder, he screams, proving that even though he acts tough, he’s somewhat sensitive. When Jet calls for Sunspot’s help with all the goop from the gigantic pumpkin, you can see that while Mitchell and Lillian are simply holding hands, Mindy has her arm wrapped around Mitchell’s arm. Later, a kid appears dressed up in a witch costume, which Mindy uses as proof to Mitchell that Halloween is magical. Mitchell is exasperated, but he smiles while he tells Mindy that the witch isn’t real.

Later, somehow the trio ended up in the treehouse. When Mitchell tries to make his point that Halloween is nothing more than an ordinary holiday, Jet’s flying pumpkin rises up behind him, and he faints. It then “rains” candy, which leads to Mitchell spontaneously saying what Mindy has been insisting for the entire episode. Although, he later tries to pull himself together. When the trio gets to the pumpkin contest, Mitchell and Mindy set their pumpkins beside each other, and stand together. When Mitchell tries to protest that Jet’s winning pumpkin isn’t an Earth one, Mindy interrupts him, saying that it's, you guessed it, magical. Mitchell admits that it is.

"Try and Try Again": While the kids are trying to figure out how to get Jet 2 to rove on Mars, Mitchell arrives on his new scooter. Mindy is the first one to notice this. Mitchell greets them. Mindy, along with the other kids, greets him. Mitchell expects them to ask what's new, which shows that he is desperate to impress them with his scooter. Mindy correctly guesses that he got a new scooter. Mitchell seems confident at first, but after the other kids gather around it, and not just Mindy, Mitchell gets a little bit nervous or lost in thought. Mindy seems concerned about his dilemma, which is that he dislikes the wheels on his scooters. Mitchell seems to have an Inferiority Superiority Complex, as evidenced by "Solar System Bake Off" and "Holidays in Boxwood Terrace", and despite some certain personality traits he can't control, he really wants Mindy to like him. Later on, the kids try to find new wheels for Mitchell's scooter, and do you know what Mindy does? She lets Mitchell wear her lucky unicorn helmet. A helmet that a person like Mitchell would definitely vomit at the sight at, but Mitchell wore it anyway without a fuss.
"Racing on Sunshine" has the kids enter the annual kid-kart derby again, but the catch is that they have to design solar-powered ones. Mitchell, being the three-time derby champion that he is, gets a little too cocky about his abilities. He, of course, spies on Jet, and at one point, the Binocular Shot is on Mindy. Before the race starts, Mitchell boasts about how he won 3 years in a row, and how he was supposedly "ready to retire". In stark contrast to Mindy's other interactions with him, Mindy gives him a deadpan look. This shows that just because Mindy (theoretically) has a crush on him, doesn't mean she's going to be enamored with every little thing he does. Later, the clouds cover the sun, making the karts lose power. Mindy floats by on a hover scooter and reminds Jet to use the battery, which he does. Because Mitchell did not install a battery to save the sun's energy for later, Mitchell's kart does not accelerate. Mindy playfully asks him if he brought a battery, still flying on the hover scooter. Mitchell is confused, and says "No!".
You might be wondering why Mitchell is still kind of acting like a Jerkass if he befriended the other kids in the Christmas Episode. Here's the thing: Just because Mitchell has friends now, doesn't mean he's instantly going to become a little goody-two-shoes. Also, since Mitchell pretends to be a jerk for so long, the mean streak has become part of his personality. Healing inner wounds takes time and work.note  Since Mitchell's purpose in the show is to be the Secret Chaser, eliminating that part of his personality would make him a bland side character with no purpose in the show whatsoever. And just because he has friends, doesn't mean he is going to give up on being a detective.
"You Can Call Me Albedo": Mindy is looking at asteroids through Sean's telescope, and hears a noise. The view of the telescope (which Mindy is still peering into) lowers down to Mitchell. Mitchell gets startled when the other kids greet him. Mitchell explains that he's looking for Cody, who ran away. Mindy immediately feels bad for him and offers to help. Mitchell declines, but this is not out of spite for the clique, this is, again, out of overconfidence. A bit later, the gang finds Cody sitting at the table. Mindy grabs him, and tells him that Mitchell was looking for him. Even later, Mindy interrupts the take-off song when she notices that Cody got into the wagon. These moments reinforce the fact that Mindy cares about Mitchell's pet as much as she does Mitchell himself. When the gang gets back from space, when the kids meet up with Mitchell again, Mindy is waving to him. After Mitchell apologizes to Cody, he finds a sticker on his collar. The kids tell him that they made a reflective collar for Cody so he will be easier to locate in the dark. Mitchell is delighted, and Mindy has a very large grin. Then, guess what happens? Mitchell actually shakes hands with Mindy!
“Sean’s Robotic Arm” has the biggest moment. When the kids all split up to find things that could possibly get the Neil Armstrong figure out of the hole, Mindy heads over to Mitchell’s house. As he is playing with his Sherlock Holmes figure, Mindy sneaks up on him and greets him. Mindy notices his Sherlock figure and uses her own Companion Cube, her Stuffy Bear to get her message of Sean needing help across. When Mitchell / Sherlock finds out that Mindy / Stuffy Bear has a case, he excitedly says “You do?”. This shows that he is happy to have Mindy as a client and has anticipated her having a case. Afterwards, he nervously corrects himself and says that he might have an opening. Mitchell admits that the problem doesn’t sound like a detective problem, but allows Cody to be used to help dig the hole. When Cody digs the hole, Mindy roots for him wildly. Now we get to the most important part. Later on, various items are combined together to make a robotic arm. Sean sticks it down the hole, and says it would be easier if the hole was wider. Right on cue, Mitchell makes his grand entrance and says that he can be of assistance. Immediately, Mindy runs towards him and gives him a big hug. This one moment shows how far Mindy’s crush on Mitchell has evolved. From just tolerating him, to being nervous around him, to being confident enough to wrap her arm around him, and now, to give him a hug, clearly glad to see him. This is the most definite sign that Mindy likes Mitchell. When she hugs him, Mitchell looks surprised at first, but as she pulls away from him, he smiles warmly at her. His reasoning for arriving is that he couldn’t leave Cody all alone to help the kids. When Cody digs the hole again, Mindy again cheers for him. Mitchell is shown smiling at Mindy as she reflects on how weird it is that the various items could join together to rescue Neil. Mindy and Mitchell raise their Companion Cubes, Stuffy Bear and Sherlock Holmes, respectively, beside each other.
While "Eye in the Sky" focuses more on Mitchell and Sean's interactions, as well as developing Mitchell's character further, there is still some interaction between him and Mindy. Mitchell is spying with his binoculars once again, and Mindy, along with the other kids, approaches his view, while Mindy giggles. Once again, the very sight of Mindy startles Mitchell, but then he nervously corrects himself with "Hi". Mindy also asks him how he learned about weather. Once he explains, she gets it, and compares watching the weather to being a detective. Mitchell tells her that she's correct. Once the gang gathers supplies for their weather station, Mitchell allows Mindy to use his notebook. Mindy exclaims "Goody!". Once the kids go to the DSA, Mindy says goodbye to Mitchell.
"Moon Face" has Jet and Mindy deluded into believing that the moon has a face. Mitchell is also in on the nonsense, and at one point, snoops by the treehouse. Mindy and Jet arrive, and when Mindy asks what he's doing, Mitchell dashes off in a flash. This tells us that Mitchell is rather embarrassed when it comes to discussing his spying with other people, especially Mindy, and doesn't seem to like confrontation. Later on, Sydney and Sean tell the others that the spots on the moon are from dried up lava, not a face. Mindy looks out the window, and Mitchell, who was hiding under the window, ducks and crawls away. At the end of the episode, Mitchell does end up seeing the face like Mindy did, and realizes that he has an imagination, to his horror. Strange Minds Think Alike after all.
At the end of "One Small Step", Mitchell rescues the kids from drowning in the lake with his rowboat. The kids head off to have the slumber party in Jet's backyard. Mindy goes back and invites Mitchell to sleep over as well. Mitchell has a huge smile on his face, stammers a bit, and says he's in. Mitchell and Mindy escort Jet 2 to the backyard together. At the backyard, while the older kids, Jet 2, and Carrot and Celery are sitting around the campfire, Mitchell and Mindy are off to the side playing mini-golf, just the two of them. They also sing together.

    An analysis on the characters' color schemes 
Hi tropers, Excelsior123 here, with another analysis. This time it's the Color Motifs of the entire cast.
  • Red: Mitchell has a red jacket and a red hat. Red is a bright color and creates feelings of excitement and intensity. It is also used to warn of danger and can symbolize anger or passion. This fits Mitchell due to his status as the Ensemble Dark Horse. The fans of this show get extremely hyped whenever he appears in an episode. This also fits Mitchell because he is a threat to Jet's identity, because he wants to expose the Propulsions as aliens. Mitchell symbolizes anger because he seems to have a bit of a temper as seen in episodes like "Kid-Kart Derby" or "Detective Mindy". Mitchell is also passionate about being a detective as well as his pet and Mindy.
  • Orange: Dr. Bergs has an orange shirt. Orange is, like yellow and red, an exciting color. It easily draws attention and conveys a feeling of warmth and enthusiasm, which fits Dr. Bergs due to his status as the Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold of the cast, and he's usually enthusiastic in his appearances.
    • Mindy wears an orange sweater and Sunspot has orange fur. This fits them because of how cheerful those two usually are, and their status as the most popular characters on the show within the show's target audience.
  • Yellow: Uncle Zucchini wears a yellow space-suit. Yellow is cheery and warm. However, it can cause feelings of frustration and anger when it is the predominant color. Zucchini, like pretty much every Bortronian, is kind and optimistic. But he had the unfortunate reputation as The Scrappy within the show's older audiences (until he was redeemed in "BTB7") due to his stupidity and the fact that he contributed little to the overall arc of the show. Fans also hated it whenever he is a main character in an episode, because he would usually take up most of the screen time.
    • Mr. Peterson wears a yellow shirt. He's nice when he's not being stuck-up, but he's not exactly an optimist. Yellow also fits him because he's also a Scrappy (or, he was until "BTB7"); RJG fans hated him due to his snootiness. In some episodes that he is featured in like "Earth Camping", he would often take a good chunk of the screen time, and characters that deserve more screen time didn't get enough.
  • Green: Sean has green sleeves. Eggplant and Zerk wear green space-suits. Green is frequently used to symbolize nature. It's also associated with tranquility, illness (particularly nausea) and jealousy. This troper thinks this color does not suit Eggplant. Eggplant, from what we've seen so far, doesn't have much personality other than being a bit strict towards her son. Zerk fits the color because, as revealed in "Back to Bortron 7", he is very eager to learn about Earth as well as Earthies. This is also shown in "Zerk Visits Earth", where he is in absolute awe at Earth's nature. Sean fits this color as well. Green is frequently used to symbolize nature, and Earth, the planet that Sean adores, is known for its nature. Also, even though Sean can be a Nervous Wreck at times, he is also tranquil at times compared to Jet, who is a major Motor Mouth. Sean is also shown to get nauseated whenever they're in outer space, he even says it outright in "Tiny Blue Dot"!
  • Blue: A lot of the generally liked characters wear this color. Jet, Carrot, Celery, Face 9000, Moonbeam, Dr. Rafferty, and Dr. Skelley. Blue is the most common favorite color and can create calmness and serenity. This color fits these characters because they're all well-liked and they're mostly calm and serene. Rarely do these characters ever get mad. Special mention goes to Jet; in Whole Lotta Shakin', he gets visibly pissed off at Zerk because he keeps bothering him. But Jet then states that he never gets mad, and he is usually calm and peaceful.
  • Pink: Lillian has some pink on her dress (although it looks a bit purple) and wears a pink bow in her hair. Pink is associated with romance, love, and the feminine. Lillian doesn't have romantic feelings towards anyone, but this color fits her due to her being a Girly Girl. She loves teddy-bears, tea parties, and dolls, and is also the only character in the show so far to wear a dress.
  • Silver/Grey: I'm combining these two because they're basically the same color, and they both have attributes that fit Sydney, who wears grey. Grey can represent depression, plainness, and lack of life or joy. Sydney is not depressed and is full of life, but she fits the "plainness" description because out of the main cast,note she is the most average and plain. Silver symbolizes the moon and femininity. Silver also fits Sydney because she, like the other kids, adores the moon and enjoys visiting it. Fitting the femininity part, Sydney mentions that she is the very first girl on the moon in "How Come the Moon Has Craters?". So, Sydney truly does fit both colors.

    An analysis on a certain naming convention 
Hey tropers, this is NoonboryKedabory. I'm here to share with you my analysis on a pattern I've noticed regarding a certain episode naming convention.

Here's my main idea: If Sean's name is the firstnote  word in an episode's title, a good portion of the episode will be devoted solely to the poor little one being miserable.

The first episode with this naming convention is "Sean's Neptune Tune". This episode fits because the majority of the episode consists of Sean hiding/running away from Sydney and Jet because he's too embarrassed to admit that he's scared to go to Neptune. In the end, however, Sydney and Jet calm him down and solve his problem.
The next episode with this naming convention is the infamous "Sean's Year In Space". This fits because we spend a lot of the runtime watching Jet, Sydney, and Mindy annoying the crap out of Sean. Unlike the previous episode, Jet, Sydney, and Mindy not only don't care about Sean's situation, but actively make it worse.
Now we step into Season Two territory with "Sean's Robotic Arm". This episode fits because Sean is upset about losing his Neil Armstrong action figure, which is his favorite thing in the world. However, Jet, Sydney, and Mindy help him out by building a robotic arm to retrieve it.
There is a pattern with episodes that follow this naming convention, and it has to do with Jet, Sydney, and Mindynote .

In "Sean's Neptune Tune", they help him. In "Sean's Year In Space", they make the situation worse. In "Sean's Robotic Arm", they help him.

So in the next episode with this naming convention, will they continue the pattern and make the problem worse?

Oh, Crap! The next episode of this type is... (gulp) "Sean Has A Cold".

Well, it's been two weeks since the official synopsis of "Sean Has a Cold" was released. Might as well update this.

The main synopsis suggests that Jet, Sydney, and Mindy may not even interact with Sean in this episode, since they're telling us that Sunspot of all characters is going to be taking care of him. Either way, I'm hoping that if they interact at all, it'll be positive (please give me the lullaby thing I mentioned in the WMG page, please).

It's been a while since I updated this, so here goes.

Yeah, Jet, Sydney, and Mindy did interact with Sean, and it was positive, which is a real relief. This episode is definitely my favorite from Season 2. And while I didn't get the lullaby thing, I guess a lullaby popping up in "One Small Step" makes up for it.


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