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Sean: Not looking at the Sun from up close is better than not looking at the Sun from Earth.
"How We Found Your Sun"

Sydney: It's nice of you to help Sunspot. Did he bury [the remote] somewhere?
Mindy: Nope, I did. [beat] Hey, I'm only four. Live and learn.
"Backyard Moon Base"

Jet: [imitating Elvis Presley] Thank you, thank you very much.
"How Come the Moon Has Craters?"

Sean: You did great, Sydney. Next time, I'm gonna fly [the saucer]. Wait, don't quote me on that.
"What Goes Up..."

Mitchell: What kind of Earth pet parachutes? Someday I'll figure that Jet Propulsion out. Someday. JET PROPULSIONNNNN!!!!!!!!
"What Goes Up..."

Dr. Rafferty: You know, it's okay to call me Mom.
Sean: I know, but I'm just so proud that my mom is also a scientist. I think I should call you Dr. Mom.
Dr. Rafferty: Aw...
(they hug)
"Constellation Prize"

Sean: Can I say something?
Carrot & Celery: Sure, Sean.
Sean: Okay, [clears throat], WE'RE GOING TO BORTRON 7?!?
Carrot: Right, that's what we said.
Sean: But its far, really, really far. I mean, the moon is ok, and maybe Mars, but another part of the galaxy?!?
Celery: Oh, oh, oh! We can get you there and back and almost no time will have passed. We'll make it back Sunday morning, before your parental units get back from their conference!
Carrot: Peasy-easy, as you Earthies say!
Sean: Wow, really? And its "easy-peasy" to cross the galaxy on a weekend?
Sydney: Sean, think of all the things we'll see! Think of all the scientific discoveries! Think of what Bortron 7 has that Earth doesn't have!
Sean: Hmmmm, we could make a plan. A list of terrific scientific questions
Sydney: Yes, to compare Planet Earth with Bortron 7!
"Back to Bortron 7"

Lillian: So, are you playing a detective?
Mitchell: I'm not playing one, I am one. And yes, I'm also dressed as one.
Mindy: Mitchell, remember you promised to go trick-or-treating with us?
Lillian & Mindy: We're ready to get candy!
Mitchell: Uh...well, okay. I'll go.
Mindy: Hooray! Let's start our magical night of trick-or-treating.
Mitchell: You mean our regular, non-magical night of trick-or-treating?
Mindy: Oh, Mitchell. Halloween is magical, you'll see.
"That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion!"

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