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Sleep Squashing

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Yeowch, now that must hurt.

While two or more people are sleeping, a big character sometimes rolls and turns. And even crushing someone else. Mostly done in cartoons. A variation is when someone sleeps with another in one bed (not "necessarily" romantically), and they get kicked in the face (or drop-kicked in the stomach, hugged tightly, etc.) by the other who moves a lot when asleep - this is a variation of this trope.

See also: Squashed Flat, Butt Sticker.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Pokémon loves doing this with Snorlax.
    • In the first movie short, Pikachu's Vacation, after Charizard blows a feuding Pikachu and Raichu off a cliff, they bounce off a sleeping Snorlax's belly before landing on the floor next to it... it then rolls over.
    • In the third movie short, Pikachu and Pichu, Pikachu and the Pichu Bros. are being chased by a Houndour. Pikachu and the Pichu brothers jump over a fence and bounce off a sleeping Snorlax's belly, and when Houndour follows, Snorlax rolls over, causing Houndour instead to crash on the concrete. Snorlax then rolls back over, crushing Houndour.
      • The same scenario happens to Houndour again in the Pokémon Channel exclusive short, The Pichu Bros. In Party Panic!, making it a Running Gag.
    • Anime episode 41, "Wake Up Snorlax!" The exhausted Team Rocket trio crashes to the ground, complaining about missing their chance to steal a Snorlax. That Snorlax happens to be sleeping nearby, and it rolls over on top of them.
  • Potemayo has an episode where the titular character is sleeping with her bird on top of her head. She nods (whilst asleep) and the bird falls off. She then rolls over and the bird gets squished.

    Comic Books 
  • Horribly used in one Punisher story: a morbidly obese woman suffers a heart attack and falls on her eight-year-old son. He eats his way out before the cops find him. In the present, he's living in a pile of dead bodies brought to him by the city's homeless.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Rescuers Down Under: Wilbur is asleep on the wheelwell of a plane, with Bernard and Bianca sitting on the seats on his back. When Bernard tries to wake him up, Wilbur just rolls over, lying on top of his passengers.
  • Robin Hood: during the lead-in to the climax, as Robin steals sacks of gold from Prince John's own bedroom while the tyrant is sleeping, John starts laughing in his sleep because Sir Hiss' tongue is tickling his foot. He accidentally kicks Hiss in the face, waking him up for a moment; Hiss' annoyed expression implies that this isn't the first time this has happened.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Played for Drama in CSI, when a morbidly obese woman accidentally suffocates her partner, and pretends it was murder because she can't stand the humiliation of the potential jokes.
  • In Picket Fences episode "Squatter's Rights", a 500-pound woman confesses to murdering her husband by sitting on him. The cops figure out that the husband actually died accidentally after she rolled over on him in bed, and she was too embarrassed to admit it.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Played for Drama in The Bible: The story that ends with Solomon proclaiming that he'll just cut the living child in half to determine who the true mother is starts with two prostitutes with one baby each who live together and one of them rolling over on her baby and killing it.

    Western Animation 
  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
    • Episode "The Treasure": while Gumball is sleeping in his parents' bed, Richard grabs him in his sleep. Gumball shrugs it off, but Richard starts moving again, and starts pushing Gumball with his hands. Eventually, Richard just rolls over him, and Gumball has to squeeze his way out.
      Gumball: Oh, that was like being born.
    • Later, in "The Night," we see the same thing from the point of view of Nicole and Richard's dreams, where Nicole's dream of sitting at a peaceful beach gets increasingly ruined by Richard's snoring and rolling around, until finally she gets buried under a tsunami as Richard rolls on top of her.
  • Inversion on The Simpsons: When Homer gains weight in order to get on workers' comp, he weighs his side of the bed down so much that Marge is rolled on top of him. He thinks she's there to "cuddle".
  • Family Guy
    • "Emission Impossible" When Stewie is sleeping in Lois and Peter's bed. Stewie tells Peter to roll over; but he rolls over him.
    • "Mr. & Mrs. Stewie" has Peter accidentally crushing Lois in his sleep, which leads to Sleeping Single, which leads to Peter going to Quagmire for cuddling and later crushing him as well.
  • Looney Tunes
    • "What's Brewin', Bruin?" Junyer Bear breaks his bed, so he goes to sleep with Papa Bear. Junyer keeps rolling over Papa, flattening him. Papa tries holding up a hat pin to stop Junyer, but it just gets bent, so Papa just nails some planks to keep Junyer on his side of the bed.
  • The 1944 Tom and Jerry cartoon "Puttin' On The Dog" has Tom Cat attempt to capture Jerry Mouse within a dog pound. At one point, Tom ends up underneath a large Saint Bernard, which promptly lies down for a nap. The sound of cat bones going crunch is heard. This happens twice.
  • A Robot Chicken sketch features a cat getting horrifically crushed to death when the fat guy on the couch rolls over.
  • In the Total Drama episode "Broadway Baby", Owen is revealed to have fallen asleep on top on Noah. Noah is rather peeved no one noticed he was missing all night.

    Real Life 


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