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Big City Greens has a huge share of moments when the characters realize they're totally screwed, at least once nonetheless.

Season 1:

  • In "Space Chicken", this is Cricket's reaction when he realizes he left the family's steak on the subway and is too late to exit the train. Culminates in a Big "NO!".
  • In "Cricketsitter":
    • Tilly's reaction when she sees her plan to scare Cricket flies off the handle, followed by a larger one when she accidentally injures him.
    • She gets a much larger one when Cricket overhears her plan over the mic.
    • She gets a rather humorous one when she pulls back the curtain to reveal Bill knocked out.
  • Bill in "Backflip Bill" when he sees Cricket lash out at him just as Gramma did in his youth. Cricket himself also gets this when he realizes what he had done.
  • In "Supermarket Scandal", Cricket gets a wad of cash from selling the fake food, but when Bill reveals what would happen once everyone eats such, he completely loses it.
  • In "Feud Fight", Cricket tries to call a truce with Chip, but he sees this as a forfeit and pelts him with tomatoes, resulting in resentment.
  • In "Big Deal":
    • The Greens when they enter Price Busters and witness the Retail Riot going on.
    • The Greens when the hoarders come right for them on all sides.
    • Cricket when he sees a family come upon the TV he found.
    • Cricket has the best one of the episode when he sees Louis torturing all the hoarders in Price Busters for the sake of being forced to work every Thanksgiving. And he gets an even bigger one when Louis announces the finale: a gigantic TV for the cost of one dollar, which is a deal no one can resist.
  • Cricket repeatedly throughout "Valentine's Dance" when he discovers love for the first time.
  • In "Green Streets", Cricket gets this when he realizes through the security camera that he was the litterbug all along.
  • In "Axin' Saxon", Nancy tries to clean Saxon in the dryer, only to destroy him. Tilly is horrified when she sees this.

Season 2:

  • In "Cricket's Kapowie", this is Cricket's reaction when he accidentally sheers of the middle of his hair, leading him to believe he lost his "kapowie".
  • In "Urban Legend":
    • This is the townsfolks' reactions to Gramma acting as a Wicked Witch and falling for everything.
    • Eventually the townsfolk comes back, but have formed an angry mob to kill Gramma, something even she didn't expect.
  • In "Elevator Action":
    • Gloria when she sees the Greens enter the realty building.
    • Gloria again when Cricket presses all the buttons and when the elevator gets stuck.
    • Gloria a third time when she sees only five minutes are left on her parking meter.
  • In "Green Christmas":
    • Cricket has this reaction when he sees all the bad deeds on his tally sheet. The Mall Santa has the same reaction later.
    • Tilly has hundreds of these: First at the end of Cricket's Villain Song as she witnesses what her brother has become, again after Cricket announces he's going to moon the city, and again when the tree crashes and the blame is put on her for it.
    • A minor one done by Alice and Nancy when they realize they didn't get Bill a gift, followed by another comical one when they see the statue of him on the top of the tree.
  • In "Reckoning Ball":
    • The Greens when Chip is about to destroy their house.
    • Chip himself when Mr. Whistler considers firing him.
  • In "Clubbed":
    • When Andromeda believes Gloria didn't remember her and Tilly, boy is she gobsmacked.
    • Cricket repeatedly as Bill spoils Constellation Battles.
  • In "Dolled Up", Tilly realizes Cantaloupe Sinclair is not the nice girl she imagined, and she manipulated her into ditching Nancy to sit with her.
  • In "Quiet Please":
    • Cricket's reaction when the librarian catches him making noise, which is shared by the Greens when she gives them a single warning not to make noise again, or they're banned for good.
    • Cricket has a few more throughout. First, there's him causing an old lady to laugh and he tries to shush her to no avail. Secondly, he steps on a BLEGO block he dropped, causing the librarian to hear him and tries to hide. He hides in the bathroom and the librarian is close to finding him when she is called away. Again, he steps on the same block, alerting an entire fleet of librarians.
    • Bill has the hugest one of the episode when he sees Cricket making noise after finally finding a book he likes, and is about to be caught because of it before he intervenes with a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • In "Chipwrecked":
    • Chip gets a rather comical one when he sees his injuries have chipped his seemingly indestructible titanium tooth.
    • The last 2-3 minutes of the episode are full of Oh Crap moments. First, there's the Greens and Gloria seeing Chip's new bouncers dismantling everything in Big Coffee, followed by another by Cricket as he fails to attack Chip. Then, Gloria and the Greens get a slightly larger one when Ms. Cho is swindled into handing the cafe over to him. An even bigger one done by Cricket when he realizes Chip's plan is succeeding and is setting his sights on their house, which is going to be demolished as part of his expansion plan to turn their home lane into Wholesome Foods property. Finally, we get a humongous Mass "Oh, Crap!" from the Greens and Gloria, the latter worried over how she's going to pay her rent, and the former over the imminent loss of their house and the legacy that came with it, and their time in Big City could come to an end if they don't think fast!
  • In "Chipocalypse Now"
    • This is the Greens' reaction, Cricket especially, as they see Big Coffee and the apartment complex get demolished before their eyes, knowing life isn't going to be the same anymore.
    • Another subtle one done by the Greens at the end of the altered theme song when they see the newly constructed megastore.
    • Cricket and Tilly when Nancy gets arrested again.
    • Cricket when he sees Remy's name on Chip's petition, followed by Remy himself when he tackles him.
    • Bill when he sees Chip's wrecking crew round in on the house.
    • Cricket has quite a humongous one when the evidence that the petition is fraud gets sheared by the blades of Chip's helicopter.
    • Cricket has one of the biggest oh craps of all when he is about to be killed by the helicopter just before jumping to safety; the neighbors have this as well when they witness such, Bill especially.
    • Everyone gets a shared Mass "Oh, Crap!" when Chip attempts to "get all the Greens at once", just before Cricket sees a Fatal Flaw in the execution and goes into a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
    • Chip has an even bigger one when he is about to get slung out of Big City.

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