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Carry On is a long-running British comedy film series from the 20th century that starred an enormous Universal-Adaptor Cast, created by Peter Rogers and Gerald Thomas. Throughout the 1950s, '60s and '70s, the series branched out into a franchise, with over 20 movies in its films list, several television specials, and even a stage series.

The series mostly relied on one-liners, innuendo and double entendres, and rapid-fire comedy, with story-lines that varied from Whole Plot References and Affectionate Parodies, to Kitchen Sink Dramas in a lighthearted fashion that was full of social commentary.


Film and TV

  • Carry On... (1958—1978, 1992): A set of 30 movies.
  • Carry On Christmas: Four Christmas specials throughout the 1970s. All the main cast returned (sans Kenneth Williams) to portray several characters to a live studio audience.
  • Carry On Laughing! (1975): A sitcom which consisted of spoofs of period pieces (King Arthur legends, The Prisoner of Zenda, various historical events, etc.). A second season from 1981-1983 consisted of clips from the films.


Stage productions

  • Carry On London (1973): Starring regulars like Sid James, Kenneth Connor, and Barbara Windsor, this 90-minute theater production was full of sketches that were based on many popular scenes from the movies. With a limited cast, people playing more than one character was inevitable.
  • Carry On Laughing (1976): Two months after the death of fan favourite Sid James, only three recurring actors decided to appear in this play. It mostly followed a More Tea Vicar format with the occasional slapstick and Wardrobe Malfunction humour.
  • Wot a Carry On in Blackpool (1992): In an attempt to get the British public excited about the revival movie Carry On Columbus, Bernard Bresslaw and Barbara Windsor appeared on stage as the only two actors from the original series. Ironically, both actors couldn't/refused to be in the movie they were promoting.

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