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Franchise / The Emperor's New Groove

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HA! Boom, baby!
The Emperor's New Groove is a Disney media franchise that began in 2000 with the release of the animated film of the same name. This madcap franchise primarily focuses on a young spoiled Incan emperor named Kuzco. It also involves his Elderly with a capital E (ex-)advisor Yzma, her strong, dimwitted, but affable lackey Kronk Pepikrankenitz, and the modest, portly peasant-turned-friend-of-the-emperor Pacha.

While the original film disappointed in comparison to the films of the Disney Renaissance, it garnered enough success through home video and TV reruns that Disney later approved of and produced a direct-to-video spin-off and a TV series.

Works in this franchise include:


TV series

Video game

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