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Daniel: So what's the problem, Sammy-o?
Sam: You really want to know?
Daniel: I really want to know.
Sam: Okay. Well, the truth is... actually... I'm in love.

A Love Confession is when a lover declares his love to his beloved. But sometimes the lover can't or won't tell the beloved. There are a few reasons this could be:

  • The beloved is unavailable for hearing the Love Confession.
  • The lover doesn't want his beloved to know how he feels.
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  • The lover and/or the beloved are uncomfortable discussing their emotions—especially with each other!

There is, however, another option: The lover confesses his love to a third party. Instead of "I love you," the confession becomes "I love them."

Dramatically, this serves a few different purposes. It lets the audience know what the lover's feelings are, and/or confirms that the lover is aware of their own feelings. It creates new dramatic potential, since the lover and the third party now share a secret that the beloved is not in on. Most importantly, it buys time for writers who want to delay the Love Confession till later, though it is possible for the object of affection to overhear the declaration.

Note that the lover must make their confession to another character; an inner monologue or soliloquy to the audience would be a Love Epiphany. Note also that the confession is made to a third party, instead of to the beloved. That means, at the time of the confession, the lover should not have revealed their feelings to the beloved. They may, of course, do so later. Or the third party may decide to take matters into their own hands, becoming a Love Informant.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Captain Tsubasa, Kumi has planned to confess to her crush Tsubasa before he had to go abroads. At some point she tells her friend and other prospect love interest for the guy, Sanae, that she will tell him about her feelings, even apologizing to the other girl and saying that she understands if she isn't happy with all of this. When Tsubasa gently but firmly turns Kumi's Love Confession, she immediately tells him to go to Sanae.
  • Hitomi Shizuki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica wants to defuse the Love Triangle between herself, Sayaka Miki and Kyousuke Kamijou though invoking the trope, and goes as far as offering her love rival the chance to confess first, though with a Race Against the Clock catch. Bad thing, she doesn't know that Sayaka really cannot confess…
  • In Chapter 110 of The Seven Deadly Sins ,"Confession", has Elizabeth confessing to Diane she's in love with Meliodas and in return Diane confesses she has realized she's in love with King.

    Film - Animation 
  • The Little Mermaid: "DADDY, I LOVE HIM!"
  • In Robin Hood, Robin tells Little John that he's in love with Maid Marian after he gets distracted thinking about her and leaves their food to overcook.

    Film - Live-Action 
  • In Holiday, Linda quizzes her brother Ned about getting drunk. When he asks her what sorrow she is looking to drown, she confesses that she has just fallen in love with their sister Julia's fiancé. Ned advises her to act on her feelings, but Linda refuses to betray Julia.
  • Sort of happens between Liz and Dexter in both The Philadelphia Story and High Society. See the "Theatre" entry.
  • In Camelot, Lancelot first confesses his love for Guinevere to his squire, Dap.

  • In A Brother's Price, Ren confesses her love for Jerin, and intention to marry him, not to him, but to her closest female friend. Due to male Gender Rarity Value, he would be the husband of her and all her sisters, and it would be unseemly to get his hopes up before she got her sisters to agree with it.
  • This is a major theme in Natsume Soseki's Meiji period novel Kokoro. K confesses his love for Ojosan to Sensei. Sensei discourages him and later proposes to Ojosan, leading to K's suicide.
  • This happens in the book The House of Hades. Nico and Jason need to retrieve a scepter from Cupid, but he won't let them have it unless Nico faces his crush on Percy. Nico is forced to confess his feelings in front of Jason.
  • Catherine Earnshaw gets one of the best Anguished Declaration of Love in literature in Wuthering Heights. Unfortunately she doesn't make it to Heathcliff. And even more unfortunately, an eavesdropping Heathcliff overhears only the part where it would degrade her to marry him and not the part about her passionate love for him; cue a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and decades of misery for everyone in the book.
    Catherine: It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now; so he shall never know how I love him: and that not because he's handsome, Nelly, but because he's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same; and Linton's is as different as a moonbeam from lightning, or frost from fire.

    Live Action TV 
  • In the Babylon 5 episode, "Ceremonies of Light and Dark", the crew hold a rebirth ceremony that partly involves confessing something they have never told anyone before:
    • Lennier makes his confession to Marcus Cole, telling him that he loves Delenn. The confession remains a secret between the two men.
    • Ivanova also chooses the same episode to confess her love for Talia to Delenn. Talia, being permanently out of the picture at this point, is unavailable to hear the confession.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Passion", Jenny Calendar tells Giles for the first time that she loves him. Because he's angry with her, Giles doesn't reciprocate, and because Miss Calendar dies at the end of the episode, he never has a chance to. Instead, we see him standing over her grave with Buffy, and telling her that of all the friends he's lost, "Jenny was the first I've loved."
  • How I Met Your Mother: In season 4, Barney tells Lily that he's in love with Robin, something he realized at the end of season 3. He doesn't want Robin to know, as he's coming to Lily for advice on how to put an end to it since he isn't interested in a relationship and hasn't been for years.
  • On Doctor Who, Martha Jones confesses her love for he Doctor twice. The first time is in "The Family of Blood" to an amnesiac version of himself:
    Martha: He is just everything to me and he doesn't even look at me, but I don't care. 'Cause I love him to bits. And I hope to God he won't remember me saying this.
    • She tries to play it off later as a bit of hyperbole, but they both know she's lying. The second time is in "Last of the Time Lords", when Martha is telling people about the Doctor and how wonderful he is. She never tells him her feelings directly, but by the end of their time together it's implicitly understood that he knows.
  • Despite hinting very heavily at it, Serena Campbell of Holby City never actually told colleague and AAU co-lead Bernie Wolfe how she felt about her after the two kissed. Romantically. Twice. The object of her affection having buggered off to Kiev in the meanwhile, Serena takes solace in her favorite Shiraz and confesses to her close friend Raf Di Lucca "I love her" when Raf remarks that she still seems to be missing Bernie keenly.
  • On Star Trek: Voyager, Tom falls in love with Kes, who's already in a relationship with Neelix. Rather than tell either of them (which could lead to problems), he confides in his best buddy Harry while seeking advice on how to not make things worse.

  • A kind of weird, prevaricating version happens between Sandy and Liz in the stage version of The Philadelphia Story. Sandy asks Liz if she's in love with Mike. Liz doesn't answer directly, but when he goes on to ask why she doesn't marry him, she admits that she's waiting for him to grow up, and that she'd be very upset if another girl tried to claim him first. It's the clearest insight we get into Liz's feelings for Mike. The scene plays slightly differently in the 1940 film, but is preserved in the 1956 musical High Society (this time between Dexter and Liz).
  • In Cyranode Bergerac, Le Bret is the first and only person to whom Cyrano confesses his love for Roxane. Christian and later Roxane have to figure it out themselves, and have Cyrano reluctantly confirm.
  • This happens in Be More Chill during the song "A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into." It's set up to seem like Christine is going to confess to Jeremy that she likes him, but then it turns out she's actually talking about Jake.

    Visual Novel 
  • Misha from Katawa Shoujo confesses to Hisao about her love for Shizune after she asks you to sleep with her. Whether Hisao agrees to or not determines whether you get Shizune's good or bad ending.

    Western Animation 
  • Up to season two of Miraculous Ladybug, Ladybug mistook Cat Noir's flirting with her as an innocent crush. It wasn't until "Glaciator" that Cat Noir told Marinette that he was in love with Ladybug, not knowing that Marinette was Ladybug's Secret Identity.


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