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Argentine Literature

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The Other Wiki says that Argentine Literature is one of the most prolific, relevant and influential literatures in Latin America, so we need to have a page of our own. This page includes literary works written by someone from Argentina, and it also includes works written by Argentina even if the plot doesn’t happen there or anywhere in Latin America if the writer doesn’t live there, because either way the story has some sort of Argentinian flavor (and that doesn't mean only Magic Realism nor grilled books whit chimichurri). It relates to Latin American Literature and Spanish Literature, and it is very close to Uruguayan Literature (next to be edited). Argentine Literature provides an astounding quantity of examples of Mind Screw, and in a slightly minor scale Knife Fight and Crapsack World, but also excels in Non-Fiction (in fact, the first Non-Fiction novel was Operation Massacre), and Low Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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