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Fictional Culture and Nation Tropes

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Tropes that describe entire fictional cultures, nations or ethnic groups.

See also National Stereotypes for tropes that relate to the fictional portrayals of specific Real Life nations.

Fantastic cultures:


Cultures to base your fictional culture upon:

Cultures defined by their government:

Cultural details that make a culture more fantastic:

Fictional settings for these cultures:

  • Americasia: A setting where the dominant culture is a blend of American and Asian culture.
  • Arcadia: A gentle, utopic countryside where people are In Harmony with Nature.
  • Fictional Country: A fictional country in an otherwise real setting.
    • Banana Republic: A fictional developing tropical nation, usually of of Central or South America, populated by militias and tinpot dictators.
    • Bulungi: A fictional developing country wedged into central or southern Africa.
    • Qurac: A generic Middle Eastern country populated by sand, camels, optional oil, and either sultans or terrorists.
    • Ruritania: A small backwards country in Central Europe.
    • Überwald: A dark and gothic Eastern European setting.
  • Fictional Province: A fictional province (state/county/etc.) in an otherwise real setting.
  • Ghibli Hills: Pristine and usually not-too-dangerous wilderness near civilization.
  • Grim Up North: The frigid north is a place of darkness and danger, and possibly evil.
  • Land of One City: The setting (country, kingdom, planet...) has only one city, making it a City-State.
  • The Lost Woods: Vast old forest, more dangerous than the Ghibli Hills.
  • Magical Land: The "other world" which people from ours visit.
  • North Is Cold, South Is Hot: When the north of the world map has all the cold regions, and the south has all the warm regions.
  • The Savage South: The south is barbaric, inhospitable, and hot.
  • United Europe: Europe has become a unified entity.
  • Wutai: A generic Far East-flavored setting in Medieval Fantasy.


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