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Tropes involving castles. Castles are fortified structures widely used by Middle Ages Blue Blood elites. They are different from mansions, since these are homes for relaxing in. A proper castle has arrowslits, and portcullises, and a tower, and it is surrounded by a water-filled moat. Even though gunpowder and cannons rendered castles obselete from a military standpoint, wealthy elites remained in love with building them in the nineteenth century.

Not to be confused with the surname-of-protagonist television show, Castle.

Some overlap with House Tropes since people usually live in castles. And Royalty and Nobility Tropes because they're usually the ones doing the living. And Luxury Tropes because it's a symbol of those royals' large finances. While purists may make distinctions between castles, palaces and mansions, the distinctions can be hard to make for non-experts, since even palaces and mansions built as relaxation hangouts will often have fortifications and military-looking features.

We also have Useful Notes on Castles.

Not related to Your Princess Is in Another Castle!, other than that the Trope Namer involved castles.

These usually occur in works connected to The Middle Ages, like those that use Medieval European Fantasy.