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It Came from Beverly Hills

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"I wanna live a life like that
I wanna be just like a king
Take my picture by the pool
Cause I'm the next big thing
Beverly Hills... That's where I want to be!"
Weezer, Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is such an iconic place that just putting that in the title of a work is a selling point on its own. Just slap the words "Beverly Hills" in the title and make the city your setting, and you have half the work already made. The city is so famous in its own right, it's easy to forget that it's technically just a suburb of Los Angeles.

For many, the city has become synonymous with a collection of Rich People stereotypes: wealth, superficiality, frivolity, etc, so using the name helps make titles seem High Concept. There are richer and bitchier areas than Beverly Hills, but only Las Vegas rivals it as an icon of excess.

Watch out for the iconic shield-shaped welcome sign, which is pretty much guaranteed to appear in any work set there (as in the trope image).

Compare American Title.

Beverly Hills Examples:

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    Beverly Hills Films — Live-Action 

    Beverly Hills Literature 
  • The Beverly Hills Diet, a (supposedly) non-fiction example
  • Dinoverses Beverly Hills Brontosaurus doesn't take place in Beverly Hills, but the title character is from there.

    Beverly Hills Live-Action TV 

    Beverly Hills Music 

    Beverly Hills Professional Wrestling 
  • On the rare times he actually wrestled, manager Bobby Heenan was billed as being from Beverly Hills.

    Beverly Hills Sports 

    Beverly Hills Web Original 

    Beverly Hills Western Animation