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Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (stylized as #RichKids of Beverly Hills) is a reality show from E! which focuses on the lives of five (six, since season two) wealthy Beverly Hills "kids". It premiered on January 19th, 2014.

  • Dorothy Wang: The "Asian Princess" whose father is a very successful Chinese property mogul billionaire, Roger Wang.
  • Morgan Stewart: The blonde daughter of millionaire architect, Herb Stewart. She is in a relationship with Brendan.
  • Brendan Fitzpatrick: Although coming from a wealthy family, he also makes money from working as real estate agent at a top firm in Los Angeles.
  • Roxy Sowlaty : The "Persian Princess" whose parents cut her off and is currently working as interior designer.
  • Jonny Drubel : The successful Jewish Camp Gay songwriter.
  • EJ Johnson (since season 2) : The African-American Camp Gay (campier than Jonny) son of the famous basketball player, Magic Johnson.

This series has examples of

  • First-Name Basis: Morgan calls her mom "Susan".
  • Hidden Depths: Morgan has a brother who she's never seen for quite long time due to him having a severe illness, Brendan struggles with his parents' divorce, Jonny was bullied for being gay and overweight.
  • Retail Therapy: When she feels upset after being confronted by Roxy in Shanghai, Dorothy goes shopping at her friend's store, and also when Dorothy and her boyfriend, Cooper, break up, Dorothy gets herself a Birkin Bag (or as she puts it, #breakupbirkin).


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