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Oct 15th 2020 at 12:26:28 AM

Here's a list of many popular and important threads on Writer's Block. Check this post before you start a new thread, because we may already have that topic covered.

Important Threads

  • About Writer's Block: What's What and What Goes Where — An introduction to the forum. Get to know the place, how it's used, and what to expect.
  • Advice for Protecting Your Publication Rights — TV Tropes is available under the Creative Commons Atribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Here are some tips posting your text online and what that could mean for your (future) published work. note 

General Discussion

Feedback and Critique

Some of these threads are slower and more deliberate, so please be patient. Some threads have their own specific rules.

Writing Exercises


  • Free Idea Dumping Ground — Post any concepts or story threads that you want to see but can't do.
  • "So You Want To..." Index — TV Tropes has several pages about how to write different kinds of stories across all media. Especially helpful for new writers or to get your feet wet with a new genre.
  • Writer's Resources — Resources for writers from across the internet: Market information, communities, submission prep, and advice.

If there is a thread which needs to be added here, or you want to remove it, hit the button in the upper right corner of this post, click "Holler this" and ask for an edit.

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