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Humble Bundle is a recurring special offer where you can buy a (usually) DRM-free bundle of video games, ranging from indie games to AAA titles, with a customizable percentage of the proceeds going to various charities. Some of the games are available via direct download for PC (as in all the main three PC OSes; Windows, Mac's OS X, and Linux), while others are redeemable through keycodes for the digital distribution platform Steam, with occasional titles available for Origin and Desura. While the Humble Bundles began with PC video games, they have branched out considerably and now frequently offer bundles for music albums, movies, ebooks, digital comics, standup comedy shows, and Android games.

Most bundles offer three levels of payment; the first tier can be bought for as little as a single cent (although a minimum donation of $1 is required for Steam-redeemable games to prevent system abuse) and usually gets you three or four items. The second tier will get you everything in the first tier plus additional items, which is achieved by beating the average donation price, so it's best to buy early if you opt for this level as the average price will rise throughout the course for the sale. Finally, there is often a top-tier (often starting at $15, but dependent on the bundle in question) which adds further items to everything already included in the first two tiers.

Each bundle has generally enjoyed six-figure sales and brought in revenue totaling somewhere between half a million to two million US dollars, with the Origin Bundle bringing in nearly ten million dollars for its charities and Humble, Inc. When you buy a bundle, you choose how much of your money goes to the publishers/comedians/writers/producers/developers, various charities (which have included the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Red Cross, Child's Play, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Human Rights Campaign and Water charities), and the organization running the Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is the most famous (but not the only) bundle to use this approach. As of 2015, you can even choose one of thousands of charities to send donations to when you buy something as well.

In 2017, Humble Bundle announced that it will begin publishing titles under the "Presented by Humble Bundle" label, later renamed to Humble Games.

Games published by Humble Bundle/Humble Games: