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It's Chibi-Dina!
Dina M Nealey is an artist and author from Norway who specialises in hypnosis fetish art, though she does make other kinds of art too. While she mostly produces pictures and comics, she has also produced a few written works, including her genderswapped AU Harry Potter fanfiction Holly Potter and the Witching World.

Dina formerly hosted her artwork on her Tumblr before Tumblr purged all NSFW content in 2016, after which she set up her own website to host her more NSFW art. After a few failed attempts with web hosts who also turned out to have problems with NSFW art, her site can now be found at (front page is SFW).

She's also a Troper.

Some of her works include:

  • The Chibi-Dina Chronicles, a series of short comics starring Chibi-Dina, the chibified Author Avatar of Dina herself. Some of them, like Chibi-Dina Gets Hypnotized (the very first comic with Chibi-Dina) are very loosely based on real events, while others, like Chibi-Dina's Hypno-Presentation (a three-part comic where Chibi-Dina attempts to demonstrate various ways of depicting hypnosis in art before things get a little out of hand) are complete fiction.
  • Erotic Adventures in Faerie, a series of comics and one-panel gags starring Lady Vidia of the Spring Court of Faerie and her two daughters Jenny and Sovanna. Contrary to the title, not all the comics are erotic in nature... though most of them are.
  • Kaa's Complaint, a six-page comic featuring Sovanna and Kaa from The Jungle Book (1967), drawn by Dina as a response to the overwhelming prevalence of Kaa in hypnosis fetish artwork.
  • Genie Girl Chats, a written series with illustrations in which Dina's various original characters are informally interviewed, in the style of a chat show, by her character Zaynah the genie (though it turns out to be a front for a plot to hypnotise and enslave the other characters). Originally named Genie Chats, then changed to Genie Girl Chats after the first episode after Zaynah (and Dina) realised all the guests were most likely going to be female.
  • Holly Potter and the Witching World: An Alternate Universe Harry Potter fanfiction in which the magic world is primarily dominated by witches, with wizards being a significant minority. Most of the male characters of the Harry Potter books have been genderswapped, with a few exceptions (such as Dumbledore and Hagrid).
  • Seven Favours for Harry Potter: Another Alternate Universe Harry Potter fanfiction, this one a crossover with the characters from Erotic Adventures in Faerie, primarily Lady Vidia and Jenny.

Dina and her work provide examples of:

  • all lowercase letters: It's important to remember that twilight the catgirl is "twilight," not "Twilight." She knows when you say it wrong.
  • Author Appeal:
    • Hypnosis and other forms of Mind Control are very prevalent in her work, sometimes even sneaking into works that aren't strictly meant as hypno-fetish content.
    • Dina is really into folklore and mythology, particularly with regard to The Fair Folk. She has a few original characters who are Fae and has done a lot of artwork revolving around them, and even has a section on her website where she describes some of the different types of Fae there are.
    • Chibi-Dina Does the Solaris Meme is done as a musical (in comic form), since Dina also likes musicals. The songs in the comic are parodies of songs from Man of La Mancha.
  • Author Avatar:
    • Chibi-Dina, very blatantly, is "a fictionalized and much cuter version of" Dina herself.
    • A non-chibi version of Dina also co-stars in Zombieslavegirl's story Huldratized (illustrated by Dina) and makes a naked cameo in the comic Turnstyles.
  • Bare Midriffs Are Feminine: Most of Dina's characters are female, and midriff-baring outfits are fairly common, especially with the Fae. It's most noticable with Lynessa, who wears a midriff-baring tank top as her default outfit — and with Jenny, who has a bit of an Unlimited Wardrobe thing going on and yet never covers up her bellybutton.
  • Based on a True Story: The comics "Chibi-Dina Gets Hypnotized" and "Hypno-Tits of the Goddess", according to Word of God.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Pretty common in The Chibi-Dina Chronicles, especially in Chibi-Dina's Hypno-Presentation, where Dina and the Fae directly address the audience. Genie Girl Chats also have the character address the audience, though much of it is thanks to the format of a chat show.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Sovanna's name - "sov" means "sleep" in Norwegian. As revealed in Genie Girl Chats, this was intentional in-universe, since Sovanna's mother, Lady Vidia, knows Norwegian.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: The Fae characters, as should come as no surprise. Lady Vidia is especially prone to acts of cruelty, even as she thinks she's being kind. Her daughters, largely thanks to a greater human influence (Jenny is half human and Sovanna grew up on human TV, movies and Internet) are more prone to see the "human" side of the argument, but even they aren't completely trustworthy by human standards and might occasionally provide some Unwanted Assistance or take a Cruel to Be Kind approach to things.
  • Buffy Speak: Chibi-Dina occasionally speaks like this. When exploring a cave in the comic Semi-Creepy Jester Girl she enthusiastically deems it to be "all cavey and stuff!"
  • Catgirl: Recurring Crossover character twilight the catgirl is... well, yes.
  • The Chosen One: Parodied with Lady Vidia and the Chosen One, where the titular Chosen One is a total non-entity for most of the story, and it turns out that the title "Chosen One" is essentially meaningless and is just used to make victims of Fae abduction, seduction and manipulation feel special about themselves.
  • Chromosome Casting: Dina's comics and stories are dominated by female characters. The odd man or boy does appear from time to time, but the majority of them are either Crossover characters on loan from other creators, or background characters without much of a role. Ironically, the story where male characters play the biggest role is Holly Potter and the Witching World, where an important part of the setting is that women outnumber men ten to one.
  • Costume Evolution: Parodied in Chibi-Dina's New Outfit, where Chibi-Dina makes a big spectacle out of switching out her "outdated" main outfit, calling it a chance to renew herself, re-evaluate her style and "shake up the ol' visual status quo"... only to reveal that her new outfit is almost exactly the same as the old one, just with a pink shirt instead of a red one.
  • Crossover: Occasionally Dina will include the avatars or characters of people she knows in her works, interacting with her own avatar or characters. She also does drawings of people's original characters as requests or commissions.
    • Most commonly seen is twilight the catgirl (the avatar of Twilight Lord), who's not only a recurring character in The Chibi-Dina Chronicles but also appears in Kaa's Complaint — but several others make more or less substantial cameos as well.
    • Dina herself co-stars in the Huldratized stories by Zombieslavegirl (a.k.a. Amanda), which are the result of a cooperation between the two creators and features illustrations by Dina.
  • Cruel to Be Kind: Sovanna directly names the trope in Kaa's Complaint, when she knocks out titular snake out (by making a sleeping twilight fall on his head) so she can force him to take a vacation.
  • Cuckoosnarker: Both Genki Girl Lynessa and Sleepyhead Sovanna combine an eccentric nature with a talent for quips, but Lynessa is more Cuckoo and Sovanna is more Snarker.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Another Author Appeal trope. Dina loves writing snarky dialogue, so many of her comics and stories take place in a World of Snark. Special mention must to Chibi-Dina herself — and to Sovanna, who (while a lot more sweet-natured than most snarkers) can take her snark so far that she'll start a mock night school and set herself up as a lecturer with a blackboard, illustrations and extensive notes just to make fun of "Internet commenters, meme creators and comedians" who just rely on Common Knowledge and don't bother to do any research.
  • Disappeared Dad: Lady Vidia's daughters don't seem to have grown up with any kind of father figure in their lives. All we really know is that they don't have the same father; Jenny's a Half-Human Hybrid and her father has been briefly mentioned as being a Norwegian man (plus a few vague statements that Jenny was conceived at Woodstock in 1969), but all we know about Sovanna's father is that he must have been Fae.
    • Averted in Seven Favours for Harry Potter, where Jenny's father is revealed to be Aberforth Dumbledore, but this is confirmed to be an Alternate Universe version of the character, and the "regular" Jenny's father remains unidentified.
  • Does Not Like Shoes:
    • Chibi-Dina is depicted barefoot more often than not. According to Dina herself, she's not a fanatical barefooter or anything, and will wear shoes if it's cold (you don't want to go barefoot outside in the Norwegian winters!) but prefers to go without if she can.
    • The Fae, like Lady Vidia and her daughters, are always portrayed as being barefoot.
  • Everyone Is Bi: A bit of a recurring theme with Dina's works, partly as a reflection of her own pansexuality and partly because the vast majority of her characters are female. Holly Potter and the Witching World actively discusses the trope, pointing out that most witches and wizards are bisexual (though there are exceptions, such as Albus Dumbledore being completely gay), but most other works by Dina have a sort of "casually bi" vibe going on, with it often being taken for granted that sexual attraction isn't limited to one gender (or one sex).
  • The Fair Folk: Dina has a few Fae characters, most prominently the elf characters Lady Vidia and her daughter Sovanna, and Sovanna's half-sister Jennivah (a.k.a. Jenny or Jenny Jump), who's half-elf and half-human.
  • Fairy Sexy: Tall, willowy and often skimpily-dressed or outright naked, Lady Vidia is very much a Shameless Fanservice Girl. Her two daughters are also very easy on the eye and like skimpy clothing, but Sovanna is more of an Innocent Fanservice Girl, while Jenny switches between Innocent and Shameless.
  • Fat and Proud: While "proud" may be a slight stretch, Dina draws herself (in both chibi and normal form) as chubby, and has mentioned before that she has no problem describing herself as fat, explaining that she uses it simply as a descriptor and nothing more.
  • Featureless Protagonist: In Lady Vidia and the Chosen One the titular Chosen One is the P.O.V. Cam character who never gets any dialogue, never has any parts of them visible, and never actively does anything until the very end of the comic (but by then they have been transformed into a female pixie and given the name Lavender, and is no longer the same person). Neither Lady Vidia nor her daughters ever use any name or gender pronouns, so we have no idea about their identity, personality, race, skin color, age, sex or gender. All we can say for sure is that they are a mortal (i.e. not a Fae) and probably a human, since Jenny casually mentions humans. At the end of the comic, there's a new Featureless Protagonist, with the same deal.
  • Forced Transformation: Happens to the P.O.V. Cam protagonist in Lady Vidia and the Chosen One, who is transformed into a pixie by the Lady's helpful, but misguided daughters.
  • Genki Girl: Lynessa is very energetic and cheerful, and a bit of a Motor Mouth.
  • Going Commando: A few comics, like "Chibi-Dina's New Outfit" and the second Hypnoween comic, confirm that Chibi-Dina often goes without underwear. Also implied, though not directly stated, with the Fae characters.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: In one of the two-panel comics from The Chibi-Dina Chronicles, Chibi-Dina gets tiny angel and devil versions of herself, who disagree on whether she should do more or less hypno-art.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Jenny is half Fae and half human. According to Lady Vidia, she was conceived at Woodstock.
  • Halloween Episode: The Chibi-Dina's Hypnoween comics. Dina claims not to be a big fan of holiday-themed episodes, but makes and exception for Halloween because "a good spooky story can be enjoyed at any time of the year."
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Several of the Fae, as Fae culture seems to have No Nudity Taboo. Lady Vidia, however, is definitely a Shameless Fanservice Girl.
  • Instant Sedation: Parodied, along with Non-Fatal Explosions, in "Chibi-Dina's Sleepy Time," where an ether explosion instantly puts Dina to sleep — but otherwise, outside some nudity-revealing Clothing Damage, leaves her unharmed. Narrative captions Lampshade that an ether explosion would be lethal in real life, but since "Chibi-Dina lives in a fictionalized reality" the effect is simply Instant Sedation.
  • Meaningful Name: Sovanna's name has two layers of this. As revealed in Genie Girl Chats episode one, the name "Sovanna" means "golden" or "dream" in Khmer. However, "sov" means "sleep" in Norwegian, meaning her name can also be read as "Sleep-Anna" - fitting, since Sovanna is very easy to hypnotise.
  • Medium Awareness: Happens a couple of times.
    • In Chibi-Dina Does the Solaris Meme, twilight the catgirl can apparently tell when her name isn't pronouced with the appropriate all lowercase letters.
    • In Genie Girl Chats Zaynah occasionally comments on the format of the show, such as pointing out that voice distortion is unnecessary when you're in a text format.
  • Life Embellished: Some of the Chibi-Dina Chronicles are "loosely based on real life events."
  • Limited Wardrobe: Averted by the Fae characters, who seldom wear the same outfit twice, but played straight with most other recurring characters. Chibi-Dina ironically comments on her own Limited Wardrobe she gets a (very minor) Costume Evolution in the comic "Chibi-Dina's New Outfit."
    "But who says I always have to always wear the same outfit anyway? What am I, a cartoon character?"
  • My Eyes Are Up Here: Played with in Lady Vidia and the Chosen One. When the P.O.V. Cam spends several panels focusing on Lady Vidia's breasts, she says "You know, I'm told I have some very lovely eyes... and they're up here. This turns out to be a ploy, as the only reason she wanted the P.O.V. Cam to focus on her eyes was so she could use her Hypnotic Gaze. At the end of the comic, the trope is inverted with Lavender, who gets annoyed when the P.O.V. Cam focuses on her eyes and says "my tits are down here. Why aren't you looking at them?" And then proceeds to demonstrate that in her case, it's her bare breasts that are hypnotic.
  • Mysterious Middle Initial: According to Dina, the M stands for "Anything you want!"
  • Nice Girl:
  • Older Than They Look: It comes with being a Half-Human Hybrid and having a mother that's Really 700 Years Old, but if Jenny truly was conceived at Woodstock in 1969, she certainly doesn't look her age. (In Seven Favours for Harry Potter, an alternate version of Jenny was born in 1930 but looks and acts exactly the same.)
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Lynessa is a shapeshifting dragon from the "Desert of Dreams," who's been cursed to take on the form of a redheaded young girl. She can temporarily resume her dragon form with all its powers (such as flight, breathing fire and enhanced strength), but reverts to human form when she gets tired.
  • Psmith Psyndrome: As mentioned elsewhere on the page, twilight can tell when you're saying her name with a capital T.
  • Porn with Plot: Pretty much a staple of Dina's more sexually explicit works. Even though the story may be very heavy on the sex, the story is usually more important than the fucking.
  • P.O.V. Cam: Most of the comic Lady Vidia and the Chosen One is shown from the perspective of the titular Chosen One, who is a Featureless Protagonist... and also a total Pinball Protagonist who never takes any active part in the story, until the very end when the POV cam is broken.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Lady Vidia has been around for a long time.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: The Semi-Creepy Jester Girl talks like this.
  • Self-Deprecation: Some of the Chibi-Dina comics is mainly Dina poking fun at herself.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The toy hypno gun from Disney Ducks Comic Universe (something Dina is also a big fan of) makes an appearance in Chibi-Dina's Hypno-Presentation, complete with a variation on the classic "Bing! You're hypnotized!" line. Sovanna's line in that same panel is also a reference to a Pokémon fan-comic popular in the hypnosis fetish community.
    • In Kaa's Complaint, when Kaa is complaining about all the fictional characters people have him hypnotise in fan works, Starfire from Teen Titans, Misty from Pokémon: The Series, Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and Shantae from Shantae are shown in the background. Kaa also references Starfire directly with his line "Do you know how hard it is to use my hypnotic gaze on someone who fires laser beams from her eyes?!" in the same panel.
    • Chibi-Dina Does the Solaris Meme parodies four songs from the musical Man of La Mancha: "Man of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)", "The Impossible Dream", "Little Bird, Little Bird" and "To Each His Dulcinea", in that order.
  • Sssnake Talk: Downplayed with Kaa in the Kaa's Complaint comic. He only draws out the occasional S, and mostly for emphasis.
  • Sour Supporter: Jenny can be one to Lady Vidia. While she is loyal to her mother and never acts against her, most of their interactions do seem to involve Jenny in some form (and usually with an annoyed expression) calling Lady Vidia out on her actions.
  • Take That!: There are a couple of them in her comics.
    • Kaa's Complaint is a small, mostly good-natured one to the over-use of Kaa in the hypno-art community.
    • Semi-Creepy Jester Girl Strikes Again is a slightly less good-natured one to several trends in the hypno-art community that Dina doesn't like, most notably the so-called hypno-manips (photos of celebrities or still images from movies, where Photoshop or another image manipulator has been used to give them spiral eyes so they look hypnotized). According to Dina's commentary, a few manippers got angry with her over this one.
    • There's also a couple of Take That Me moments in the comics, where Dina's shortcomings are put on display.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: While characters like Chibi-Dina and Lynessa have a bit of a Limited Wardrobe going on, the Fae characters are wearing new outfits for almost every appearance they make. There are some recurring themes: all of them are always barefoot and tend to show some amount of skin; Lady Vidia is always wearing dark red and gold in some combination, and always wears an ankle ring; Jenny always bares her midriff and is the only one of them who might wear pants or leggings, and Sovanna is often (though not always) more modestly dressed, even if she never wears sleeves or covers her legs below the knees. Other than that, their outfits vary greatly and it's very rare for any of them to wear the same outfit twice.
  • Vague Age: Sovanna appears to be in her late teens or early 20s... though she admits that, thanks to the fluid nature of time in Faerie, she has no idea how old she is. All she can really say is that she's "probably younger than the Internet."
  • Villainous Harlequin: The Semi-Creepy Jester Girl is a version of this, though her acts of villainy seems limited to showing up at random to hypnotize people (mostly Chibi-Dina) or to play corruptor and conveyor of bad ideas. She's also calmer and more mysterious than most examples of the trope, her face hidden behind a doll-like White Mask of Doom.
  • Villain Protagonist: Lady Vidia flirts with the trope in the comics where she's the main character. While generally polite, friendly and calm, she's got no qualms about hypnotizing, manipulating and using people, or taking petty revenge for slight or even perceived insults.
  • Weak-Willed: Sovanna, who is so easy to hypnotize that in Chibi-Dina's Hypno-Presentation, Chibi-Dina is able to put her under just by poking her nose and saying "SLEEP BEEP!". This is likely because Lady Vidia, not the most patient of parents, had no qualms about hypnotizing her daughters to sleep if they didn't want to go to bed when they were told, or just if she wanted them to stay out of trouble for a while. It's hinted that Sovanna, who already has a few Sleepyhead traits, mostly goes along with it because she enjoys the sensation, and is capable of resisting if she wants to... at least she No Sells Kaa's attempt to hypnotize her in Kaa's Complaint, mainly because she's annoyed with him at the time.
  • World of Snark: You know Dina was the one who wrote the script when the number of Deadpan Snarkers in a story outnumber the non-snarkers.