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Hello, everyone, I'm twilight (yes, with a small t). I'm a transgender female gamer, YouTuber, anime enthusiast, and all-around crazy person (but don't worry, I'm mostly harmless). I'm also a Cat Girl (but not a furry, I have to stress - my catgirl avatar has human skin, just cat ears and a tail).

My YouTube channel can be found at My main series was Twilight's Storytime, where I read a chapter of a book to the camera every Wednesday evening, though I ended it prematurely after feeling burnt out and realising I wasn't getting any enjoyment out of doing it anymore. Currently, my YouTube channel mostly consists of exports of streams done on my Twitch channel, I also do a vlog series called On Being Transgender, where I give life updates about my gender transitioning journey.

I also host a radio show at every Monday from 12:00-17:00 GMT. I play a lot of different styles, including anime and video game music.

And no, my name does not come from either Twilight or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I had it long before either of those were a thing. It's more of an Appropriated Appelation derived from misreadings of old nicknames I used to use.

If you're interested in the rather concerning number of original characters I have, I made a sandbox page about them and you can find it at Twilight's Fantasy Zone.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm autistic.

Shows examples of:

  • A Good Name for a Rock Band - If someone says a phrase like this, I'll usually respond with "[phrase] is the name of my [appropriate genre] band". Example:
    in reference to the Cyber Angels archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh! "Cyber Angels is the name of my all-female punk band."
  • all lowercase letters - I write my name like this nowadays, spelling it as "twilight" as opposed to "Twilight", and encourage others to do the same.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment - I make these a lot. One particularly good example was when I was working in a shop and the English Defence League (a notoriously racist group who believe in "England for the English") were doing a rally/protest outside. A customer asked me what was going on out there, and my reply was "Oh, just some racist idiots complaining about the state of the country. And the English Defence League are here, too."
  • Berserk Button: There are a few things that will make me lose my cool if pushed enough, such as:
    • Other people taking credit for something I did, said, or thought of (I don't often get to make meaningful contributions, so when I do only to have someone steal my thunder, it really pisses me off).
    • Doing something after I politely asked you not to do it.
    • Using my stuff without permission (especially my laptop and game consoles), or taking my food without permission when I'm eating.
    • Asking me a question, getting an answer, then asking the same question again later on.
    • Being MtF transgender, I'm very sensitive about gender issues, so even things like someone calling someone by the wrong pronoun (even accidentally) can piss me off. And doing it deliberately (especially to me) is a good way to ensure that I never talk to you again. Also, don't tell me "I doubt it matters" or "I doubt he/she cares" or anything along those lines if I tell you that you're using the wrong pronoun for someone.
    • On a similar note, any kind of transphobia will upset me, even if it's not directed at me specifically.
    • Do not call me a vampire or a pony. I'm a catgirl.
    • Don't pluralise "ninja" as "ninjas". It's "ninja".
    • Some of the spellings used in the official Crunchyroll subs of One Piece really bother me, particularly because they completely ignore the etymology of the name in question (such as Elbaph instead of Elbaf and Ponegliff instead of Poneglyph).
    • Pronouncing things "wrong" is one for me too. When I first played God of War, I completely missed the intro cutscene because I was ranting out loud the whole time about how they pronounced Kratos "Kray-tos" instead of "Krah-tos".
    • For video games specifically, any time Fake Difficulty happens or I die in a cheap way (i.e. being "crushed" by my character just slightly brushing against something above them), I'll usually get mad. Or if I die due to the controls not responding or responding too late.
    • Impatient people in general annoy me, and especially people who constantly demand new content from content creators (such as repeatedly asking when the next video is coming out, etc.) and generally act like they don't understand that good art takes time and creators aren't machines.
    • People who repeat common misconceptions, especially really silly ones. Especially if they use said misconception as a reason to mock something or call it stupid.
    • Any time someone is abusive or cruel to animals, especially cats. Even if it's fictional.
    • For a specific example, playing any Crash Bandicoot game and finishing a level to find that I missed one box will really set me off, especially if it was a particularly long or hard level.
  • Catchphrase: "It's like, what/why?" when annoyed at something (or when I just don't understand/can't figure something out).
    • When I beat a boss in a video game, especially if I win by Curb-Stomp Battle, I tend to blow a kiss and say "Bye-bye!". For harder bosses, I usually say "Go down!".
    • I say "I'm dead" or "I'm so dead" a lot when doing badly in a game, or "I'm (so) gonna die".
    • After screwing something up multiple times, I'll usually say "I'll get it eventually, I promise..." or "Okay, this time" (usually followed by me failing again).
    • When I do something without meaning to or without knowing that that was the right way to do it, I usually say "Ooh, I'm accidentally good!", borrowing from something Arin said once on Game Grumps.
    • "Well, you can do it that way too if you really want", usually used after someone shows me a much better way of doing something than I'd been using previously.
    • "I am a cat, after all". Used to explain whenever I do something cat-like (this is more often used online than in Real Life).
    • "One more try and no more cry!" when psyching myself up for one more attempt at something. It comes from the song "Precious Time, Glory Days" by Psychic Lover, if you were wondering.
    • I start all of my YouTube Let's Play videos with "Hello, dear my boys and girls, and welcome (back) to (name of game)". For the non-gaming videos, I tend to open with "What up, peoples of IRC and elsewhere, this is UndefeatableTwilight", sometimes followed with "calling" or "calling once again", though not always. For Twitch streams, it's "Hello, day breakers, Xs and Ys" where X and Y are two different things related to the game I'm playing (for example, "thieves and rebels" for Persona 5 The Royal).
    • "Welcome to the fantasy zone! Get ready!" when psyching myself up for something (as a kind of "Let's do this!" or "Here we go!") thing. It usually results in me failing embarrassingly at it. Doubles as a Shout-Out (to Space Harrier). Nowdays, I use it when beginning a boss fight in a game. There are also some variations.
      • For final bosses, I use "The final stage is before you! Now is the time to show your true skill! Welcome to the fantasy zone! Get ready!"
      • For a super-hard Bonus Boss, I use "Welcome to the danger zone. Are you ready?"
      • For giant bosses, it's "Warning! The huge enemy (enemy name) is approaching! Welcome (etc.)"
    • "Hmmm... That's a wonderful idea!" (sometimes without the "Hmmm..."), whenever someone offers me something that I really like (such as going out to eat or something). Essentially, it means "I willingly and enthusiastically accept your offer." I also use it when I actually get a really good idea. (And yes, it comes from Undertale, which itself got it from Ronald McDonald).
    • Conversely, "This is a terrible/really bad idea", usually when I'm doing something which I enjoy but which I know is going to negatively impact me (such as going out to eat when I have very little money).
    • "I did this (link to blog post, YouTube video, or whatever) and you can look at it if you like."
    • After telling someone to do something (such as comment or like a video or whatever), I usually add "Or don't, it's up to you."
    • When stuck in a video game or if I can't find which way I'm supposed to go, I'll often sing "Where do we go from here?", a line from "Infinity" by Stratovarius, my favourite band.
    • If I'm playing a game and need an enemy to come towards me/follow me, I'll often say "Tule tule tule!", which is basically what Finnish people say when they're calling a pet to them. (Literally "Come come come!" in the imperative).
    • "As opposed to metaphorically X?" Used in response to someone using "literally" to describe something that can't be anything but literal.
    • Again when playing games, if I'm fighting a boss that needs some kind of "prep" before it can be attacked (i.e. destroying a barrier, debuffing, killing smaller enemies first, or whatever), once I get to the point where I can actually start doing damage to the boss, I'll shout "Okay, Master! Let's kill da ho!"
    • Whenever making a so-called "biscuit conditional" statement, I have a habit of clarifying that the initial condition will also be true even if the second one isn't. Usually phrased as something like "There's food here if you want it. There's food here if you don't want it, too."
    • "Uh oh, this feels like an ending..." whenever I think I might have accidentally finished a game without doing everything I need to first.
    • "Was that an ending?" used in reaction to any particularly anti-climactic conclusion to a story, or if a series/movie/whatever has No Ending.
    • "Oops, I accidentally [did something positive/useful]."
    • "I think you're reading the wrong part of the script, those are my lines" when someone else says something I was just about to say.
    • "Wait, what's my line again?" whenever I get tongue-tied or forget what I was saying.
    • In my streams, whenever I'm taking a long time or anticipating taking a long time to do something, I'll sometimes say "This entire stream is just gonna be me [doing/trying to do said activity]."
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander - I'm... more than a little weird. Most get creeped out by me.
  • Deadpan Snarker - I can be this sometimes.
  • Department of Redundancy Department - I don't actually do this, but I get annoyed at people who say things like "RPG game" and "PIN number". Role Playing Game game? Personal Identification Number number?
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Not that I have many fans, but I refer to my watchers on Twitch as "day breakers" (yes, with a space, and pronounced distinctly as two words).
  • Grammar Nazi - Oh, SO freaking much. I'm always correcting people when they get something wrong.
  • Gratuitous Japanese - And pretty much every other language in existence. I pepper my sentences liberally with French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Japanese and even Irish Gaelic words and phrases, both in Real Life and online. Specifically, I used to greet people in either Spanish or Italian, always. (Nowadays, it's usually either Finnish - "Hei", "Moi", "Moikka" and "Morjes" have all been used - or a cat noise that I usually type as "Prra" online (it's the sound cats make when greeting people, often called a "greeting meow" for that reason, somewhere halfway between a purr and a meow. The proper term is trilling, incidentally.)) And recently, Finnish (living in Finland for a few years will do that) and Swedish have been added to the mix.
  • In Which a Trope Is Described - All the descriptions for my YouTube videos are formatted this way.
  • Larynx Dissonance - Despite identifying as female, I keep my naturally deep, masculine voice, which can make things confusing for people. Though I do occasionally slip into a more feminine voice too, it's usually a semi-conscious thing and depends on my mood. Having had voice coaching, I at least have the theoretic knowledge of how to do a proper feminine voice, but laziness combined with lack of privacy means that I still mostly use a fairly masculine voice.
  • Literal Split Personality - I become this online. My personality gets split up into several different "characters" that all take turns at saying things and even interact with each other on occasion. It's kind of half-roleplaying, half-DID. Though I don't do it as much anymore, now that I'm more comfortable with being myself (and also because I realised it tended to annoy people).
    • At the moment, I'm in a community which has embraced and seemed to like my characters, so they're back out in full force and a very important part of me, but I don't hide behind them like I used to.
  • Malaproper - I do something like this, occasionally replacing one word with another if I can't remember the name for something. For example, when playing Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, I referred to the Anti-Attack Auras as AT Fields because I couldn't remember their original name. I still call them that even now.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business - You can tell I'm genuinely upset (or angry) if I start swearing in English (usually it's either Finnish or Japanese, or just a string of random angry-sounding syllables that I transcribe as *curses in an ancient language* in text chat).
  • Please Subscribe to Our Channel - I say "Remember to like, comment, share and subscribe" in every YouTube video I make.
  • Self-Deprecation - I'm a big fan of this, and use it a lot, especially in the descriptions for my YouTube videos.
  • Signing-Off Catchphrase - For my YouTube videos: "Thanks for watching. Remember to like, comment, share and subscribe, and if you are subscribed, be sure to ding that notification bell so you know when I make a new video, because I can do it whenever I feel like it. Take care of yourselves and each other. Remember to stay positive! Love and peace!"
    • For my radio show: "Thanks for putting up with me for five hours or however long you listened for. I'll get Skrillex to play us out and then Andine (the DJ after me) can come on and do her thing (or "probably do a much better show than me" or something similar). I'll see you all again next week. Take care, love and peace!"
    • After Andine retired, it changed to "Thanks for putting up with me for five hours or however long you listened. I'll get Late Night Alumni to play us out and then I can move on with my life and you can move on with yours. God bless your transsexual hearts, my true trans soul rebels! Stay safe, stay positive! Love and peace, see you next time!"
  • Spoonerism - Sometimes when playing Kingdom Hearts I accidentally say "Gonald and Doofy" instead of "Donald and Goofy".
    • When I was at school, I tended to say "I need a piece of pen and a paper" a lot.
    • Generally, I make a lot of spoonerisms, both accidental and deliberate.
    • (in reference to the word "the") "It's the most common language in the English word."
  • Talking to Himself - Even though the trope's about two different characters in the same show played by the same voice actor and not actually about talking to yourself, I don't know one that is and I do talk out loud to myself a LOT.
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry - I sometimes need to resort to this, since as stated below, I have trouble expressing my emotions sometimes.
  • The Stoic - I kind of have trouble expressing emotions.
  • The Quiet One - I often seem like this, but I can be quite talkative if someone gives me the right subjects (video games and anime are good ones to start with. With which to start.
  • The Scrappy - I'm usually this when I'm in a group.
  • Verbal Tic: "Saa..." I tend to start most of my sentences with it. I also say "But anyway" or "But yeah" way more than most people do. I have others too, like "No?" (Finnish sound roughly equivalent to "Huh?") when someone wants my attention, "Uwa..." as a noise denoting surprise or interest, and saying "on the" instead of "in the" (like "What on the hell?" and similar phrases). I also say "Something like..." and "...or something" a LOT (sometimes even both in the same sentence). On my radio show, I noticed that I say "so to speak" far too often, so I started making a conscious effort not to say it. It still slips out sometimes, though.
  • Waxing Lyrical: I do this a lot. I even lampshaded it at one point.
    (when talking to a friend who said she feels embarrassed for crying easily) Well, everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes. ...They should write a song about that.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair - I actually considering dying my hair dark green once. Recently, I actually dyed it purple, though I screwed it up so some of it is still brown. I then got it dyed purple again, by a professional this time, but then it faded back to its original colour. Then I finally got my girlfriend to do it, and now I actually have purple hair for real.
  • You Keep Using That Word - I originally called myself "the immature voyeur from distant lands" until I learned what voyeur really meant (I had been looking for a word that meant something like "traveller", I might have been thinking of "voyageur", which does mean "traveller" in French). Nowadays I use envoy, which is still kind of off (it means "messenger") but not as... inappropriate-sounding. For those of you who are clueless, "voyeur" (pronounced VWA-yurr) literally means "watcher" in French (from the verb voir, meaning to see) and it refers to someone who spies on people having sex.
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