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"A creator who's half my age and twice as talented as I'll ever be."

Tillie Walden is an up-and-coming American comic writer and artist, a two-time winner of both Ignatz and Eisner awards (she was one of the youngest people to ever win an Eisner at just 22). She cites Yoshihiro Togashi (creator of Hunter × Hunter) and Studio Ghibli as her primary storytelling influences, with other indie graphic novelists like Alison Bechdel, Craig Thompson, and David Small also shaping her approach.

Her stories often have a dreamlike quality to them, and she is well known for her inventive, fantastical visuals and copious usage of open space to demonstrate a characters state of mind. Walden is gay, and many if not most of her characters usually are as well.


Works include

  • The End of Summer (writer & artist, 2015; 2016 Ignatz Award-winner for Outstanding Artist)
  • I Love This Part (writer & artist, 2015; 2016 Ignatz Award-winner for Promising New Talent)
  • A City Inside (writer & artist, 2016)
  • Spinning (writer & artist, 2017; 2018 Eisner Award-winner for Best Reality-Based Work)
  • On a Sunbeam (writer & artist, 2017; 2018 Los Angeles Times Book Prize winner)
  • Are You Listening? (writer & artist, 2019; 2020 Eisner Award-winner for Best Graphic Album-New)