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Izzobel and Anna

You Suck is the newest webcomic by Josh Lesnick, the creator of Girly.

Through some obviously strange circumstances, Anna becomes friends with a succubus named Izzobel, Izzy for short. Izzy, for various reasons, wants to help Anna out in the only way a succubus would know how: by getting her laid... a lot. It's a sex-positive comic wherein dorky girls learn how to become total alphas, through the power of friendship!

WARNING: extremely NSFW; this comic depicts full nudity and fairly graphic sex (even though, this being Lesnick, the penises are smiley faces). Because of this, here is a SFW page for the comic. A member of Hiveworks Comics.


This webcomic contains examples of:

  • Adorkable: Anna, a massive dork with an abnormally large sex drive.
  • And Knowing Is Half the Battle: Anna takes a break from the narrative to remind the reader that sex must be consensual from both parties, and in a combination with Do Not Do This Cool Thing, she reminds the reader to use protection when having sex with strangers even though, so far, she hasn't.
  • BBW: Anna has some girth on her. Not that any of the guys in comic seem to mind.
  • Bi the Way: Anna has a small crush on her ridiculously hot neighbor, Mickey. It's not subtle, either.
    Babs: She is super in love with you, dude.
    Mickey: Yeah.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Izzobel.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Anna has three of them (a dominatrix, a nurse, and a stoner).
  • Horny Devils: Izzobel, naturally.
  • Naked First Impression: Anna meets Izzobel while the latter is stark nude. Anna is struck by how scrawny she is, as opposed to the stereotype of irresistible curvaceousness.
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  • Pretty Freeloaders: Izzobel
  • Starfish Language: Izzobel speaks only in about four or five triangular runes strung together in extremely context-sensitive patterns, making her language completely untranslatable.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Anna's shirts have various cartoon characters on them, such as Finn.
    • One strip was an adaptation of the pilot episode of Calvin and Hobbes with Izzobel as Calvin and Anna as Hobbes. An unidentified succubus, presumably Izzy's mother, plays the part of "Dad."
    • Anna has a threesome with two guys named Burt and Ernie.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: Anna often has fantasies of Professor Leatherby, her sociology teacher. Thanks to Izzobel, it becomes a reality.


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