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Creator / Jennifer Diane Reitz

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"This is, in my opinion, so far (Aug 16th 2005) the best photograph ever taken of me. I look like me, to me, in this picture. By that, I mean I see my personality in this picture. And I don't look completely ugly. Just sort of ugly."
Author of the Science Fiction webcomic trilogy consisting of:

She also wrote a number of stories set in the universe of The Conversion Bureau (a popular fanfiction for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) under the pen name Chatoyance, collectively known as the “Chatoverse”. Some of them have nothing to do with MLP; some are in line with the show itself; and still others are self-admitted In Name Only stories where the pony background is not as important as the science fiction themes. The Chatoverse was divisive within the MLP fanfiction community, attracting both committed fans and detractors.

Reitz also designed and illustrated the 1991 puzzle video game Boppin'.

Most of her original works are available at her site, while her My Little Pony fanfiction is available on

Tropes common to JDR’s work:

  • The Multiverse: A very complex and varied one in her webcomics.
  • Occidental Otaku: A lot of her works have an animesque flair to them.
  • One-Book Author: She wrote a lot of comics and stories but released only one video game, Boppin', under the moniker “Accursed Toys”. It’s a fairly original puzzle game whose backstory contains all her usual Author Appeal.
  • Reclusive Artist: Very little is known about her as a person outside her work, and what is known is heavily speculated to be out of date or made up (by her or other parties)
  • The Right of a Superior Species: Used in her Chatoverse Conversion Bureau to justify what is essentially a genocidal campaign with the goal of transforming all humans into ponies. She described her rationale in this comment on her story Ten Minutes: Aftermath.
    In my stories superior beings - truly superior beings - can do things that if a lesser being, like a human, were to do, it would indeed be evil.