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Ana Mardoll is an avid reader and writer, and a non-binary trans man (whose pronouns are xie/xer professionally and he/him in casual acquaintance). Xie loves cats, fairy tales, and intense navel gazing. Xie blogs on a near daily basis from an undisclosed location in the wild, untamed, and astonishingly dusty Texas wilderness. Xer photo-realistic avatars are a gift from best friend and invaluable writing buddy, J.D. Montague.

Published works:

Tropes in Ana Mardoll's work:

  • Fractured Fairy Tale: The Rewoven Tales stories retell fairy tales, deconstructing certain societal values and adding Adaptational Diversity.
  • Gender Bender: Transcending Flesh discusses fantastical ways for transgender characters to physically transition, such as "trips to the Gender Witch for magic potions."
  • No Man of Woman Born: "Tangled Nets" from No Man of Woman Born has a dragon extorting human sacrifices from a village declare that no man or woman can slay him (after killing a would-be dragonslayer). The protagonist is genderqueer.
  • Thematic Series: The Rewoven Tales stories are united by their common theme of fairy tales, rather than a shared narrative.