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Christian Cooper (born 1963/1964) is an American writer, editor and activist. Cooper is known for being Marvel Comics's first openly gay writer and editor, and Cooper ushered in a wave of positive representation for LGBTQ+ people in comics. Cooper was associate editor on the famed issue #106 of Alpha Flight, the comic in which Northstar came out, becoming Marvel's first high-profile gay superhero. Cooper also created Victoria Montesi, Marvel's first openly lesbian character as well as introducing the first gay male character in the Star Trek franchise, Yoshi Mishima in Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.

Cooper has been an activist for LGBTQ+ causes since The '80s, serving as co-chair of the board of directors at Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). Cooper is also an anti-racism activist, having been subject to a highly-publicized incident of racism while he was birdwatching.


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