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Gigi D.G.'s art of themself from their Twitter.

Gigi D.G. (aka GGDG, gigidigi or gigideegee) is an American artist/writer/comic creator.

They became known in the late 2000s for their video game parody webcomic Hiimdaisy under the name "Peachifruit" (or "Peachi") before moving on to original work in the 2010s, notably the long-form fantasy webcomic Cucumber Quest. Other work of theirs includes the fantasy romance webcomic Lady of the Shard, environment design for video games and animation, fan art and comics for video games such as the Kirby and Super Mario Bros. series, and the fantasy visual novel Soul of Sovereignty.

They have stated that they love "cute things, colorful things, and elegant things", and their work often features all three of these. Their visual inspirations include the Super Mario Bros. and Kirby series and the illustrations of Tadahiro Uesugi and Erté.



Comic Books


Video Games

  • Namco High (2013): Character art (Mr. Driller)
  • Undertale (2015): Environment designnote , extra art and testing, costume design feedbacknote 
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (2016): Background concepts
  • Deltarune
    • Chapter 1 (2018): Outfit & color assist
    • Chapter 2 (2021): Background Concept Artnote , Dark World costume designnote 

Visual Novels


This creator and their work provide examples of:

  • Mood Whiplash: Multiple works of theirs make use of sudden tone shifts within a scene, such as going from serious to silly.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • They were a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog long before working on the animated shorts.
    • They were a fan of Overwatch and made fancomics for it before being hired for a variant cover.

Alternative Title(s): GGDG